Goals and Highlights Udinese vs Napoli (0-4)
Photo by Udinese Calcio


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Resume and Highlights: Udinese 0-4 Napoli

Match stats:
Possession - Udinese: 40%, Napoli: 60%
Goalkeepers saves: 4-1
Total shots: 9-18
Shots on target: 1-8
Fouls committed: 10-11
Offside: 3-3
Corners: 2-5
Passes: 384-642
Completed passes: 338-588
Passing accuracy - Udinese: 88%, Napoli: 91%
Tackles: 3-8
Interceptions: 8-6 
Clearances: 14-12
4:44 PMa month ago


48' Referee blows the whistle! Gianluca Manganiello signals the end of the second half at the Dacia Arena. Napoli confirm their favoritism and take a provisional lead in the Serie A.
4:44 PMa month ago


47' Elmas carries the ball through the middle and sets up Ounas on the right, he invades the area and faces Silvestri, but he shoots wide
4:44 PMa month ago

Added time

45' Three minutes to end the match
4:43 PMa month ago


44' Pussetto shoots a shot from outside the box into the right corner of the colombian goalkeeper, who jumps up and slaps it away with his right hand to prevent Udinese's goal
4:39 PMa month ago

SUB Udinese

41' Brandon Soppy replaces Molina
4:39 PMa month ago

SUB Napoli

41' Alessandro Zanoli in place of Mario Rui 
4:38 PMa month ago


39' LOZANO! Mario Rui tables with the mexican on the left wing, he fills his right foot and hits the cheek of the net
4:38 PMa month ago

Yellow card

37' Mario Rui, Napoli left-back, for hitting Molina's leg
4:35 PMa month ago

SUB Napoli

36' Andrea Petagna and Adam Ounas in, Osimhen and  Fabian Ruiz out
4:30 PMa month ago


33' Mario Rui shoots a left-footed shot from the edge of the box, Silvestri stretches out and pulls it back, but nobody gets the rebound
4:27 PMa month ago


31' Samardžić shoots with his left foot from outside the box, but the ball goes to Ospina's left
4:27 PMa month ago

SUB Udinese

27' Zeegelaar and Samardžić in, Stryger Larsen and Arslan out
4:27 PMa month ago

SUB Napoli

26' Zieliński and Lozano in, Insigne and Politano out
4:26 PMa month ago


24' Politano crosses from the right, Stryger Larsen deflects and Rrahmani heads, goalkeeper slaps it away
4:26 PMa month ago

By an inch

23' Insigne makes a deep pass to Osimhen in the back of the defense, he shoots a cross, Silvestri makes a sighting shot and the ball grazes the crossbar
4:14 PMa month ago

Yellow card

21' Nahuel Molina, Udinese right-back, for fouling Elmas
4:12 PMa month ago

SUB Udinese

19' Jean-Victor Makengo and Beto in place of Pereyra and Deulofeu
4:10 PMa month ago

Almost the fourth

18' Samir commits a lateral foul on the right, Politano raises in the area, Anguissa heads free, undisturbed, and the goalkeeper deflects for a corner
4:08 PMa month ago

Very close

16' Pereyra brings down Osimhen on the edge of the box. Insigne hits the ball straight at Silvestri's left.
4:04 PMa month ago

On the wall!

13' Mario Rui gets the ball and shoots with his left foot, placed, but the ball explodes on Pussetto's head
4:02 PMa month ago

Yellow card

11' Samir, Udinese defender, for bringing down Politano on the edge of the box. A dangerous free-kick is awarded to Napoli.
4:00 PMa month ago


8' KOULIBALY! In another well worked move in the Neapolitan attack, Politano takes a short corner with Insigne, receives it back and crosses to Fabian Ruiz on the left, he adjusts it back and the defender shoots hard with his right foot and hits Silvestri's left corner.
3:55 PMa month ago


6' Anguissa opens for Mario Rui, he crosses at the second post, looking for Politano, Larsen moves away for a corner
3:54 PMa month ago


5' Di Lorenzo sets Anguissa in motion on the right wing, he goes to the back line and crosses to Osimhen, who is marked from close range and fails to win the corner. Goal kick to Silvestri.
3:52 PMa month ago


3' Napoli takes the initiative of the match, exchanging passes, but has not yet come close to Silvestri's area
3:49 PMa month ago


00' The second half begins. Udinese gets the first touch on the ball.
3:44 PMa month ago


UDINESE: Padelli, Piana, Perèz, Zeegelaar, Makengo, Jajalo, Beto, Samardžić, Forestieri, Ianesi, De Maio, Soppy.
NAPOLI: Meret, Juan Jesus, Malcuit, Manolas, Zanoli, Zielinski, Lozano, Ounas, Petagna.
3:41 PMa month ago

First half stats: Udinese 0-2 Napoli

Possession - Udinese: 39%, Napoli: 61%
Saves: 1-0
Total shots: 5-6
Shots on target: 0-3
Fouls committed: 3-6
Offside: 0-2
Corners: 1-1
Completed passes: 173-305
Passing accuracy - Udinese: 88%, Napoli: 91%
Tackles: 1-2
Interceptions: 3-3
Clearances: 8-6
3:38 PMa month ago

