Goals and Highlights: Mazatlan 2-2 Pumas in Liga MX
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Thank you for following the Liga MX Date 9 game between Mazatlan and Pumas.
12:04 AMa month ago

Do not win

Pumas let the victory slip away and barely tied against Mazatlan, which retains its position in the top 12 of the championship.
12:03 AMa month ago

End game

Mazatlán 2-2 Pumas.
12:02 AMa month ago


Rogerio's cross shot goes wide. Pumas close.
12:01 AMa month ago


Torres' shot goes well over the top of the goal.
11:58 PMa month ago


Six more minutes were added.
11:56 PMa month ago


Mazatlan Goal

Diego Amador takes advantage of the rebound inside the box to take a low, placed shot, making it 2-2.

11:52 PMa month ago


Pumas Goal

They review the play and indicate that Rogerio was not offside and the universitarios turn it around. 2-1.

11:50 PMa month ago


Goal disallowed for Pumas for offside.
11:49 PMa month ago


Oliveira and Meraz left

Arce and Amador came in

Mazatlan changes

11:47 PMa month ago


Dinenno's cross shot goes high and Pumas wastes a good approach.
11:42 PMa month ago


Álvarez leaves and Torres enters, Pumas change.
11:39 PMa month ago


Moreno and Sanvezzo leave

Rangel and Rodríguez enter

Mazatlan changes.

11:34 PMa month ago


Sanchez enters and Zarate leaves

Mazatlan change

11:31 PMa month ago

Gol Pumas 1-1

11:30 PMa month ago


Corozo is on the field and the teams take the opportunity to rehydrate for a few moments.
11:28 PMa month ago


Rogerio's header hit the post and then on the counter Alvarez hit the post and his attempt went wide.
11:26 PMa month ago


Augusto brings the ball down and shoots a left-footed shot that goes just wide.
11:22 PMa month ago


Pumas Goal

Dinenno's inside pass into the six-yard box to tie the game 1-1.

11:17 PMa month ago


Corozo's cross that Rogerio fails to finish and the ball falls to Vikonis.
11:11 PMa month ago


The second half begins between Mazatlan and Pumas.

Bennevento and García come out

Rogerio and López come on. Pumas changes

10:56 PMa month ago

Half time

Mazatlán 1-0 Pumas.
10:53 PMa month ago


A long-range shot by Álvarez that Vikonis one-handedly deflected for a corner.
10:51 PMa month ago


Five more minutes are added.
10:48 PMa month ago


Nicolás Vikonis has been cautioned.
10:42 PMa month ago


Zarate with the delayed diagonal, but without raising his head and nobody manages to finish inside the area.
10:39 PMa month ago


The shot hit the post, but Melitao, alone in the area, sent the rebound into the stands after a bad contact with the ball.
10:36 PMa month ago


Sanvezzo's left-footed cross to the far post was a bit off target.
10:35 PMa month ago


Velarde turns and the ball goes too high.
10:31 PMa month ago


Moment of rehydration in the match between Mazatlan and Pumas.
10:31 PMa month ago


Waiter with the service going one way.
10:27 PMa month ago


Mazatlan Goal

Sanvezzo's powerful shot down the center opens the scoring at the Kraken.

10:25 PMa month ago


Alfredo Talavera has been cautioned.
10:25 PMa month ago


Penalty for Mazatlán after VAR review, Velarde has been cautioned.
10:22 PMa month ago


A penalty is called on Sanvezzo, but the referee does not indicate anything.
10:17 PMa month ago


Bennevento's cross looking for Dinenno, but Vikonis comes out and takes the ball.
10:12 PMa month ago


A delayed diagonal that the Pumas defense has some trouble rejecting.
10:05 PMa month ago


The game between Mazatlan and Pumas in Liga MX kicks off.
10:02 PMa month ago

They jump into the field

Under Liga MX protocol, Mazatlan and Pumas take the field at Kraken Stadium.
9:53 PMa month ago

Minutes away

We are minutes away from the start of the Liga MX Week 9 game between Mazatlan and Pumas.
9:46 PMa month ago

Already warming up

Mazatlán is already on the field doing the final warm-up exercises for the match against Pumas.
9:40 PMa month ago

Pumas Substitutes

20 González, 16 Rodríguez, 6 Lira, 14 García, 17 López, 22 Batocchio,  47 Galindo, 249 Álvarez, 21 Oliveira, 30 Torres.
9:38 PMa month ago

Mazatlan Substitutes

33 Gutiérrez, 22 Zavala, 189 Rodríguez, 1 Sandoval, 11 Amador, 13 Cardona, 16 Sánchez, 9 Rangel, 23 Rubio, 195 Arce.
9:35 PMa month ago

Prior to the trip

Due to the fact that Pumas is not having a good season, the university students received a motivational talk with the aim of improving the team's morale.

