Goals and Highlights Israel vs Austria (5-2)
Photo by Austria Football Association (ÖFB)


5:24 PM20 days ago


50' The referee blows the whistle at the end of the second half
5:22 PM20 days ago

Out of the way!

47' Alaba crosses, Hinteregger heads the ball to the right of the goal
5:22 PM20 days ago


45' ZAHAVI! After Haziza's corner kick, he shoots with his right foot and extends the Israeli lead.


5:22 PM20 days ago

Additional time

45' Five minutes to end the second half
5:21 PM20 days ago

Daniel Bachmann!

44' Zahavi receives from Haziza, risks a right-footed shot from outside the area, but the goalkeeper saves in the middle of the goal
5:20 PM20 days ago

Substitution in Israel

41' Dolev Haziza replaces Manor Solomon
5:19 PM20 days ago

Triple substitution in Austria

34' Ercan Kara, Florian Kainz and Stefan Ilsanker in, Baumgartner, Laimer and Grillitsch out
5:18 PM20 days ago

Chance for Israel

33' Zahavi shoots from the right and hits the goalkeeper's right corner
5:04 PM20 days ago

Substitution in Israel

29' Ofir Davidzada in, Sun Menachem out
5:03 PM20 days ago


25' Hatem Elhamed makes a pass to Sun Menachem, but he was too far back
5:03 PM20 days ago

Substitution in Austria

22' Yusuf Demir in place of Alessandro Schöpf
5:03 PM20 days ago

Yellow card

17' Shon Weissman, from Israel, for committing a foul
5:03 PM20 days ago

Yellow card

17' Florian Grillitsch, from Austria, for committing a foul
5:02 PM20 days ago

Yellow card

17' Mohammad Abu Fani, from Israel, for committing a foul
4:30 PM20 days ago


13' WEISSMAN! He has just come on the pitch and unleashed a shot from outside the box, which struck Daniel Bachmann in the left corner.
4:30 PM20 days ago

Substitution in Israel

12' Mohammad Abu Fani and Shon Weissman in, Bibras Natcho and Munas Dabbur out
4:29 PM20 days ago


10' ARNAUTOVIC! The striker hits Ofir Marciano's left-hand angle from outside the box.
4:29 PM20 days ago


7' Schöpf finishes with his right foot from the edge of the box, but his shot is wide of the goal
4:29 PM20 days ago


3' Game restarts with some misplaced passes, Dasa, Menachem and Soloman are the ones who appear the most on the Israeli side, while Austria exchange passes involving Schöpf and Schaub
4:28 PM20 days ago


00' The second half in Haifa begins
4:12 PM20 days ago

Substitution in Israel

Dan Glazer in place of Eitan Tibi
4:12 PM20 days ago

Substitution in Austria

Louis Schaub in place of Aleksandar Dragovic
4:08 PM20 days ago


Israel - 1 Ariel Harush, 23 Itamar Nitzan, 3 Dan Glazer, 8 Dolev Haziza, 9 Omer Atzili, 13 Ofri Arad, 14 Shon Weissman, 15 Gadi Kinda, 16 Mohammad Abu Fani, 19 Liel Abada, 20 Iyad Abu Abaid, 22 Ofir Davidzada.
Austria - 1 Alexander Schlager, 12 Heinz Lindner, 2 Andreas Ulmer, 6 Stefan Ilsanker, 9 Yusuf Demir, 11 Michael Gregoritsch, 14 Jakob Jantscher, 15 Philipp Lienhart, 16 Christopher Trimmel, 17 Louis Schaub, 21 Ercan Kara, 23 Florian Kainz.
4:03 PM20 days ago


51' End of the first half in Haifa
4:03 PM20 days ago

Yellow card

49' Hatem Elhamed, from Israel, for a hard foul
4:03 PM20 days ago

Over the goal

47' Arnautovic tries a shot from outside the box with his right foot but the ball goes wide of Ofir Marciano's goal
4:03 PM20 days ago


45' Arnautovic tries to pass to Schöpf but he was too far ahead
4:02 PM20 days ago

Added time

45' Five minutes to end the first half
4:02 PM20 days ago

Hit the bar!

