Goals and highlights: Leones Negros 3-0 Tapatio in Liga Expansion MX 2021
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Resumen y goles

6:57 PMa year ago

The match ends!

With goals from Carlos Baltazar, Wilber Rentería and Marco Granados, Leones Negros convincingly defeats Tapatío at the Estadio Jalisco.

With this result, the Melenudos have six points and leave the last position in the standings, while the Cabritos continue with five points and are now in second place.

On the ninth date of the Grita México A21 tournament of the Liga Expansión MX, the universitarios will visit Cancún and the rojiblancos will host Atlante.

(Photo: Tapatio)
(Photo: Tapatio)
6:50 PMa year ago


Five minutes of repositioning are added.
6:46 PMa year ago


Gilberto García is sent off, leaving Tapatío with ten men.
6:46 PMa year ago


Tapatío also makes their last lineup change: Oziel Mireles comes on in place of Benjamín Sánchez.
6:46 PMa year ago


Leones Negros makes its final move: Marvin Ceballos comes in for Wilber Rentería.
6:39 PMa year ago


Double change for Tapatío: Dylan Guajardo and Jesús Orozco are replaced by Matías Cendejas and Jesús Brigido.
6:38 PMa year ago


After being assisted by Wilber Rentería, Marco Granados shoves the ball in and further increases the universitarios' lead.
6:36 PMa year ago


Wilber Rentería scored UDG's second goal. 
6:32 PMa year ago


Rodrigo Godínez, of Leones Negros, and Benjamín Sánchez and Luis Márquez, of Tapatío, also received yellow cards.
6:24 PMa year ago


Leones Negros makes its first change: Miguel Guzmán comes in for José González, who leaves due to physical discomfort.
6:18 PMa year ago


Felipe Lopez! The local goalkeeper shrinks the ball and with his legs he saves Deivoon Magaña's shot. Tapatío was on the verge of scoring.
6:16 PMa year ago


Tapatio's Diego Campillo was also cautioned.
6:13 PMa year ago


Marco Granados, of Leones Negros, is the second player to receive a yellow card.
6:11 PMa year ago


Colombian Wilber Rentería shoots inside the box to increase the universitarios' lead on the scoreboard.
6:11 PMa year ago


Tapatío makes his first change of the match: Luis Márquez and Irving Márquez take the place of Christian Pinzón and Alejandro Organista.
6:08 PMa year ago

The second half begins!

The match between Leones Negros and Tapatío resumes.
5:52 PMa year ago

The first half ends!

Without having control of the match, Leones Negros is defeating Tapatío by the minimum difference, a team that continues to look inoperative to generate danger. 
(Foto: Tapatío)
(Foto: Tapatío)
5:48 PMa year ago


One minute of compensation will be added.
5:48 PMa year ago


José Rangel! The visiting goalkeeper holds and saves José González's shot. Leones Negros came close to scoring their second goal.
5:46 PMa year ago


Inside the penalty area, Wilber Rentería set up Carlos Baltazar, who fired a shot just inside the left post to put the Melenudos ahead on the scoreboard.
5:44 PMa year ago


So far, defensively, Leones Negros has done a good job of containing any onslaught from the visitors.
5:35 PMa year ago


After half an hour of play, the match is still tied, and neither team has generated any really dangerous play.
5:20 PMa year ago


Little by little, Tapatio has taken control of the action; however, they have still fallen short in making progress and generating dangerous opportunities.
5:13 PMa year ago


The match has been quite disputed for the moment; neither team has clearly taken possession of the ball.
5:02 PMa year ago

The match begins!

Leones Negros and Tapatío are already facing each other, in the eighth round of the competition.
4:59 PMa year ago

Everything is ready!