9:30 PMa month ago

The whistler

The referee for this game between Mazatlan and Pumas will be Erick Yair Miranda Galindo.
9:25 PMa month ago

XI Pumas

1 Alfredo Talavera, 2 Alan Mozo, 18 Efraín Velarde, 23 Nicolás Freire, 25 Arturo Ortiz, 64 Pablo Bennevendo, 8 Higor Mireitao, 10 Fávio Álvarez, 31 Washington Corozo, 48 Marco García, 9 Juan Dinenno.
9:20 PMa month ago

XI Mazatlán

27 Nicolás Vikonis, 3 Néstor Vidrio, 4 Nicolás Díaz, 5 Carlos Vargas, 28 Jorge Padilla, 6 Roberto Meráz, 8 Gonzalo Freitas, 10 Giovanni Oliveira, 17 Iván Moreno, 20 Jorge Zárate, 7 Camilo Sanvezzo.
9:15 PMa month ago

Back to winning

Mazatlán has not won since match day two, when they defeated Pachuca, and they will be looking to get back to winning ways; last week they lost to América at the Azteca Stadium.
9:10 PMa month ago

To regain confidence

The Pumas played in the Leagues Cup semifinal in midweek, but a sending-off in the first minutes of the game limited them and they ended up being beaten 3-0 by León.
9:05 PMa month ago


Two teams with an urgent need to win at all costs, Mazatlán and Pumas, close out the intense Saturday activity in Liga MX. We begin with coverage of the game.
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What time is Mazatlan vs Pumas match for Liga MX?

This is the start time of the game Mazatlan vs Pumas of 18th September in several countries:

Argentina: 11:00 PM in DirecTV.

Bolivia: 10:00 PM

Brazil: 11:00 PM

Chile: 10:00 PM in DirecTV.

Colombia: 9:00 PM

Ecuador: 9:00 horas

USA (ET): 10:00 PM in TUDN

Spain: 4:00 AM

Mexico: 9:00 PM in ESPN and Azteca 7.

Paraguay: 11:00 PM

Peru: 9:00 PM

Uruguay: 11:00 PM

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Last games Mazatlan vs Pumas

Only twice have these teams met due to the recent founding of the Sinaloa team. The first time was at the Kraken Stadium in the Apertura 2020 with a 0-0 draw, while last season in the Mexican capital the universitarios asserted their dominance with a categorical 3-0 win at the Estadio Olímpico Universitario.
8:45 PMa month ago

Key player Pumas UNAM

After his suspension, Juan Dinenno will be back on the field trying to reconcile himself with the goal, a problem that the university team has suffered since last season and has been one of the worst offenses in Liga MX.

8:40 PMa month ago

Key player Mazatlan

Since his arrival with the Cañoneros, Camilo Sanvezzo has become the key player in the attack, so if Mazatlán wants to win, the Brazilian must have constant contact with the ball, preferably in front of the opponent's goal.

8:35 PMa month ago

Last Team Pumas UNAM

20 Julio González, 23 Nicolás Freire, 25 Arturo Ortiz, 16 Jerónimo Rodríguez, 64 Pablo Bennevendo, 6 Erik Lira, 8 Higor Matheus Meritão, 17 Leonel López, 27 Emanuel Montejano, 10 Favio Álvarez, 7 Sebastian Saucedo.
8:30 PMa month ago

Last Team Mazatlan

27 Nicolás Vikonis, 3 Néstor Vidrio, 4 Nicolás Diaz, 8 Gonzalo Freitas, 189 Salvador Rodriguez, 15Bryan Colula, 6 Roberto Meraz, 5 Carlos Vargas, 16 Emilio Sánchez, 10 Giovanni Augusto, 7 Camilo Sanvezzo.
8:25 PMa month ago

Pumas: leaving the bottom of the table

The management of Pumas UNAM in recent years has left much to be desired and has begun to be reflected on the field, with a team that has only won one of eight games (against Puebla), being the worst offensive team in the championship with four goals and occupying the second to last place overall with just 6 points.
8:20 PMa month ago

Mazatlán: back to winning ways

Although they had a great start beating champion Cruz Azul away from home, Mazatlán has now gone six games without a win and has fallen to the middle of the general table, so they have an unbeatable opportunity to get back to winning ways in front of their fans.
8:15 PMa month ago

Kick-off time

The Mazatlan vs Pumas match will be played at the Kraken Stadium, in Sinaloa, Mexico. The kick-off is scheduled at 10 pm ET.
8:10 PMa month ago

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