Goals and Highlights Genoa vs Fiorentina (1-2)
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Resume and Highlights Genoa 1-2 Fiorentina

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Next matches

The 5th matchweek of Serie A takes place in midweek and Genoa return to the field on Tuesday 21st, at 12:30 pm ET, when they face Bologna away from home. On the same day, at 2:45 pm ET, Fiorentina receives the defending champions Inter Milan.
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Match stats

Possession - Genoa: 35%, Fiorentina: 65%
Saves: 3-2
Penalties: 1-0
Total shots: 9-16
Shots on target: 3-5
Fouls commited: 13-16
Offsides: 2-1
Corners: 1-11
Completed passes: 250-512
Passing accuracy: Genoa 79%, Fiorentina: 89%
Bookings: 4-4
Key passes:1-3
Recoveries: 50-22
Tackles: 13-20
Interceptions: 12-4
Photo by ACF Fiorentina
Photo by ACF Fiorentina
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54' The referee blows his whistle! Fiorentina pick up their third consecutive league win, this time away from home, and temporarily move up to 4th place in the table. Genoa hope to avoid finishing in the relegation zone.
11:31 AMa month ago


53' CRISCITO! The capitan of Genoa displaces Dragowski with a firm left-footed shot to the keeper's left corner
11:31 AMa month ago

Penalty for Genoa

51' Badelj invades the left side of the penalty area, Igor Julio gets to the marking and tries to get the ball away, but hits his rival's knee and the referee points to the goal without the help of VAR
11:28 AMa month ago

No, no

49' Biraschi goes forward on the left, Pandev and Kallon are positioned in the box, but he fumbles and can't finish the move
11:28 AMa month ago


46' Fiorentina value possession, Genoa look shaken after conceding the second goal
11:16 AMa month ago

Added time

45' Six minutes to end the match
11:16 AMa month ago


44' BONAVENTURA! Biraghi crosses, Sirigu closes the angle well and saves with his left foot. Saponara picks up the rebound inside the box and plays it to his teammate, who was advancing down the right, and shoots a cross into the goalkeeper's right corner with no chance of defense.
11:15 AMa month ago

Yellow card

40' Aleksandr Kokorin, Fiorentina's striker, for a foul on Behrami. VAR checks if it was for a sending off, but in the end confirms Livio Marinelli's decision.
11:14 AMa month ago


37' Genoa occupy more of the field of attack, get the first corner of the match in the second half, but can't trouble goalkeeper Dragowski
11:13 AMa month ago

Genoa goes ahead

34' Good play between Biraschi, Pandev and Rovella, who crosses from the left in the middle of the area and Amrabat deflects for a corner. After a left-wing shot at the second post, the ball goes out of bounds
11:11 AMa month ago

SUB Genoa

33' Sofyan Amrabat in place of Pulgar, who was injury
11:10 AMa month ago

Genoa again

30' Kallon tries to trigger Pandev with a head pass, but neither can get a shot on Dragowski's goal
11:10 AMa month ago

Chance for Genoa

25' After a corner kick, Pulgar shoots right and the ball goes out
11:09 AMa month ago

Sirigu again!

24' Ducan receives a left-footed shot in the middle of the box, the goalkeeper slaps it away with his right hand and saves Genoa
10:45 AMa month ago

VAR check over. No penalty.

22' After the conversation with the video team, referee keeps the field decision and even goes to the monitor to review the previous throw
10:44 AMa month ago

Yellow card

21' Valon Behrami, Genoa midfielder
10:44 AMa month ago


21' Pulgar falls in the box after splitting with Pandev and Behrami and complains to the referee. He asked for a penalty.
10:38 AMa month ago

SUB Genoa

18' Valon Behrami e Yayah Kallon in, Toure e Fares out
10:35 AMa month ago


15' RICCARDO SAPONARA! The striker runs forward on the left, cuts inside and shoots hard to the left corner of Sirigu, who stretches all out but can't prevent the opening goal
10:35 AMa month ago

SUB Genoa

13' Davide Biraschi in place of Cambiaso


10:35 AMa month ago

On the wall

11' Hernani takes a free-kick, but the ball stops in the middle of the defense and nobody takes advantage of the rebound
10:34 AMa month ago

