Goals and Highlights: Italy 5-0 Lithuania in 2022 World Cup Qualifiers
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I would like to thank you here for your audience in another World Cup Qualifying match. Have a good afternoon and see you next time!
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Next games

In the 7th Qualifying Round, Lithuania faces Bulgaria on October 9 at 10am. Meanwhile, Italy faces Spain on October 6th at 3:45 pm in the Nations League semifinal.

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With goals from Raspadori, Kean and Di Lorenzo, Italy thrash Lithuania and take all three points home!
4:32 PM10 days ago


Berardi hit a strong free-kick on the edge of the box and sent it to the left side of the goal, but out!
4:28 PM10 days ago


Castrovilli had the ball on the edge of the box and shot hard, hitting the post!
4:27 PM10 days ago


Substitution in Lithuania: Klimavicius is out for Tutyskinas.
4:24 PM10 days ago


Italy takes their foot off the gas a bit and keeps possession, but without conceding or counter-attacks, just playing the ball and making Lithuania run.
4:17 PM10 days ago


Substitution in Lithuania: Out went Dubickas and in came Uzela. And in Italy left Kean for Berardi.
4:04 PM10 days ago


Substitution in Italy: Jorginho and Bernardeschi left for Castrovilli and Scamacca.
3:58 PM10 days ago


Di Lorenzo received on the right after a pass from Bernardeschi and crossed, but the ball went into the back of the net, with a cover!
3:56 PM10 days ago


Calabria's shot from outside the area, Raspadori shot hard, high above the goalkeeper and sent it into the back of the net, but it was already marked offside.
3:53 PM10 days ago


On the right, Bernardeschi received and shot into the net from the outside.
3:49 PM10 days ago


Raspadori gives the first touch on the ball and it rolls into the second half!
3:49 PM10 days ago

Teams on the field

The teams are already on the field for the ball to roll once again. In Italy Biraghi and Donnarumma are out, and Calabria and Sirigu are in. In Lithuania Utkus, Slavickas, and Dapkus are out, and Satkus, Narauskas, and Megelaitis are in.
3:33 PM10 days ago


With two from Kean and two from Raspadori, Italy goes on to defeat Lithuania in this first half!
3:28 PM10 days ago


Bernardeschi received on the right, charged and hit hard, but out.
3:15 PM10 days ago


Moise Kean was launched on a beautiful cover pass over the Bernardeschi defense, and hit it hard, sending it into the back of the net without dropping it!
3:10 PM10 days ago


On the right Bernardeschi found Di Lorenzo, who crossed in the middle and the defense took it away, but he took it inside the area and Raspadori took the rebound almost in the small area and sent it to the bottom of the goal!
3:06 PM10 days ago


Bernardeschi received, carried and hit hard from outside the area, but sent it far from the goal.
3:00 PM10 days ago


Raspadori received on the edge of the box, carried the ball to the middle and hit it hard, with Utkus' deflection, to send it into the back of the goal!
2:56 PM10 days ago


Moise Kean, on the wrong side of the ball, invaded the area on the left and, face to face with Setkus, hit hard between the goalkeeper and the post to open the score!
2:55 PM10 days ago


Verbickas took a chance from the edge of the box and sent Donnarumma's hand into his own.
2:47 PM10 days ago


Verbickas already has the first shot of the match, winning a corner kick, which was taken narrowly over the goal line.
2:45 PM10 days ago


Dubickas makes the first touch on the ball and it rolls into the first half of the match!
2:41 PM10 days ago

National anthems

Now the national anthems of Lithuania and Italy are played.
2:41 PM10 days ago

Teams on the field

The teams are already on the field to start the match!
2:27 PM10 days ago

6th round - part 4

Following on from this, Poland - England, Albania - San Marino, Kosovo - Spain, Northern Ireland - Lithuania, Wales - Estonia and Greece - Sweden.
2:27 PM10 days ago

