Goals and Highlights Burkina Faso vs Algeria (1-1)
Photo by Fédération Burkinabè de Football


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Highlights and Stats Burkina Faso 1-1 Algeria

Ball possession - Burkina Faso: 41%, Algeria: 59%
Goal attempts: 3-7
Shots on target: 3-4
Free kicks: 20-17
Corner kicks: 5-4
Goalkeeper saves: 3-2
Yellow cards: 2-1
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48' Joshua Bondo ends the second half. The final whistle sounds! This result keeps Algeria and Burkina Faso sharing the lead the Group A, with Niger in 3rd place because in the opening round it beat Djibouti away 4-2
5:31 PM10 days ago

Last chance for Burkina Faso

47' Yago sends the ball forward towards Konate, but it's too hard and it's easy for Mbolhi to save
5:12 PM10 days ago

Added time

45' Three minutes left
5:11 PM10 days ago

Go ahead

43' Mahrez falls in the box after a challenge on Oula Traoré and is awarded a corner from the right. The Manchester City player himself takes the kick, hits the second post, Benlamri finishes and stamps the defense, then Algeria wins another corner
5:05 PM10 days ago

Like a rocket

41' Yago sends a ball to Konate on the right, he invades the area and fired a blast, but the ball goes to the right of Mbolhi
5:01 PM10 days ago

Substitution in Burkina Faso

40' Ismahila Ouedraogo in place of Dabo
5:00 PM10 days ago


39' Dabo lies down on the pitch alone and leaves the pitch supported by members of the coaching staff
4:46 PM10 days ago

Substitution in Burkina Faso

36' Mohamed Konate and Jean Botué in place of Lassina Traoré and Tapsoba
4:45 PM10 days ago

Yellow card

30' Gustavo Fabrice Sangare, from Brukina Faso
4:44 PM10 days ago

Oh no!

28' Kabore receives on the right, invades the area and searches for the goal line, as he runs out of angle, he raises in the area, but no one diverts it into the goal. He kicks the advertising sign, regretting the wasted chance.
4:39 PM10 days ago

Substitution in Burkina Faso

25' Hassane Bande replaces Sanogo
4:38 PM10 days ago

Double substitution in Algeria

23' Bounedjah and Benrahma in, Slimani and Youcef Bellaili out
4:38 PM10 days ago


19' TAPSOBA! Lassina Traoré crosses from the left, number 15 receives a free kick in the middle of the box, touches it with his right foot and scores with his left foot to tie the match in Morocco
4:37 PM10 days ago


15' Sanogo takes a corner kick at the second post, but it's too high and no one can direct it at the goal, but the team keeps attacking. The ball goes to Sangare on the left, near the back line, he returns the ball in the area and the goalkeeper makes the save to avoid the danger
4:37 PM10 days ago

Double substitution in Algeria

12' Mohamed Naoufel Khacef and Haris Belkebla in place of Bensebaini and Feghouli
4:36 PM10 days ago


9' Burkina Faso try to get out of the game, Algeria tighten their grip
4:36 PM10 days ago

Chance for Burkina Faso

5' Sanogo takes a corner kick at the first post, Dayo rises to head the ball, but doesn't catch it, and goalkeeper Mbolhi saves safely
4:31 PM10 days ago


2' Zerrouki goes down after a challenge on Oula Traoré in midfield. The referee has allowed the referee to restart the match. 
4:11 PM10 days ago


Burkina Faso: Sawadogo, Ouattara, Malo, Eric Traoré, Konate, Nikiema, Ismahila Ouedraogo, Toure, Farid Ouédraogo, Hassane Bandé, Simporé, Botué
Algeria: Oukidja, Halaimia, Touba, Bounedjah, Ghezzal, Belkebla, Boudaoui, Delort, Naoufel Khacef, Bedrane, Zorgane, Benrahma.
4:11 PM10 days ago

Half time

47' End of the first half in Morocco
4:10 PM10 days ago


46' Burkina Faso play foot to foot, Kabore crosses in the area, Belamri head away. Then Dabo makes a deep pass and after a cross into the area no one can push it into the goal. Kabore catches it at the other end, but the ball goes out of the back of the net
4:09 PM10 days ago

Chance for Burkina Faso

44' Sanogo comes out of the backfield at speed, goes forward on the right and hits the goal, Benlamri slides on the pitch and makes a partial cut, but the rebound is with the striker, who tries to shoot but the ball goes over the crossbar
3:58 PM10 days ago


39' Burkina Faso moves forward and after a throw-in to the right side, the assistant raises the flag
3:58 PM10 days ago

For nobody

35' Sanogo escapes to the right, tries a cross, the ball explodes in Bensebaini and goes to the bottom line. He himself takes the corner on the right side, but hits it wide open, the ball crosses the entire area and Bennacer comes out playing
3:58 PM10 days ago


