Goal and Highlights Leicester vs Manchester City (0-1)
Photo by Manchester City FC


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Thank you to those of you who joined us. We hope you enjoyed the Leicester vs Manchester City matchday #4 of the Premier League. Continue to visit the VAVEL portal to keep up to date with all the information, upcoming games, interviews, latest news an that comes up throughout the day.
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Next matches

Just as we reported at the beginning of this broadcast, Leicester and Manchester City will be working from now on in preparation for their debuts in international competitions. Both play at home against Napoli and RB Leipzig, respectively, with the Foxes playing on Thursday (16) in the UEFA Europa League and the Cityzens back on Wednesday (16) in the UEFA Champions League.
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Matchweek 4 - Results

12:25 PM8 days ago

Stats Leicester City 0-1 Manchester City

Ball possession - Leicester City: 39,2%, Manchester City: 60,8%
Goal attempts: 6-25
Shots on target: 1-8
Fouls conceded: 4-11
Corner kicks: 5-8 
Offsides: 2-4
Goalkeeper saves: 7-2
Yellow cards: 1-2
Touches: 529-727
Passes: 355-550
Tackles: 17-14
12:20 PM8 days ago


49' Paul Tierney blows his whistle to end the second half at the King Power Stadium. A narrow victory as it was in the Community Shield 2021, but this time it's Manchester City!
12:17 PM8 days ago

Last chance for Leicester

48' Tielemans throws the ball towards Vardy, who misses to control the ball and it goes out of bounds. The goal kicks out to Ederson.
12:17 PM8 days ago

All or nothing

48' Goalkeeper Schmeichel advances to the attack field to take a free-kick from midfield, but the ball doesn't even reach the area, Evans goes up and can't reach it. Sterling gets the ball on the right and kicks it forward. 
12:16 PM8 days ago

Oh no, Jack!

47' Schmeichel kicks the ball into the attack field, but no one can hold the ball there, Gundogan sets up a counterattack and throws Grealish on the left, he is face to face with the goalkeeper and shoots, the goalkeeper stretches his left leg and prevents the second goal
11:54 AM8 days ago

Almost the second

46' Jonny Evans misses the pass on the edge of the box, Fernandinho invades the area and shoots a right-footed cross, the ball grazes the right post of Schmeichel
11:52 AM8 days ago

Added time

45' Three minutes to go in Leicester
11:51 AM8 days ago

No, no

43' Gundogan takes a free-kick from the edge of the box, Castagne heads it away and no one from City gets the chance to finish
11:50 AM8 days ago

In the clutch!

40' Lookman receives inside the area, shoots with his left foot, Rúben Dias gets underneath and deflects for a corner
11:47 AM8 days ago

SUB Manchester City

39' Fernandinho (MID) in place of Gabriel Jesus (FWD)
11:45 AM8 days ago

Ederson again

34' Söyüncü throws the ball to Iheanacho in the middle, he wins the fight with Laporte and straightens his body, but the goalkeeper stretches out his arms and searches for the ball at the striker's feet
11:44 AM8 days ago


33' Grealish passes to Sterling, but he misplaces the ball and it goes too high
11:39 AM8 days ago


31' Iheanacho goes forward on the right, plays to Lookman in the middle of the area, he shoots with his right foot, the goalkeeper closes the angle and manages to avoid the draw
11:37 AM8 days ago

Yellow card

30' Çaglar Söyüncü, defender from Leicester, for comitted a hard foul in Jack Grealish
11:35 AM8 days ago

SUB Leicester City

29' Ademola Lookman (FWD) and Kelechi Iheanacho (FWD) in place of Barnes (MID) and Maddison (MID)
11:31 AM8 days ago

Schmeichel again!

