Goals and Highlights: Venados 0-1 Atletico Morelia in Liga Expansion MX 2021
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10:14 PM4 days ago

Goals and Highlights

10:06 PM4 days ago


It's over! The match is over, Morelia wins by the minimum.
10:03 PM4 days ago


Cruz's left-footed shot, but the ball goes over the top.
9:58 PM4 days ago


Santiago Ramirez prevents Fernando Cruz's shot from entering his goal.
9:55 PM4 days ago


He's leaving! The referee showed the red card to assistant Marco Capetillo.
9:47 PM4 days ago


Barragan was looking to get into the box, but Noya ended up preventing the ball from going through.
9:47 PM4 days ago


Double change for Venados. Jorge Enríquez and Juan Martínez are replaced by Patricio Zerecero and Fernando Cruz.
9:44 PM4 days ago


Change of Morelia. Diego Abella replaces Gael Acosta.
9:42 PM4 days ago


Dogre's save prevents the visitors' second goal.
9:40 PM4 days ago


Alfonso Luna's cross, but Ramirez keeps the ball without problems.
9:33 PM4 days ago


Change of Morelia. Alan Sosa replaces Eduardo del Ángel.
9:29 PM4 days ago


Excellent intervention by the visiting defense, which ends up clearing the ball from Ángel López.
9:22 PM4 days ago


Double change for Venados. Saúl Ramírez and David González are substituted for Miguel Mayo and Rodrigo González.
9:15 PM4 days ago


Mauro Perez shoots, but his header goes wide.
9:08 PM4 days ago


The second half begins in Mérida.
9:08 PM4 days ago


Change of Venados. Raúl Suárez is replaced by Mauro Pérez.
8:53 PM4 days ago


At the end of the first half, Morelia wins by the narrowest of margins.
8:53 PM4 days ago


Eduardo Fernandez's left-footed shot, but the ball goes wide.
8:49 PM4 days ago


Noya's shot goes over the side of Ramírez's goal.
8:45 PM4 days ago


Ángel López made a good save on a ball that Ramírez was trying to send to his striker.
8:42 PM4 days ago


Morelia tries to shoot at goal, but the defense gets in the way.
8:34 PM4 days ago


Acosta's right-footed shot deflected by the local goalkeeper
8:25 PM4 days ago


Suárez's shot and Ramírez dives to prevent the goal from falling.
8:20 PM4 days ago


Goal, goal, goal, Morelia! Trejo's header ends up in the back of the net.
8:14 PM4 days ago


Morelia's shot is controlled by Dogre.
8:06 PM4 days ago


The activity continues in the Liga Expansion MX, Venados receives Morelia.
7:58 PM4 days ago

Atletico Morelia: LineUp

S. Ramírez; A. Ledezma, C. Guzmán, M. Trejo, U. Zurita, L. Pérez, E. del Ángel, M. Barragán, G. Acosta, S. Vergara, J. Ramírez.
7:56 PM4 days ago

Venados: LineUp

A. Dogre; R. González, R. Noya, J. Martínez, A. Luna, R. Suárez, E. Fernández, J. Enríquez, M. Mayo, E. Herrera, A. López.
7:46 PM4 days ago

To the court

Both teams are already warming up before the start of the match that corresponds to the eighth day of the competition.
7:45 PM4 days ago

They are present!

The Venados, with Carlos Gutiérrez at the helm, are already at the Carlos Iturralde stadium, looking to make their home advantage count.
7:43 PM4 days ago

They are here!

Atlético Morelia is already in the building ready to play one more day of this tournament and continue looking for the highest places in the general table.
7:32 PM4 days ago

Very similar

In the defensive table these teams are in similar positions, Venados has 8 goals against and is in ninth place; while Morelia is in twelfth place with 9 goals.
7:25 PM4 days ago

Hard data!

Atlético Morelia is in third place in the offensive table with twelve goals scored, while Venados is in twelfth place with six goals.
7:23 PM4 days ago


Rodrigo Gonzalez was the best player on this day, the defender had 100% accuracy in all his passes.
7:15 PM4 days ago

What a tip!

Raúl Suárez has managed to make 6 successful passes in the match against Cancún, a situation that makes him an important player for this game.
7:10 PM4 days ago

If there will be guest number 12

The Carlos Iturralde stadium will have fans for this game, Venados fans will be a key part of tonight's duel.
7:05 PM4 days ago

Preparation followed!

This morning the Morelia players had their activation in the hours leading up to this afternoon's match.

7:00 PM4 days ago

Stay tuned for the Venados vs Atletico Morelia live stream.

In a few moments we'll share with you the starting lineups for Venados vs Atletico Morelia live, as well as the latest information from the Carlos Iturralde Stadium. Stay tuned for up-to-the-minute live online coverage of the match on VAVEL.
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Atletico Morelia Statements

After the draw against Cimarrones, Ricardo Valiño spoke to the media: "I feel that we lost a match that we had resolved, but in a match where we made every effort to win it, I think that the first 25 or 30 minutes were played in the opponent's half, we had situations to make it 3-1, unfortunately in the last part of the match, a deflection, here the team is always strong. There is not much time for regrets, we have to go and look for the victory in Mérida".

"We didn't have our best game, but within what it was we played a good game, I think we didn't know how to finish it off, when we took the lead we had, we have to see how we work, but the team plays with the goal in front, proposes, converts".

"It's unbalancing because now we play and in 72 hours we play again, but I make no excuses, we played and we had everything to win. It's a matter of attention, ball possession is decisive in the last minutes so that your team doesn't suffer."

"We are going to play an intelligent game, Mérida is a good team, they have a good game up top, we will not change our position, whether we are at home or away, we always propose. I have no problem playing at this time of day, but I would have liked to play at this time of day with the fans".

6:45 PM4 days ago

Aiming to climb up the standings

Atlético Morelia comes into this match after a one-goal draw against Cimarrones. The team coached by Valiño has had a regular tournament, accumulating three wins, two draws and one loss, placing them in fifth position with twelve points. Martín Barragán is the current top scorer of the team and of the tournament with seven goals.

6:40 PM4 days ago

Aiming to make it three out of three

Venados are coming off a narrow away win over Cancún. The Mérida team is currently in seventh place in the general table with 11 points, the result of three wins, one draw and three defeats. Raúl Suárez is the team's current goal scorer with two points.

6:35 PM4 days ago

The match will be played at Carlos Iturralde Stadium.

Venados vs Atlético Morelia will be played at the Jalisco Stadium located in Mérida, Yucatán; with capacity for 15,087 people. 

6:30 PM4 days ago

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