Goals and Highlights: Queretaro Femenil 1-2 Tigres Femenil in Liga MX Femenil 2021


7:04 PM3 months ago


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Game over!

Tigres suffers in the end but continues unbeaten streak
6:49 PM3 months ago


Tigres changes, Belén De Jesús Cruz comes out and María Fernanda Elizondo comes in
6:49 PM3 months ago


Change for Gallos Blancos de Querétaro, Jaquelín García exits and Brenda Noemí Viramontes enters.
6:48 PM3 months ago


¡Tarjeta amarilla! Amonestación a Lydia Nayeli Rangel de Tigres.
6:38 PM3 months ago


Yellow Card! Ibeth Lopez of Gallos Blancos de Queretaro is cautioned.
6:35 PM3 months ago


Tigres double substitution, María Guadalupe Sánchez comes off and Lizbeth Jacqueline Ovalle comes on. Tigres substitution, Natalia Villarreal comes off and Jana Alexandra Gutiérrez comes on.
6:34 PM3 months ago


Change for Gallos Blancos de Querétaro, María Fernanda Pontigo comes out and Ibeth López enters.
6:31 PM3 months ago


Sofía Álvarez manages to penetrate the feline area and tries to put in a cross that is rejected by Tigres.
6:26 PM3 months ago


Shot by Katty Martínez! The ball goes just wide
6:22 PM3 months ago


Change for Gallos Blancos de Queretaro, Karen Elizabeth Hernandez exits and Valeria Aurora Miranda enters.
6:15 PM3 months ago


Tigres substitution, Nancy Guadalupe Antonio comes out and Lydia Nayeli Rangel comes in.
6:14 PM3 months ago


Goal! Jaquelín García finishes inside the area and shortens the score.
6:05 PM3 months ago

Second half

The last 45 minutes of the Gallitas vs Tigres game begin
5:48 PM3 months ago


GOOOOL! In stoppage time, Mayor and Martínez build a wall against Querétaro's slack marking.
5:43 PM3 months ago


Close! Querétaro weaves a great move from midfield and Fátima Cortés comes very close to scoring the equalizer with a powerful right-footed shot.
5:34 PM3 months ago


GOOOOAL. Belén Cruz is all alone in front of the goal and gives the visitors the lead. The Gallitas' inattention in the backline.
5:29 PM3 months ago


Foul on Jaquelín García by Nancy Antonio. Stopped ball for Gallitas
5:18 PM3 months ago


Tigres' shot that once again slips into Vanessa Córdoba's area.
5:10 PM3 months ago


María Sánchez's header deflected by Maritza Maldonado with a great intervention.
5:04 PM3 months ago

Game starts!

Tigres and Querétaro kick off Matchday 8 clash
4:52 PM3 months ago

Almost ready!

Everything is ready for the opening whistle between Gallitas and Tigres Femenil, stay tuned as we have all the details from the Estadio Corregidora.
4:51 PM3 months ago

Tigers on the Field

Tigres has also already set foot on the grass at La Corregidora and is getting ready for the start of the matchday
4:48 PM3 months ago

Gallitas starting lineup

Vanessa Córdoba
Fer Pontigo
Jaz Enrique
Jaque García
Maritza Maldonado
Leidy Ramos
Alo Camargo
Sofi Álvarez
Fátima Delgado
Fátima Servin
Karen Hernández
DT, Carla Rossi
4:34 PM3 months ago

Warm up!

The Gallitas take to the field for pre-match drills
4:32 PM3 months ago

Tigres Femenil starting lineup

Cecilia Santiago
Bianca Sierra
Cristina Ferral
Greta Espinoza
Natalia Villareal
Nancy Antonio
Liliana Mercado
Belén Cruz
Stephany Mayor
María Sánchez
Katty Martínez
D.T Roberto Medina
4:30 PM3 months ago

The Amazons have arrived

Tigres Femenil makes its appearance on the field at La Corregidora
4:20 PM3 months ago

Full throttle!

This was the last training session of the Gallitas before facing the Amazons.
4:15 PM3 months ago


The northern team celebrates today two of its icons on the field: Lizbeth "La maga" Ovalle and "La dama de hierro", Greta Espinoza, who have accumulated 120 games in the LIGA MX Femenil, all with the feline jersey.
4:10 PM3 months ago


The Amazons have a dominant head-to-head record with eleven wins to Gallitas' one and one draw. Tigres has scored a total of 40 goals against Querétaro, while the hosts have scored only nine goals.
4:05 PM3 months ago

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What time is Querétaro Femenil vs Tigres Femenil match for Liga MX Femenil ?


This is the start time of the game Queretaro Femenil vs Tigres Femenil of 3rd September 2021}

in several countries:


USA (ET): 18PM  PM in TUDN

Spain: 22:00 PM 

Mexico: 17:00 PM in TVC Sports

3:50 PM3 months ago

Refereeing team

Refereeing team

Center: Alfo Ballesteros

Standard-bearers: Sandra Ramírez and Alma Martínez

Assistant: Andrés Villaseñor

3:45 PM3 months ago

La Corregidora Stadium

La Corregidora de Querétaro Stadium is located in the city of Querétaro, Querétaro State, Mexico. It is home to Querétaro Fútbol Club, a Mexican First Division team. It also hosted Cobras (1986-87), Atlante (1989-90), TM Gallos Blancos for 12 games during the 1994-95 season, when Tampico Madero moved out of the Tamaulipas Stadium due to lease problems, and Pumas of the UNAM between 1999 and 2000 during the student strike. It was named after the heroine of Mexico's Independence, Josefa Ortiz de Domínguez, wife of the corregidor of Querétaro, Miguel Domínguez.
3:40 PM3 months ago


The Amazons, meanwhile, enjoy the lead and are undefeated. As is customary for the university women, they have a great team in both the starting lineup and the relief team. In their last game, in which they defeated Toluca, they once again showed their strength on the bench. Elizondo confirmed that the great quality of Roberto Medina's squad means that internal competition is always at its peak and this is reflected on the field. The feline team presses from the first minute until the compensation and against Querétaro they will be no different, they want to continue their unbeaten streak and are in first position with 21 points, they will be looking for the Gallitas to leave some of their feathers in the wind.


3:35 PM3 months ago


Querétaro has had a fairly consistent start under Carla Rossi, who in May of this year signed a contract extension to continue at the helm of the Gallitas. The Queretaro women are in mid-table and are currently in 13th place with just one win, three draws and three defeats, or six points. In goal difference, Rossi's team has scored nine goals and conceded ten, which puts them at -1.
3:30 PM3 months ago


Liga MX Femenil continues to attract new fans and excite its most loyal followers. On this occasion, the Gallitas of Querétaro will host Tigres of the Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León at La Corregidora to kick off Day 8 of the competition.
3:25 PM3 months ago

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