Goals and Highlights: Getafe 1-2 Atletico Madrid at the LaLiga
Image: Atlético de Madrid


3:28 PMa month ago


Atletico Madrid take provisional first place with 14 points. Diego Simeone's team could be overtaken if rival Real Madrid wins. Getafe remains in the relegation zone, 19th, without scoring a point
3:26 PMa month ago


Getafe went to the break with an advantage in the scoreboard. Atlético de Madrid had difficulties to break through the defense, and when they did, they were stopped by Soria. With one goal to spare, they relied on the experience of Luis Suárez to get the win at the Coliseum Alfonso Pérez.
3:25 PMa month ago


3:25 PMa month ago

95' Yellow card for Atlético de Madrid

Matheus Cunha
3:24 PMa month ago

95' Yellow card for Getafe

3:20 PMa month ago

92' Substitution in Getafe

Out: Florentino

In: Poveda 

3:18 PMa month ago


3:18 PMa month ago


De Paul charges Correa on the side. He gives it back, the midfielder takes a shot at the second post. Suárez deflects it unmarked
3:11 PMa month ago


Unal unleashes a rocket from the point. Oblak makes a great save
3:05 PMa month ago


Hermoso lifts the ball. Suárez controls with his right before entering the area and scores with his left foot
3:03 PMa month ago


Suárez is stretched in the area. The Uruguayan is face to face with Soria, who saves. He picks up the rebound, but the goalkeeper prevents the tie
3:00 PMa month ago

73' Red card for Getafe

Aleñá, for stepping on Matheus Cunha
2:59 PMa month ago


VAR calls referee to review Aleñá's entrance
2:58 PMa month ago


Florentino hits De Paul's heel. Midfield foul
2:57 PMa month ago

67' Substitution in Atlético de Madrid

Out: Griezmann

In: Matheus Cunha

2:56 PMa month ago

67' Substitution in Getafe

Out: Macias

In:  Unal

2:53 PMa month ago

65' Yellow card for Atlético de Madrid

Giménez, for starting confusion
2:52 PMa month ago

65' Yellow card for Getafe

2:52 PMa month ago


Mata advances down the corridor. Oblak comes out of the goal, the number 7 does not take his foot off and runs over the goalkeeper. Colchoneros players are outraged with the move
2:50 PMa month ago

63' Yellow card for Atlético de Madrid

2:49 PMa month ago

62' Substitution in Atlético de Madrid

Out: Renan Lodi

In: De Paul

2:48 PMa month ago

61' Substitution in Atlético de Madrid

Out: Trippier

In: Hermoso

2:48 PMa month ago


A competitive match. Neither team can threaten dangerously
2:42 PMa month ago


Griezmann shoots from the left side. The ball goes dangerously close to the crossbar
2:40 PMa month ago


Atleti tries to leave the game, but Getafe goes up the line
2:38 PMa month ago


Carrasco charges a free-kick into the box. Djen, in a half stubborn way, pulls it away. Griezmann picks up an overhang, shoots over the goal
2:34 PMa month ago


Trippier shoots in the box, but Cuenca shoots back
2:31 PMa month ago


Game restarts
2:17 PMa month ago


2:17 PMa month ago


Oblak lets the ball go. Giménez pulls it away. Maksimovic takes advantage of the throw-in and heads the ball into the corner. The round hits the post and enters the goal
2:08 PMa month ago

36' WOOW

Djene makes a mistake on the backhand. Suárez takes advantage of it and shoots first time. Soria makes a point-blank save. In the sequence, Correa sends it away
2:02 PMa month ago


Mata receives in the area. The striker takes it on his chest and hits a low shot. Oblak deflects it over the line
2:01 PMa month ago


Referee rules. The ball hits the defender's chest
2:01 PMa month ago


Aleñá makes a good move on the left, crosses low. The ball hits Trippier's hand
1:57 PMa month ago


Aleñá dribbles through the marking, leaves Lodi on the floor and puts Macias in the corner. The striker knocks very badly and sends it away
1:55 PMa month ago


Mata makes the wall for Macias, who shoots to the right of the goal
1:54 PMa month ago

22' Yellow card for Atlético de Madrid

1:53 PMa month ago

21' BY FAR

Suarez is launched forward, divides with Djene and leaves the arm in the face of the number 2
1:49 PMa month ago