Yellow card

9' Goran Pandev, Genoa striker, for hitting Martínez Quarta Pandev with a free-kick from behind 
10:34 AMa month ago

Double substitution for Genoa

8' Hernani and Goran Pandev enter, Melegoni and Destro leave
10:34 AMa month ago


6' Callejon comes forward on the right and plays the ball into the box, Biraghi shoots left-footed, but he was in an irregular position and the referee raises the flag
10:33 AMa month ago

From top

4' Maksimovic takes a corner, Biraghi goes to the ball and crosses in the middle of the area, Martinez Quarta rises but heads the ball away
10:33 AMa month ago

No direction

3' Callejon crosses from the left, Biraghi finishes with his left foot, but doesn't get the ball well and it goes out the back line
10:19 AMa month ago


00' The referee blows! The second half kicks off in Genoa.
10:18 AMa month ago

SUB Fiorentina

Riccardo Saponara (MID) in place of Nico Gonzalez (FWD)
10:14 AMa month ago


Genoa: Adrian Semper, Federico Marchetti, Behrami, Bani, Biraschi, Vásquez, Ghiglione, Pandev, Bianchi, Hernani, Portanova, Kallon.
Fiorentina: Pietro Terracciano, Milenkovic, Saponara, Maleh, Terzic, Torreira, Benassi, Duncan, Sottil, Amrabat, Natasic, Kokorin.
10:11 AMa month ago

First half stats

Possession - Genoa: 32%, Fiorentina: 68%
Saves: 2-2
Penalties: 0-0
Shots: 3-8
Shots on target: 2-2
Fouls commited: 8-9
Offsides: 1-1
Corners: 0-7
Completed passes: 123-255
Passing accuracy: Genoa 79%, Fiorentina:  90%
Bookings: 3-2
Two bookings: 3-2
Recoveries: 29-6
Tackles: 8-10
Interceptions: 7-2
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Half time

50' Referee Livio Marinelli signals the end of the first half at the Luigi Ferraris Stadium
10:07 AMa month ago


50' Toure sends a ball to Destro, but he was too far ahead
10:07 AMa month ago

From top

49' Rovella takes a free-kick in the middle of the area, Destro's head deflects and the ball goes out
10:01 AMa month ago


48' Vlahovic receives a left-footed shot from Nico Gonzalez, but the ball goes straight to the end line
9:59 AMa month ago

Yellow card

48' Biraghi, Fiorentina full-back, for bringing down Cambiaso, who was advancing free on the right
9:56 AMa month ago

Added time

45' Five minutes to end the first half
9:55 AMa month ago


44' Vlahovic passes to Nico Gonzalez on the left, he beats Cambiaso and crosses to Callejon, who was closing in at the first post, but the Spaniard can't reach the ball
9:50 AMa month ago

Chance for Fiorentina again

43' Nico Gonzalez sets up a counter attack and crosses towards Vlahovic, but Maksimovic gets the ball out of the box
9:46 AMa month ago

Amazing Sirigu!

39' Badelj tries a throw-in through the middle, Odriozola intercepts the pass and sets up a counter attack. Pulgar moves forward and plays to Bonaventura, who shoots into the corner and forces the goalkeeper to slap it away with his left hand.
9:42 AMa month ago

Chance for Genoa

37' Vanheusden shoots from outside the area but sends the ball straight out
9:41 AMa month ago

Yellow card

36' Odriozola, Fiorentina right-back, for hitting Fares
9:37 AMa month ago

In the clutch!

32' Bonaventura sets Nicolas González in motion on the left, he shoots, Criscito gets underneath, sends it for a corner and feels pain in his foot. He receives assistance, but recovers and returns to the field.
9:34 AMa month ago

Not yet

29' Destro is brought down by Odriozola and asks for a card for the rival, but the referee does not warn and only gives a foul
9:32 AMa month ago


25' Alfred Duncan (MID) replaces Castrovilli (MID)
9:30 AMa month ago

Bartlomiej Dragowski!

