Goals and Highlights Spain vs Georgia (4-0)
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5:43 PM2 years ago


49' The referee blows his whistle! After losing during the week, Spain rehabilitates with a score and takes another step towards the World Cup in Qatar.
5:43 PM2 years ago

Goal disallowed

48' Merino sets up Pablo Fornals again, Spain score, but the referee disallowed it for offside.
5:42 PM2 years ago

Added time

45' Three minutes to go
5:42 PM2 years ago


43' The match gets bogged down, with some fouls and misplays on both sides
5:41 PM2 years ago


38' Merino threads a ball to Pablo Fornals, but he was too far forward and the linesman raises the flag
5:41 PM2 years ago

Yellow card

37' Grigol Chabradze, from Georgia, for bringing down Sarabia
5:41 PM2 years ago

Substitution in Georgia

31' Otar Kakabadze comes on for Guram Giorbelidze
5:23 PM2 years ago

Substitution in Spain

29' Brais Méndez and Robert Sánchez replace José Gayà and Unai Simón.
5:23 PM2 years ago


27' José Gayà feels pain in his left leg, receives medical attention and leaves the field walking
5:22 PM2 years ago

Double substitution in Georgia

24' Giorgi Chakvetadze and Sandro Altunashvili in, Davitashvili and Aburjania out
5:22 PM2 years ago

Yellow card

23' Guram Kashia, from Georgia, for comitted a hard foul
5:21 PM2 years ago

Giorgi Loria!

22' Sarabia hits the post, Abel Ruiz gets the rebound and hits it with his right foot, but the Georgian goalkeeper saves
5:21 PM2 years ago

Unai Simón!

20' Mikautadze pulls the ball in, gets his left foot in, and Unai Simon jump out to smack the ball away from Georgia's goal. Qazaishvili picks up the rebound and diverts it with his head, but he misses the target. 
5:20 PM2 years ago


18' SARABIA! Pablo Fornals plays a clever one-two with his left-footed shot into the left corner of the goalkeeper, which Giorgi Loria has no chance of finding. 
5:19 PM2 years ago


17' Davitashvili makes space for himself, fires in a shot from outside the box, Unai Simón reaches out and tucks it into the left corner
5:18 PM2 years ago

Double substitution in Spain

15' Pablo Fornals and Mikel Merino in place of Ferran Torres and Eric García 
5:18 PM2 years ago


14' Davitashvili receives Mikautadze in the box, shoots, but the ball goes too high


5:18 PM2 years ago

Double substitution in Georgia

12' Georges Mikautadze and Valeri Qazaishvili in, Zaria and Azarovi out
5:17 PM2 years ago

Over the goal

8' Sarabia takes a corner and crosses into the middle of the box, Azpilicueta rises higher than everyone and heads the ball, but sends it to the left of the goal


5:17 PM2 years ago

Opportunity for Georgia

1' Davitashvili comes down the right and wins the corner. Azarov receives it on the right, hits it with a left-footed shot from almost no angle, but the ball goes towards Unai Simon, who saves
5:16 PM2 years ago


00' The second half begins at Badajoz. 
5:16 PM2 years ago

Substitution in Spain

Raúl Albiol in place of Aymeric Laporte 


4:22 PM2 years ago

First half Stats

Shots: 13-5
Shots on goal: 7-3
Corner kicks: 2-2
Offsides: 1-1
Tackles: 6-17
Fouls: 6-2
Possession of the ball - Spain, 79%, Georgia: 21%
Total passes: 641-162
Passing accuracy - Spain, 93%, Georgia, 65%
4:20 PM2 years ago

Half time

47' Referee ends the first half at Nuevo Vivero Stadium
4:20 PM2 years ago

Added time

45' Two minutes to end the first half
4:19 PM2 years ago


45' Giorbelidze sets off Azarovi in the attack, but he was in an irregular position
4:19 PM2 years ago


41' FERRAN TORRES! The striker receives in the middle of the box, hits Giorgi Loria with his right foot, and he hits the left corner of the net.
4:19 PM2 years ago

In the middle of the goal

38' Sarabia's left-footed shot from outside the box is blocked by Giorgi Loria
4:18 PM2 years ago


33' Llorente throws the ball to Ferran Torres, but he was too early and the referee raises the flag
4:18 PM2 years ago


30' Soler sends the ball into the box, Rodri heads it in but the ball goes over the goal
4:18 PM2 years ago

VAR in action

26' The video team checks to see if the ball went out of the control of Marcos Llorrente when he went to the by-line, but confirms that it remained in the field and the goal is confirmed
4:17 PM2 years ago


25' SOLER! Llorente comes forward on the right, goes to the back line and rolls it back towards Ruiz, but neither he nor Lochoshvili can reach the ball and the Spaniards extend their lead. 
4:16 PM2 years ago

Spain again!

