Goals and Highlights: America 2-0 Mazatlan FC in Liga MX 2021


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Next match

On matchday 9, América will visit Toluca and Mazatlán will host Pumas.
12:07 AM12 days ago

96' FT

The match ends! América 2-0 Mazatlán.
12:02 AM12 days ago


The referee adds six more minutes to the match.
12:02 AM12 days ago


Jorge Sanchez's shot goes wide of Vikonis' goal.
12:01 AM12 days ago

90' Substitution

Mazatlán: Roberto Meraz is out, David Arce is in.
11:53 PM12 days ago

82' Substitution

América: Pedro Aquino and Fernando Madrigal are out; Mario Osuna and Jesús López are in.
11:52 PM12 days ago

This was the second goal

Scored by Fernando Madrigal.
11:51 PM12 days ago


The final stretch of the match and América continues to reach the opponent's area.
11:47 PM12 days ago

75' Substitution

Mazatlán: Giovanni Augusto and Carlos Vargas are out; Ivan Moreno and Richard Ríos are in.
11:46 PM12 days ago

74' GOAL

The VAR corrects the disallowed goal and rules the goal in favor of América. Scored by Fernando Madrigal.
11:43 PM12 days ago

71' Goal disallowed

América's goal disallowed for offside.
11:41 PM12 days ago

70' Substitution

América: Nicolás Benedetti and Federico Viñas are out; Roger Martínez and Jorge Sánchez are in.
11:38 PM12 days ago


Yellow card for Vikonis.
11:30 PM12 days ago

59' Substitution

América: Luis Fuentes leaves and Salvador Reyes enters.
11:29 PM12 days ago

58' Substitution

Mazatlán: Salvador Rodríguez and Bryan Colula are out; Jorge Padilla and Jorge Zarate are in.
11:28 PM12 days ago


MAZATLAN SAVED! A play on the left with a cross to Viñas, but Vikonis, with great reflexes, saves and avoids the second goal.
11:26 PM12 days ago


Medical assistance enters the field to attend to Bryan Colula.
11:25 PM12 days ago


Layún's shot is well saved by Vikonis.
11:21 PM12 days ago


AQUINO! Corner kick where Pedro Aquino finds the ball but is hesitant and does not control well. Vikonis keeps the ball.
11:16 PM12 days ago


The second half starts!
10:59 PM12 days ago

45' MT

The first half ends! América 1-0 Mazatlán.
10:58 PM12 days ago


Yellow card for Nico Díaz.
10:56 PM12 days ago


The referee adds three more minutes to the first half.
10:55 PM12 days ago


Viñas misses! A cross into the box and Viñas heads the ball awkwardly wide of the goal.
10:50 PM12 days ago


Yellow card for Luis Fuentes.
10:45 PM12 days ago

This was the goal

Scored by Álvaro Fidalgo.
10:42 PM12 days ago


Medical assistance is sent in to attend to Pedro Aquino.
10:40 PM12 days ago

28' GOAL

GOAL AMERICA! Scored by Álvaro Fidalgo.
10:37 PM12 days ago


Aquino finds himself in front of the ball and takes a shot with his instep, but the defense deflects it for a corner kick.
10:33 PM12 days ago


VIÑAS AGAIN! A shot inside the box crashes off the crossbar. Mazatlan is saved.
10:31 PM12 days ago


Fuentes' deflected shot goes wide of the goal.
10:29 PM12 days ago


VIKONIS! Powerful shot from outside the area by Federico Viñas, but the Mazatlan goalkeeper deflects his shot for a corner.
10:28 PM12 days ago


Emmanuel Aguilera's free kick passes close to Vikonis' left post.
10:27 PM12 days ago


Medical assistance enters the field to attend to Meraz.
10:23 PM12 days ago


Yellow card for Bryan Colula after a foul on Pedro Aquino.
10:20 PM12 days ago


Ochoa! Memo Ochoa cuts out a very dangerous low cross where Sanvezzo was already ready to shoot at goal.
10:14 PM12 days ago


Viñas! Miguel Layún's corner kick ends in a header by Federico Viñas, but Vikonis keeps the ball.
10:11 PM12 days ago


The match has started!
9:54 PM12 days ago

Minutes away!

We are just minutes away from the start of the match between América and Mazatlán, so stay tuned for more coverage!
9:47 PM12 days ago

Lineup Mazatlan

Nicolás Vikonis, Nestor Vidrio, Nicolás Díaz, Carlos Vargas, Bryan Colula, Salvador Rodríguez, Roberto Meráz, Gonzalo Freitas, Giovanni Augusto, Emilio Sánchez y Camilo Sanvezzo.


