Goals and Highlights: Tijuana 2-1 Santos in Liga MX 2021
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Next match

On matchday 9, Santos hosts Puebla and Xolos visits Atlético de San Luis.
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98' FT

The match ends! Tijuana 2-1 Santos.
12:06 AM18 days ago

96' GOAL

GOAL XOLOS! Scored by Sansores.
12:05 AM18 days ago


Yellow card for Dória.
12:04 AM18 days ago


The referee signals a penalty kick in favor of Xolos!
12:03 AM18 days ago


Jordi Cortizo's shot goes over the goal.
12:01 AM18 days ago

This was Santos' goal

Scored by Dória.
12:00 AM18 days ago


The referee adds five more minutes to the match.
12:00 AM18 days ago

89' Substitution

Xolos: Christian Rivera leaves and Miguel Sansores enters.
11:57 PM18 days ago

87' GOAL

GOAL SANTOS! Scored by Matheus Dória.
11:54 PM18 days ago


AGAIN XOLOS! Lajud comes out, and Angulo, seeing him in front, shoots at goal, but the visiting defense clears the ball off the line.
11:53 PM18 days ago

82' Substitution

Xolos: Mauro Manotas is out and Marcel Ruiz is in.
11:52 PM18 days ago


Yellow card for Mauro Manotas.
11:49 PM18 days ago

They missed it!

11:48 PM18 days ago

77' Substitution

Santos: Ignacio Jeraldino and Jesús Isijara are in; Emilio Orrantia and Brian Lozano are out.
11:47 PM18 days ago


Yellow card for Roni Prieto.
11:45 PM18 days ago


THEY MISS THE SECOND GOAL! Angulo's low cross into the six-yard box, but no one is able to close the gap and Xolos miss out on the second goal.
11:43 PM18 days ago


Xolos: Misael Domínguez and Fidel Martínez are out; Jordi Cortizo and Jonatan Ortiz are in.
11:38 PM18 days ago


MANOTAS! Mauro's powerful shot is blocked by Gibran Lajud, but no one can reach the rebound.
11:37 PM18 days ago

66' Substitution

Santos: Ismael Govea leaves and Alan Cervantes enters.
11:31 PM18 days ago


OROZCO! Jordan Carrilo's header, but the Xolos goalkeeper deflects correctly.
11:27 PM18 days ago

57' Substitution

Santos: Jordan Carrillo enters, Beto Ocejo leaves.
11:25 PM18 days ago


Yellow card for Pavez.
11:23 PM18 days ago


¡SE LA PIERDE LOROÑA! Tiro de esquina que termina en un remate de cabeza de Loroña que estaba solo, pero el balón pasa por encima del travesaño.
11:22 PM18 days ago


LAJUD! Free kick taken by Xolos and deflected for a corner kick by the Santos goalkeeper.
11:19 PM18 days ago


Yellow card for Otero.
11:15 PM18 days ago


The second half starts!
10:57 PM18 days ago

45' MT

First half ends! Tijuana 1-0 Santos.
10:54 PM18 days ago


Yellow card for Vladimir Loroña.
10:54 PM18 days ago


The referee adds three more minutes to the first half.
10:53 PM18 days ago


Manotas' half-turn in the area sends a shot over the crossbar.
10:49 PM18 days ago


Once again Orozco! Brian Lozano's shot inside the area is deflected by the goalkeeper.
10:39 PM18 days ago

This was the goal

Scored by Pavez.
10:38 PM18 days ago


Orozco makes a save! Dória's shot from outside the area is blocked by the Xolos goalkeeper.
10:35 PM18 days ago


ORRANTIA IS CLOSER! A shot from the corner of the box goes just over Orozco's crossbar.
10:31 PM18 days ago

21' GOAL

GOAL TIJUANA! Scored by Esteban Pavez.
10:29 PM18 days ago


Omar Campos' shot from outside the area passes very close to the goal.
10:24 PM18 days ago


In the first quarter of the match, Santos had more of a foothold in the opponent's area.
10:24 PM18 days ago


Nearly Olympic goal! After a corner kick by Brian Lozano.
10:22 PM18 days ago


Fidel! Fidel Martinez, in the area, hits a first-time shot, but his shot goes over the top of the goal.
10:18 PM18 days ago


Alessio was shooting against the goal and the ball was punched out! Santos more dangerous at the start.
10:08 PM18 days ago


The match has started!
9:48 PM18 days ago

Lineup Santos

Lajud, Govea, Rodríguez, Doria, Otero, Orrantia, Lozano, Prieto, Campos, Da Cruz y Ocejo.