26' Walker advances down the right, makes space and shoots straight at goal, Danish goalkeeper stretches out and slaps a corner kick
11:28 AM8 days ago


22' Gundogan takes a corner kick from the left, Söyüncü heads it away, the rebound is with Grealish on the edge of the area, he opens for Gabriel Jesus on the right side, but the assistant raises the flag signaling that the Brazilian was in an irregular position 
11:26 AM8 days ago

SUB Manchester City

19' Raheem Sterling (FWD) replaces Ferran Torres (FWD)
11:24 AM8 days ago


17' BERNARDO SILVA! Grealish moves forward on the left and rolls to Cancelo, he fills his left foot and shoots on the edge of the area, the ball hits Söyüncü and is left for the number 20 to push with his left foot to the goal and hit Schmeichel's left corner.
11:20 AM8 days ago

SUB Leicester City

15' Jonny Evans (DEF) in place of Vestergaard (DEF)
11:19 AM8 days ago


13' Cancelo passes to Bernardo on the left, he crosses and Vestergaard pulls away, on the rebound Grealish risks a left-footed shot from outside the area, seeking the left angle of Schmeichel, but the ball goes away
11:16 AM8 days ago

Over the goal

10' Cancelo sees Gundogan in the middle of the defense, suspends in the middle of the area, german head straight out
11:14 AM8 days ago

Just in time

6' Ferran Torres gets in the middle of the box, gets on his chest, and arms his body for the shot, but Söyüncü sticks out his foot and manages to stop the dangerous shot, giving Manchester City the corner
11:11 AM8 days ago

Disallowed goal

4' Ndidi wins the tussle with Bernardo Silva in midfield, Vardy is released at speed in the middle of the defence, dribbles past Reuben Dias and Ederson, shoots low into the goal and swings into the net. The assistant referee raises his flag and confirms the offside flag after checking the VAR.
11:09 AM8 days ago

Hit the crossbar!

2' Castagne escapes down the right, is brought down by Rodrigo, but referee applies the law of advantage because Vardy kept the ball, he crosses to Barnes free inside the area, he heads and the ball explodes off Ederson's post
11:05 AM8 days ago


00' Let's go the second half! Vardy gets his first touch on the ball.
11:03 AM8 days ago


Leicester: Danny Ward, Evans, Amartey, Ricardo, Soumaré, Dewsbury-Hall, Lookman, Daka, Iheanacho.
Manchester City: Scott Carson, Stones, Ake, Sterling, Zinchenko, De Bruyne, Mahrez, Foden.
11:01 AM8 days ago

First half stats

Ball possession - Leicester City: 32,7%, Manchester City: 67,3%
Goal attempts: 2-12
Shots on target: 0-5
Fouls conceded: 2-5
Corner kicks: 3-5
Offsides: 0-2
Goalkeeper saves: 3-2
Yellow cards: 0-2
Touches: 224-366
Passes: 133-276
Tackles: 8-7
10:59 AM8 days ago

Half time

47' The referee blows his whistle! The first half ends at the King Power Stadium.
10:58 AM8 days ago

Foxes attack

46' Leicester occupy the field of attack in the final moments of the first half, get two consecutive corners, Bernardo Silva and Ferran Torres return to help the defense and no one can complete for the goal
10:56 AM8 days ago

Added time

45' Two minutes to end the first half
10:55 AM8 days ago

Like a wall

44' Grealish comes down the left and lifts Gabriel Jesus who was inside the area, he shoots first time and Schmeichel saves with his right leg to keep the score at zero in Leicester
10:45 AM8 days ago


42' Laporte crosses from the left in the middle of the area, Ferran hits the goal, but Vestergaard slides on the turf and stops the shot, then Gundogan catches the rebound and shoots, but the ball explodes in the defense again
10:43 AM8 days ago


39' Jack Grealish tries to pass to Bernardo Silva on the left, but he was in an irregular position.
10:39 AM8 days ago

Yellow card

37' Aymeric Laporte, Manchester City defender, for tackling Vardy from behind as the home side tried to move forward into the attacking box
10:36 AM8 days ago

No accurancy

34' Tielemans makes the throw-in from the backfield to Maddison on the left, but the ball goes too hard and Ederson comes out of the area to keep it.
10:34 AM8 days ago

Go ahead

31' Grealish triggers Bernardo Silva on the left, he invades the area near the bottom line, Albrighton comes along and the Portuguese falls, but the referee does not mark anything
10:31 AM8 days ago

