Goals and Highlights: Azerbaijan 0-3 Portugal for World Cup 2022 Qualification
Photo: Portugal


1:52 PM19 days ago

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1:51 PM19 days ago


+3 minutes
1:46 PM19 days ago

44' Yellow Card (Portugal)

Nuno Mendes is cautioned for fouling Mahmudov
1:41 PM19 days ago

41' Invasion!

Fans invade the pitch of the Olympic Stadium in Baku. Bruno Fernandes is the target, but the security guards arrive first.
1:36 PM19 days ago

37' In danger!

Portugal arrives exchanging passes, from foot to foot, João Mário receives from Otávio, and adjusts well to the attacking midfielder Bruno Fernandes, he shoots hard, but sends it in the middle of the goal, the goalkeeper Mahammadaliyev spreads and saves Azerbaijan
1:31 PM19 days ago

33' Substitution (Portugal)

↑In: 16. Otávio, 17. Gonçalo Guedes, 23. João Mário
↓Out: 10. Bernardo Silva, 21. Diogo Jota, 8. João Moutinho
1:26 PM19 days ago

31' Yellow Card (Azerbaijan)

Haghverdi is cautioned for fouling André Silva
1:21 PM19 days ago

30' Substitution (Azerbaijan)

↑In: 22. Sadykhov
↓Out: 3. Salahly
1:16 PM19 days ago

29' Goal Detail

João Cancelo receives on the right side of the field, goes over the marking, makes a good move, takes to the bottom line and crosses, the ball travels up and reaches Diogo Jota who heads to score
1:11 PM19 days ago


Diogo Jota scores the third goal of the Portuguese National Team in the game. 3 a 0!
1:06 PM19 days ago

26' Substitution (Portugal)

↑In: 19. Nuno Mendes
↓Out: 5. Raphaël Guerreiro
1:01 PM19 days ago

25' Tried!

The full-back João Cancelo receives on the right side, goes to the middle, sees the goalkeeper Mahammadaliyev ahead and tries to send a cover shot, but he catches the ball too low and sends it over the goal


12:56 PM19 days ago

19' Defended

André Silva receives a great pass to Diogo Jogo inside the area on the left, he shoots a strong cross, but goalkeeper Mahammadaliyev again saves to save Azerbaijan 
12:51 PM19 days ago

17' Substitution (Azerbaijan)

↑In: 17. Toral Bayramov, 6. Mustafayev
↓Out: 10. Emreli, 20. Ozobic
12:46 PM19 days ago

15' Yellow Card (Azerbaijan)

Ghorbani is cautioned for fouling Pepe
12:41 PM19 days ago

12' Saves again!

Bruno Fernandes finds a good pass inside the opponent's area, Bernardo Silva receives it and finishes well looking for the corner, but goalkeeper Mahammadaliyev makes another good intervention to save Azerbaijan
12:36 PM19 days ago

8' Spread out!!!

Bruno Fernandes receives in the intermediary, adjusts to the good foot, hooks and releases the cross shot, but the goalkeeper Mahammadaliyev, well positioned, spreads to the side the ball that came hot
12:31 PM19 days ago

1' Out!

A low cross comes from the right and reaches Diogo Jota, who hits a left-footed shot from the edge of the small area! The shot goes wide!
12:26 PM19 days ago


The 2nd half begins in Baku
12:21 PM19 days ago

00' Substitution (Portugal)

↑In: 18. Rúben Neves
↓Out: 6. João Palhinha
12:16 PM19 days ago

00' Substitution (Azerbaijan)

↑In: 9. Ghorbani, 16. Nuriev
↓Out: 19. Khalilzada, 2. Qarayev
12:11 PM19 days ago

Teams on the field

The teams enter the field to start the second half
12:06 PM19 days ago

45' HT

Azerbaijan 0-2 Portugal
12:01 PM19 days ago

41' It got complicated!

Azerbaijan goalkeeper leaves the penalty area to try to stop a throw-in for Bernardo Silva and leaves the goal completely empty. His team's defense came through!
11:56 AM19 days ago

34' Lost!

Bruno Fernandes, destroying the midfield of Portugal, I think again a beautiful pass, André Silva received in front of the goal and finished off, missing a great chance
11:51 AM20 days ago

30' Goal Detail

Bruno Fernantes receives on the right side, makes a lift inside the area, Diogo Jota receives, makes a first pass to André Silva, who easily leans into the goal.
11:46 AM20 days ago


André Silva scores the second goal for the Portuguese National Team in the game. 2-0!
11:41 AM20 days ago

28' Respond!

Badalov receives a pass inside the penalty area, gives a pass to the middle of the area, the ball arrives to Salahly who tries to shoot first time, looks for the corner, but ends up sending it whimsically out, with much danger
11:36 AM20 days ago

25' Goal Detail

GOAL!!! Bruno Fernandes receives in the middle and makes the long throw that rips the Azerbaijan defense and finds Bernardo Silva on the right, he finishes with no angle, with his instep to score a beautiful goal!
11:31 AM20 days ago


Bernardo Silva opens the scoring for the Portuguese National Team in the match. 1 a 0!
11:26 AM20 days ago

22' He sent it far!

João Cancelo receives the ball on the right side of the field, brings it inside and crosses into the area, but takes it very badly, and sends it far away, the ball goes straight out!
11:21 AM20 days ago

18' Defend!!!

Bernardo Silva receives a pass in the midfield, the defense does not arrive to press, and he risks a strong shot, seeking the angle, but goalkeeper Mahammadaliyev stretches to save Azerbaijan
11:16 AM20 days ago

16' Yellow Card (Azerbaijan)

Alasgarov is cautioned for fouling João Moutinho
11:11 AM20 days ago

14' Yellow Card (Portugal)

João Palhinha is cautioned for a hard foul on Qarayev
11:06 AM20 days ago

8' Good arrival!