43' Baumgartner crosses again into the box, Arnautovic's left-footed shot bounces off the right post  
4:01 PM20 days ago


42' BAUMGARTNER! Grillitsch crosses the ball and finds his team-mate in the middle of the box, he finishes with his right foot and hits the goalkeeper's corner to reduce the score
4:01 PM20 days ago

Stopped, stopped

39' Solomon sets Munas Dabbur in motion, but he is offside
3:41 PM20 days ago


33' ZAHAVI! He receives the ball almost at the penalty spot and shoots a right-footed shot to the left corner of Bachmann 
3:41 PM20 days ago


29' Marciano throws the ball to Solomon, but he is caught in an irregular position
3:40 PM20 days ago

Too high

25' Alaba tries Ofir Marciano's free-kick from outside the box but the ball goes too high
3:40 PM20 days ago


20' MUNAS DABBUR! The No.10 shoots at Daniel Bachmann's corner to extend the lead
3:39 PM20 days ago

Austria again

16' Grillitsch again plays with Arnautovic on the left side of the box, he shoots a cross into the right corner and again the Israeli goalkeeper catches the ball
3:39 PM20 days ago

Chance for Austria

15' Schöpf receives Grillitsch, but with his right foot, goalkeeper Ofir Marciano saves without giving a rebound


3:20 PM20 days ago

Goal disallowed

9' Referee Felix Zwayer signals Laimer's hand touch after VAR reviews the play.
3:15 PM20 days ago

Under flag

6' Baumgartner signals to Schöpf, but he was too far ahead 
3:14 PM20 days ago


5' SOLOMON! He received from Biton on the left side and shot with his right foot into the right corner of goalkeeper Daniel Bachmann
3:13 PM20 days ago

Opportunity for Austria

3' Austria take the initiative, occupy more the field of attack, especially with Mwene and Baumgartner, who received a pass from Schöpf and shot, but in time to shoot was stopped by the defense
2:59 PM20 days ago


00 The first half begins
2:58 PM20 days ago

Austria starting XI

Bachmann; Mwene, Posch, Dragovic, Hinteregger, Alaba; Schopf, Laimer, Grillitsch; Baumgartner, Arnautovic
2:53 PM20 days ago

Israel starting XI

Marciano; Elhamed, Tibi, Dgani, Dasa; Natcho, Bitton, Menahem, Solomon; Zahavi, Dabbur.
2:48 PM20 days ago


Hi! We're back with the latest news, behind-the-scenes information, lineups, and everything you need to know about the Israel-Austria game, which are soon to face off in Haifa.
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How to watch Israel vs Austria Live Stream on TV and online?

Match: Israel vs Austria
Competition: 2022 FIFA World Cup Qualifiers
Round: #4
Date: September 4th
Kick-off: 2:45 pm ET
Venue: Sammy Ofer Stadium, in Haifa, Israel
Where to watch: ORF/DAZN (Austria), Estadio TNT Sports (Brazil), Charlton/KAN (Israel), Sky Mexico (Mexico), ESPN/TUDN (USA)
Real time: VAVEL
2:33 PM20 days ago

Where and how to watch Israel vs Austria live online

The Israelis and the Austrians will play shortly this Saturday afternoon at the Sammy Ofer Stadium, also known as Haifa International Stadium, in Israel, at 2:45 pm ET. This match will be broadcast on ORF/DAZN (Austria), Estadio TNT Sports (Brazil), Charlton/KAN (Israel), Sky Mexico (Mexico), ESPN/TUDN (USA). You can also follow everything that happens in real time here on VAVEL minute by minute, with a pre-match preview one hour before kick-off in Haifa.
2:28 PM20 days ago

Match officials

Referee: Felix Zwayer (GER)
Assistant Referee 1: Marco Achmüller (GER)
Assistant Referee 2: Stefan Lupp (GER)
Fourth official: Sven Jablonski (GER)
Video Assistant Referee (VAR): Sascha Stegemann (GER)
Assistant Video Assistant Referee (AVAR): Christian Gittelmann (GER)
UEFA Delegate: Florian Prunea (ROU)
UEFA Referee observer: Karen Nalbandyan (ARM)
2:23 PM20 days ago

Possible line-up from Austria

Bachmann; Lainer, Dragovic, Hinteregger, Ulmer; Grillitsch; Laimer, Alaba, Baumgartner; Gregoritsch, Arnautovic.
Coach: Franco Foda.
2:18 PM20 days ago

Possible line-up from Israel

Marciano; Arad, Tibi, Dgani, Nasa; Natkho, Peretz, Menahem, Solomon; Zahavi, Dabbur.
Coach: Willibald Ruttensteiner.
2:13 PM20 days ago

FIFA World Ranking

Austria ranks 23rd, while Israel is in the Top 100, in 81st place. The lead is held by Belgium, followed by Brazil, France, England, and Italy.
2:08 PM20 days ago

Austria squad list

The Austria National Team led by Franco Foda includes players from clubs in Austria, England, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Serbia, Spain and Switzerland.

