Goals and Highlights Wolverhampton 2 (2) - (3) 2 Tottenham
Foto: Divulgação/Tottenham Hotspur


6:55 PM3 days ago


Nuno Espirito Santo's team win on penalties
6:54 PM3 days ago

Coady on the crossbar: 2-3

Defender fills his right foot in the middle of the goal, but the ball explodes off the top post
6:54 PM3 days ago

Ruddy makes the save: 2-3

Hojbjerg takes it practically the same way as Dendoncker and the goalkeeper keeps it
6:53 PM3 days ago

Gollini makes the safe: 2-3

Dendoncker hits a low shot between the goalkeeper and the right post. He falls and grabs the ball.
6:52 PM3 days ago

Tottenham goal: 2-3

Bryan Gil flicks a left-footed shot into Ruddy's right corner
6:52 PM3 days ago

Ruben Neves misses: 2-2

The No.8 hits with his right foot, aims for the top left corner, but the ball goes over the goal
6:52 PM3 days ago

Tottenham goal: 2-2

Reguilon charges high, into the left corner, and Ruddy drops to his right
6:52 PM3 days ago

Wolverhampton goal: 2-1

Joao Moutinho displaces Gollini with a shot to the left corner. Ball on one side, goalkeeper on the other.
6:51 PM3 days ago

Tottenham goal: 1-1

Kane shoots into the left corner, Ruddy drops to his right, but can't reach the ball


6:22 PM3 days ago

Wolverhampton goal: 1-0

Hwang shoots from the right corner, Gollini reaches out to touch the ball, but it goes in anyway
6:17 PM3 days ago


54' Referee signals the end of the match at Wolverhampton. As it is a knockout game, the place in the next round will be decided by a penalty shootout
6:17 PM3 days ago

Substitution in Tottenham

53' Sergio Reguilon replaces Tanganga
6:09 PM3 days ago

Wolves pressing

51' Traore works the ball with Moutinho on the right, but he goes too far forward and gets a lateral
6:09 PM3 days ago

No accuracy

47' Moutinho takes a free-kick on the left side and plays it into the area, but he's too strong and the ball bounces off the goal line
6:07 PM3 days ago

Hit the wall

46' Ruben Neves shoots a long ball to the head of Semedo, and the ball goes out for a corner. Moutinho receives on the right, makes a reversal and Tanganga commits a foul
6:06 PM3 days ago

Huge opportunity for Wolves

45' Hwang gets on the end of a long run, gets in a good position, and is fouled by Romero. Reuben Neves on the ball. Gollini sets up the four-man barrier, as well as laying Son down to prevent 
6:05 PM3 days ago

Added time

45' Six minutes to end the game at the Molineux Stadium
6:05 PM3 days ago

On time

43' Adama Traore escapes down the left and tries a deep pass, but the Tottenham player stretches out and makes the cut
6:04 PM3 days ago

On the crossbar!

42' After arriving on the right side of the box, the defense partially cuts it off, and Ruben Neves tries a shot from outside the area that touches the post and deflects off the defense before going out over the goal line
6:04 PM3 days ago

Yellow card

38' Tanguy Ndombele, from Tottenham, who has hit Podence with a push from behind
6:03 PM3 days ago

Substitution in Wolverhampton

38' Joao Moutinho in place of Podence
6:03 PM3 days ago

Like a rocket

36' Dendoncker brings on Adama Traore, who kicks a left-footed shot from outside the box, but is blocked when he shoots
5:57 PM3 days ago

Substitution in Tottenham

36' Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg in place of Dele Alli
5:56 PM3 days ago


25' Ait-Nouri collapses after colliding with Tanganga near the side. He is treated on the field and manages to get up after about two minutes. He walks away with difficulty, supported by doctors, and Semedo is already moving around on the bench 
5:55 PM3 days ago


22' Rollout to Son on the left wing, he crosses the middle of the box to Kane, who deflects half unbalanced and forces Ruddy to clear with his fingertips for a corner
5:55 PM3 days ago

Far far away

20' After a cross from the left, Kane angles his back to Tanganga on the edge of the box. The defender catches the ball too low, so it goes into the stands
5:54 PM3 days ago

Go ahead

17' Sanchez pushes Hwang in midfield. The Korean falls and makes a face in pain, fans complain, referee only gives a free-kick.
5:54 PM3 days ago