In a fast counter-attack of Portugal, André Silva, with his back to the ball, manages to trigger Diogo Jota on the left side, he starts and makes a low and closed cross, the Azerbaijani defense arrives and cuts it off
11:01 AM20 days ago

5' On the mark!

Portugal arrives well, exchanging passes from foot to foot, Diogo Jota invades the area, the table and passes to the full-back Raphael Guerreiro on the left, he looks to shoot, but the ball is blocked by the defense
10:56 AM20 days ago

1' To nobody!

João Cancelo receives on the right side of the field, makes the cross inside the area, but takes it too strong, and the ball goes past everyone and out
10:51 AM20 days ago


The 1st half begins in Baku
10:46 AM20 days ago

Teams on the field

The teams enter the field to start the game
10:41 AM20 days ago

All set!

With about 10 minutes to go until kickoff, Portugal and Azerbaijan have already finished warming up on the field of Baku's Olympic Stadium
10:36 AM20 days ago


Portugal and Azerbaijan enter the field of the Olympic Stadium in Baku, to warm up in preparation for the match to be played soon - at 12:00 am ET.
10:31 AM20 days ago

Azerbaijan Reserves

12. Dzhenetov (GK), 23. Bayramov (GK), 15. Taskin, 18. Aliyev, 5. Mustafazada, 21. Ibrahimli, 6. Mustafayev, 17. Bayramov, 22. Sadikhov, 11. Sheydaev, 16. Nuriev and 9. Ghorbani
10:26 AM20 days ago

Azerbaijan's lineup

(4-3-3) 1. Mahammedeliyev; 3. Salahli, 4. Haghverdi, 14. Badalov, 13. Huseynov; 2. Qarayev (C), 8. Makhmudov, 19. Khalilzadeh; 20. Ozobic, 7. Alasgarov and 10. Emreli

Manager: Giovanni De Biasi

10:21 AM20 days ago

Portugal Reserves

12. Anthony Lopes (GK), 22. Diogo Costa (GK), 14. Domingos Duarte, 2. Nélson Semedo, 23. João Mário, 19. Nuno Mendes, 17. Gonçalo Guedes, 13. Danilo Pereira, 16. Otávio, 18. Rúben Neves, 15. Rafa Silva and 7. Trincão
10:16 AM20 days ago

Portugal's lineup

(4-2-3-1) 1. Rui Patrício; 5. Guerreiro, 4. Rúben Dias, 3. Pepe, 20. João Cancelo; 6. Palhinha, 8. João Moutinho (C); 21. Diogo Jota, 11. Bruno Fernandes, 10. Bernardo Silva; and 9. André Silva

Manager: Fernando Santos

10:11 AM20 days ago

Game Stage

10:06 AM20 days ago

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From now on you can follow the pre-match news and the live coverage of Azerbaijan vs Portugal in the European Qualifiers for the 2022 World Cup here on VAVEL. The match starts at 12:00 am ET.
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How to watch Azerbaijan - Portugal live on TV in real time?

Match: Azerbaijan vs Portugal

Tournament: European Qualifiers 2022

Venue: Baku Olympic Stadium

Time: 12:00 am ET

Where to follow: VAVEL

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Where to watch the Azerbaijan - Portugal match?

It is possible to watch the match exclusively on VAVEL, which will broadcast the match in real time.
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Probable lineup for Portugal

Rui Patrício; João Cancelo, Rúben Dias, Pepe and Raphaël Guerreiro; João Palhinha, Bernardo Silva, Bruno Fernandes; Rafa Silva, André Silva and Diogo Jota.
9:46 AM20 days ago

Probable lineup for Azerbaijan

Mahammadaliyev; Huseynov, Medvedev, Haghverdi, Badalov and Salahly; Alasgarov, Qarayev, Mahmudov and Ozobic; Emreli.
9:41 AM20 days ago

History of the duel

7 matches

6 wins for Portugal (19 goals scored)

1 draw

no victory for Azerbaijan (1 goal scored)

9:36 AM20 days ago

Last Matches

04-03-2021| Portugal 1 - 0 Azerbaijan - Qualifying

26-03-2013| Azerbaijan 0 - 2 Portugal - Qualifying

11-09-2012| Portugal 3 - 0 Azerbaijan - Qualifying

13-10-2007| Azerbaijan 0 - 2 Portugal - European Championship

9:31 AM20 days ago

Participations - World Cup

Azerbaijan - never participated *1930 to 1994 - Did not play in the Qualifiers. Was part of the Soviet Union

Portugal - 7 participations (1966, 1986, 2002, 2006, 2010, 2014 and 2018)

9:26 AM20 days ago

Group A - Classification

1º Serbia - 10 pts - 3V, 1E, 0D

2º Portugal - 10 pts - 3V, 1E, 0D

3º Luxembourg - 6 pts - 2V, 0E, 2D

4º Ireland - 1 pt - 0V, 1E, 3D

5º Azerbaijan - 1 pt - 0V, 1E, 3D

9:21 AM20 days ago

Group A

Group A, besides Portugal and Azerbaijan, includes the national teams of Serbia, Luxembourg, and Ireland.
9:16 AM20 days ago


Hello fans! From now on you can follow live and in real time all the plays and news from the match between Azerbaijan vs Portugal live in the 6th round of Group A of the World Cup 2022 Qualifiers. The duel takes place on Tuesday (07), at 12:00 am ET, at the Olympic Stadium in Baku.