32' Koffi collapses on the pitch and receives medical attention, but he recovers and returns to the game.
3:56 PM10 days ago


30' Slimani is sent into the box on the left. Algeria wins a corner, but when the ball is lifted the referee signals a foul by Bensebaini in a dispute up high with the goalkeeper Koffi
3:56 PM10 days ago


28' Burkina Faso's best chance so far is a solo run down the right by Kabore, who cuts inside and shoots, but Mbolhi saves without a rebound. The crowd applauds the #9's attempt.
3:55 PM10 days ago


27' Belaili escapes to the left, rolls to Feghouli, who shoots a first-time shot from the edge of the area but the ball explodes in the defense
3:54 PM10 days ago

Yellow card

22' Bensebaini, from Algeria
3:54 PM10 days ago


18' FEGHOULI! Belaili feeds the ball to Slimani on the left side of the pitch, he runs at speed and leaves the Burkina Faso defense behind, invades the area and just rolls the ball to the number 10, who appeared in the back of the defense and, unmarked, hit a left-footed shot to open the scoring.
3:54 PM10 days ago

Yellow card

15' Tapsoba, from Burkina Faso, for running at Bensebaini's left ankle. The Algerian player falls and receives medical attention. Khacef warms up on the edge of the field, but the defender recovers and is back in the game.
3:53 PM10 days ago

In the wall

13' Belaili takes a free-kick from the left side, uses his right foot and tries to hit the Burkina Faso player with his body
3:53 PM10 days ago


10' Mahrez receives the ball on the right wing, turns and finds Slimani inside the area. He crosses, the ball bounces in front of the striker #13 and go out
3:51 PM10 days ago


7' Mahrez takes a free-kick from the edge of the box, Bensebaini goes up with Oula Traoré and commits an attacking foul
3:51 PM10 days ago


4' Algeria take the initiative and lead the action, advancing their lines, with the defenders advancing into the attack field and 
3:01 PM10 days ago


00' The first half begins at Le Grand Stade de Marrakech
3:00 PM10 days ago

Match officials

Referee: Joshua Bondo (BOT)
1st Assistant Referee: Souru Phatsoane (LES)
2nd Assistant Referee: Matheus Kanyanga (NAM)
Fourth Official: Reselisitsoe David Molise (LES)
2:55 PM10 days ago


Mbolhi, Mandi, Eddine Belamri, Zeffane, Bensebaini, Zerrouki, Feghouli, Bennacer, Mahrez, Youcef Bellaili, Slimani.
Coach: Djamel Belmadi.

Substitutes: Oukidja, Halaimia, Touba, Bounedjah, Ghezzal, Belkebla, Boudaoui, Delort, Naoufel Khacef, Bedrane, Zorgane, Benrahma.

2:53 PM10 days ago


Hoffi, Oula Traoré, Yago, Kabore, Dayo, Dabo, Guira, Sangaré, Lassina Traoré, Tapsoba, Sanogo
Coach: Kamou Malo

Substitutes: Sawadogo, Ouattara, Malo, Eric Traoré, Konate, Nikiema, Ismahila Ouedraogo, Toure, Farid Ouédraogo, Hassane Bandé, Simporé, Botué

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Hey! It's time to follow another game from the African Qualifiers. In a few minutes Burkina Faso and Algeria will be fighting it out for the top spot in Group A. I invite you to stay tuned here for all the latest news, behind the scenes information, lineups, and everything you need to know about this match.
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Tune in here Burkina Faso vs Algeria Live Score

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Burkina Faso vs Algeria match.
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How to watch Burkina Faso vs Algeria Live Stream on TV and online?

Match: Burkina Faso vs Algeria
Competition: 2022 FIFA World Cup Qualifiers
Round: #2
Date: September 7th
Kickoff: 3pm ET
Venue: Le Grand Stade de Marrakech, in Marrakesh (Morocco)
Where to watch: FIFA TV
Real time: VAVEL
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Where and how to watch Burkina Faso vs Argelia live online

The match between Burkina Faso and Algeria takes place this Tuesday afternoon (7) in Morocco. FIFA's YouTube channel is streaming all the matches of the African qualifiers live and for free. You can also follow all the details here in real time on VAVEL Brazil minute by minute.
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Algeria's last match

Rais M'bolhi, Mehdi Zeffane, Aissa Mandi, Djamel Benlamri, Ramy Bensebaini; Riyad Mahrez. Ramiz Zerroucki, Ismael Bennacer, Youssef Belaili; Islam Slimani and Baghdad Bounedjah
Coach: Djamel Belmadi.
2:23 PM10 days ago

