Goals and Highlights: Uruguay 4-2 Bolivia in World Cup Qualifiers 2022
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8:05 PM11 days ago

Goals and Highlights

7:58 PM11 days ago


It's over!!! Uruguay gets back to winning ways with a great performance
7:52 PM11 days ago


Pereiro's shot, but the defense's timely sweep prevents the ball from reaching the goal.
7:47 PM11 days ago


Uruguay changes. Gastón Pereiro and Ronald Araújo are substituted by Arrascaeta and Diego Godín.
7:44 PM11 days ago


Goal, goal Bolivia! Marcelo Martins scores from the eleven penalty kicks and shortens the distance on the scoreboard and already has two in the match.
7:43 PM11 days ago


Penalty! After four minutes of review, the penalty kick is awarded.
7:40 PM11 days ago


VAR! The referee decides to review Nández's foul on Fernández in the video referee review.
7:38 PM11 days ago


Penalty for Bolivia! A push on Roberto Fernández by Nandéz that the referee does not hesitate to signal as a penalty.
7:31 PM11 days ago


Double change for Uruguay. David Terán and Manuel Ugarte are substituted by Brian Rodríguez and Matías Vecino.
7:27 PM11 days ago


Goal, goal, goal, goal, goal for Uruguay! Arrascaeta shoots from the penalty spot and scores his second goal of the night.
7:26 PM11 days ago


Change of Bolivia. Jesús Sagredo replaces Marc Enoumba.
7:25 PM11 days ago


Penalty for Uruguay! Enoumba hits Rodriguez in the face with his arm, giving Uruguay a free kick.
7:22 PM11 days ago


Bolvia's goal! Marcelo Martins steals the ball after a defensive mistake and shoots to the goal, Muslera can't do anything.
7:21 PM11 days ago


Bolivia's triple shift. Enter Henry Vaca, José Sagredo and Moisés Villarroel for Juan Carlos Arce, Ramiro Vaca and Fernando Saucedo. 
7:16 PM11 days ago


After Martins' cutback, Arrascaeta shoots at goal, but the ball goes just over.
7:11 PM11 days ago


Piquerez's left-footed shot but Lampe appears at the back and avoids the fourth.
7:09 PM11 days ago


Uruguay's goal! Álvarez scores the third after a delayed diagonal that the striker pushes in.
7:09 PM11 days ago


Second half begins in Montevideo
7:08 PM11 days ago


Change of Uruguay. Mauro Arambarri replaces Rodrigo Betancur.
6:50 PM11 days ago


At the end of the first half, Uruguay leads by two goals.
6:48 PM11 days ago


Rodriguez's shot and Lampe appears to reject the ball, then Alvarez shoots, but the goalkeeper is again present.
6:42 PM11 days ago


Arrascaeta tries to shoot, but first comes a sweep that prevents it from happening.
6:36 PM11 days ago


Marcelo Martins' shot, but the ball reaches Muslera without problem.
6:34 PM11 days ago


Goal, goal Uruguay! Federico Valverde sends in a right-footed free kick to increase the lead.
6:31 PM11 days ago


After Piquerez's cross, Arrascaeta shoots, but Saucedo prevents the shot from reaching the target with power.
6:23 PM11 days ago


Alvarez's shot was deflected by Luis Haquin to avoid the second.
6:17 PM11 days ago


Goal, goal, goal for Uruguay! Arrascaeta receives a left-footed shot from Rodriguez and pops up to push the ball in and open the scoring.
6:11 PM11 days ago


Brian Rodriguez's left-footed shot into Lampe's area was quite dangerous, but the ball went wide.
6:09 PM11 days ago


Nandez fails to control the ball and misses a clear opportunity.
6:02 PM11 days ago


Actions kick off at the Campeón del Siglo.
5:58 PM11 days ago

Bolivia: LineUp

C. Lampe; J. Quinteros, L. Haquin, L. Justiniano, J. Arce, M. Martins, E. Saavedra, R. Fernández, M. Enoumba, R. Vaca.
5:58 PM11 days ago