Llorente crosses from the back line. Iglesias gets ahead of Griezmann and gets the ball over the top
1:46 PMa month ago


Geta tries to break through the Colchonera defense. Oblak comes out of the area and kicks it away from any danger
1:41 PMa month ago


Giménez collapses from the pitch after a tussle with Maksimovic.  Referee restarts with the ball on the ground
1:39 PMa month ago


After Trippier's corner, Herrera catches the ball, but finishes over the marker
1:38 PMa month ago


Savic gives a good pass to Correa. Mitrovic takes the lead and puts it to the corner
1:37 PMa month ago


Game played in the midfield
1:35 PMa month ago


Savic brings Trippier to the edge of the field. The defender tables the ball to Herrera and plays it to Llorente, but the midfielder is caught in an offside position
1:33 PMa month ago


Atleti moves into the field of attack. Geta closes in on the midfield, but can't get forward
1:31 PMa month ago


Ball rolling
1:27 PMa month ago


Teams entering the field
1:24 PMa month ago


Equipes nos aquecimento
12:57 PMa month ago


Arrival of the Azulone squad
12:47 PMa month ago


Yañez, Conde, Nyom, Chema, Enes Unal, Darío, Damián, Timor, Koffi, Patrick, Diego
12:43 PMa month ago

Getafe lineup

David Soria; Iglesias, Djené, Cuenca, Mitrovic, Olivera; Florentino, Maksimovic, Aleñá, Macias; Mata
12:33 PMa month ago

Colchoneros reserves

Lecomte, Felipe, Hermoso, Vrsalko, De Paul, Serrano, Saponjic, Matheus Cunha, Giuliano
12:28 PMa month ago

Atlético de Madrid lineup

Oblak; Trippier, Savic, Giménez, Lodi; Herrera, Llorente, Carrasco, Correa; Griezmann, Suárez
12:23 PMa month ago


Guillermo Cuadra Fernández will referee the match. He will be assisted by José L. González Glez, who is in charge of VAR.
12:18 PMa month ago

What time is Getafe vs Atlético de Madrid match for LaLiga?

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What time is Getafe vs Atlético de Madrid match for the LaLiga?

This is the start time of the game Getafe vs Atlético de Madrid of 21th September 2021 in several countries:

Argentina: ESPN2 Sur, Star +

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Venezuela: ESPN2 Sur, Star +

12:08 PMa month ago

Simeone comments on the ineffectiveness of the attack

"I have no doubt that this early in the season I continue to confirm from watching many games that bluntness is going to make the difference between some teams and others. Everyone plays well, everyone works, everyone runs, everyone pushes their opponent. The end of the game is what makes the difference between some teams and others and it will do so much more this year by the parity you see in all the games, the difference is in the conundrum". 
12:03 PMa month ago

Atleti's absences

Diego Simeone is without Joao Felix, who will be suspended due to a red card. Koke, Lemar and Kondogbia are in the medical department. 
11:58 AMa month ago

González explains that it is necessary to take care of the players' mentality due to the team's situation

"Nobody needs to come and tell me anything because I already know what my obligations and my rights are, and of course highlight the things that we have to do from the mental point of view because I believe there are many aspects there, or the strongest aspect that we try to reconsider is the mental one, because many things happen and they are all negative and it's true that it's not easy that it doesn't affect the players because it's happening."
11:53 AMa month ago

Missing from Geta

Míchel González has six absentees: the Uruguayans Mauro Arambarri and Erick Cabaco, the Czech Jakub Jankto, the Ghanaian Sabit Abdulai, Sandro Ramíre and Vitolo.
11:48 AMa month ago

Aiming for the top

Atletico Madrid are in second place with 11 points. Due to the draw against Athletic Bilbao, they have been overtaken by Real Madrid, who won the round.
11:43 AMa month ago

Blueones more into red

Occupying 19th place, the Spanish relegation zone, Getafe have lost all five matches. The Azulones have a negative goal difference of -7.
11:38 AMa month ago

Come more, sports fan

Getafe vs Atlético de Madrid live on tuesday (21) at the Coliseum Alfonso Pérez at 02:30 pm ET in LaLiga. The match is valid for the sixth round of the competition.
11:33 AMa month ago

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