Goals and Highlights: Jamaica 0-3 Panama in 2022 World Cup Qualifiers


8:02 PM16 days ago

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8:01 PM16 days ago

Jamaica 0-3 Panamá

7:54 PM16 days ago

90´ + 5

The match ends. Great victory for Panama.
7:51 PM16 days ago

90´ + 1

The aggregate is already played, and four minutes were added. 
7:49 PM16 days ago


Yellow card for Nicholson of Jamaica. 
7:47 PM16 days ago

Jamaica 0-3 Panama

7:41 PM16 days ago


Panama's goal! Reaffirming what happens the visitors in another great goal put the third goal on the scoreboard. 
7:36 PM16 days ago


Jamaica changes
In comes Powell and Nicholson, out comes Harding and Michail Antonio.
7:35 PM16 days ago


Panama Exchange
In Azmahar Ariano, Out Eric Davis. 
7:31 PM16 days ago


Last twenty minutes for the locals, who want to land the game based on fouls in the duel.
7:26 PM16 days ago


Panama Exchange
In Azmahar Ariano, Out Eric Davis. 
7:25 PM16 days ago


Smiling Panamanians from National Stadium Independence Park are winning it. 

7:23 PM16 days ago


The statistics show a 62% ball possession rate for the visitors, who have slowed down the pace of the game a bit but are not letting up. 
7:21 PM16 days ago


Panama Exchange! 
Enters Alfredo Stephens, Sale José Luis Rodríguez.
Enter César Yanis, Alberto Quintero 
7:20 PM16 days ago


Jamaica is pushing forward. It relies on individuality and that is what it clings to.
7:14 PM16 days ago


After 55 minutes, the ball finally made it to the goalkeeper's hands, but it was very weak. 
7:11 PM16 days ago
7:10 PM16 days ago
7:09 PM16 days ago


Panama's first change:
Cecilio Waterman comes in, Rolando Blackburn comes out.
7:05 PM16 days ago
7:05 PM16 days ago

Second half kicks off in Jamaica!

The home side wants to wake up in the game. 
6:48 PM16 days ago

45´ + 1

The first half is over! Panama is giving a dance to the Jamaican team that does not react. A reaction from the locals is expected in the second half.
6:47 PM16 days ago


The first 45 minutes of the game are over.
6:46 PM16 days ago

Jamaica 0-2 Panama

 Rolando Blackburn scored the second of the afternoon for the Canaleros, who are looking for more goals. 


6:42 PM16 days ago


Panama's goal! The second goal of the match is here, a great header by the visitors to extend the lead.
6:39 PM16 days ago


Jamaica left spaces in the defense when counterattacking and Panama came close again with more danger but the direction of the shot was incorrect.
6:34 PM16 days ago


Half an hour from Jamaica. The Panamanians are winning the match by the minimum, the locals are trying to stop the advance of the rival with kicks.


6:27 PM16 days ago


Close! Panama to increase the score. During the approach to the first half hour of the match the Canaleros have shown the characteristics to be able to increase the score but still cannot do it.
6:22 PM16 days ago

Jamaica 0-1 Panama

This was the goal with which Panama won the match by the minimum difference from the capital of Jamaica.


6:17 PM16 days ago


Panama's goal! Andrade scores a great goal and breaks the zero on the scoreboard and wins it in Jamaica. 
6:12 PM16 days ago


Panama presses with everything on offense, Jamaica has had a hard time keeping the ball when it comes out playing long and gives space to the visitors. 
6:07 PM16 days ago

Panama's defense was careless and gave the ball to the Jamaicans, who almost surprised the Red Tide. 
6:02 PM16 days ago

The first is for Panama after a foul. The visitors want to impose conditions early in the game.
5:57 PM16 days ago

The meeting begins!


Empty stadium, but full hopes for both teams.