6th round - part 3

Earlier today Armenia drew 1-1 with Liechtenstein. And at the same time we have: Iceland - Germany, Belarus - Belgium, Hungary - Andorra and Macedonia - Romania.
2:22 PM10 days ago

6th round - part 2

Croatia beat Slovenia 3-0, Netherlands thrashed Turkey 6-1, and Scotland beat Austria 1-0. Also yesterday, Bosnia and Herzegovina drew 2-2 with Kazakhstan, and Ireland drew 1-1 with Serbia.
2:21 PM10 days ago

6th round - part 1

The sixth qualifying round started yesterday, with Portugal beating Azerbaijan 3-0. Russia beat Malta 2-0 and Norway thrashed Gibraltar 5-1. France beat Finland 2-0 and Faroe Islands beat Moldova 2-1. Montenegro drew 0-0 with Latvia, Slovakia beat Cyprus 2-0, and Denmark beat Israel 5-0.
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The players take to the Mapei Stadium pitch to start their warm-up work.
2:00 PM10 days ago

Line-up of Lithuania

Lithuania comes with new additions. In defense Lasickas, Klimavicius and Slavickas come in. In the middle there are Dapkus and Slivka. And in the attack comes Kazliauskas.
2:00 PM10 days ago

Lithuania lined-up!

Lithuania has the following starting line-up for the match: Stkus, Lasickas, Klimavicius, Utkus and Slavickas; Dapkus, Slivka and Verbickas; Novikovas, Kazlauskas and Dubickas.
1:53 PM10 days ago

Line-up of Italy

The Italian National Team comes with some new additions and an alternative team for the field. Starting with the defense, where Di Lorenzo, Bastoni, and Biraghi come in. In the middle we have Pessina, Jorginho and Cristante. And in the attack, the doubt has become a double certainty: Raspadori and Kean play alongside Bernardeschi.
1:52 PM10 days ago

Italy lined-up!

Italy has been selected for the match and will field the following starting 11:

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Good afternoon!

Now the broadcast of the World Cup Qualifier between Italy and Lithuania begins!
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Craig Pawson will referee the match, with assistants Lee Betts and Ian Hussin, with the whole trio coming from England.
12:21 AM10 days ago

Possible Lithuania

The probable line-up for Lithuania is: Setkus, Baravykas, Satkus, Utkus and Vaitkunas; Megelaitis, Simkus and Verbickas; Novikovas, Cernych and Dubickas.
12:16 AM10 days ago

Possible Italy

The probable lineup for the match is Italy: Donnarumma, Calabria, Bastoni, Bonucci and Emerson; Locatelli, Verratti and Zaniolo; Chiesa, Raspadori and Insigne.

12:11 AM10 days ago

Belotti out

Italy will not be able to use Belotti in the attack, the only new absentee, with Kean and Raspadori fighting for the spot. Lithuania, on the other hand, will be at full strength for the match.
12:06 AM10 days ago

Group C

Italy leads group C with 11 points from five games played. Switzerland has seven from three games, and is in second place. Bulgaria comes with five in five games, Northern Ireland has four in three games, and in four games Lithuania has no points earned.
12:01 AM10 days ago

Sentence: Lithuania

Lithuania, on the other hand, comes from two defeats in the last two qualifying matches. Against Bulgaria, last Sunday (5), the less painful defeat, by 1-0, with goals from Chochev near the end of the second half. And against Northern Ireland, on Thursday, a painful defeat, 4-1. Ballard opened the scoring, Washington, from the penalty spot, added to his tally. Baravykas even pulled one back, but Lavery added to his tally and McNair, from the penalty spot, turned victory into a rout.
11:56 PM10 days ago

Sentence: Italy

Italy comes to the match of two draws already in the Qualifiers. Last Sunday (5), against Switzerland, in a game that was evenly contested, Italy left the field with a 0-0. And against Bulgaria, last Thursday (2), another draw, but this time 1-1. Chiesa opened the scoring early in the first half, but Iliev equalized near the end of the first half.
11:51 PM10 days ago

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