Goal and Highlights Oman vs Saudi Arabia (0-1)
Photo by Saudi Arabia National Team


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Next matches

As they won the match, Saudi Arabia reached the same 6 points as Australia and now shares the lead with them. Oman is in 3rd place with 3 points, as are Japan (4th). Vietnam and China have two losses and complete group B. The players now return to their respective clubs and the Asian Qualifiers will resume in October. In the 3rd round we have China vs. Vietnam, Saudi Arabia vs. Japan and Australia vs. Oman.
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Match stats: Oman 0-1 Saudi Arabia

Possession - Oman 40%, Saudi Arabia 60%.
Total shots: 10-7
Shots on target: 3-1
Corner kicks: 8-3
Offsides: 3-0
Fouls: 6-12
Yellow card: 0-1
Passing accuracy - Oman 69%, Saudi Arabia 79%
Total passes: 254-409
Successful passes: 174-325
Crosses: 25-17
Successful crosses: 6-6
Tackles: 12-14
Interceptions: 9-8
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96' The referee blows his whistle! Hanna Hattab ends the match in Muscat. Saudi Arabia took the lead early on and managed to hold on to their advantage even as Oman threw everything forward in the closing stages. 
1:06 PM2 years ago

Substitution for Saudi Arabia

95' Ali Al-Bulayhi in place of Al Muwallad
1:05 PM2 years ago

Full pressure

92' Al-Muqbali gets in the middle of the box and hits a left-footed shot, but the ball goes too high
1:05 PM2 years ago

Alowais again

92' Al-Yahyaei shoots from outside the box to the left corner of the goalkeeper, who makes the save and avoids the equalizer
1:04 PM2 years ago


91' Al-Yahyaei makes a long pass in the direction of Al Sabhi, who is in an irregular position
1:04 PM2 years ago

Mohammed Alowais!

91' Al-Yahyaei unleashes a right footed shot from outside the box but the goalkeeper saves in the left corner
12:55 PM2 years ago

Added time

90' Six minutes to end the second half
12:54 PM2 years ago

Substitution for Saudi Arabia

88' Ali Al-Hassan replaces Abdulelah Almalki
12:53 PM2 years ago

Chance for Saudi Arabia

84' Al-Dawsari sets off Mohamed Kanno in the attack, he goes forward on the right and shoots at the goal, but is stopped when he shoots
12:51 PM2 years ago

Substitution for Saudi Arabia

80' Ayman Yahya replaces Saleh Al-Shehri
12:47 PM2 years ago

Substitution for Oman

75' Abdulaziz Al-Muqbali in place of Al-Hajri
12:47 PM2 years ago


72' Al-Amri's header from a corner-kick on the right side of the box is deflected to the left of Al-Rushaidi's goal.
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Very nice

70' Al-Yahyaei sends the ball into the middle of the box, Al Sabhi heads Alowais' left. The player has just entered the field and has already created a dangerous chance for Oman.
12:39 PM2 years ago

Triple Substitution in Oman

67' Issam Al Sabhi, Arshad Al-Alawi and Abdulaziz Al Gheilani in place of Mundhir Al Alawi, Fawaz and Al Harthi
12:24 PM2 years ago

Yellow card

59' Abdulelah Almalki, from Saudi Arabia, for a hard foul
12:22 PM2 years ago


57' Al-Shahrani plays the ball into the box, Al-Shehri misplaces the ball and heads it to the left of the goal
12:16 PM2 years ago

The assistant raises the flag

52' Oman on the attack again. This time Fawaz crosses to Al Alawi, who is offside
12:12 PM2 years ago

Mohammed Alowais!

50' Al-Hajri gets in the box on the right, heads the ball and goalkeeper  avoids the equalizer.
12:09 PM2 years ago


45' The referee gives the go-ahead. We're going into the second half!
12:02 PM2 years ago


Oman: Saleh Al Mukhaini, Al Sabhi, Durbein, Al Al Alawi, Al Muqbali, Johar, Al Ghassani, Nasser Fadhil Al Braiki, Al Yahmadi, Al Fazari, Al Gheilani, Al Rawahi.
Saudi Arabia: Zaid Albawardi, Khubrani, Albulayhi, Al Burayk, Abdullah Alhamddan, Saud Abdulhamid, Ali Alhassan, Aiman Ahmed, Alnaji, Abdulrahman Ghareeb, Alasmari, Al Qarni.
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1st half Statistics

Ball possession - Oman 33%, Saudi Arabia 66
Shots: 4-3
Shots on target: 0-1
Corner kicks: 5-1
Fouls: 3-5
Passing accuracy - Oman 55%, Saudi Arabia: 82%
Total passes: 110-238
Successful passes: 72-196
Crosses: 13-7
Successful crosses: 2-2
Tackles: 2-8
Interceptions: 4-4
11:52 AM2 years ago

