Goals and Highlights: America Femenil 2-2 Pumas Femenil in Liga MX Femenil 2021
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11:24 PM22 days ago

Highlights and Goals

10:53 PM22 days ago


It's over! Pumas came from behind and tied the match.
10:44 PM22 days ago


Goal by Pumas! Dinorah Garza is left with a deflected ball outside the box and shoots into the goal, scoring a great goal.
10:39 PM22 days ago


Melany Villeda came out well and prevented Pelayo from sending a shot into her goal.
10:33 PM22 days ago


Goalkeeper! Espinosa's right-footed shot, but Villeda leans back and clears the ball well.
10:32 PM22 days ago


Goal, Pumas goal! Laura Herrera pops up inside the box to poke the ball home from Garza's cross.
10:31 PM22 days ago


Eva González leaves the match on a stretcher and Natalia Mauleón enters.
10:30 PM22 days ago


Pumas changes. Natalia Macías and Kimberly come on for Luz Duarte and Diana Gómez.
10:28 PM22 days ago


Gómez's cross looking for Garza, but Masciarelli holds the ball back.
10:24 PM22 days ago


Duarte's right-footed shot from outside the area and Renata keeps the ball.
10:21 PM22 days ago


Change of America. Sarah Luebbert is replaced by Monica Rodriguez.
10:18 PM22 days ago


What a play by Pumas, culminating in a shot on goal by Masciarelli, but the ball goes wide.
10:13 PM22 days ago


Pumas change. Marlyn Campa and Dania Padilla are substituted for Fabiola Santamaría and Marilyn Díaz.
10:11 PM22 days ago


America's goal! Hernandez appears inside the box and sends the ball into the back of the net.
10:06 PM22 days ago


Goal, goal, goal for America! Luebbert sent in a cross and Daniela Espinosa appeared in the box to push the ball in.
10:02 PM22 days ago


América and Pumas kick off the second half.
9:46 PM22 days ago


The first half is over and the match is quite lively but the score has yet to open at the Azteca.
9:44 PM22 days ago


Hernandez's cross, Espinosa's header, but the ball goes wide.
9:41 PM23 days ago


Close Pumas! Luz Duarte tries to shoot at goal, Masciarelli keeps the goal out and the game is pretty much alive.
9:36 PM23 days ago


Espinosa's dangerous shot and Villeda appears spectacularly at the back, preventing the first one from going in.
9:33 PM23 days ago


Villeda holds the ball well after Luebbert's shot.
9:30 PM23 days ago


Daniela García shoots at goal, but the impact is very slight and the ball does not reach Masciarelli's goal with force.
9:27 PM23 days ago


Excellent play by the visitors culminated in a shot on goal by Duarte, but it went wide.
9:24 PM23 days ago


Excellent pass to Duarte, but he fails to make good contact with the ball and misses a clear chance.
9:22 PM23 days ago


Quintos follows up the play well and manages to get the ball away from Luna.
9:17 PM23 days ago


Yokoyama made a good save to deny Luebbert a chance to send in a dangerous cross.
9:15 PM23 days ago


Dinorah Garza takes a delayed ball from three-quarters of the field, but the ball doesn't take the right direction.
9:11 PM23 days ago


Luebbert and Gómez fought hard for the ball in the visitors' area, but ended up losing the ball.
9:02 PM23 days ago


It got off to a bumpy start! Monserrat Hernandez shot on goal, but Villeda keeps her goal from falling.
9:00 PM23 days ago


The match kicks off at the Estadio Azteca, as América and Pumas face each other in the eighth round of the Apertura 2021.
8:58 PM23 days ago

Pumas Femenil: LineUp

M. Villeda; D. Delgado, B. Quintos, M. Díaz, D. Gómez; A. Yokoyama, D. García, L. Herrera; D. Garza, L. Duarte, F. Santamaría.
8:57 PM23 days ago

America Femenil: LineUp

R. Masciarelli; J. Orejel, J. Farías, K. Luna; B. Cuevas, M. Hernández, E. González, A. Pérez, A. Saldívar; S. Luebbert, D. Espinosa.
8:52 PM23 days ago

Number twelve is here!

The fans are already at the Azteca Stadium, ready to support their favorite team in this great duel.
8:50 PM23 days ago

What a tip!

In matches throughout the history of the Liga MX Femenil, América has the advantage over Pumas, with six wins against two wins and four draws.
8:42 PM23 days ago


Inside the local dressing room, the players' outfits are ready to play one more match of this tournament.

8:36 PM23 days ago

At home!

América is looking to continue its good run at home in this Apertura 2021, with its goalkeeper guarding the goal, the entire Azulcrema team will be looking to beat Pumas.

8:33 PM23 days ago

They are here!

With Karina Báez at the helm, Pumas is already at the Coloso de Santa Úrsula, where they will seek to defeat América.

8:24 PM23 days ago

A lot of intensity!

These duels are characterized by high intensity and a lot of commitment from both teams, so it is expected that the match will be interesting.
8:19 PM23 days ago

Duel of goalkeepers!

Both Renata Masciarelli and Melany Villeda have been key players in their teams' games, so tonight they will be looking to keep a clean sheet.

8:14 PM23 days ago

Stay tuned for a live coverage of América Femenil vs Pumas Femenil

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Pumas Femenil statements

Karina Baez spoke after defeating Querétaro: "Happy for the first win of the season, now we hope the preparation gives results."

"It's always difficult after a series of defeats but today we looked strong and that we deserve more."

Dinora Garza also dedicated a few words to the media, "From now on we are going to play every game like finals."

"It's always easy to blame the board of directors, but in the end we, the players, get the results".

"For the fans, we promise to give our best, game by game.

7:59 PM23 days ago

America Femenil statements

Craig Harrington spoke after the match against Necaxa: "Necaxa is a great team, like all the teams in the League and week after week they give us very good battles, with respect to Sarah (Luebbert) it is very good that she had minutes of play, we know that she lacks rhythm".
"We know that Pumas is difficult and we are aware of what the classic entails, we must work hard in training to be prepared for the game. About Stephanie (Ribeiro), she was taken to the hospital, we are waiting to get a diagnosis to know what she has."
"Sarah has already been about two weeks with us, I feel it was right to give her game, we are going to keep working in training so that she is prepared. She's only been with us one game, we're going to evaluate her performance between now and December."
"We have a wonderful group of goalkeepers and they are supported day by day to give their best and if my memory serves me correctly we have 3 games in 0 and Renata Masciarelli is part of that, we will be giving her confidence."
7:54 PM23 days ago

They need to win

Pumas has not had a great start to the season, with only one win against Querétaro with a score of two goals to zero. The felines have three losses and three draws, with six points and are in 14th place.

7:49 PM23 days ago

To continue adding up

América is coming after defeating Necaxa by two goals to zero; with this victory, the Azulcremas have now gone six games without defeat, a total of 18 points, placing them in fourth place.

7:44 PM23 days ago

The match will be played at Azteca stadium

The América Femenil vs Pumas Femenil match will be played at the Estadio Azteca located in Mexico City; with a capacity of 87,523 people. The match will have fans, but only a percentage of them.

7:39 PM23 days ago

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