9:45 PM12 days ago

Lineup America

Guillermo Ochoa, Luis Fuentes, Emanuel Aguilera, Bruno Valdez, Miguel Layun, Pedro Aquino, Nicolás Benedetti, Fernando Madrigal, Álvaro Fidalgo, Mauro Lainez y Federico Viñas.

9:42 PM12 days ago

Warm up!

Both Mazatlan and America are already on the field at the Azteca Stadium warming up prior to the opening whistle.
9:39 PM12 days ago

The dressing room is ready

The dressing room at the Azteca Stadium is now ready with the outfits that the players will wear tonight. América will wear its traditional yellow uniform while Mazatlán will wear its second uniform in white.

9:34 PM12 days ago

Cristian Cedrés, new reinforcement?

América's coach, Santiago Solari, commented at a press conference that, despite the loss of Nicolás Benedetti and Renato Ibarra due to injury, they will not be looking for another foreign reinforcement to complement their squad and dismissed rumors of the possible arrival of Cristian Cedrés.

"Our quota of foreigners is covered, we have had many dates and the team is concentrated and focused on what it has to do, we are always looking at how and where to improve, but we are concentrated and focused on the match in Mazatlán, which is important", stated the Argentinean strategist.


9:29 PM12 days ago

The arrival

With the respective health protocols in place, both teams are already at the Azteca Stadium for tonight's match corresponding to Matchday 8.

9:24 PM12 days ago


Since Mazatlán's incorporation into the Liga MX, the cañoneros have only met the Aguilas of América on two occasions. In both matches, the Azulcremas won 3-1 and 0-1. In the most recent meeting, América won the away game.
9:19 PM12 days ago

The stadium

The Azteca Stadium is a soccer stadium located in Mexico City, with a capacity of 87,000 spectators, making it the largest in Mexico, the third largest in the continent and the eleventh largest in the world. Tonight it will be able to hold 30% of its total capacity.

9:14 PM12 days ago

We begin!

We are one hour away from the match between América and Mazatlán to end this Saturday's matchday. Will the águilas be able to maintain their undefeated record in the tournament or will the cañoneros pull off a surprise? Be sure to follow this minute by minute on VAVEL USA.
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Key player Mazatlán

Camilo Sanvezzo | With three goals in the current tournament, the Brazilian striker, who arrived to reinforce the cañoneros, is one of the most talented players in the back line. He has the talent to enter the box as well as to hit the ball out of it. He could be key to this match.

8:54 PM12 days ago

Key player América

Álvaro Fidalgo | At just 24 years of age, this midfielder, who arrived to reinforce the Águilas, has become an undisputed starter in Solari's approach, and his talent for assisting and moving the ball from the start is key to the Azulcrema's attacking play.

8:49 PM12 days ago

Last lineup Mazatlán

Vikonis (P), Nogueira, Vidrio, Díaz, Vargas, Colula, Meráz, Freitas, Oliveira, Sánchez, Rubio.
8:44 PM12 days ago

Last lineup America

Ochoa (P), Fuentes, Valdez, Aguilera, Layún, Aquino, Fidalgo, Córdova, Sánchez, Reyes, Henry. 
8:39 PM12 days ago

Who will be the referee and his assistants?

The central referee for this América vs Mazatlán match will be Diego Montaño; Alberto Morín, first line; Michel Ricardo Espinoza, second line; Erik Yair Miranda, fourth assistant.
8:34 PM12 days ago

Mazatlan: To stay in the playoff zone

Meanwhile, the cañoneros, coached by Beñat San José, will have to get three points at the Coloso de Santa Ursula if they want to continue fighting for playoff places to qualify for the liguilla. They are currently in 12th place with 9 points after two wins, three draws and two defeats. Mazatlán is coming off a bittersweet draw, as they could have won the game, but Atlético de San Luis scored a last minute goal to tie the game 2-2.

8:29 PM12 days ago

América: Do not slacken their pace

The Águilas del América, coached by Santiago Solari, are one of the three teams that remain undefeated in the tournament, and their resounding victory has been a factor in the Azulcrema's position at the top of the general table with 17 points, the result of five wins and two draws. The Águilas are coming from a 1-1 draw with León at the Nou Camp Stadium, avoiding a comeback at all costs as the Emeralds clearly dominated the match, taking advantage of the red card for Richard Sánchez, who will not be available for this match against Mazatlán.

8:24 PM12 days ago

The match will be played at the Stadium Azteca

The América vs Mazatlán match will be played at the Caliente Stadium, in CDMX, Mexico. The kick-off is scheduled at 10 pm ET.
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