22' Sarabia crosses, Llorente asks for the ball in the middle of the area and goes up to head, but Giorbelidze intercepts the pass
4:16 PM2 years ago

Chance for Spain

19' Gayà receives inside the area, cuts inside and shoots with his right foot, Loria looks for the left corner and makes the save
4:16 PM2 years ago


17' Abel Ruiz receives from Ferran Torres in the middle of the box, shoots with his right foot, but is blocked when he shoots.
3:14 PM2 years ago


14' GAYÀ! After a corner kick, he shoots a left-footed shot from outside the box and hits Giorgi Loria's left corner.
3:03 PM2 years ago

Opportunity for Spain

8' Ferran Torres recebe de Llorente, bate de pé direito na altura do marca do pênalti e bola sai à esquerda do gol
2:59 PM2 years ago

Giorgi Loria!

3' Sarabia crosses towards Ferran Torres, plays the ball in the middle of the area, he heads it, but goalkeeper searches the left angle.
2:47 PM2 years ago


00' The first half begins at Nuevo Vivero Stadium
2:47 PM2 years ago


1 Giorgi Loria 4 Guram Kashia 5 Guram Giorbelidze 6 Giorgi Zaria 7 Jaba Kankava 13 Grigol Chabradze 14 Luka Lochoshvili 15 Giorgi Aburjania 16 Irakli Azarov 18 Vladimer Mamuchashvili 23 Zuriko Davitashvili.
Coach: Willy Sagnol.

Substitutes: 12 Giorgi Mamardashvili 17 Lazare Kupatadze 2 Otar Kakabadze 3 Davit Khocholava 8 Valeri Qazaishvili 9 Saba Lobzhanidze 10 Giorgi Chakvetadze 11 Giorgi Kvilitaia 19 Sandro Altunashvili 20 Jambul Jigauri 21 Giorgi Tsitaishvili 22 Georges Mikautadze.

2:45 PM2 years ago


23 Unai Simón; 2 César Azpilicueta 6 Marcos Llorente 9 Abel Ruiz 10 Carlos Soler 11 Ferran Torres 12 Eric García 14 José Gayà 16 Rodri 19 Aymeric Laporte 22 Pablo Sarabia.
Coach: Luis Enrique.

Substitutes: 1 David de Gea 13 Robert Sánchez 3 Raúl Albiol 4 Iñigo Martínez 5 Sergio Busquets 7 Álvaro Morata 8 Koke 15 Brais Méndez 17 Adama Traoré 18 Jordi Alba 20 Mikel Merino 21 Pablo Fornals.

Photo by Spanish National Team (Sefutbol)
Photo by Spanish National Team (Sefutbol)
2:18 PM2 years ago


Hi! We're back to bring you the latest news, behind-the-scenes information and everything you need to know about Spain and Georgia, one of the matches that stirs up the 5th round of the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qualifiers. There is less than 1 hour to go until the ball starts rolling in Badajoz.
2:13 PM2 years ago

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How to watch Spain vs Georgia Live Stream on TV and online?

Match: Spain vs Georgia
Competition: 2022 FIFA World Cup Qualifiers
Round: #5
Date: September 5th
Kick-off: 2:45 pm ET
Venue: Estadio Nuevo Vivero in Badajoz, Extremadura (Spain)
Where to watch: Estadio TNT Sports (Brazil), GPB/Almasport/Silknet (Georgia), Sky Mexico (Mexico), TVE/Mediaset/UEFA.tv (Spain), ESPN/TUDN (USA)
Real time: VAVEL
2:03 PM2 years ago

Where and how to watch Spain vs Georgia live online

The match between Spain and Georgia will be broadcast live and exclusively via streaming by Estadio TNT Sports (Brazil), GPB/Almasport/Silknet (Georgia), Sky Mexico (Mexico), TVE/Mediaset/UEFA.tv (Spain), ESPN/TUDN (USA). You can check the details of this match here on VAVEL Brazil real time with all the information before, during and after the match in Badajoz.
1:58 PM2 years ago

Match officials

Referee: Tiago Martins (POR)
Assistant Referee 1: Luis Campos (POR)
Assistant Referee 2: Pedro Almeida (POR)
Fourth official: Hugo Miguel (POR)
Video Assistant Referee (VAR): Luis Godinho (POR)
Assistant Video Assistant Referee (AVAR): Antonio Emanuel Carvalho Nobre (POR)
UEFA Delegate: David Findlay (SCO)
UEFA Referee observer: Emil Bozinovski (MKD)
1:53 PM2 years ago

Georgia possible line-up

Loria; Azarov, Khocholava, Kashia, Chabradze; Qazaishvili, Jigauri, Aburjania, Kankava; Kvilitaia, Tsitaisvhili.
Coach: Willy Sagnol.
Foto via Federação de Futebol da Geórgia (GFF)
Photo by Georgian Football Federation
1:48 PM2 years ago

