Goals and Highlights: Pachuca 1-2 Toluca in Liga MX 2021


12:24 AM2 days ago

Goals and Highlights

12:07 AM2 days ago


Toluca comes from behind to beat Pachuca at the Estadio Hidalgo.
12:05 AM2 days ago


Michael Estrada misses a clear shot in front of goal and misses the third.
11:58 PM2 days ago


Goal, goal, goal for Toluca! Rigonato's shot from outside the area ends up breaking Ustari's net.
11:55 PM2 days ago


Toluca substitution. Diego Chávez replaces Ian González.
11:55 PM2 days ago


Change of Pachuca. Ismael Sosa replaces Nico Ibáñez.
11:49 PM2 days ago


Haret Ortega rises in his area and heads the ball away from Garcia's goal.
11:46 PM2 days ago


Roberto de la Rosa's shot, but the ball goes wide.
11:44 PM2 days ago


Toluca change. Braian Samudio comes off and Michael Estrada takes his place.
11:41 PM2 days ago


Good intervention by Vanegas, preventing de la Rosa from shooting at Ustari's goal.
11:37 PM2 days ago


Pachuca came close to breaking the tie, Toluca failed to score, Ibañez and other Pachuca players tried to shoot at goal, but in the end Garcia kept the ball.
11:33 PM2 days ago


Toluca change. Diego Rigonato and Kevin Castañeda are substituted for Jorge Rodríguez and Felipe Pardo.
11:26 PM2 days ago


Double change for Pachuca. Víctor Guzmán and Roberto de la Rosa replace Luis Chávez and Avilés Hurtado.


11:25 PM2 days ago


Chavez's service, but Vanegas, attentive, crosses and prevents the ball from reaching the goal.
11:20 PM2 days ago


Erick Sanchez's shot, but it goes just wide
11:16 PM2 days ago


Double change for Pachuca. Óscar Murillo and Francisco Figueroa replace Miguel Herrera and Jorge Hernández.


11:15 PM2 days ago


The action restarts in the Bella Airosa.
10:57 PM2 days ago


First half ends, Tuzos and Toluca tie at halftime
10:55 PM2 days ago


Excellent pass by Álvarez, but Ibáñez does not hit the ball well and misses a clear shot.
10:52 PM2 days ago


Catalán tried to send in a cross, but Rodríguez crossed and prevented the ball from reaching the area.
10:48 PM2 days ago


A good save by Ustari prevented Sambueza from shooting at goal to put them ahead on the scoreboard.
10:42 PM2 days ago


Goal by Toluca! Ian Gonzalez takes advantage of a mistake by Hernandez and shoots into the goal to tie the score. 
10:37 PM2 days ago


Lopez's shot, but the ball goes without generating problems in Ustari's goal.
10:32 PM2 days ago


Excellent intervention by Lopez who ends up taking the ball away from Alvarez.
10:25 PM2 days ago


Goal, goal, goal for Toluca! Chavez's cross, after a header that hits the post, Kevin Alvarez fires into the net to open the scoring.
10:22 PM2 days ago


A dangerous shot by Yairo Moreno, but the ball goes wide of the goal.


10:20 PM2 days ago


Samudio's shot, but the ball does not generate any danger.
10:14 PM2 days ago


Dangerous service from Toluca, but Catalán saves the ball.
10:09 PM2 days ago


The match kicks off in Pachuca, Hidalgo.
9:56 PM2 days ago

Toluca: LineUp

L. García; R. López, H. Ortega, O. Vanegas, J. Rodríguez; R. Sambueza, F. Pardo, C. Baeza, J. Vázquez; B. Samudio, I. González.
9:56 PM2 days ago

Pachuca: LineUp

O. Ustari; M. Catalán, K. Álvarez, M. Herrera, G. Cabral; Y. Moreno, J. Hernández, L. Chávez; N. Ibáñez, A. Hurtado, E. Sánchez.
9:48 PM2 days ago

To the court

Pachuca and Toluca are already warming up before tonight's match; their game will close the eighth matchday and a good match is expected.
9:47 PM2 days ago

Watch out for this player

Rubens Sambueza is the top scorer for Los Diablos de Toluca; with 4 goals, the midfielder is in third place in the scoring charts.
9:45 PM2 days ago

What numbers!

In the offensive table, Toluca is in fourth place with twelve goals, while Pachuca has nine goals and is in eleventh place.
9:35 PM2 days ago

¡Se va!

Toluca made it official that Anibal Chalá no longer belongs to the scarlet team. The player was not with the team from the State of Mexico, he was on loan, however they made his release official, Chalá will play for Atlas.
9:33 PM2 days ago

Watch out for this player

Erick Sanchez is the striker Toluca must pay special attention to, the midfielder will be looking to generate danger in the opponent's goal.
9:30 PM2 days ago

They are here!

Both Pachuca and Toluca are already at the stadium, the players of both teams are looking to close the eighth matchday in a good way, offering a good show for the fans.
9:26 PM2 days ago

Last duels

In the last five meetings between Toluca and Pachuca, Los Tuzos have two draws, two defeats and just one win.
9:23 PM2 days ago

They don't win!

Toluca has not managed to beat Pachuca since the 2015 Apertura; on that occasion, the match ended 3-4 with a Fernando Uribe poker.
9:21 PM2 days ago

What a data!

Pachuca and Toluca have faced each other 57 times prior to this match, however, Toluca dominates in wins.

9:16 PM2 days ago

Let's keep on adding!

Jorge Hernández could reach his 375th Liga MX appearance if he plays in this match. The midfielder made his debut in 2008 with the Jaguares.

9:11 PM2 days ago

Stay tuned for the Pachuca vs Toluca live stream.

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Toluca statements

Hernán Cristante, Toluca's coach, spoke prior to this match and after the FIFA date: "This FIFA date helped us to get people who had not been in preseason to do a good job. I can't tell you if these days were good for us. If we get results they will say yes, if we do badly they will say no. So we did what we should have done. So we did what we had to do". 

"Pachuca is a very good team, they have a lot of offensive variations; they play with wingers, they like to reach the opponent's area with the ball under control, they have a good aerial game. It will be a complicated match." 

"Mexican soccer is like that, anything can happen, at any time. The level is even and you can expect anything. Unlike our opponents, we have more variants in terms of how we operate".

8:56 PM2 days ago

Honor to whom honor is due!

Prior to the match between Tuzos and Toluca, the Mexican athletes who participated in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games will be recognized at the Hidalgo Stadium, a great tribute by the Tuzos' management.

8:51 PM2 days ago

No more!

Defender Miguel Barbieri came on in the 62nd minute in place of Óscar Vanegas. After the match and a few days later, Toluca announced that the defender had a ruptured cruciate ligament, the defender underwent surgery and will miss the rest of the Grita México Apertura 2021 tournament.
8:46 PM2 days ago

Irregular tournament

The Tuzos have not had a great start to the tournament and with one match pending, they have accumulated two wins, one draw and three defeats after seven matchdays, with this the team coached by Pezzolano is in 12th place in the general table of the tournament.

8:41 PM2 days ago

Aiming to keep adding

Toluca comes into this match after defeating Pumas by two goals to one, although not everything went well for the scarlet-colored team as they lost one of their defenders. The Diablos come into this match accumulating four wins, two ties and one loss, reaching the number three position and totaling 14 points.

8:36 PM2 days ago

The match will be played at the Hidalgo Stadium.

The Pachuca vs Toluca game will be played at the Hidalgo Stadium located in Pachuca, Hidalgo; with capacity for 30,000 people. 

8:31 PM2 days ago

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