Hellas Verona vs AS Roma: LIVE Score Updates (3-2)
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2:21 PMa month ago

Thank you!

Thank you for watching today's match in VAVEL Mexico, im Santiago Suarez, see you later.
2:21 PMa month ago

Today's goals!

2:05 PMa month ago

Aaaaand the match ends!!

Hellas Verona surprises at Marcoantonio Bentegodi, they beat the previous Serie A leader 3-2, a very attractive match, with 5 goals, there were very good goals, and an own goal, La Loba lost her leadership and her undefeated .
1:58 PMa month ago

And the referee ads 5 minutes

The match will go untill the 95th minute 
1:54 PMa month ago

Another yellow card for Hellas

Cassale gets a yellow card 
1:50 PMa month ago

Yellow card for Hellas

Hongla gets a yellow card 
1:50 PMa month ago

Change for Hellas Verona

Lazovic leaves the pitch 

Cassale enters the pitch 

1:47 PMa month ago

Changes for Hellas

Caprari leaves the pitch 

Hongla enters the pitch 

1:46 PMa month ago

Changes for Roma

Calafiori leaves the pitch 

Mayoral enters the pitch 

Smalling enters the pitch 

Karsdorp leaves the pitch 

1:40 PMa month ago

Min 72: What a save from Roma!!!

Shot outside the area from Caprari, but Rui Patricio saves it barely!!
1:38 PMa month ago

Another yellow card

Cristante gets a yellow card
1:38 PMa month ago

Double change For Hellas and Roma

Hellas Verona: 

Tameze enters the pitch 

Bessa leaves the pitch 

Kalinic enters the pitch 

Simeone leaves the pitch 



Mkhitaryan enters the pitch 

Shomurodov leaves the pitch 

El Shaarawy enters the pitch 

Zaniolo leaves the pitch 

Carles Perez enters the pitch 

Veretout leaves the pitch

1:30 PMa month ago

Min 62: What a great goal from Hellas!!!!!

A half volley from Faraoni, outside the box, and it goes top bins!!! 
1:27 PMa month ago

Min 57: Goal from Roma!!!

What a cross from Pellegrini, that goes inside the area, Ilic tries to clear it, but he puts it in his own net!! its an own goal!
1:22 PMa month ago

Min 53: What a goal from Hellas!!!!

Caprari does a great play, and has a great shot to Rui Patricio's opposite post!! 2-1
1:19 PMa month ago

Another yellow card

Antonin Barak gets a yellow card. 
1:17 PMa month ago

Min 49: Goaaaaaaaaaal from Hellas Verona!!

Great cross, there is a save from Rui Patricio, but it ends up in Antonin Barak and scores!!
1:12 PMa month ago

And the second half starts

Hellas Verona move the ball!
1:11 PMa month ago

Change for Hellas Verona

Magnani enters the pitch Ceccherini leaves the pitch 
12:53 PMa month ago

And the first half ends!

The referee sounds his Ocarina, and the first half ends 0-1, a first half with many chances, La Loba managed to take advantage of one of his chances, while Hellas had chances, but did not take advantage of them, let's hope the second half is better .
12:50 PMa month ago

And the referee decides to add 1 minute

The match will go until the 46th minute 
12:43 PMa month ago

Min 35: Wow!!! What a goal!! Roma are up!!!!

What a cross from Karsdorp, Pellegrini runs and enters the area, and with a great heal flick scores!! what a great goal!! 
12:35 PMa month ago

Second yellow card

Davide Faraoini gets a yellow card after a tactical foul. 
12:33 PMa month ago

Min 28: Mistake by Karsdorp!!

He gives the ball to Lazovic, he shoots and it goes wide by inches!!
12:22 PMa month ago

first Yellow card of the match!

Jordan Veretout recieves a yellow card!
12:22 PMa month ago

Min 15: Post by Cristante!!

Pellegrini sends a great free kick, Cristante makes contact with the ball and heads it to the post!
12:11 PMa month ago

Min 6: How close was that!!!

Giovanni Simeone had a great turn outside the area, has a shot and it passes really close to the goal!!
12:05 PMa month ago

Aaaaaand the match starts!

AS Roma move the ball!
12:00 PMa month ago

Hellas Verona are in a big struggle

Igor Tudor's team haven't won a single game this season, even when they are home, they can't win, can they do good today?

11:55 AMa month ago

Can Roma go to Champions League this season?

La Loba look really strong at the start of this season, and they have a really good coach in Jose Mourinho, can he lift up his team and be in the top 4?

11:49 AMa month ago

Riccardo Calafiori starts!

Jose Mourinho opted for the 19-year-old Italian for this match, as his two left backs are injured.

