Goals and Highlights: Brazil 2-0 Peru in 2022 World Cup Qualifiers
Photo: Lucas Figueiredo/CBF


10:30 PM18 days ago


I would like to thank you here for your audience in another Qualifying match. Stay tuned here for the repercussions of this match. Have a good night, and see you next time!
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Next games

Brazil returns to the field on October 7th, when it visits Venezuela. Peru, on the other hand, receives Chile, on the same day. Both games still have no set schedule.

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10:25 PM18 days ago


With goals from Everton Ribeiro and Neymar, Brazil wins against Peru and takes the three points home!
10:24 PM18 days ago


Neymar hit the free-kick into the hands of Gallese.
10:24 PM18 days ago


On the left Neymar received and was brought down. A dangerous foul for Brazil.
10:20 PM18 days ago


Yellow for Neymar, for leaving his arm on Callens while playing for the ball in the attack field.
10:16 PM18 days ago


Hulk received in the penalty area, dominated with the chest already taking the goalkeeper and hit hard, but over the goal, already without angle!
10:13 PM18 days ago


Double substitution in Brazil: Gabigol and Gerson are out, replaced by Hulk and Edenílson.
10:07 PM18 days ago


Substitution in Brazil: out Casemiro and in Bruno Guimarães.
10:03 PM18 days ago


A corner was taken and the defense took it to the side. Peruvian possession.
10:03 PM18 days ago


López took a long shot that Weverton put over the goal. And substitution in Peru: Lapadula left and Ruidiaz entered.
9:56 PM18 days ago


Yellow for Gabigol, for a foul in the midfield.
9:53 PM18 days ago


Double substitution in Brazil: out Danilo and Everton Ribeiro for the entry of Daniel Alves and Matheus Cunha. And at the exit of the game Costa received a yellow for lifting Gerson.
9:51 PM18 days ago


On the cross there was a header, which went into the hands of Weverton, but the striker was offside.
9:51 PM18 days ago


From the left Peru received a foul to be lifted in the area.
9:49 PM18 days ago


Double substitution in Peru: Yotun and Tapia left for Cartagena and Costa.
9:46 PM18 days ago


Yellow card to Lucas Paquetá, for a high foot on Tapia in the field of attack.
9:38 PM18 days ago


Flores took a chance from outside the area and sent it through Weverton's right side, but without danger.
9:37 PM18 days ago


Gabigol received the ball in the middle of the field and shot dangerously!
9:37 PM18 days ago


Lapadula makes the first touch on the ball and it rolls into the second half of the match!
9:37 PM18 days ago

Teams on the pitch

The players return to the field to start the second half. And we have two substitutions for Peru: Santamaria and Cueva are out for Ramos and Flores.
9:18 PM18 days ago


With goals from Everton Ribeiro and Neymar, Brazil comfortably wins 2-0 against Peru!
9:14 PM18 days ago


Casemiro is yellow carded for getting loose with Yotun, making the foul in midfield.
9:11 PM18 days ago


Everton Ribeiro puts Danilo on the right, who brings Gabigol into the area. He crossed and the defense took it away, but it was left for Everton Ribeiro to hit, deflected, leaving Neymar in the small area without a goalkeeper to make the second!
9:08 PM18 days ago


Yotun hit Neymar near midfield and was yellow-carded for the foul.
9:06 PM18 days ago


Everton Ribeiro took the corner and the defense took it in the small area.
9:05 PM18 days ago


Gabigol received in the middle, played to Paquetá, who advanced and crossed winning a corner. And we have yellow for Tapia.
9:01 PM18 days ago


Santamaria was dribbled by Neymar and made an NFL-style tackle on him, receiving a yellow card for the foul!
8:57 PM18 days ago


Cueva took the corner and the defense took it away. Peruvian possession.
8:56 PM18 days ago


Yotun took the free-kick and sent it into the box, with the defense putting it out for a corner.
8:56 PM18 days ago


Cueva received in the midfield and was brought down, earning a free-kick with a chance to lift him into the box.
8:50 PM18 days ago


Neymar took the corner and the ball went into the hands of Gallese.
8:50 PM18 days ago


Gabigol was released in the area and tried a cross. The ball deflected into the corner. 
8:45 PM18 days ago


Neymar disputed the ball with Santamaria, kept it and crossed to the middle, where Everton Ribeiro put it into the net!
8:42 PM18 days ago


Tapia took a chance from outside the area and sent it weakly to the right side of Weverton.
8:40 PM18 days ago


Gerson was launched in the middle, took off and came out in the face of Gallese, hitting hard, but the goalkeeper deflected away!
8:36 PM18 days ago


Lapadula received inside the penalty area and hit hard, but sent it into the stands, missing the chance to open the score!
8:32 PM18 days ago


Cueva took a corner kick at the first post and the defense took it out of the area. Peruvian possession.
8:32 PM18 days ago


Advíncula received on the right and crossed, earning a corner.
8:30 PM18 days ago


Gabigol gives the first touch on the ball and it rolls into the first half of the match!
8:30 PM18 days ago

Minute of silence

A minute of silence is now observed in honor of the Covid-19 victims.
8:27 PM18 days ago

National anthems

Now the national anthems are played at the Arena Pernambuco.
8:27 PM18 days ago

Teams on the pitch

The players appear on the field to start the match!
8:17 PM18 days ago


The players leave the pitch of the Arena Pernambuco to continue their preparation for the match and soon return to the field for the ball to roll!
8:13 PM18 days ago

Qualifiers - part 4

Argentina, on the other hand, beat Bolivia 1-0, with a great goal by Messi.
8:13 PM18 days ago

