Goals and Highlights: Tigres Femenil 5-0 Pachuca Femenil in Liga MX Femenil 2021
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12:13 AM5 days ago

Goals and Highlights

11:56 PM5 days ago


It's over! Tigres beats Tuzas and remains undefeated in this tournament.
11:55 PM5 days ago


Goal, Tigres goal! Ferrer's cross that Ovalle catches in the air and scores a great goal.
11:52 PM5 days ago


Ferral's left-footed shot ends up going slightly wide.
11:47 PM5 days ago


Double change for Tigres. Stefany Mayor and Nayeli Rangel come on for Fernanda Elizondo and Stefany Ferrer.
11:46 PM5 days ago


Change of Tuzas. Norma Palafox replaces Veronica Corral.
11:45 PM5 days ago


Goal, Tigres goal! Belén Cruz sent a shot into the corner that ended up going in for the fourth.
11:42 PM5 days ago


Double change for Pachuca. Paola López and Lourdes Martínez replace Yanin Madrid and Andrea Balcázar.
11:41 PM5 days ago


Tigres change. Belén Cruz replaces María Sánchez.
11:34 PM5 days ago


Paulina Solís saves the Tuzo goal from the felines' fourth with a great save.
11:29 PM5 days ago


Tigres change. Nancy Antonio replaces Katty Martínez.
11:24 PM5 days ago


Double change for Pachuca. Lucero Cuevas and Estefanía Fuentes replace Esbeidy Salazar and Lizbeth Ángeles.
11:20 PM5 days ago


A delayed diagonal that Martinez fails to reach and misses from the fourth.
11:16 PM5 days ago


Goalkeeper! Great save by Machuca who leans back and keeps Maria's shot.
11:11 PM5 days ago


The complement starts in San Nicolás de la Garza.
10:51 PM5 days ago


First half ends, Tigres beats Pachuca.
10:49 PM5 days ago


Tigres is looking for more goals in this first half.
10:44 PM5 days ago


Tigres goal! Katty Martínez scores the third goal after Machuca's exit.
10:42 PM5 days ago


Ovalle's shot ended up going wide.
10:41 PM5 days ago


Uff! Quite a dangerous play by Tigres, but Machuca keeps the ball.
10:36 PM5 days ago


Villarreal was encouraged to shoot, but the ball went over the goal.
10:26 PM5 days ago


Goal, goal, goal for Tigres! Liliana Mercado sends in a flash from a free kick and the ball goes in with no chance of being saved.
10:26 PM5 days ago


Mayor tries for the second, but the goalkeeper covers the ball.
10:21 PM5 days ago


Pachuca tries to generate, but the crazy defense prevents all attacks.
10:12 PM5 days ago


Charlyn entered the area and took a shot, but three defenders surrounded her and she was unable to create danger.
10:11 PM5 days ago


Tigres goal! María Sánchez shot into the goal from inside the area and Machuca could do nothing.
10:05 PM5 days ago


Actions kick off at the 'Volcano'.
10:02 PM5 days ago

Pachuca: LineUp

S. Machuca; S. Cortés, P. Solís, K. Díaz, K. Nieto, M. Ocampo, A. Balcázar, Y. Madrid, L. Ángeles, C. Corral, V. Salazar.
10:00 PM5 days ago

Tigres: LineUp

C. Santiago; B. Sierra, G. Espinoza, L. Mercado, N. Rangel, L. Ovalle, C. Ferral, N. Villarreal, M. Sánchez, S. Mayor, K. Martínez.
10:00 PM5 days ago

XI de Tigres

C. Santiago; B. Sierra, G. Espinoza, L. Mercado, N. Rangel, L. Ovalle, C. Ferral, N. Villarreal, M. Sánchez, S. Mayor, K. Martínez.
9:59 PM5 days ago

To the court

Both teams are already warming up for the start of the match.
9:54 PM5 days ago

They are here!

The felines are already at the 'Volcán', ready to continue their good progress in this tournament.
9:30 PM6 days ago

They are here!

The felines are already at the 'Volcán', ready to continue their good progress in this tournament.
9:27 PM6 days ago

Hard data!

Tigres dominates in victories over Pachuca, the northern team has 7 wins to the Tuzas' 3, with no ties.

9:17 PM6 days ago

Special attention

Special attention must be paid to Liliana Mercado and Andrea Balcázar, players who have demonstrated their good play and their ability to reach the opponent's goal.

9:12 PM6 days ago

What a fact!

The Amazonas have now beaten the Tuzas in six consecutive matches, a statistic that the visitors will be looking to break.
9:07 PM6 days ago

Last duel

The last time these teams met was in the Clausura 2021 in Monterrey; Tigres defeated the Tuzas three goals to zero. Greta Espinoza, Katty Martínez and Stefany Mayor scored the goals.
9:02 PM6 days ago

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Tigres statements

Lizbeth Ovalle, Tigres midfielder, spoke prior to the match against the Tuzas: "We are very focused on Sunday's match, we have just seen the last match against Rayadas, they come with great mobility and are a very dangerous opponent, we are very aware of how dangerous this match is going to be and we are preparing to get the three points. 

"It is no coincidence that we are in 1st place in the table, we do not give up, we do not lower our hands and we want more, and more titles, and we do not stop working for one more title."

"We don't feel we're a step up, as we saw against Querétaro, which cost us a lot, and we can't let our guard down because all the teams are playing us one-on-one and we can't be confident against any rival".

"I am very happy at Tigres, it is undoubtedly the best fan base in Mexico and I am very grateful for everything the club has given me, the fans, that I have been able to play in a stadium in front of so many people and that drives me to always move forward, to play better in every match".

8:47 PM6 days ago

Urgent need to add up

In spite of being well assembled, the Tuzas have not shown a good side in the eight games so far in the Apertura 2021, with only three draws, two victories and three defeats; with these results they have nine points, placing them in ninth position. The last match of the team coached by Jaime Correa, the team from La Bella Airosa lost by the minimum against Rayadas.

8:42 PM6 days ago

Let's go on undefeated!

Tigres will go into this match with eight wins out of eight matches so far this tournament, and are the only team to have scored all 24 possible points so far in the tournament. In addition, the 'Amazonas' are the best offense and defense, with 30 goals scored and only three conceded. 

8:37 PM6 days ago

The match will be played at the Universitario Stadium.

The Tigres Femenil vs Pachuca Femenil match will be played at the Estadio Universitario located in San Nicolás de los Garza, Nuevo León; with a capacity for 42,500 people. 

8:32 PM6 days ago

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