Substitution in Tottenham

16' Heung-Min Son in place of Lo Celso
5:53 PM3 days ago


15' Adama Traore is released on the right wing, goes to the back line and crosses low. The ball crosses the area, but no one comes forward to push it into the goal
5:52 PM3 days ago

A huge safe

15' Dele Alli plays to Bryan Gil in the box, the goalkeeper closes the angle well and saves with his left foot, then neither the british or Ndombele can take advantage of the rebound
5:51 PM3 days ago


13' DANIEL PODENCE! Hwang wins the toss from Ndombélé on the halfway line and plays the ball to Dendoncker, who serves the number 10. He finishes with his right foot and makes the crowd scream
5:50 PM3 days ago


10' Ndombele makes an exchange with Skipp, he fills his foot with a shot from outside the area, Ruddy tries to catch it, but the ball bounces and almost enters the goal. Tottenham take the corner. 
5:50 PM3 days ago

Chance for Tottenham

8' A cross from the left wing is headed away by Kilman, Dele Alli picks up the loose ball and plays it to Kane, who shoots wide and Ruddy saves
5:49 PM3 days ago


7' Traore gets in the middle, Skipp gets underneath and makes a clean cut. The crowd complains, the referee orders the match to go on
5:47 PM3 days ago

From top

5' Adama Traore opens for Hoever on the right, he crosses into the box and Sanchez heads away
5:47 PM3 days ago

Yellow card

2' Ruben Neves, from Wolverhampton
5:47 PM3 days ago


2' Hoever is launched at speed on the right and crosses to Hwang, Romero arrives on the cart and the Korean is feeling it, but recovers and returns to the game
5:46 PM3 days ago

Substitution in Wolverhampton

Adama Trore in place of Fabio Silva
5:46 PM3 days ago


WOLVERHAMPTON: Moulden, Jiménez, Trincão, Semedo, Moutinho, Traoré.
TOTTENHAM: Austin, Doherty, Reguilón, Rondon, Höjbjerg, Son, Scarlett.
5:45 PM3 days ago

First-half stats

Shots: 7-4
Shots on target: 3-2
Corners: 3-0
Offsides: 0-3
Fouls committed: 5-4
Yellow cards: 1-0
5:45 PM3 days ago

Half time

48' End of the first half in Wolverhampton
5:45 PM3 days ago

Wolves again

47' Podence receives the ball on the left, pedals and crosses to Dendoncker, Sanchez heads the ball along with him and cushions Gollini's save
5:44 PM3 days ago


46' After a corner from the right, he heads Dele Alli, Coady avoids the beautiful back line and rolls the ball to Kilman. He plays the ball into the middle of the box and Hwang heads the ball dangerously over the goal
5:44 PM3 days ago

Added time

45' Four minutes to end the first half
5:44 PM3 days ago

Too high

44' Kane comes out of the area and sends a ball to Tanganga on the right, he shoots almost without angle and the ball goes to the left of Ruddy's crossbar
5:43 PM3 days ago


43' After a good move from foot to foot, Ait-Nouri goes forward on the left, leaves Lo Celso down and goes towards the area, Skipp arrives to score, but only surrounds, and French shoots a cross, but Gollini falls and picks up the left corner
5:43 PM3 days ago

The twelfth player

41' The Wolverhampton fans are chanting and booing at every touch from their rivals and celebrating even when they win a tackle and the team responds with more presence in the attack field
5:34 PM3 days ago

Oh, no!

39' After a good play on the left, the ball is crossed towards Fabio Silva. He dominates a little unbalanced and can't finish.
5:33 PM3 days ago


38' LEANDER DENDONCKER! Aït-Nour takes a corner from the left for the Belgian. He wins the dispute in the middle of the area with Ndombélé and, without needing to leave the ground, he heads the ball into the net.
5:32 PM3 days ago


32' Wolves goes deeper into attack, mainly with Rúben Neves, Aït-Nouri and Hwang, but nobody manages to finish the move to annoy goalkeeper Gollini
5:25 PM3 days ago

Nice chance for Wolves

28' Romero concedes the corner, Ruben Neves rises from the left, Dendoncker heads in, but Gollini follows the move and makes the save
5:24 PM3 days ago