11:46 AMa month ago

Starting Line-up for AS Roma

Rui Patricio; Riccardo Calafiori, Roger Ibáñez, Gianluca Mancini, Rick Karsdorp; Jordan Veretout, Bryan Cristante; Eldor Shomurodov, Lorenzo Pellegrini, Nicolo Zaniolo; Tammy Abraham
11:44 AMa month ago

Starting Line-up for Hellas Verona

Lorenzo Montipó; Federico Ceccherini, Koray Gunter, Pawel Dawidowicz; Darko Lazovic, Ivan Ilic, Daniel Bessa, Davide Faraoni; Gianluca Caprari, Antonin Barak; Giovanni Simeone
11:37 AMa month ago

Tweet from AS Roma

Roma players are warming up!



11:36 AMa month ago

4 Roma players are injured/suspended

La Loba has important players not available for today's game, Leonardo Spinazzola is injured until December, Matías Viña had a slight injury, Fede Fazio is suspended and N'zonzi as well, can they give a good game without those 4 players?
11:32 AMa month ago

Hellas Verona have no one injured or suspended!

Igor Tudor's team are 100% fit and healthy for today's match against Roma, but they haven't won a single match this season, can they come up with a win today?
8:52 PMa month ago

Tune in here Hellas Verona vs AS Roma

In a few moments we will share live the starting eleven of  Hellas Verona vs AS Roma as well as recent information about the Estadio Marcantonio Bentegodi. Do not lose detail of the game with the minute by minute in VAVEL.
8:47 PMa month ago

Can Jose Mourinho win a title with another Italian team?

Jose Mourinho came to Roma very recently and is making Roma big again, he has won 3 games out of 3, and the Portuguese coach comes with high hopes for this team, he does not have a team with names like Lorenzo Insigne, Lautaro Martinez, and many others, but he has men who can prove everyone wrong, Could he win a title with a second Italian team?
8:42 PMa month ago

Player to watch from AS Roma: Tammy Abraham

The 23 year old English striker Tammy Abraham is having a great first season in the Serie A, being the starter striker in every match, and he adapted very well to the Italian Serie A, not like many other players, can he score against one of the worst versions of Hellas Verona?
8:37 PMa month ago

Player to watch from Hellas Verona: Giovanni Simeone

The 26-year-old Argentine striker Giovanni Simeone, although he has not scored a goal, is still a very good striker and Hellas Verona is at home against a Roma that is in a very strong form, can he do something to the best version of Roma?
8:32 PMa month ago

Last XI from AS Roma

Rui Patricio; Matías Viña, Roger Ibáñez, Gianluca Mancini, Rick Karsdorp; Jordan Veretout, Bryan Cristante; Henrikh Mkhitaryan, Lorenzo Pellegrini, Nicolo Zaniolo; Tammy Abraham
8:27 PMa month ago

Last XI from Hellas Verona

Lorenzo Montipó; Nicoló Casale, Koray Gunter, Pawel Dawidowicz; Darko Lazovic, Ivan Ilic, Adrien Tameze, Davide Faraoni, Gianluca Caprari, Antonin Barak; Giovanni Simeone. 
8:22 PMa month ago

When and where to watch the match?

The match will be transmited on ESPN 2, ESPN Play and Star+, but if you want to watch it LIVE and online VAVEL Mexico is your best option. 
8:17 PMa month ago

Some of the times to watch the match.

These are some of the times to watch the match

Argentina: 13:00 PM 

Bolivia: 12:00 PM 

Brazil: 13:00 PM 

Chile: 12:00 PM 

Colombia: 11:00 AM 

Ecuador: 11:00 AM

USA (ET): 12:00 PM 

Spain: 18:00 PM 

Mexico: 11:00 AM 

Paraguay: 13:00 PM 

Peru: 11:00 AM 

Uruguay: 13:00 PM

8:12 PMa month ago

Roma is on fire!

Roma have had a very good start to the season winning 3 out of 3 matches, having scored 9 goals, and conceding only 2. They beat Fiorentina 3-1, Salernitana 0-4 and Sassuolo 2-1. 
8:07 PMa month ago

Hellas Verona is on the ropes!

Hellas Verona had a rough start of the season; they haven't won a single game, and they have conceded 7 goals, and scored only 3. they lost against Inter 1-3, 1-0 against Bologna and 2-3 against Sassuolo.
8:02 PMa month ago

Promising duel!

The Marcantonio Bentegodi Stadium, located in Verona; Italy will be the field that will host the match of matchday 4 of Serie A between Hellas Verona and Roma. This stadium has space for 39,211 people.
7:57 PMa month ago

Welcome to all VAVEL readers!

Welcome to the transmission of Hellas Verona vs AS Roma match corresponding to the 4th matchday of the Serie A. The venue of the match will be at the Estadio Marcantonio Bentegodi at 11:00 AM.