24' Fiorentina misses the ball, Destro gets face to face with the goalkeeper, shoots at the goal but the Polish player stretches out his left arm and manages to save Viola
9:26 AMa month ago


22' Callejon crosses from the right, Castrovilli arrives at the second post, Cambiaso pulls away but the Fiorentina #10 slides on the pitch and hits the crossbar. He falls with pain in his ribs and asks for medical attention.
9:24 AMa month ago

Yellow card

20' Zinho Vanheusden, Genoa defender, for stepping on Gonzalez's foot.
9:24 AMa month ago


17' Sirigu sets up a five-man barrier, Fiorentina line up more players to cover the goalkeeper. Biraghi hits the ball into the right corner of the goal. 
9:24 AMa month ago

Yellow card

16' Criscito, Genoa's full-back and captain, who displaces Gonzalez on the edge of the box.  
9:18 AMa month ago

Yellow card

13' Abdoulaye Toure, midfielder from Genoa
9:14 AMa month ago

Testing the goalkeeper

10' Biraghi risks a cross-shot from outside the area with his left foot, the ball bounces on the wet grass and goes out to Sirigu's left. 
9:12 AMa month ago


8' Callejon, Gonzalez and Odriozola work the ball on the right side, but Fares gets to the marking and keeps the ball
9:10 AMa month ago


6' Genoa tightens the ball exit, Dragowski comes out playing with Igor and Martinez Quarta, they exchange passes and referee interrupts the game because Toure fell in the intermediary when trying to steal the ball from the Brazilian.
9:07 AMa month ago

Fiorentina on

2' Biraghi takes a free-kick from the left towards Igor inside the box, but he passes the ball and Fares heads it away
9:03 AMa month ago


00' The first half begins. Genoa gets first touch on the ball. It is raining right now, 77 °F in Genoa.
9:02 AMa month ago

Coin up!

Captains Criscito, Genoa's left-back, and Biraghi, Fiorentina's left-back, positioned next to the referee. They exchange pennants and wait for the start of the match.
9:00 AMa month ago


Teams are already on the pitch for the start of the match in Luigi Ferraris Stadium. Genoa wears its main uniform, with a red and navy blue shirt, navy blue shorts, white numbers, goalkeeper Sirigu in turquoise; Fiorentina wears a white shirt with a purple horizontal stripe across the chest, purple numbers, white socks, goalkeeper Dragowski in yellow with the same purple horizontal stripe across the chest.
8:53 AMa month ago

Calculator on hand

GENOA: If they win, they will climb up to six positions in the table, but then it depends on other results to know how the round will end. In case of a draw, the team would climb one position provided Sampdoria beat Empoli.
FIORENTINA: A win would take Viola into the G4 and overtake defending champions Inter Milan, who face Bologna. To finish in this position it would be necessary to hope for a draw and a defeat for Lazio against Cagliari. If the Viola draw today then they will overtake the team from Rome in case of a biancoceleste defeat.
8:42 AMa month ago

Ready to go

A brief tour of the Luigi Ferraris Stadium in Genoa, where Genoa and Fiorentina are about to play in the Serie A.
8:39 AMa month ago

Viola warm up

At this moment Fiorentina's players hit the ball and practice finishing on the Luigi Ferraris pitch.
8:35 AMa month ago


Dragowski; Odriozola, Martinez Quarta, Igor e Biraghi; Bonaventura, Erik, Castrovilli; Callejon, Vlahovic, Nicolas Gonzalez.
Head coach
: Vincenzo Italiano.

Bench: Pietro Terracciano, Milenkovic, Saponara, Maleh, Terzic, Torreira, Benassi, Duncan, Sottil, Amrabat, Natasic, Kokorin.

8:32 AMa month ago


Sirigu; Cambiaso, Vanheusden, Maksimovic e Criscito; Badelj, Toure, Melegoni, Rovella; Fares, Destro.
Head coach: Davide Ballardini.

Bench: Adrian Semper, Federico Marchetti, Behrami, Bani, Biraschi, Vásquez, Ghiglione, Pandev, Bianchi, Hernani, Portanova, Kallon. 

