Goals and Highlights of Dorados 2-0 Cancun on Matchday 6 of Liga de Expansion MX
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10:57 PM2 years ago

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10:56 PM2 years ago

Perfect definition

Zaragoza killed the game with this counter-attack and great cross shot.


10:55 PM2 years ago

Great goal by Dorados

This goal opened the scoring in the final stretch of the game.


10:52 PM2 years ago


The match ended at the Banorte stadium with another victory for Dorados, who scored two goals in the final minutes to remain undefeated in matchday 6. 
10:51 PM2 years ago


Gran pase a profundidad para Zúñiga quien se acomoda y dispara cruzado en el área; Campestrini se lanza pero no logra tocar el balón. 
10:47 PM2 years ago


Yellow card for Jesús Vázquez for a foul in midfield.
10:43 PM2 years ago


Adolfo Domínguez's powerful shot from outside the area stopped Campestrini.

Dorados wins it already!

10:39 PM2 years ago


A great play in the box ended with a shot that was saved by the Dorados goalkeeper. Delgadillo's return shot was sent into the back of the net but the assistant referee wrongly disallowed the goal for offside.
10:32 PM2 years ago


Good play in the area that was left to Hipolito but he headed wide.
10:29 PM2 years ago


Suárez's shot at the far post after a cross into the box but he rushes and sends the ball over the top.
10:26 PM2 years ago


Marín's left-footed shot passed close to Campestrini's goal.
10:22 PM2 years ago


Zaragoza got into the box with a great effort but at the last moment he slipped and the ball went near the post but did not go in.
10:19 PM2 years ago


Cruz's last-ditch cross into the box was cut out by Cruz and sent for a corner kick.
10:16 PM2 years ago


A long-range shot from Cancún goes over the top of the goal.
10:11 PM2 years ago


Another yellow card for repeated fouls, this time for Luis Felix of Dorados.
10:09 PM2 years ago


The second half began with Cancún FC kicking off.
9:49 PM2 years ago


At the end of the first half, the game was played mostly in the midfield, with many fouls and few chances in the penalty area.
9:45 PM2 years ago


Dangerous shot from Luis Donaldo in the area that goes wide of the Cancún goal.
9:36 PM2 years ago


Good sweep by Luis Felix saves Dorados in the danger zone.
9:30 PM2 years ago


Yellow card for Delgadillo for another foul in the midfield with excessive force.
9:26 PM2 years ago


The match continues to be very tight in the midfield with repeated fouls on both sides.
9:15 PM2 years ago


Yellow card for Salvador Manriquez for a foul in the midfield.
9:13 PM2 years ago


Felix's shot goes wide of Campestrini's goal.
9:09 PM2 years ago


Dorados' dangerous cross from a corner kick goes all the way across the box but no one can make contact to get a shot off.
9:03 PM2 years ago


Match kicks off at Estadio Banorte!
8:45 PM2 years ago

Dorados is already warming up

The players warm up before the game to get ready to go out and continue their undefeated streak.


8:38 PM2 years ago

Cancun's confirmed lineup

These are the 11 players who will take the field for the visiting team:

#17 C. Campestrini; #2 O. Torres, #4 H. Aguayo, #6 R. Cruz, #25 A. Sánchez, #21 A. Zaragoza, #27 F. Uscanga, #18 F. Estrada, #5 M. Pérez, #8 F. Hermosillo and #9 D. Delgadillo.

8:33 PM2 years ago

Dorados' confirmed lineup

This is the lineup with which the Sinaloans will take the field:

#12. L. López; #20. J. Vega, #17. A. Zamora, #30. L. Hernández, #18 S. Manríquez, #14 L. Félix, #8 P. Yrizar, #26 J. Zúñiga, #27 J. Betancourt, #16 A. Domínguez and #19 J. Suárez.

8:28 PM2 years ago

Cancun wants to get into the standings

The visitors arrive with the idea of beating the super leader, and at the same time, continue to add points that will help them to achieve the qualification. 

To do so, Vilar's men will have to exploit their best virtue, which is their defense, which has allowed only four goals in five games.


8:23 PM2 years ago

The locals arrived

The home team is already at the stadium ready to face their match corresponding to Day 6. 

The home team's advantage will be when it comes to offense, as they have a 10 goal lead over Cancun, which keeps them in first place in the general standings. 

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LIVE Broadcast begins

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Dorados vs Cancún!
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How and where to watch Dorados vs Cancun

The match will be broadcasted on Fox Sports and Claro Sports. 

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8:03 PM2 years ago

Latest Cancun lineup

These were in charge of the victory for Cancun in the previous matchday:

#17 C. Campestrini; #21 A. Zaragoza, #27 F. Uscanga, #5 M. Perez, #4 H. Aguayo, #2 O. Torres, #6 R. Cruz, #25 A. Sánchez, #9 D. Delgadillo, #8 F. Hermosillo and #18 F. Estrada.

7:58 PM2 years ago

Latest Dorados lineup

These were the 11 players who started in the previous match:

#12 L. López; #17 A. Zamora, #18 S. Manríquez, #20 J. Vega, #16 A. Domínguez, #19 J. Suárez, #30 L. Hernández, #14 L. Félix, #26 J. Zúñiga, #9 A. Marín, #27 J. Betancourt, #17 A. Zamora, #18 S. Manríquez and #20 J. Vega.

7:53 PM2 years ago

Cancun key player

Campestrini is always a factor when talking about Cancún FC's defense. 

The experienced goalkeeper, who has already played in the first division of Liga MX, has consistently saved the visitors despite not having been able to keep any clean sheets. 

This will be the moment to continue giving good performances to collaborate with his team when defending. 

7:48 PM2 years ago

Key player of Sinaloa

One of the players to watch will be Paolo Yrizar, the 24-year-old Mexican striker.

He currently has a total of three goals in the competition and has become a reference in the attack for the local team this season, so it will be essential that he comes out in good form so that Dorados can add another victory. 

7:43 PM2 years ago

Cancun continues to grow

The team, which only celebrated its first anniversary last month, continues its fight for the championship under the guidance of coach Federico Vilar.

The previous game they defeated Mineros de Zacatecas with a resounding 3-1 score, so now they will be looking for another victory in a row. 

7:38 PM2 years ago

Dorados remains undefeated

After five matchdays, the home team is undefeated, with two draws and three victories. 

The last of these came in the previous match against Morelia, the result was a 3-1 scoreline with goals from Jonathan Betancourt and a double from Paolo Yrizar. 

7:33 PM2 years ago

The match will be played at the Banorte Stadium

The Dorados vs Cancun match will be played at the stadium Banorte Stadium in Sinaloa, Mexico with a capacity of 20,108 people. 

Also known as Carlos González y González Stadium, it is generally used for soccer matches. 

The stadium was inaugurated on August 23, 2003 in a match played between the Dorados de Sinaloa and the Cobras de Ciudad Juárez, the final score was Dorados 4-2 Cobras.

It is worth mentioning that it has the peculiarity of having been built in a record time of only 3 months; the first goal in the stadium was scored by player Héctor Giménez Silvera.


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The overall leader of the competition faces Cancún FC, which is only playing its third season in the Liga de Expansión MX.
The visitors come into this matchday in 11th place in the standings and are looking to continue adding points in order to qualify for the playoffs.