Half time

46' End of the first half at the Dacia Arena, Udine
3:37 PMa month ago

Extra time

45' One minute to end the first half
3:37 PMa month ago


45' Insigne passes to Politano, who is caught in an irregular position
3:37 PMa month ago

No accuracy

43' Molina sends the ball towards Pussetto, but it crosses the whole area and goes the other way, out the side.
3:29 PMa month ago

Chance for Udinese

37' Deulofeu left-footed shot from outside the area, Ospina searches the left corner and saves without giving a rebound
3:27 PMa month ago


34' RRAHMANI! Insigne plays a free-kick to Fabian Ruiz on the edge of the box, and he sets up Koulibaly on the left. The defender crosses and the Kosovo player heads in to extend the lead.
3:27 PMa month ago


31' Insigne plays to Fabian Ruiz, who takes a left-footed shot and hits Silvestri's left post
3:21 PMa month ago

Napoli wants more

28' Zambo Anguissa makes a lift pass through the middle towards the left side of the box, defender cuts off
3:14 PMa month ago


25' OSIMHEN! Mario Rui's throw-in to Insigne on the left, Silvestri comes out of his goal and he touches it in. Just before the ball enters the goal, the number 9 pushes it into the back of the net.
3:12 PMa month ago


22' After a good arrival by Larsen, Arslan lets the ball pass, Pussetto receives it in front of the goal, but Ruiz arrives at the marking

3:08 PMa month ago


20' Udinese tries to go down the left, Napoli closes in and then Walace risks a shot from outside the area and hits the defense
3:05 PMa month ago


17' Udinese mark the ball out, Deulofeu takes the ball from Ospina and comes back to look for the best angle, but in time to finish the goalkeeper recovers and makes the save
3:03 PMa month ago

Clear the ball

15' Insigne receives on the edge of the area, fills his foot and sends the ball into the stands
3:00 PMa month ago

Silvestri saved!

12' Mario Rui sets Insigne in motion on the left, he moves towards the penalty area, cuts to the middle and shoots into the left corner, goalkeeper stretches and slaps the ball
2:59 PMa month ago


10' Napoli value the possession of the ball in the offensive field, but cannot finish in the direction of Silvestri's goal
2:57 PMa month ago


5' Pereyra is fouled on the left side of the box, Di Lorenzo comes close, and the Argentine goes down. VAR does a silent check and referee Gianluca Manganiello orders the match to go ahead.
2:57 PMa month ago

Nice chance for Udinese

4' Following a corner kick from the left, Larsen crosses into the box and Pussetto finishes with a bicycle kick, but the ball goes to the right of the goal
2:57 PMa month ago

Crooked shot

2' Samir tests goalkeeper Ospina with a left-footed shot from outside the box, but he miscues the ball and it goes wide of Ospina's right-hand post.
2:49 PMa month ago

Attack from Napoli

1' Osimhen comes down the left and crosses low into the middle of the area, defense cuts off
2:47 PMa month ago


00' The first half begins in Dacia Arena
2:46 PMa month ago


Players lined up for the National Anthem. Udinese wear their main uniform, consisting of a shirt with black and white vertical stripes, black names, white numbers, white shorts and white socks, goalkeeper Silvestri all in orange. Napoli is all sky-blue, goalkeeper Ospina is in light green.
2:30 PMa month ago

Brazilians in the field

The Udinese defense has Samir, a native of Rio de Janeiro, who was born in Flamengo and had a brief stint at Hellas Verona. Next to him will be Rodrigo Becao, from Salvador, Bahia. To complete the picture there is midfielder Walace, ex-Gremio, Olympic champion in Rio 2016. Napoli, on the other hand, has another defender with green and yellow blood - Juan Jesus, revealed at Inter. He was sold to Inter Milan and then to Roma until he arrived at Napoli this season.
2:17 PMa month ago

A thorn in one’s side

Napoli have won nine of their last 10 encounters against Udinese - in addition, there has been one draw in 2019. The last time that the black and white team left the field with the three points was on April 3, 2016. On that occasion, the Portuguese Bruno Fernandes (currently at Manchester United) scored two goals and only didn't score a hat-trick because he missed a penalty. Thereau extended the advantage and Higuain pulled one back. At the time, Luigi de Canio was in charge of the team and Maurizio Sarri was the Neapolitan coach.
2:01 PMa month ago


Ospina, Di Lorenzo, Rrahmani, Koulibaly, Mario Rui, Anguissa, Fabian, Elmas, Politano, Osimhen, Insigne.
Coach: Luciano Spalletti.

Substitutes: Meret, Juan Jesus, Malcuit, Manolas, Zanoli, Zielinski, Lozano, Ounas, Petagna.