City's pressure

28' Grealish escapes on the left, feeds Ferran Torres inside the area, he hits a left-footed shot, Schmeichel saves without giving a rebound
10:28 AM8 days ago

Yellow card

25' Rodrigo, Manchester City midfielder, for hitting Tielemans' right ankle
10:24 AM8 days ago


21' Tielemans takes a free-kick from the right, Gundogan lifts it into the middle of the box to Grealish, who shoots dangerously with a low cross, the ball goes over Schmeichel's crossbar
10:21 AM8 days ago

Schmeichel again

18' City tighten their grip on the attack, Bernardo Silva steals the ball from Tielemans on the edge of the box, carries it down the middle towards goal and hits it into the right corner, and the Danish goalkeeper uses his right hand to send the ball over the line
10:19 AM8 days ago

Chance for City

16' Cancelo receives in the midfield and makes the pass to Gundogan, but overdoes the force and the ball arrives easy to Schmeichel
10:17 AM8 days ago


11' Harvey Barnes takes a corner kick, Vestergaard heads it over Ederson's goal
10:15 AM8 days ago


9' Goalkeeper Ederson is attended to by medics because he is bleeding. The ball has hit his face, but he manages to recover and is back in the game.
10:14 AM8 days ago

Hudge opportunity for Leicester

7' Albrighton makes a throw-in to Vardy on the right wing, he crosses and the ball explodes in Ederson's body, Maddison picks up the left side near the end line and rolls it back, Ndidi shoots and the ball goes to the right of the goal
10:09 AM8 days ago


5' Individual play of Bernardo Silva on the left, he clears three players and finds Gabriel Jesus closing in the area. The Brazilian tests with danger, the goalkeeper saves and in the rebound the defense saves two shots and City wastes an incredible chance.
10:05 AM8 days ago

Not yet

2' Gundogan crosses open, Laporte heads the ball into the middle of the area and the defense deflects, then Grealish escapes to the left and wins another corner, but the short charging rehearsed between Bernardo and Gundogan does not work and no one can finish
10:03 AM8 days ago

City goes ahead

1' Guardiola's team takes the initiative. Bernardo Silva comes forward on the left and lifts it into the middle of the box, Bertrand heads it away, but City win a corner from the right. Gundogan on the ball.
10:01 AM8 days ago


00' The first half begins at King Power Stadium
10:00 AM8 days ago


Players positioned awaiting the starting whistle from referee Paul Tierney. Leicester wearing all blue uniform, white details, goalkeeper Schmeichel in black; Manchester City in white uniform with blue details and black numbers, goalkeeper Ederson in yellow.
9:56 AM8 days ago

Matchday: CR7 starts, Chelsea later

Besides the defeat of Tottenham and the duel between Leicester and Manchester City that we will follow, six games shake the round this Saturday 11st in the Premier League. Soon, also at 10am ET, there is the re-start of Cristiano Ronaldo for Manchester United, against Newcastle. The Portuguese number 7 is confirmed to be in the starting line-up for the Red Devils. (click here to check all the details in real time)
9:43 AM8 days ago


Ederson, Walker, Ruben Dias, Laporte, Cancelo, Rodrigo, Gundogan, Bernardo, Gabriel Jesus, Grealish, Ferran Torres.
Head coach: Pep Guardiola.

Substitutes: Scott Carson, Stones, Ake, Sterling, Zinchenko, De Bruyne, Mahrez, Foden.

Photo by Manchester City FC
Photo by Manchester City FC
9:41 AM8 days ago


Schmeichel, Castagne, Vestergaard, Söyüncü, Bertrand, Albrighton, Tielemans, Ndidi, Barnes, Maddison, Vardy.
Head coach: Brendan Rodgers.

Reservas: Ward, Evans, Amartey, Ricardo, Soumaré, Dewsbury-Hall, Lookman, Daka, Iheanacho.

Foto: Leicester City FC
Photo by Leicester City FC
9:26 AM8 days ago

Dark horse?