The protagonists of Leones Negros and Tapatío are already on the field of the Jalisco Stadium; and at this moment, the Mexican national anthem is being sung.
4:50 PMa year ago

Tapatio: substitutes

César López; Matías Cendejas, Luis Márquez, Luis Ledesma, Irving Márquez, Irvin Ortiz, Juan Brigido and Oziel Mireles.
4:37 PMa year ago

Leones Negros: substitutes

Jorge Hernández; Ángel Hernández, Francisco Rabago, Juan de Alba, Bryan Flores, Marvin Ceballos, Ángel Hernández, Miguel Guzmán, Juan Ascensio, Kevin Sandoval and Alejandro Díaz.
4:29 PMa year ago

Tapatio: confirmed lineup

José Rangel; Jesús Orozco, Miguel Gómez, Deivoon Magaña, Christian Pinzón, Diego Campillo, Gilberto García, Dylan Guajardo, Ángel López (C), Alejandro Organista and Benjamín Sánchez.
4:24 PMa year ago

Leones Negros: confirmed lineup

Felipe López; Paul Bellón, Rodrigo Godínez, Edson Jaramillo, Romario Hernández (C), Carlos Baltazar, Jairo González, Wilber Rentería, Daniel García, José González y Marco Granados.
4:19 PMa year ago

History between Leones Negros and Tapatío

These institutions have faced each other on only two occasions; so far, there has been a draw and a victory for the red and white team.
(Photo: Tapatio)
(Photo: Tapatio)
4:14 PMa year ago

Referee designations for the Leones Negros vs Tapatío match

The referee for this match will be Abraham Quirarte; Mario Ramírez, first official; Jesús Soto, second assistant referee; and José González, fourth official.
4:09 PMa year ago

Let's get started!

In just under an hour, Leones Negros UDG and Tapatío will face each other at the Coloso de la Calzada Independencia, and will be looking for a win to avoid being the current bottom of the Liga Expansión MX.
4:04 PMa year ago

Tune in here Leones Negros UDG vs Tapatio Live Score

In a few moments we will share with you the starting lineups for Leones Negros vs Tapatio live, as well as the latest information from Jalisco Stadium. Stay tuned for up-to-the-minute live coverage of the match on VAVEL
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Tapatio: last lineup

César López; Jesús Orozco, Deivoon Magaña, Miguel Gómez, Diego Campillo, Luis Márquez, Gilberto García, Pavel Pérez, Dylan Guajardo, Ángel López (C) and Juan Brigido.
3:49 PMa year ago

Leones Negros: last lineup

Jorge Hernández; Rodrigo Godínez, Edson Jaramillo, Bryan Flores, Romario Hernández (C), Ángel Hernández, Carlos Baltazar, Miguel Guzmán, Jairo González, Wilber Rentería and José González.
3:44 PMa year ago

How is Tapatío coming along?

Meanwhile, the previous Wednesday, in their visit to the Tlahuicole Stadium, the Chivas affiliate once again had a limited performance and ended up being defeated 2-0 by the Coyotes of Tlaxcala.
3:39 PMa year ago

How is Leones Negros doing?

UDG had no activity on the last date, as they had to rest; however, last Sunday, in their visit to Mexico City, they were defeated 2-0 by Potros Atlante.
3:34 PMa year ago

Tapatio, to move away from the bottom

On the other hand, the team coached by Alberto Coyote is one of the teams that has been left with the most to do, especially due to the quality of its squad, as, in addition to poor results, its collective performance has been quite limited.

At the moment, they are in the penultimate place (16th) in the general table with five points, after one win, two draws and four losses.

(Photo: Tapatio)
(Photo: Tapatio)
3:29 PMa year ago

Leones Negros, to get out of the basement

The university team has had a very poor performance so far this season, as shown by the fact that it occupies the last position (17th) in the standings with only three points, the result of three wins and three losses; it is the only one that has not won. As a result, more than a week ago, Jorge Dávalos was dismissed from his position as technical director and Luis Alfonso Sosa, an old acquaintance, was hired to replace him.
(Photo: Leones Negros)
(Photo: Leones Negros)
3:24 PMa year ago

Clubs from Guadalajara, in search of a reaction

This Wednesday afternoon, at the Coloso Calzada Independencia, Leones Negros and Tapatio (the two teams with the worst records in the current competition) will face each other and try to break their respective negative streaks. It is clear that, given what both institutions represent, their current situation is not what they wanted or planned.
3:19 PMa year ago

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