Goals and Highlights: Bayer Leverkusen 3-4 Borussia Dortmund in Bundesliga
Image: Borussia Dortmund


11:30 AM13 days ago


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In an intense game with many goals and twists and turns, Borussia Dortmund wins Bayer Leverkusen 4-3!
11:25 AM13 days ago


Wolf received inside the area and hit hard, but in the hands of Hradecky. And then he himself fouled Diaby, with his hand in his face, and received a yellow card. Entered with emotion Wolf!
11:21 AM13 days ago


Substitution in Dortmund: Bellingham is out for Wolf.
11:18 AM13 days ago


Yellow for Diaby, for complaining about a foul on Kobel on the way out.
11:15 AM13 days ago


Substitution in Dortmund: Pongracic left and Hummels came in.
11:11 AM13 days ago


Double substitution at Leverkusen: Schick and Demirbay left for Bellarabi and Alario.
11:09 AM13 days ago


Haaland, as usual, went for the ball and hit it hard, into the right corner, beating Hradecky and making the turnaround for Dortmund!
11:07 AM13 days ago


The referee went to the VAR to review a shot at Reus and he gives the penalty, as Reus was hit in the face by Kossonou!
11:04 AM13 days ago


Raphael Guerreiro friends. He hit the free-kick into the left angle of Hradecky, who could do nothing but look for the ball in the net! Great goal!
11:02 AM13 days ago


Demirbay hit it hard, straight into the goal, and Kobel deflected it away. On the counter-attack Dortmund, with Malen, won a free-kick on the edge of the area! And there is a yellow for Frimpong, for holding Malen.
11:02 AM13 days ago


On a foul by Dahoud on Demirbay, Leverkusen has a good foul.
10:58 AM13 days ago


Substitution in Dortmund: Witsel leaves for Malen.
10:55 AM13 days ago


Leverkusen substitution: Paulinho is out for Adli.
10:52 AM13 days ago


Yellow card to Wirtz and Haaland for a start of confusion in the Dortumund attack field.
10:48 AM13 days ago


At the cross coming from a corner, the defense took it, but Diaby got it on the edge of the area. The first shot was almost blocked, but the ball fell to him, luckily, for the left corner of the goal, making one more for Bayer Leverkusen!
10:41 AM13 days ago


Haaland found a great pass to Brandt, who broke into the box and hit it hard and high to tie the match!
10:39 AM13 days ago


Brandt put a great ball to Guerreiro inside the box, who hit a cross, but it went out to the left side of the goal!
10:38 AM13 days ago


Haaland makes the first touch on the ball and it rolls into the second half of the match!
10:37 AM13 days ago

Players on the pitch

The players appear on the pitch to start the second half!
10:21 AM13 days ago


With goals from Wirtz and Schick, Leverkusen beat Dortmund, who got the goal from Haaland!
10:20 AM13 days ago


Schick received in front, dominated already inside the area and hit a cross to make the second of Bayer Leverkusen after Wirtz's pass!
10:15 AM13 days ago


On Meunier's cross in the box, Haaland got his weak header where Bellingham deflected in the small area for the goal, but judge went to VAR to review and gave a foul, nullifying the turning goal.
10:11 AM13 days ago


Meunier's cross from the right in the passing game, Haaland went high to head and send it into the back of the net!
10:05 AM13 days ago


Andrich hit a hard shot from outside the box and sent it dangerously wide of the right side of the goal!
9:55 AM13 days ago


Schick takes a free-kick and sends it dangerously wide of the left-hand side of the goal!
9:55 AM13 days ago


Yellow card to Meunier for a tackle on Paulinho on the right near the penalty area. Danger in the Dortmund box!
9:52 AM13 days ago


Reus took the corner and Hradecky punched the ball away.
9:52 AM13 days ago


Witsel received the ball in the middle, carried it, and beat it, winning a corner from the left.
9:45 AM13 days ago


Haaland found Brandt in the middle, who tried his touch in the left corner, straight out!
9:43 AM13 days ago


Wirtz burst through the middle after recovering Paulinho in the attack field, invaded the area and hit hard, on the left corner of Kobel, opening the score!
9:37 AM13 days ago


Akanji managed to go high and head a cross into the box, but the ball went over the goal!
9:36 AM13 days ago


Diaby made the first shot of the match, sending the ball over the goal, in the stands packed with fans!
9:33 AM13 days ago