9:46 PM18 days ago

Lineup Tijuana

Orozco, Angulo, Tercero, Rak, Loroña, Pavez, Martínez, Rodríguez, Rivera, Manotas y Dominguez.


9:44 PM18 days ago


Both teams are already on the field at Estadio Caliente doing warm-up exercises.

9:40 PM18 days ago

Local fans

La Jauria fans are also at the Estadio Caliente to support their team, which is desperate for a victory, as they have yet to win in the current tournament. 

9:28 PM18 days ago

The fans

Some Santos fans gathered at Estadio Caliente early. Brian Lozano went up to the stands to take some pictures with the green and white fans.

9:24 PM18 days ago

Significant losses for Santos

Santos will be without Diego Valdés, Félix Torres and Fernando Gorriarán for tonight's match due to the fact that they played international matches last Thursday and will report to their club in Seattle for the Leagues Cup in the middle of the week. In addition to these absences, Carlos Acevedo is out due to injury.
9:19 PM18 days ago

The arrival

With the respective health protocols in place, both teams are already at the Caliente Stadium for tonight's match. 

9:09 PM18 days ago


In the last five matches between these two teams, the balance is in favor of the green-and-white team with three wins, one draw and one win for Tijuana. In their most recent meeting in March of this year, Santos won at the Estadio Caliente 1-0.
9:06 PM18 days ago

The Stadium

Caliente Stadium is a multi-purpose stadium that is home to the Xolos de Tijuana. It has a capacity of 27,333 spectators and due to the sanitary measures imposed by the Government of the State of Baja California, today it can hold 30% of its capacity.

9:04 PM18 days ago

We begin!

With just one hour to go until the match between Xolos and Santos kicks off at the Estadio Caliente in Tijuana, can the laguneros side maintain their undefeated record, even with their losses? Don't miss all the details of this match on VAVEL.
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Key player Santos Laguna

Matheus Dória | The Santos' defender, who has already started his naturalization process, is one of the pillars of the defensive line and, after the absences that Santos will have for this match, Dória will have to lead and be a 'wall' to prevent goals.

9:54 PM19 days ago

Key player Xolos Tijuana

Mauro Manotas | The Colombian, who had a great tournament last season, must find the goal again so that his team can aspire to victory. He is an undisputed starter in Siboldi's team and has just scored a goal in the last matchday; a goal that gave his team a tie.

9:49 PM19 days ago

Who will be the referee and his assistants?

The referee for this Xolos Tijuana vs Santos Laguna match will be Luis Enrique Santander; Christian Kiabek Espinosa, first line; Edgar Magdaleno, second line; Alejandro Funk, fourth assistant.
9:44 PM19 days ago

Last lineup Santos Laguna

Lajud, Torres, Dória, Otero, Orrantia, Valdés, Gorriarán, Lozano, Prieto, Campos y Aguirre
9:39 PM19 days ago

Last lineup Xolos Tijuana

Orozco, Angulo, Tercero, Rak, Loroña, Pavez, Rodríguez, Rivera, Manotaz, Ortiz, Domínguez.
9:34 PM19 days ago

Santos: Continue with the unbeaten streak

Santos Laguna, coached by Guillermo Almada, is one of the three clubs that are still undefeated in the current tournament; however, they have been unable to be convincing and although they have not achieved many victories, the green-and-white team continues with the aspirations of reaching the first four places. Santos will go into this match in fifth place after five draws and two wins. In matchday 7, the laguneros were able to win at home against Bravos de Juárez.


9:29 PM19 days ago

Tijuana: In need of three points

Xolos de Tijuana have not had a good start to the tournament and have not been able to get out of the last places along with Querétaro and Bravos de Juárez. The team coached by Siboldi has not won in the league for more than four months, their last victory was against Necaxa in April of this year, which is why it is vital to start adding up if they do not want to have problems in the quotient. Three draws and four defeats are the results that have the Xolos in the basement of the table. Their most recent match was against Rayados, in a game in which they were able to rescue a draw after being 0-2 down on the scoreboard.

9:24 PM19 days ago

The match will be played at the Stadium Caliente

The Xolos Tijuana vs Santos Laguna match will be played at the Caliente Stadium, in Tijuana, Mexico. The kick-off is scheduled at 10 pm ET.
9:19 PM19 days ago

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