Goals and Highlights: Angola 0-1 Libya in 2022 World Cup


11:03 PM9 days ago

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10:58 PM9 days ago

Angola 0-1 Libya

10:53 PM9 days ago

90´ + 3

The match is over! Tough defeat for the Angolan team who, although they had possession on the pitch, could not overcome the Libyan team's goal in the last minutes of the first half.
10:48 PM9 days ago

90´ + 2

Angola bites with danger but their attempts are rendered useless in front of the mark. 
10:43 PM9 days ago


Cambio de Angola
Entra Lépua, Sale Ary Papel
10:38 PM9 days ago


In the last minutes of the game Angola is finding, instead of scoring, desperation because they are not getting the goal that will bring them into the game. 
10:33 PM9 days ago


Tight play in the midfield by both sides. The pace of the game is slowing down, and they are holding the ball more. 
10:28 PM9 days ago


Exchange by Angola
Sale Zito, Entra Vá. 
10:23 PM9 days ago


A Libyan player is stretchered off the field.
10:18 PM9 days ago


Yellow card for Touhami of Libya. 
10:13 PM9 days ago


Cambio de Angola 
Entra Zini, Sale Mário Balburdia
10:08 PM9 days ago


Angola went on the attack and earned a couple of corner kicks that came close to breaking the scoreline. 
10:03 PM9 days ago


Exchange by Angola! 
Entra Batxi, Sale Inácio Miguel. 
9:58 PM9 days ago

The second part begins!


Angola wants the comeback on the scoreboard. 

9:53 PM9 days ago

45´ + 1

Half time! Angola dominated the entire first half, until a series of inopportune moments saw Libya take advantage to get the ball down the flank and into the final circle of the box to drill the ball into the net. 
9:48 PM9 days ago


The first forty-five minutes are over. 
9:43 PM9 days ago


Libya's goal! Yousef got to the edge of the box and did not hesitate to shoot past the home keeper and they are already winning it. 
9:38 PM9 days ago


Watch out above! Angola tries a shot that is deflected over the top after a corner kick, he is approaching dangerously. 
9:33 PM9 days ago


The home side dominated the game but lacked precision in the final sector of the field. 
9:28 PM9 days ago


The impressions of the Libyan team on the field are opportunities that Angola ends up taking advantage of, but lack of aim does not lead to greater danger on the field. 
9:23 PM9 days ago


Angola keeps knocking on the visitor's door and looks more dangerous, but fails to score the dangerous plays. 
9:18 PM9 days ago

Great game! Sticking to the offense and with only one owner of the ball in Angola's court. They are approaching dangerously. 
9:13 PM9 days ago

Kick-off from Angola!

Match corresponding to the second day of the African Confederation qualifiers. 
9:08 PM9 days ago

Lineup: Libya

Mohamed Nashnoush Abdullah Alshreef Ali Salama Sanad Al Warfalli Moatasem Sabbou Mohamed Al Tohami Omar Alkhoja Faisal Albadri Muaid Ellafi Hamdou Elhouni Mohamed Zaabia
9:03 PM9 days ago

Situation Group F


In the second round of the African Federation qualifiers, things are starting to take a steady course and Egypt is currently in the lead. 

Egypt PG 2, PE 1 PP 0 Points: 4
Libya PG 1, PE 0 PP 0 Points: 3
Gabon PG 0 PE 1 P1 Points: 1 
Angola PG 0 PE 0 P1 Points: 0

8:58 PM9 days ago

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8:53 PM9 days ago

What time is Angola vs Libyamatch for World Cup Qualifiers?



This is the start time of the game Angola vs Libya of 7th September in several countries:

Argentina: 4:00 PM

Bolivia: 3:00 PM

Brazil: 4:00 PM

Chile: 4:00 PM

Colombia: 2:00 PM

Ecuador: 2:00 horas

USA (ET): 3:00 PM

Spain: 9:00 PM

Mexico: 2:00 PM in

Paraguay: 4:00 PM

Peru: 2:00 PM

Uruguay: 4:00 PM

8:48 PM9 days ago

Key Player Angola

Jonathan Buatu Mananga is an Angolan professional footballer who plays as a defender on loan for Portuguese club Rio Ave. He will be instrumental in running the balls that cannot allow goals as they know that goal difference also defines passes for Qatar 2022. 
8:43 PM9 days ago

Key Player Libya

Ali Salama is a Libyan footballer who currently plays for Al-Madina SC in the Libyan Premier League. At 6'1, he plays as a sweeper or center back. He is known for his aggressive style of play, and is considered the best defender in Libya and one of the best in Africa. It will be critical for this game that he can find himself right with the national team. 


8:38 PM9 days ago

Last Lineup: Angola

Hugo Marques; Jonathan Buatu, Nurio Fortuna, Inacio Miguel, Bastos; Batxi, Fredy, Mario Balburdia, Estrela; Fabio Abreu, Va.
8:33 PM9 days ago

Last Lineup: Libya

Muhammad Nashnush, Hamdou Elhouni, Muaid Ellafi, Faisal Al Badri, Sanad Al Warfali, Ali Salama, Abdalla Sherif, Mohamed Abdullah Abdussalam Al-Tubal, Mohammed Alhaddaj Touhami, Mohammad Za'abia, Motasem Sabbou
8:28 PM10 days ago

Angola: For the first units

On the local side, they know that if they do not get points, they could start to say goodbye to the World Cup dream of Qatar 2022 at an early stage of the qualifiers. The locals know that in their last match, the defeat by the minimum against Egypt left doubts that will have to be solved. 

8:23 PM10 days ago

Libya: Staying on top

The Libyans want to continue demonstrating in Group F that they want the overall leadership and for that no other result than the victory and a good goal harvest will help them. In their previous match, Libya won 2-1 against Gabon at home, and for this match against Angola they will be looking to repeat the formula.
8:18 PM10 days ago

The Kick-off

The Angola vs Libya match will be played at the 11 de Novembro, in Angola . The kick-off is scheduled at 15:00 pm ET.
8:13 PM10 days ago

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