Uruguay: LineUp

F. Muslera, N. Nandez, J. Giménez, D. Godín, J. Piquerez, F. Valverde, M. Vecino, R. Betancur, G. de Arrascaeta, B. Rodríguez, A. Álvarez
5:47 PM11 days ago

It was ratified

After the draw against Colombia, a situation that takes Bolivia away from the World Cup, Fernando Costa, president of the Bolivian Football Federation, ratified César Farías: "Farías has our full backing, these are things in soccer and we saw a good approach, since the mistakes of the first half were corrected with the changes made for the second half".
5:40 PM11 days ago

It will be complicated

Óscar Tabárez talked about what it will be like to face Bolivia in this match: "They will fight. They are organized and have individuals that weigh a lot. We have to take our precautions and fulfill the objective of winning. We don't consider another result, but it will probably cost us if we get the win."
5:35 PM11 days ago

They don´t go!

Both Luis Suárez and Edinson Cavani are not included in the squad for this match or the FIFA matchday, a situation that stands out.
5:30 PM11 days ago

They are here!

The Uruguayans are already present at the Campeón del Siglo, ready to face Bolivia.

5:25 PM11 days ago


Óscar Tabárez has now coached the Uruguayan national team for 215 games, with 102 wins, 57 draws and 55 defeats.
5:20 PM11 days ago

To give it all

Marc Enoumba spoke after his debut against Colombia and how he felt the match, and also mentioned about the subsequent matches: "I was very happy for my debut, at the same time I had a pressure of wanting to do things well, I can say that one always prepares to play and I am ready to be a starter in the next matches. The team has been working very well, even though yesterday's result did not help, in the upcoming matches we have to look for results. We know that the upcoming matches will be difficult and tough, but nothing is impossible. We must show all the work we have done and be able to get the results".


5:15 PM11 days ago

The fact

In ten matches that have been played between these teams in the qualifiers, 36 goals have been scored, of which 28 correspond to Uruguay and 8 to Bolivia. It is important to highlight that Bolivia has only scored in 5 out of ten matches, while the locals have scored in all of them. 
5:10 PM11 days ago

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Bolivia's statements

César Farías said before the match: "We would have liked the score to be better, but fortune and also the referee's decisions... Now I can speak, because I have just seen it, the handball was a handball and not even the VAR was reviewed. A very clear handball, which comes from a touch, from a header from them, it interferes with the trajectory of the ball and it is a penalty. And they didn't even check the VAR. The first yellow, on our center-back (Justino) to condition him, is not a yellow either."

"I have nothing to reproach my boys for, they played, they had more possession of the ball, they tried inside, they tried outside."
"I saw something different... we had 58 percent possession, 22 shots, 7 corner kicks, 30 crosses, 427 passes, a team that has that generally wins. And generally, it means they also put pressure on the opponent. I saw something different. It was a handball, it was a penalty and that totally changed the match and it is sad that it happened".

The coach concluded in this way: "Several members of the federation and all of us feel that we were pitifully harmed today."

4:55 PM11 days ago

Urgent need for victory

Bolivia's situation is very different from that of their similar Uruguay; out of the seven matches they have played, they have only won one, they have also accumulated three draws and the same number of defeats. Their last match was tied by the minimum against Colombia with a goal by Fernando Saucedo. The Bolivians will be without Carmelo Algarañaz for this match, the striker received a red card after a double yellow card and will not be able to play this match.

4:50 PM11 days ago

To continue adding

Uruguay arrives after a one-goal draw, scored by Giorgian de Arrascaeta, at the National Stadium located in Lima. The Uruguayans come to this match accumulating two wins, three draws and two defeats, so in this match they will be looking to add three points and climb positions in the Group.

4:45 PM11 days ago

The match will be played at the Campeón del Siglo Stadium.

The Uruguay vs Bolivia match will be played at the Campeón del Siglo Stadium located in Montevideo, Uruguay; with a capacity for 40,700 people. The match will be attended by fans and a great atmosphere is expected for this match.

4:40 PM11 days ago

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