Half time

48' Referee Hanna Hattab, Syria, signals the end of the first half 
11:50 AM2 years ago

Added time

45' Three minutes to end the first period
11:48 AM2 years ago


42' AL-SHEHRI! The Saudi player receives from Al-Muwallad in the middle of the area, shoots with his right foot and opens the score in Muscat
11:42 AM2 years ago


37' A game concentrated in the midfield and with more fouls in this final stretch of the first half
11:36 AM2 years ago

Oman response

30' Al Aghbari also shoots from long distance, is stopped by Madu and wins a corne
11:36 AM2 years ago

Too high

26' Salem Al-Dawsari risks a shot from outside the box, fills his right foot, but the ball goes wide of Faiyz Al-Rushaidi's goal
11:30 AM2 years ago


Al Hajri is the most active player in Oman's attacking department, but has only shot once so far and the ball went out of the net
11:28 AM2 years ago

Green Falcons go ahead

20' Saudi Arabia continues to be more present in the attacking field, betting on throws
11:20 AM2 years ago


18' Oman and Saudi Arabia have an even match, with only one foul so far, but also without troubling the goalkeepers. No shots so far.
11:18 AM2 years ago


14' Al Alawi is brought on in the attack field, but was in an offside position
11:15 AM2 years ago

Match stats

10' Ball possession - Oman: 34%, Saudi Arabia: 65%
Corners: 1-1
Passing accuracy - Oman: 55%, Saudi Arabia: 80%
11:11 AM2 years ago


5' Saudi Arabia takes the initiative of the game, so far with more possession (62%), but Oman that managed to finish for the first time
11:02 AM2 years ago


00' The first half begins at Sultan Qaboos Stadium
10:58 AM2 years ago


Teams on the field, after the Omani and Saudi Arabian National Anthems are played it's time for the draw between captains Faiz Al-Rushaidi and Salman Alfaraj.
Photo by Saudi Arabia National Football Team
Photo by Saudi Arabia National Football Team
10:55 AM2 years ago


Alowais, Abdullah Al Ghanam, Madu, Alshahrani, Alamri, Alfaraj, Al Malki, Aldawsari, Almuwallad
Coach: Mohammed Kanno.
10:55 AM2 years ago


Al-Rushaidi, Al Habsi, Al Khamisi, Al Harthi, Al Busaidi, Al Aghbari, Fawaz, Al Yahyaei, Jamil Al Saadi, Al Hajri, Al Alawi
Coach: Branko Ivankovic.
10:44 AM2 years ago


Hey! Today is a day of soccer around the world and I invite you to join us in our coverage of Oman and Saudi Arabia, who will soon take the field in another match with an eye on the World Cup in Qatar. So come with us to get all the latest news, behind-the-scenes information, lineups, and much more on this game that takes place at the Sultan Qaboos Stadium in Muscat.
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Tune in here Oman vs Saudi Arabia Live Score

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How to watch Oman vs Saudi Arabia Live Stream on TV and online?

Match: Oman vs Saudi Arabia
Competition: 2022 FIFA World Cup Qualifiers
Matchday: #2
Date: September 7th
Kickoff: 12 pm ET
Venue: Sultan Qaboos Stadium, in Bowsher, Muscat (Oman)
Where to watch: Paramount+
Real time: VAVEL
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Where and how to watch Oman vs Saudi Arabia live online

This match between Oman and Saudi Arabia takes place on Tuesday September 7th and will stream on Paramount+. Besides, you can follow all the details here in real time on VAVEL US minute by minute.
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Match officials

Center Referee: Hanna Hattab (Syria)
1st Assistant Referee: Ali Ahmed (Syria)
2nd Assistant Referee: Ahmed Alrashadi (United Arab Emirates)
Fourth Official: Al-Ali Ahmad (Kuwait)
10:19 AM2 years ago

Hervé Renard, head coach from Saudi Arabia

"It will be an interesting match for both teams after the victories each team achieved in the opening match. We saw a great result for Oman against Japan, so we know very well that tomorrow's match is a difficult match, and that all Qualifiers are difficult, so we must respect all the competing teams that have reached the last stage of the Qualifiers."
10:14 AM2 years ago

Saudi Arabia last line-up

Mohammed Al-Owais, Sultan Al-Ghannam, Abdulelah Al-Amri, Abdullah Madu, Yasir Al-Shahrani; Abdullah Otayf, Abdulelah Al Malki; Fahad Al Muwallad, Salman Al-Faraj, Salem Al-Dawsari; Saleh Al-Shehri
Head Coach: Hervé Renard.
10:09 AM2 years ago