Burkina Faso's last match

Herve Koffi, Steeve Yago, Issoufou Dayo, Somgogna Hermann Nikiema, Issa Kabore; Adama Guira, Ibrahim Blati Toure, Eric Traore; Hassane Bandé, Lassina Traore, Gustavo Sangaré.
Coach: Kamou Malo.
2:18 PM10 days ago

Head to head

This will be the eighth meeting between Burkina Faso and Algeria and there is a balance, with three wins for each side and a draw so far. They last met on November 18, 2013, when Algerians won 1-0 with a goal by Bougherra.
2:13 PM10 days ago

Algeria National Team

Goalkeepers: Rais Mbolhi (Saudi Ettifaq), Alexandre Okija (French Metz), Abdelrahman Al-Majadel (Olympic Medea).
Defenders: Mehdi Zavan (Krylia Sovetov, Russia), Hussein Bin Ayada (Etoile du Sahel, Tunisia), Naoufel Khasef (Tundela, Portugal), Rami Ben Sabaini (Monchengladbach, Germany), Reda Halaymeh (Belgium Bershkot), Jamal Belamri (Qatar), Issa Mandy (Villarreal, Spain), Ahmed Touba (Valvik, Netherlands).
Midfielders: Ismail Bennacer (AC Milan), Adam Zerkan (Belgium Charleroi), Ramez Zerrougui (Tefente, Netherlands), Sofian Feghouli (Galatasaray, Turkey), Harris Baqibah (Brest, France). Hicham Boudaoui (Nice, France)
Attackers: Islam Slimani (Lyon, France), Baghdad Bounedjah (Al Sadd in Qatar), Andy Delors (Montpellier), Riyad Mahrez (Manchester City, England), Youssef Belaili (Qatar, Qatar), Rachid Ghazal (Besiktas.) Al Turki), Said Benrahma (West Ham, England)
Photo by Fédération Algérienne de Football
Photo by Fédération Algérienne de Football
2:08 PM10 days ago

Burkina Faso's squad

Goalkeepers: Hervé Koffi (Royal Charleroi, Belgium); Babayouré Sawadogo (RCK, Burkina Faso); Sofiane Farid Ouédraogo (USFA, Burkina Faso); Ben Idriss Traoré (AS SONABEL, Burkina Faso).
Defenders: Issoufou Dayo (RS Berkane, Morocco); Steeve Farid Yago (Aris Limassol, Cyprus); Soumaïla Ouattara (Raja de Casablanca, Morocco); Issa Kaboré (Troyes, France); Oula Abass Traoré (Horoya AC, Guinea); Hermann Nikiema (SALITAS FC, Burkina Faso); Mouhamed Ouattara (Al-Salt SC, Jordan); Patrick Malo (Hassania Agadir, Morocco).
Midfielders: Saïdou Simporé (Al Masry, Egypt); Dramane Nikiema (Horoya AC, Guinea); Ismahila Ouédraogo (Poak, Greece); Fabrice Gustavo Sangaré (Queville Rouen Métropole, France); Blati Ibrahim Touré (AFC Eskilstuna, Sweden); Adama Guira (Racing Rioja, Spain); Kevin Boulaye Bryan Dabo (Caykur Rizespor, Turkey).
Forwards: Zakaria Sanogo (FC Arafat, Armenia); Cyrille Bayala (Ajaccio, France); Boureima Hassane Bandé (NK-Istra 1961, Croatia); Abdoul Fessal Tapsoba (Standard de Liège, Belgium); Eric Traoré (Pyramids, Egypt); Franck Lassina Traoré (Chakhtar Donetsk, Ukraine); Mohamed Konaté (FC AKhmat, Russia); Mohamed Lamine Ouattara (AS SONABEL, Burkina Faso).
Foto: Divulgação
Foto: Divulgação
2:03 PM10 days ago

Teams information

Burkina Faso and Algeria won in the opening round - Niger and Djibouti, 2-0 and 8-0 respectively. There are four matches left to finish this stage and they take place between October and November.
1:58 PM10 days ago

Watch out

At this stage, 40 teams are divided into groups and only the leader of each group advances. In the opening round, Niger beat Djibouti 4-2 away. As Algeria and Burkina Faso have already collected three points in the opening round, whoever wins will take the lead.
1:53 PM10 days ago

Matchday #2

9am - Malawi-Mozambique
9am - Zambia-Tunisia
12pm - Equatorial Guinea-Mauritania
12pm - Cape Verde-Nigeria
12pm - Ethiopia-Zimbabwe
12pm - Congo - Senegal
3pm - Sudan - Guinea-Bissau
3pm - Burkina Faso - Algeria
3pm - Angola - Libya
Guinea - Morocco (postponed)
1:48 PM10 days ago


Burkina Faso is trying to make it to the World Cup for the first time in history and almost made it in 2014, when they justly lost their spot to Algeria. The game takes place in Morocco to meet FIFA requirements.
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