Goals and Highlights: Tepatitlan 0-1 Celaya in Liga Expansion MX 2021
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8:10 PM15 days ago

Goals and Highlights

7:56 PM15 days ago


It's over! The match is over, Celaya wins by the minimum.
7:52 PM15 days ago


Jorge Mora's left-footed shot, but the ball goes over the goal.
7:49 PM15 days ago


Tepatitlán's shot, but Leobardo López attentively prevents the play from growing.
7:44 PM15 days ago


Change of Celaya. Fernando Illescas is replaced by Pedro Santos.
7:42 PM15 days ago


Poste! Tepatitlán is saved from the second after Jiménez's header ends up crashing against the crossbar.
7:35 PM15 days ago


Both teams try to reach the opponent's goal, but are unable to generate danger.
7:30 PM15 days ago


Change of Celaya. César Santana replaces Yair Espinoza.
7:30 PM15 days ago


Double change of Tepatitán. Ángel Tecpanécatl and Fernando Ponce are replaced by Diego Medina and Said Castañeda.
7:22 PM15 days ago


Luis Robles' cross that Mañón fails to control and misses a clear chance.
7:18 PM15 days ago


Leobardo Lopez ends up keeping away a dangerous cross from Tepatitlán
7:13 PM15 days ago


Good defensive intervention that appears before Jiménez can get close to the ball.
7:08 PM15 days ago


Change at halftime for Tepatitlán. David Angulo replaces Cristián González.
7:06 PM15 days ago


As the second half got underway, the home side looked to level the score.
6:49 PM15 days ago


Celaya momentarily beats Tepatitlán by the minimum at the end of the first half
6:47 PM15 days ago


Tepatitlán looked for the equalizer, but Allisson held the ball at the back.
6:41 PM15 days ago


Close! Espinosa's header is saved by the goalkeeper to prevent the second.
6:37 PM15 days ago


Villanueva's shot was blocked by the visiting defense and prevented them from tying the game.
6:32 PM15 days ago


Change of Celaya. Mauro Fernández comes off for Yair Espinoza.
6:28 PM15 days ago


Goalkeeper! Nava's cross that Mora fails to control, but Allisson ends up clearing the ball.
6:18 PM15 days ago


Goal, Celaya goal! Mauro Fernandez appeared inside the box and shot into the goal for the first goal.


6:13 PM15 days ago


Offside! Celaya had opened the scoring, but the referee signals that he was in a bad position.
6:11 PM15 days ago


A hard-fought duel in the midfield with little excitement in the opposing goals.
6:06 PM15 days ago


Actions begin in Tepatitlán, Jalisco.
6:02 PM15 days ago

Celaya: LineUp

G. Allison; F. Mora, N. Topete, A. Catalán, R. Peña, L. López; E. Cedillo, K. Lara, F. Illescas, M. Fernández.
6:01 PM15 days ago

Tepatitlan: LineUp

J. Muñoz; F. Ponce, C. Villanueva, J. Nava, C. González; V. Guajardo, A. Tecpanécatl, J. Mora, E. Rivera, L. Robles; V. Mañón. 


5:53 PM15 days ago

They are present!

Tepatitlán is also at home, ready to play one more match of the tournament.
5:47 PM15 days ago

Watch out for this players!

Víctor Mañón and Diego Jiménez are the main attacking players for Tepatitlán and Celaya, respectively; both will be looking to do some damage in the opponent's goal.
5:47 PM15 days ago

Let's give it all!

Celaya is already at the Estadio de Tepa, and will be looking for a victory in this very complicated stadium.

5:23 PM15 days ago

Need to improve

Celaya is in fifth place in the defensive standings with six goals against, while in the offensive standings they are in eighth place with seven goals scored.
5:18 PM15 days ago

Goal scorer

Víctor Mañón, a player from Tepatitlán, is in first place in the scoring table, tied with Martín Barragán.
5:13 PM15 days ago


These are the players who could be active this afternoon in the match against Celaya.

5:08 PM15 days ago

There will be fans!

A percentage of the total capacity will be occupied by the fans who will support both Tepatitlán and Celaya.
5:03 PM15 days ago

Stay tuned to follow Tepatitlán vs Celaya live on TV.

In a few moments we will share with you the Tepatitlán vs Celaya live starting lineups, as well as the latest information from the Gregorio Tepa Gómez Stadium. Stay tuned to VAVEL's minute-by-minute live online coverage of the match.
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How to watch Tepatitlan vs Celaya Live Stream on TV and Online?

The game will not be broadcast in the United States, but you can follow the highlights of the match on VAVEL.com.

If you want to watch it on internet, VAVEL US is your best option!

4:53 PM15 days ago

Tepatitlan statements

Paco Ramírez, Tepatitlán's coach, spoke prior to the game against Celaya: "The games against Celaya have been intense. They are a team with an aggressive approach. Most of the games have been draws. Most of the bad results we've had are due to a lack of punch".

"It is very close to being the ideal eleven. Victor Guajardo had a knee injury. We have not counted on foreigners. I have about 15 players who could start. This team can still play much better as the mood grows."
"They are going to be a worthy opponent. They have invested a lot in trying to win the championship. They already lost a final. We will have a great match. There will be a chance for the fans to come in; that will give us extra support. We hope it doesn't rain.
"We are going to find a combative team, with a strong dispute in midfield. We must take care of Jiménez in attack. Try to dominate with the possession of my players. We are about to try to define the eleven".

4:48 PM15 days ago

Not going well

Celaya was dismantled in the preseason and has yet to get back on track in this tournament. The team coached by Hernández Pat lost their last match at home to Pumas Tabasco and have accumulated two wins, one draw and three defeats throughout the tournament, which puts them in ninth place with eight points.

4:43 PM15 days ago

Back on track

Tepatitlán lost in their last match of the Grita México Apertura 2021 against Tapatío, a situation that has the team coached by Paco Ramírez very worried. In the current tournament, Tepatitlán has accumulated ten points from three victories and is in first place.

4:38 PM15 days ago

The match will be played at the Gregorio Tepa Gómez Stadium.

Tepatitlán vs Celaya will be played at Estadio Gregorio Tepa Gómez located in Tepatitlán, Jalisco; with a capacity for 8,085 people. 

4:33 PM15 days ago

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