Goalkeepers: Daniel Bachmann (Watford), Heinz Lindner (FC Basel), Alexander Schlager (LASK)
Defenders: David Alaba (Real Madrid), Aleksandar Dragovic (Roter Stern Belgrade), Martin Hinteregger (Eintracht Frankfurt), Philipp Lienhart (SC Freiburg), Phillipp Mwene (PSV Eindhoven), Stefan Posch (TSG Hoffenheim), Christopher Trimmel (Union Berlin), Andreas Ulmer (Red Bull Salzburg)
Midfielders: Julian Baumgartlinger (Bayer Leverkusen), Christoph Baumgartner (TSG Hoffenheim), Florian Grillitsch (TSG Hoffenheim), Stefan Ilsanker (Eintracht Frankfurt), Florian Kainz (1. FC Cologne), Konrad Laimer (RB Leipzig), Marcel Sabitzer (RB Leipzig), Louis Schaub (1.FC Cologne), Xaver Schlager (VfL Wolfsburg), Alessandro Schöpf (Arminia Bielefeld)
Forwards: Marko Arnautovic (Bologna), Yusuf Demir (FC Barcelona), Michael Gregoritsch (FC Augsburg), Ercan Kara (Rapid Vienna)

Photo by Austria Football Association
Photo by Austria Football Association (ÖFB)
2:03 PM20 days ago

Israel squad list

Most of the players called up by coach Willibald Ruttensteiner play in their home country, but there are also players who play in Germany, Netherlands, Scotland, Serbia, Spain and USA.

Goalkeepers: Ofir Marciano, Ariel Harush, Itamar Nitzan
Defenders: Nir Bitton, Eytan Tibi, Eli Dasa, Sun Menachem, Orel Dgani, Joel Abu Hanna, Ofri Arad, Hatem Elhamed, Ofir Davidzada, Uri Dahan, Iyad Abu Abaid
Midfielders: Bibras Natcho, Dor Peretz, Mohammad Abu Fani, Dolev Haziza, Gadi Kinda, Manor Solomon, Dan Glazer
Forwards: Omer Atzili, Liel Abada, Munas Dabbur, Eran Zehavi, Shon Weissman.

Photo by Israel Football Association
Photo by Israel Football Association
1:58 PM20 days ago

Last match

Israel and Austria were in the same qualifying group for UEFA Euro 2020. They met on October 10, 2019 in Vienna, when Lazaro, Hinteregger and Sabitzer scored in Austria's 3-1 victory and Zahavi pulled a goal back. Franco Foda's team finished second in the group behind Poland and clinched the spot, while the Israelis fell by the wayside as they were eliminated by Scotland in the playoffs.
1:53 PM20 days ago

Teams information

Israel started their journey to Qatar with a 2-0 home defeat to Denmark at Bloomfield Stadium, but then bounced back with a 1-1 draw against Scotland and two consecutive defeats (4-1 over Moldova and 4-0 against Faroe Islands). Austria also started as an away team, but started with a 2-2 draw with Scotland at Hampden Park, then beat Faroe Islands 3-1 and lost 4-0 to Denmark, but this week bounced back with a 2-0 win away to Moldova.
1:48 PM20 days ago

Keep an eye

European Qualifiers are played in a group phase system, with the first place going to the 2022 FIFA World Cup and the second to a playoff. So far only 14 of the 60 countries are undefeated (Armenia, Belgium, Denmark, Slovakia, Finland, France, England, Italy, Portugal, Serbia, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, and Ukraine).
1:43 PM20 days ago


Israel and Austria are in group F, the same as Denmark, Scotland, Faroe Islands and Moldova. The match will be played at Sammy Ofer Stadium, also known as Haifa International Stadium, which hosts matches of Maccabi Haifa and Hapoel Haifa FC. The match will take place at 2:45 pm ET.
1:38 PM20 days ago

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