The fourth matchday started with a new development: Crystal Palace ended Tottenham's unbeaten run with a 3-0 win, with goals from Zaha (penalty) and two from Edouard, who made his debut late in the second half and killed the game off. The match was even until Spurs lost defender Tanganga (red card).
9:21 AM8 days ago

Coming Soon

This is Leicester and Manchester City's last match before their European competition openers - Brendan Rodgers' side host Napoli in the UEFA Europa League on Thursday (16) while Pep Guardiola's men take to the field on Wednesday (15) to face RB Leipzig at the Ettihad Stadium.
9:16 AM8 days ago


Hey you! After a 13-day break to comply with the Fifa date, Premier League is back and today we will bring you the emotions of Leicester and Manchester City. The 2021/22 season has just started, but this game is surrounded by anticipation because the teams met in the FA Community Shield 2021 at the beginning of August, and the Foxes won at Wembley.
9:11 AM8 days ago

Tune in here Leicester vs Manchester City Live Score

Do not miss a detail of the game with the live updates and commentaries of VAVEL. Follow along with us all the details, commentaries, analysis and lineups for this 
Leicester vs Manchester City match.
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How to watch Leicester vs Manchester City Live Stream on TV and online?

Match: Leicester vs Manchester City
Competition: Premier League
Round: #5
Date: September 11st
Kickoff: 10:00 am ET
Venue: King Power Stadium (Leicester, England)
Where to watch: Sky Sports (Mexico), NBC Sports, Peacock, Telemundo Deportes (USA)
Real time: VAVEL
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Where and how to watch Leicester vs Manchester City live online

Scheduled to begin at 10am ET this Saturday 11st, Leicester and Manchester City will be broadcast by Sky Sports (Mexico), NBC Sports, Peacock, Telemundo Deportes (USA).
8:56 AM8 days ago

Match officials

Referee: Paul Tierney
1st Assistant Referee: Constantine Hatzidakis
2nd Assistant Referee: Neil Davies
Fourth official: Andy Madley
Video Assistant Referee (VAR): Andre Marriner
Assistant Video Assistant Referee (AVAR): Richard West
8:51 AM8 days ago

Manchester City predicted line-up

Ederson; Walker, Stones, Dias, Cancelo; Rodri, Gundogan, Grealish; Mahrez, Torres, Sterling.
Coach: Pep Guardiola.
Photo by Manchester City FC
Photo by Manchester City FC
8:46 AM8 days ago

Leicester City predicted line-up

Schmeichel; Amartey, Vestergaard, Soyuncu; Castagne, Ndidi, Tielemans, Bertrand; Maddison, Barnes; Vardy.
Coach: Brendan Rodgers.
Photo by Leicester City FC
Photo by Leicester City FC
8:41 AM8 days ago

Teams information

Leicester beat Wolverhampton 1-0 in their Premier League opener, then lost 4-1 to West Ham and bounced back with a 2-1 away win over Norwich. After opening the season with two consecutive defeats, as they also lost 1-0 to Tottenham in the Premier League, reigning champions Manchester City picked up two wins, both 5-0, against Norwich and Arsenal. The only club with a 100% record so far, Tottenham leads the Premier League with 9 points. West Ham, Manchester United, Chelsea, and Liverpool complete the top five. Manchester City is 7th and Leicester is 9th.
8:36 AM8 days ago

Head to head

This will be the 21st match between the teams. Manchester City have won 11 times so far, six of them away from home. Leicester have won seven times, only twice at home. There have also been two draws. They last met at Premier League on April 3, at the same King Power Stadium, when Mendy and Gabriel Jesus scored in a 2-0 win for the Cityzens.
8:31 AM8 days ago

Matchday 4

Crystal Palace-Tottenham
Leicester City-Manchester City 
Manchester United-Newcastle
Southampton-West Hampton
Chelsea-Aston Villa
Leeds United-Liverpool
8:26 AM8 days ago


Leicester and Manchester City face each other a little over a month after the Community Shield 2021, played at Wembley and won by the Foxes with a penalty goal scored by Iheanacho. This time the stage for the match is the King Power Stadium at 10 am ET.
8:21 AM8 days ago

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