Branko Ivankovic, head coach from Oman

"We will play against an experienced team that has experience in qualifying. But we watched their previous matches and analysed their technical level, and we have a great ambition to overcome Saud Arabia. We are very happy to be back playing in Oman after an absence of two years due to the pandemic. Our expectations for the Saudi match are high, and I hope that we will offer all our technical level, especially since we will play in front of the Omani fans tomorrow."
10:04 AM2 years ago

Oman last line-up

Faiyz Al-Rusheidi; Amjad Al Harthi, Ahmed Al Khamisi, Juma Marhoon Al Habsi, Ali Sulaiman Al Busaidi; Zahir Sulaiman Abdullah Al Aghbari, Harib Jamil Al Saadi, Salaah Al Yahyaei, Abdullah Fawaz; Khalid Khalifa Al Hajri, Al Mandhar Al Alawi.
Head Coach: Branko Ivankovic.
9:59 AM2 years ago

FIFA World Ranking

Japan is the first Asian country to appear in the ranking, at 24th position. Oman is in 79th place and Saudi Arabia in 61st.
9:54 AM2 years ago

Last matches

12/02/19: Oman 1-3 Saudi Arabia
12/28/2017: Saudi Arabia 0-2 Oman
11/15/2011: Saudi Arabia 0-0 Oman
09/02/2011: Oman 0-0 Saudi Arabia
08/12/2009: Oman 2-1 Saudi Arabia
9:49 AM2 years ago

Saudi Arabia National Team squad list

Muhammad Al Owais, Zaid Al Bawardi, Fawaz Al Qarni, Muhammad Al Yami, Abdullah Mado, Abdul Ilah Al Omari, Ali Al Balaihi, Saud Abdul Hamid, Muhammad Khabrani, Muhammad Al Buraik, Sultan Al Ghannam, Yasser Al Shahrani, Abdullah Atif, Ali Al Hassan and Abdul Ilah Al Maliki. Ali Al-Asmari, Sami Al-Najai, Salman Al-Faraj, Muhammad Kanoo, Fahd Al-Mawlid, Abdul Rahman Gharib, Salem Al-Dosari, Ayman Yahya, Abdullah Al-Hamdan, Saleh Al-Shehri.
Photo by Saudi Arabia National Team
Photo by Saudi Arabia National Team
9:44 AM2 years ago

Oman National Team squad list

Goalkeepers: Faiyz Al Rusheidi, Ibrahim Saleh Al Mukhaini, Ahmed Faraj Al Rawahi
Defenders: Juma Marhoon Al Habsi, Ahmed Al Khamisi, Amjad Al Harthi, Ali Sulaiman Al Busaidi, Fahmi Said Bait Durbin, Khalid Nasser Al Braiki, Abdulaziz Al Gheilani
Midfielders: Zahir Sulaiman Al Aghbari, Almandhar Al Alawi, Abdullah Fawaz, Salaah Said Al Yahyaei, Harib Jamil Al Saadi, Arshad Said Al Alawi, Mohsin Al Khaldi, Omer Talib Al Fazari
Forwards: Khalid Khalifa Al Hajri, Issam Abdallah Al Sabhi, Abdul Al Maqbali, Jameel Al Yahmadi, Mohammed Mubarak Al Ghafri
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Group B

In their opening match, Oman beat Japan in Suita 1-0, with Al Sabhi scoring in the 43rd minute. Saudi Arabia also took all three points by beating Vietnam 3-1. Alshahrani, Aldawsari and Alshehri scored for the Arabs and Hai Nguyen pulled one back.
Photo by AFC Asian Qualifiers
Photo by AFC Asian Qualifiers
9:34 AM2 years ago

Road to Qatar

Twelve countries are still alive in the AFC Asian World Cup Qualifiers. This is the third round and the teams have been divided into two groups. The top two from each group will qualify for Qatar and the third-place team will face each other in round-robin matches to determine the qualifier for the international play-off.
9:29 AM2 years ago

AFC Asian Qualifiers Matchday 2

7am - South Korea vs Lebanon
8am - Vietnam vs Australia
11am - China vs Japan
12pm - Syria vs United Arab Emirates
12pm - Oman vs Saudi Arabia
2pm - Iraq vs Iran
9:24 AM2 years ago


Oman and Saudi Arabia play on Tuesday (7) at the Sultan Qaboos Stadium in Bowsher, Muscat. The venue has a capacity of 34,000 people, but will have a reduced attendance due to health protocol in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic. The ball will start rolling at 12 pm ET.
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Welcome to VAVEL.com’s LIVE coverage at 2022 FIFA World Cup Qualifiers: Oman vs Saudi Arabia

Hi everyone! We have reached another day of matches around the world to win a place in the World Cup in Qatar. My name is Bia Palumbo and I will be your host for this game Oman and Saudi Arabia, valid for group B of the AFC Asian Qualifiers. We will provide you with pre-game analysis, roster updates, and news as it happens live here on VAVEL.