5:52 PM16 days ago


The teams take the field, and the match between the Jamaican and Panamanian soccer teams kicks off shortly.
5:47 PM16 days ago

LIneup: Jamaica

Blake, Harding, Pinnock, Moore, Lawrence, Morrison, Johnson, Reid, Roofe, Burke, Antonio.
5:42 PM16 days ago

Lineup: Panama

Mejia, Davis, Andrade, Escobar, Murillo, Carrasquilla, Goddy, Rodríguez, Bárcenas, Quintero y Blackburn.
5:37 PM16 days ago

Jamaica goes for its first win


Jamaica and Panama will meet in CONCACAF World Cup qualifying for the seventh time. The Canaleros are undefeated with 3 wins and 3 draws.

5:32 PM16 days ago



Due to the low level of play of the Panamanian striker, Gabriel Torres, a player of Club Universidad Nacional, was not called up by the Panamanian team this semester. 

5:27 PM16 days ago



In the last two matches held for the World Cup qualifiers, Panama won the last two by the same score of 2-0. The last time Jamaica beat Panama was in 2019 in the Gold Cup 1-0 in the USA.

5:22 PM16 days ago

Panama already recognizes the playing field


Panama's National Team is ready to face Jamaica at Independence Park Stadium, in a pleasant weather. 

5:17 PM16 days ago


The visiting team repeats the lineup that faced Costa Rica in the first qualifying game, which ended in a draw on the road to the World Cup to be held in Qatar.

5:12 PM16 days ago

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What time is Jamaica vs Panama match for World Cup Qualifiers?


This is the start time of the game Jamaica vs Panama of 5th September in several countries:

Argentina: 7:00 PM

Bolivia:6:00 PM

Brazil: 7:00 PM

Chile:6:00 PM

Colombia: 5:00 PM

Ecuador: 5:00 PM

USA (ET): 6:00 PM in Telemundo

Spain: 12:00 AM

Mexico: 5:00 PM in Telemundo

Paraguay: 7:00 PM

Peru: 7:00 PM

Uruguay: 7:00 PM

5:02 PM16 days ago

How did they both arrive prior to the playoffs?


Jamaica arrives at the CONCACAF Octagonal after having lost in the quarterfinal round of the 2021 Gold Cup against the United States in a great match, the Stars and Stripes would later prevail against Mexico in the final match. 

For its part, Panama was left out of the 2021 Gold Cup in the group stage, behind the invited team of Qatar and the selected team of Honduras.

4:57 PM16 days ago

Key Player Panama

Andre Blake has long since become Jamaica's goalkeeping benchmark, and with his great performances he has bailed out the so-called "Reggae Boyz". It will be essential to keep a clean sheet for Jamaica to start with the sum of units to avoid being stuck in the last positions of the group. 

4:52 PM16 days ago

Key Player Jamaica

Aníbal Godoy has become the captain of the last duel of the Panama National Team, in his analysis of the match he stated that they had opportunities but failed to score. For Panama, it will be essential to start with goals, since on many occasions it is with the difference of the aforementioned that the last tickets of the qualifying rounds are solved. 

4:47 PM16 days ago

Last lineup: Jamaica

Blake, Powell, Grant, Campbell, Burke, Williams, Nicholson, Lowe, Mariappa, Lawrence, Williams.
4:42 PM16 days ago

Last lineup: Panama

Luis Mejía; Fidel Escobar, José Luis Rodríguez, Adalberto Carrasquilla, Édgar Bárcenas, Rolando Blackburn, Éric Davis, Andrés Andrade, Alberto Quintero, Aníbal Godoy (C) y Michael Murillo.
4:37 PM16 days ago

Jamaica: Urgent need for points


The only team that could not get any points was the Jamaican team, which has sunk to the bottom of the table at the end of the first round of qualifying. In their last match, although they did not look bad and showed some great soccer at times, they were unable to keep the result against the Tricolor team at the Azteca stadium and succumbed.

4:32 PM16 days ago

Panama: For an early bird ticket


In the first matchday of the qualifying round for Qatar 2022, the only team to take an early lead was Mexico, which defeated Jamaica 2-1 at the Azteca Stadium, the team that Panama will face. The Panamanians tied 0-0 at home against Costa Rica in a high-caliber duel in the Concacaf zone. 

4:27 PM16 days ago

The Kick-off


The Jamaica vs Panama match will be played at the National Stadium Independence Park, in Kingstong, Jamaica. The kick-off is scheduled at 8:00 pm ET.

4:22 PM16 days ago

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