Goals and Highlights: Colombia (3-1) Chile in Qualifiers Qatar 2022
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9:05 PM12 days ago

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9:00 PM12 days ago

93' Match ends

The referee signals the end of the match with the Colombian victory.
8:58 PM12 days ago

90' Addition time

Three minutes are added to the match.
8:51 PM12 days ago

86' Chance for Colombia

Falcao's shot passes very close to the opponent's goal.
8:49 PM12 days ago

83' Colombia looks to hold possession

The Colombian team is holding the ball consistently.
8:45 PM12 days ago

80' The Chilean team attacks

Chile seeks the discount in the match.
8:42 PM13 days ago

77' Changes for Colombia

Quintero and Murillo come off, Falcao and Tesillo come on.
8:38 PM13 days ago


A combination play by the home team, for Díaz to score the third goal for Colombia.
8:35 PM13 days ago

71' Chance for Chile

Vidal's shot goes wide.
8:33 PM13 days ago

68' Colombia changes

Borré and Borja come off, and Martínez and Muñoz come on.
8:31 PM13 days ago

65' A fight in the middle of the field

The teams battle in the middle of the pitch, looking to hold possession.
8:27 PM13 days ago

62' Chile takes possession of the ball

The visitors continue to hold possession, and look for the equalizer.
8:24 PM13 days ago

59' The ball is fought for in the middle

The teams fight for the ball in the middle of the field, looking to hold possession.
8:21 PM13 days ago


Meneses takes advantage of a series of rebounds and scores the goal.
8:18 PM13 days ago

53' Chile comes closer

The visitors come close with a dead ball.
8:14 PM13 days ago

50' Chile's shot

Attempt by the visiting team, which is controlled by the rival goalkeeper.
8:11 PM13 days ago

47' Chile tries to wake up

The visitors attack in search of an equalizer.
8:09 PM13 days ago

Second half begins

The ball is rolling in the second half of the match.
8:08 PM13 days ago

Changes in Chile

Morales and Baeza are out, Aranguiz and Jimenez are in.
7:52 PM13 days ago

47' End of the first half

The referee signals the end of the first half with Colombia's partial victory.
7:51 PM13 days ago

45' Addition time

Two minutes are added to the first half.
7:48 PM13 days ago

43' Colombia possession

The home side continue to hold the ball, and attack steadily down the flanks.
7:45 PM13 days ago

40' The ball is held up in the middle

The teams fight for the ball in the middle of the field.
7:42 PM13 days ago

37' Chile is saved

Borja's shot is deflected for a corner kick.
7:40 PM13 days ago

35' Chile holds possession

The visitors look to open up space with possession.
7:38 PM13 days ago

32' Chile look for an equalizer

The visitors attack down the flanks, creating danger for the home side.
7:33 PM13 days ago

28' Chile is saved

Colombia's combination play, but they fail to score.
7:30 PM13 days ago

26' Chile's option

Meneses' shot goes slightly wide.
7:28 PM13 days ago

23' Colombia possession

The home side continue to hold possession, and look to continue to open up the gap.
7:25 PM13 days ago


Miguel Borja takes advantage of Borre's distraction and scores the second.
7:23 PM13 days ago


Miguel Borja converts the penalty kick and scores the first for the home side.
7:21 PM13 days ago


Luis Diaz holds the ball in the box, and defender Paulo Diaz hits the Colombian forward.
7:19 PM13 days ago

14' Total control by Colombia

The locals keep possession and open spaces on both flanks.
7:15 PM13 days ago

11' The match is constantly cut off

The visiting team tries to slow down the local speed with constant fouls in the midfield.
7:12 PM13 days ago

8' Chile tries to wake up from the local domination

The visitors play long balls, looking to create danger for the Colombian team.
7:10 PM13 days ago


The VAR judge notices offside and disallows the goal.
7:08 PM13 days ago


With a shot from outside the area, Juan Fernando Quintero takes advantage of the space and scores the first goal of the match.
7:06 PM13 days ago

2' Local possession begins

The Colombians hold the ball, and look to elaborate on the flanks and generate danger in the opponent's area.
7:04 PM13 days ago

Start of the match

The ball rolls at the Metropolitano Stadium, with Colombia's touch, at the beginning of the match.
7:03 PM13 days ago

Drawing of captains

The captains draw for the kick-off.
6:59 PM13 days ago

Protocol acts

The anthems are played, prior to the Qatar 2022 Qualifying Match.
6:56 PM13 days ago

Teams take the field

The players take the field.
6:54 PM13 days ago


The teams prepare in the dressing rooms to finalize all the previous process.
6:41 PM13 days ago

Pre-competitive activities

Teams perform warm-up activities prior to the start of the match.
6:34 PM13 days ago

Chile's starting eleven

Tactical module: 1-3-5-2
Claudio Bravo; Gary Medel, Enzo Roco, Paulo Díaz; Mauricio Isla, Arturo Vidal, Claudio Baeza, Erick Pulgar, Eugenio Mena; Ivan Morales and Jean Meneses.
Coach: Martín Lasarte
6:25 PM13 days ago

Arrival of the teams

The teams arrive at the Metropolitano Stadium in order to start the preparation for the match.
6:21 PM13 days ago

Starting XI of Colombia

Tactical module: 1-4-4-2
David Ospina; Yairo Moreno, Oscar Murillo, Carlos Cuesta, Juan Cuadrado; Luis Díaz, Matheus Uribe, Wilmar Barrios, Juan Quintero; Miguel Borja and Rafael Borré.
Coach: Reinaldo Rueda
6:15 PM13 days ago

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What time is the match Colombia - Chile of the Qualifiers Qatar 2022?

This is the kickoff time for the Colombia vs Chile match on September 9, 2021 in several countries:
Argentina: 20:00 PM on DirecTV Sports and TyC Sports
Bolivia: 19:00 PM on FOX Sports
Brazil: 20:00 PM on ESPN
Chile: 19:00 PM on DirecTV Sports
Colombia: 18:00 PM on DirecTV Sports 
Ecuador: 18:00 PM on DirecTV Sports and TyC Sports
United States (ET): 7:00 PM on CBS
Spain: 11:00 PM on Cuatro TV
Mexico: 18:00 hours on DirecTV Sports
Paraguay: 20:00 PM on DirecTV Sports
Peru: 18:00 PM on DirecTV Sports
Uruguay: 20:00 PM on DirecTV Sports
12:19 AM13 days ago

Chile's Call-Ups

12:14 AM13 days ago

Colombia's call-up list

12:09 AM13 days ago

Key player for Chile

Arturo Vidal is the most experienced and experienced player of the visiting team, being in charge of providing what was needed for the match.
12:04 AM13 days ago

Colombia's key player

David Ospina is the Colombian goalkeeper, providing security and good development in the local team's game.
11:59 PM13 days ago

Chile tries to score points

The visitors are out of the standings, and are looking for points to improve their current position.
11:54 PM13 days ago

Colombia looking for a return to victory

The local team wants to return to victory, after the two draws it has achieved in the current qualifying round, without being able to secure a higher position in the standings.
11:49 PM13 days ago

The match will be played at the Metropolitano Stadium

The Colombia vs Chile match will be played at the Metropolitano Stadium in Barranquilla, Colombia, with capacity for 46,692 people.
11:44 PM13 days ago

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