Spain possible line-up

Unai Simon; Jordi Alba, Laporte, Eric Garcia, Azpilicueta; Soler, Busquets, Koke; Sarabia, Morata, Ferran Torres.
Técnico: Luis Enrique.
Foto via Seleção Espanhola de Futebol (Sefutbol)
Photo by Spain National Team (Sefutbol)
1:43 PM2 years ago

Last match

The teams have already met this year, in March, and on that occasion Kvaratskhelia opened the scoring, but Ferran Torres and Dani Olmo turned the game around in Tbilisi and La Roja held on to win 2-1 until the final whistle.
Foto via Seleção Espanhola de Futebol
Foto via Seleção Espanhola de Futebol
1:38 PM2 years ago

Georgia squad list

Goalkeepers: Giorgi Loria, Giorgi Mamardashvili, Lazare Kupatadze
Defenders: Otar Kakabadze, Mamuka Kobakhidze, David Khocholava, Jemal Tabidze, Guram Kashia, Guram Giorbelidze, Grigol Chabradze, Gia Grigalava, Luka Lochoshvili, Irakli Azarov, Davit Kobouri, Lasha Dvali
Midfielders: Murtaz Daushvili, Giorgi Zaria, Jaba Kankava, Valeri Qazaishvili, Otar Kiteishvili, Saba Lobzhanidze, Giorgi Chakvetadze, Giorgi Aburjania, Nika Kvekveskiri, Khvicha Kvaratskhelia, Vladimer Mamuchashvili, Sandro Altunashvili, Levan Shengelia, Jambul Jigauri, Valerian Gvilia, Giorgi Tsitaishvili, Lasha Parunashvili, Zuriko Davitashvili
Forwards: Budu Zivzivadze, Giorgi Kvilitaia, Giorgi Beridze, Georges Mikautadze
Foto via Federação de Futebol da Geórgia (GFF)
Photo by Georgian Football Federation
1:33 PM2 years ago

FIFA World Ranking

Spain ranks 7th on the list, which has Belgium, Brazil, France, England, and Italy at the top. Georgia is in 91st position.
1:28 PM2 years ago

Spain squad list

Goalkeepers: Unai Simón (Atheltic Bilbao), David De Gea (Manchester United), Robert Sánchez (Brighton & Hove Albion)
Defenders: César Azpilicueta (Chelsea), Marcos Llorente (Atletico Madrid), Aymeric Laporte (Manchester City), Raúl Albiol (Villarreal), Íñigo Martínez (Athletic Bilbao), Eric García and Jordi Alba (Barcelona), José Gayá (Valencia)
Midfielders: Sergio Busquets (Barcelona), Koke (Atlético de Madrid), Rodri (Manchester City), Mikel Merino (Real Sociedad), Carlos Soler (Valencia), Brais Méndez (Celta)
Forwards: Pablo Fornals (West Ham), Alvaro Morata (Juventus), Gerard Moreno (Villarreal), Ferrán Torres (Manchester City), Adama Traoré (Wolverhampton), Abel Ruiz (Sporting Braga), Pablo Sarabia (Paris Saint Germain).
Foto: Divulgação
Photo by Spain National Team (Sefutbol)
1:23 PM2 years ago

Teams information

Spain opened the qualifiers with a 1-1 draw against Greece, then followed up with two consecutive wins (2-1 over Georgia and 3-1 in Kosovo), but this week lost their unbeaten run when they were beaten 2-1 by Sweden. After four rounds, Georgia is still looking for its first victory. So far they have three losses (1-0 to Sweden, 2-1 to Spain and 2-0 to Kosovo) and a draw (1-1 with Greece).
1:18 PM2 years ago

European Qualifiers - Matches today

Iceland-North Macedonia
Belgium-Czech Republic
San Marino-Poland
1:13 PM2 years ago


This clash between the Spanish and Georgians takes place at the Estadio Nuevo Vivero in Badajoz, Extremadura at 2:45 pm ET. This is group B, which includes Greece, Kosovo and Sweden. Of the 55 teams competing for a spot in the World Cup, only the leader of each group guarantees direct qualification and those who finish second go into a playoff.
Foto via Seleção Espanhola de Futebol (Sefutbol)
Photo by Spain National Team (Sefutbol)
1:08 PM2 years ago

Welcome to VAVEL.com’s LIVE coverage at FIFA World Cup Qualifiers: Spain vs Georgia

Located in southwestern Spain, the city of Badajoz hosts this Sunday 5th the duel between the Spanish National team and Georgia, in another round in the trajectory towards the 2022 FIFA World Cup. My name is Bia Palumbo and I will be your host for this game. We will provide you with pre-game analysis, roster updates, and news as it happens live here on VAVEL.