Qualifiers - part 3

Colombia receives Chile in the Metropolitan and is also winning 2-0, with two goals from Borja, one of them being a penalty kick.
8:07 PM18 days ago

Qualifiers - part 2

Paraguay beat Venezuela 2-0 at the Defensores del Chaco. Hector Martinez opened the scoring early on and Romero extended the lead early in the second half.
8:07 PM18 days ago

Qualifiers - part 1

The round so far has a few games in hand. Uruguay are held to a goalless draw by Ecuador.
8:04 PM18 days ago


The players go up to the pitch of the Arena Pernambuco to start the warm-up work.
7:57 PM18 days ago

Retrospect - part 3

Finally, in these 49 games, Brazil has scored an incredible 107 goals, with an average of 2.18, compared to Peru's 33, with an average of 0.67.
7:56 PM18 days ago

Retrospect - part 2

At home, the Brazilian National Team received the Peruvian National Team 15 times, with 11 wins, two draws and two losses. In the Qualifiers there are five games, with four wins and one draw.
7:52 PM18 days ago

Retrospect- part 1

Brazil has played against Peru 49 times, with 35 wins, nine draws and five losses. In qualifying matches, Brazil has played 12 times, with eight wins and four draws, thus being an undefeated Brazilian team against Peru in qualifying matches.
7:41 PM18 days ago

Line-up of Peru

Peru comes to the match with a new addition, besides Advíncula at the back, which was a doubt: Gonzales in midfield, in place of Flores.
7:41 PM18 days ago

Peru lined-up!

Peru is already scheduled for the match and will field the following starting 11:

7:35 PM18 days ago

Line-up of Brazil

Brazil was already scheduled in advance and comes as expected, with no changes!
7:35 PM18 days ago

Brazil lined-up!

Brazil has been selected for the match and will field the following starting 11:

7:32 PM18 days ago


Now begins the broadcast of the World Cup Qualifying match between Brazil and Peru!
7:01 PM18 days ago

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In the last time

The last time the two teams met was in the semifinal of this year's Copa America, which took place on July 5, at Nilton Santos Stadium. On that occasion Brazil won 1-0 with a goal by Lucas Paquetá in the first half and qualified for the final, where they were defeated 1-0 by Argentina.
6:46 PM18 days ago


Wilmar Roldan will referee the match, with assistants Alxander Guzman and Wilmar Navarro, with the entire trio coming from Colombia. Coming from Uruguay, Esteban Ostojich will be in charge of VAR.
6:41 PM18 days ago

Probable Peru

Meanwhile Peru should go with Lapadula in place of Guerrero. In defense there is doubt between Advíncula and Corzo, but the team should be: Gallese, Advíncula (Corzo), Santamaría, Callens and Marcos López; Tapia, Yotún, Carrillo, Cueva and Edison Flores; Lapadula.

6:36 PM18 days ago

Probable Brazil

With this Brazil will repeat the team that "took the field" against Argentina and is confirmed with: Weverton, Danilo, Lucas Veríssimo, Éder Militão and Alex Sandro; Casemiro, Gerson, Lucas Paquetá and Everton Ribeiro; Neymar and Gabigol.
6:31 PM18 days ago

Tite's press conference

In a press conference held before the match, Tite commented on the whole situation of the meeting with Argentina: "The fair decision is to respect laws, the fair decision is before people's health. The fair decision is that sport is important, but it has a scale of importance in which health is above, laws are above. I would like the game to be, yes. Before that, all the manifestations of Anvisa, of the Ministry of Health, are absolutely correct, it is about laws, about respecting laws, soccer is not above that, it has to be respected, we are dealing with lives. "Ah, but he opened another one. I don't care. I have criteria that are above this: it is health, yes, that there is an audience, that we work. Associated to this, when you have health and vaccines, you will have jobs and work, associated to this you will have dignity. But to come and bypass laws, to circumvent situations, this does not exist. I do want the game to happen. Maybe the execution time... I can't judge that. I don't have enough knowledge to know what was done and how long it was done. I cannot judge and should not judge. But of passing over laws... Ah, no. A little respect to an entity, a country, a people, a club, a team. Calm down! Respect, yes".
6:26 PM18 days ago


Tite and Ricardo Gareca will not have only one player each. Both suspended, Marquinhos and Guerrero are out of the match and will be missing.
6:21 PM18 days ago


Despite playing a game less, Brazil leads the World Cup Qualifiers here in South America with 21 points from seven matches, with an incredible seven wins. Argentina is right behind with 15 points from seven matches. In third place are Ecuador with 13 points, followed closely by Uruguay with 12. In fifth place are Colombia with 10 points, and just below are Paraguay and Peru with eight points each. In eighth place is Chile, with seven points. In ninth is Bolivia, with six and in tenth is Venezuela, with four points.
6:16 PM18 days ago

Sentence: Peru

Peru, on the other hand, played its two games on this FIFA date, as expected. Last Sunday (5) the Peruvian team received Venezuela and won by 1-0, with a goal by Cueva. Before that Peru played the same Thursday as Brazil, again at home, when they received Uruguay and drew 1-1. Tapia opened the scoring for Peru, but Arrascaeta, five minutes later, equalized for Uruguay.
6:11 PM18 days ago

Sentence: Brazil

Brazil played only one game on this FIFA Qualifying date. Against Chile, last Thursday (2), the Seleção visited Chile and left the field victorious, with a solitary goal by Everton Ribeiro. After that Brazil should have received Argentina, but due to the situation of the Argentine players coming from England, the match was suspended. It even started, but the agents of Anvisa came in to prevent it from continuing, and so here we are, with no prediction of a resolution to this situation.
6:06 PM18 days ago

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