Photo by SSC Napoli
Photo by SSC Napoli
1:56 PMa month ago


Silvestri; Rodrigo Becao, Nuytinck, Samir; Molina, Arslan, Walace, Pereyra, Larsen; Pussetto, Deulofeu.
Coach: Luca Gotti.

Substitutes: Padelli, Piana, Perèz, Zeegelaar, Makengo, Jajalo, Beto, Samardžić, Forestieri, Ianesi, De Maio, Soppy.

Photo by Udinese Calcio
Foto: Divulgação/Udinese Calcio
1:51 PMa month ago


Hey! We're back with the latest news from Udinese and Napoli, who take the field in a few minutes in the Serie A. There is less than 1 hour until the ball starts to roll at the Dacia Arena in Udine, so I invite you to come with us and stay updated with all the details of this match that ends the Matchweek 4, with behind the scenes information, lineups and much more.
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Tune in here Udinese vs Napoli Live Score

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Udinese vs Napoli match.
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How to watch Udinese vs Napoli Live Stream on TV and online?

Match: Udinese vs Napoli
Competition: Serie A 2021-22
Matchday: #4
Date: September 20th
Kickoff: 2:45pm ET
Venue: Dacia Arena (Stadio Friuli), in Udine (Italy)
Where to watch: Sky (Mexico), ESPN (USA)
Real time: VAVEL
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Where and how to watch Udinese vs Napoli live online

If you want to follow this match between Udinese and Napoli on TV, just tune in to ESPN (USA) or Sky (Mexico). You can also access the ESPN app or Star+ streaming service. You can also check all the plays in real time here on VAVEL Brazil minute by minute, with a pre-match preview 1 hour before the game starts.
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Match officials

Referee: Gianluca Manganiello
Assistant Referee 1: Stefano Alassio
Assistant Referee 2: Luca Mondin
Fourth official: Matteo Marchetti
Video Assistant Referee (VAR): Massimiliano Irrati
Assistant Video Assistant Referee (AVAR): Stefano Liberti
1:26 PMa month ago

Napoli possible lineup

Ospina; Di Lorenzo, Manolas, Koulibaly e Mario Rui; Fabian Ruiz, Anguissa; Politano, Zielinski, Insigne; Osimhen.
Coach: Luciano Spalletti.
1:21 PMa month ago

Udinese possible lineup

Silvestri; Rodrigo Becao, Nuytinck, Samir; Molina, Pereyra, Walace, Arslan, Stryger Larsen; Deulofeu, Pussetto.
Coach: Luca Gotti.
1:16 PMa month ago

Napoli squad list

Goalkeepers: Ospina, Meret, Marfella
Defenders: Di Lorenzo, Juan Jesus, Koulibaly, Malcuit, Manolas, Mario Rui, Rrahmani, Zanoli
Midfielders: Anguissa, Elmas, Fabian Ruiz, Zielinski
Forwards: Insigne, Lozano, Osimhen, Ounas, Petagna, Politano
Foto: Divulgação/SSC Napoli
Foto: Divulgação/SSC Napoli
1:11 PMa month ago

Udinese squad list

Goalkeepers: 1 Silvestri; 20 Padelli; 66 Piana
Defenders: 2 Perez; 3 Samir; 4 Zeegelaar; 16 Molina; 17 Nuytinck; 19 Stryger Larsen; 50 Becao, 87 De Maio; 93 Soppy
Midfielders: 5 Arslan; 6 Makengo; 8 Jajalo; 11 Walace; 24 Samardzic; 37 Pereyra
Forwards: 9 Beto; 10 Deulofeu; 23 Pussetto; 45 Forestieri; 69 Ianesi
Foto: Divulgação/Udinese Calcio
Photo by Udinese Calcio
1:06 PMa month ago

Last match

Napoli and Udinese meet again for the first time since May. On that occasion there was a 5-1 rout at the Diego Armando Maradona Stadium built on goals by Zielinski, Fabian Ruiz, Lozano, Di Lorenzo and Insigne. Okaka scored.

1:01 PMa month ago


Napoli and Udinese are battling at the top of the table. The Neapolitan team closes the G4, behind Inter Milan, Milan and Roma, and if they win they will finish the round on top. The Udine club, on the other hand, is in 7th place, but a win will allow them to overtake their rivals and climb to the Top3.
12:56 PMa month ago


Udinese and Napoli have yet to lose this 2021-22 season. The bianconeri's campaign includes three wins, two in a row (Ascoli, Venezia and Spezia), and a draw (Juventus). The Albiceleste team also comes in strong - 100% record in Serie A (beat Venezia, Genoa and Juventus) and drew with Leicester away from home in their Uefa Europa League opener.
12:51 PMa month ago

Matchweek 4

Sassuolo 0-1 Torino
Genoa 1-2 Fiorentina
Inter Milan 6-1 Bologna
Salernitana 0-1 Atalanta
Empoli 0-3 Sampdoria
Venezia 1-2 Spezia
Verona 3-2 Roma
Lazio 2-2 Cagliari
Juventus 1-1 Milan
12:46 PMa month ago

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