Foto: Divulgação/Genoa CFC
Foto: Divulgação/Genoa CFC
8:22 AMa month ago

Head to head

Four of the last five matches between the teams have ended in a draw. The most recent victory in this clash was two years ago, on September 1, 2019, when Zapata and Kouame scored for Genoa, Pulgar pulled a goal back for Fiorentina and the score ended 2-1.
Foto: Divulgação/ACF Fiorentina
Foto: Divulgação/ACF Fiorentina
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Good Morning! We're back with the latest news, behind the scenes information, lineups and everything you need to know about Genoa and Fiorentina, who take the field shortly at the Luigi Ferraris. The 4th matchweek of Serie A has already started, so come with us so that you don't miss any details of what is going to happen in Genoa.
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Tune in here Genoa vs Fiorentina Live Score

Do not miss a detail of the match with the live updates and commentaries of VAVEL. Follow along with us all the details, commentaries, analysis and lineups for this Genoa vs Fiorentina match.
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How to watch Genoa vs Fiorentina Live Stream on TV and online?

Match: Genoa vs Fiorentina
Competition: Lega Serie A 
Matchweek: #4
Date: September 18th
Kickoff: 9 am ET
Venue: Luigi Ferraris Stadium
Where to watch: ESPN
Real time: VAVEL
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Where and how to watch Genoa vs Fiorentina live online

This match between Genoa and Fiorentina will be broadcast by ESPN on TV or ESPN app. You can also check all the plays in real time here on VAVEL minute by minute with a pre-match preview one hour before the match at Luigi Ferraris.
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Match officials

Referee: Livio Marinelli
Assistant Referee 1: Filippo Meli
Assistant Referee 2: Valerio Colarossi
Fourth official: Alberto Santoro
Video Referee (VAR): Daniele Chiffi
Video Assistant Referee (AVAR): Dario Cecconi
7:52 AMa month ago

Possible lineup of Fiorentina

Dragowski, Odriozola, Milenkovic, Martinez Quarta, Biraghi, Bonaventura, Torreira, Castrovilli, Sottil, Vlahovic, Nicolas Gonzalez.
Coach: Vincenzo Italiano.
7:47 AMa month ago

Possible lineup of Genoa

Sirigu, Vanheusden, Maksimovic, Criscito, Cambiaso, Toure, Badelj, Rovella, Fares, Ekuban, Destro.
Coach: Davide Ballardini.
7:42 AMa month ago

Last match

Genoa and Fiorentina met in April of this year, in Genoa, and the score was even. Destro put the home team ahead, but Vlahovic equalized in the first half. The Viola still played most of the match with one player less because Ribery was sent off early in the second half.
7:37 AMa month ago

Time travel

In the 2020-21 Serie A season Genoa finished ahead of Fiorentina in 11th place with 42 points (won 10, drawn 12 and lost 16 games). The Viola had 40 points and were in 13th position, closer to the relegation zone (seven points above relegated Benevento) than to the G7 (12 points below Roma).
7:32 AMa month ago

Teams information

Genoa are in an unstable phase at the beginning of the season, winning two matches (Perugia and Cagliari) and losing two (Inter Milan and Napoli), conceding 10 goals and scoring only six. Fiorentina, meanwhile, have won three of their four matches so far (Cosenza, Torino, and Atalanta) and lost only one (3-1 to Roma). The Viola are looking for their third consecutive victory.
7:27 AMa month ago


Located in Genoa and known as the Marassi, the century-old Luigi Ferraris Stadium has a capacity of 60,000 and will host this clash between Genoa and Fiorentina, which is scheduled to start at 9:00 am ET.
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Matchweek #4

Sassuolo 0-1 Torino
Inter Milan-Bologna
Juventus- AC Milan
7:17 AMa month ago

Welcome to VAVEL.com’s LIVE coverage at Lega Serie A: Genoa vs Fiorentina

Hi everyone! It's time to Matchweek 4 of Lega Serie A. My name is Bia Palumbo and I will be your host for this game between Genoa and Fiorentina. We will provide you with pre-game analysis, roster updates, and news as it happens live here on VAVEL.