Schick gives the first touch and the ball rolls into the first half of the match!
9:32 AM13 days ago

Teams on the pitch

The players appear on the field to start the match!
9:18 AM13 days ago


The players leave the field to continue their preparation and soon return to the field for the ball to roll!
9:15 AM13 days ago

4th round - part 4

And closing the day are Bochum and Herta Berlin, as well as Borussia Monchendgladbach and Arminia.
9:15 AM13 days ago

4th round - part 3

At 12.30 pm Leipzig face Bayern Munich. Tomorrow's opening game is Frankfurt against Sttutgart.
9:14 AM13 days ago

4th round - part 2

Following that Freiburg face Cologne, Greuther Furth host Wolfsburg and Hoffenhiem face Mainz.
9:14 AM13 days ago

4th round - part 1

Round 4 of the Bundesliga starts today, with the match you will see here as the opener. Next up are Union Berlin and Augsburg.
9:03 AM13 days ago

Retrospect - part 3

Finally, in these 88 games, Leverkusen totals 125 goals, with an average of 1.42 per game, while Dortmund totals 152 goals, with an average of 1.73.
9:02 AM13 days ago

Retrospect - part 2

At home, Leverkusen has hosted Dortmund 44 times, winning 20 of them, drawing 12, and losing 12.
9:02 AM13 days ago

Retrospect - part 1

Dortmund is lined up and their starting 11 comes with:
There are 88 matches between Bayer Leverkusen, with 29 wins for the home side, 22 draws and 37 wins for the visitors. In Bundesliga there are 84 matches, with 29 wins for Bayer, 22 draws and 33 wins for Borussia. 
8:57 AM13 days ago

Dortmund's line-up

 Dortmund comes with news for the match. Hummels and Malen do not start, making way for Pongracic and Witsel.
8:57 AM13 days ago

Dortmund lined-up!

Dortmund is lined up and their starting 11 comes with:
8:51 AM13 days ago

Leverkusen's line-up

Leverkusen comes with a line-up as anticipated right here on VAVEL!
8:51 AM13 days ago

Leverkusen lined-up!

Bayer Leverkusen have already unveiled their starting 11 and come with: 

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Probable Dortmund

While the probable Borussia Dortmund team is: Kobel, Meunier, Akanji, Hummels and Guerreiro; Bellingham, Dahoud and Brandt; Reus, Haaland and Malen.

8:03 PM13 days ago

Probable Leverkusen

With this the probable Bayer Leverkusen team is: Hradecky, Frimpong, Kossounou, Tah and Bakker; Andrich, Demirabay, Diaby, Wirtz and Paulinho; Schick.
7:58 PM13 days ago


Leverkusen coach Gerardo Seone will not be able to use Aranhuiz and Hincapie, out due to international call-ups, as well as the injured Baumgartlinger, Fosu-Mensah and Tapsoba. Meanwhile Marco Rose will be without Can, Coulibaly, Morey, Reyna, Schmelzer, Tigges, and Zagadou, all injured.
7:53 PM13 days ago


The competition leader is Wolfsburg, with nine points from three games, followed by Bayer Leverkusen, Bayern Munich and Freiburg, all with seven points. Dortmund closes in fifth place with six points from three games, as do Koln and Mainz 05.
7:48 PM13 days ago

Sentece: Dortmund

Meanwhile Borussia Dortmund comes from a loss and a win in the last two games. On the same day 21 Dortmund faced Freiburg and was defeated 2-1. Grifo opened the scoring for Freiburg and Sallai doubled the lead, but Keitel scored an own goal. But that was the end of the match. The victory came on August 27, a hard-fought 3-2 victory over Hoffenheim. Reyna opened the scoring, Baumgartner equalized, Bellingham put Dortmund ahead, and in the 45th minute Dabbur equalized. But a minute later Haaland gave Dortmund the victory.
7:43 PM13 days ago

Sentence: Leverkusen

Bayer Leverkusen are coming from two matches where they left the field with victories over their opponents. On August 21, against Monchendgladbach, the victory was 4-0, with goals from Bakker, Schick, Diaby and Amiri, with two goals in the first half and two in the second half. Against Augusburg, the victory was 4-1. Iago and Niederlechner, both against, opened and extended the score. Niederlechner redeemed himself by scoring the Augsburg goal, all in the first half, but then Schick and Wirtz scored and turned the August 28 victory into a rout.
7:38 PM13 days ago

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