23' HARRY KANE! Skipp steals the ball in midfield, plays a first-time pass to Lo Celso and Dele Alli, the striker threads a ball to the top scorer, who invades the area and hits a right-footed shot into the goalkeeper's right corner.
5:23 PM3 days ago

Bad choice

20' Tottenham win a free-kick on the left, but Ndombele sends the ball straight out in a frustrated attempt to play the ball into the box
5:22 PM3 days ago


17' Following a cross from the left, the ball is picked up in the middle of the box, Dele Alli heads in between two defenders and sends the ball to the left of John Ruddy's goal
5:22 PM3 days ago

Yellow card

16' Fabio Silva, from Wolverhampton, for stepping on Tanganga's foot on the wing
5:19 PM3 days ago


12' NDOMBELE! Skipp sets the Frenchman in motion in the middle of the park, he wins the battle with Podence and Coady, runs towards the box, clears the tackle of Boly and finishes with his right foot between goalkeeper Ruddy's legs.
5:19 PM3 days ago

Substitution inWolverhampton

9' Conor Coady replaces Yerson Mosquera
5:19 PM3 days ago


7' Mosquera falls alone with muscular pains, receives assistance, puts his hands on his face, unsatisfied. He leaves the field on a stretcher and is cheered by the crowd.
5:18 PM3 days ago

Chance for Wolves

5' Dedoncker gets on the end of his right foot but the ball bounces off Romero
5:18 PM3 days ago


2' Dele Alli's long ball to Bryan Gil, who was also offside
5:18 PM3 days ago


1' Romero makes the throw-in to Harry Kane, who was in an irregular position
2:47 PM3 days ago


00' The first half begins in Molineux Stadium
2:21 PM3 days ago


Gollini; Tanganga, Romero, Sanchez, Davies; Skipp, Dele Alli, Ndombele, Bryan Gil, Lo Celso, Kane.
Coach: Nuno Espirito Santo.

Substitutes: Austin, Doherty, Reguilón, Rondon, Hojbjerg, Son, Scarlett.

Photo by Tottenham Hotspur
Photo by Tottenham Hotspur
2:18 PM3 days ago


John Ruddy; Hoever, Kilman, Boly, Mosquera; Ait-Nouri, Dendoncker, Neves; Hwang, Silva, Podence.
Coach: Bruno Lage.

Substitutes: Moulden, Jimenez, Trincao, Coady, Semedo, Moutinho, Traore.

2:07 PM3 days ago


Hey! We're back to show you the latest news, behind the scenes information, lineups and everything else so you can stay on top of everything that's going to happen at Molineux Stadium, which today will be the stage for Wolverhampton and Tottenham, valid for the Carabao Cup. There is less than an hour to go until the ball starts rolling, so come with us so you don't miss a thing.
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Tune in here Wolverhampton vs Tottenham Live Score

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How to watch Wolverhampton vs Tottenham Live Stream on TV and online?

Match: Wolverhampton vs Tottenham
Competition: Carabao Cup
Matchday: #3
Date: September 22nd, 2021
Kickoff: 2:45 pm ET
Venue: Molineux Stadium
Where to watch: Star+ (Brazil and South America) Sky HD and Blue To Go (Mexico), Sport TV (Portugal), ESPN+ (USA) 
Real time: VAVEL
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Where and how to watch Wolverhampton vs Tottenham live online

This match will not be televised live in the UK but will be broadcasted by Sky HD and Blue To Go (Mexico), Sport TV (Portugal), ESPN+ (USA) In addition, you can check all the details in real time here on VAVEL minute by minute, with pre-match 1h before the game in England. 
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Match officials

There is no VAR in this competition. Therefore, the refereeing team consists only of the professionals on the field.

Referee: Peter Bankes
Assistant Referee 1: Ian Hussin
Assistant Referee 2: Neil Davies
Fourth official: Michael Dean

1:42 PM3 days ago

Tottenham possible lineup

Gollini; Doherty (Rodon), Sanchez, Tanganga, Reguilon (Doherty); Hojbjerg, Skipp, Lo Celso (Winks); Gil, Son, Kane.
Coach: Nuno Espirito Santo.
Photo by Tottenham Hotspur
Photo by Tottenham Hotspur
1:37 PM3 days ago

Wolverhampton possible lineup

Ruddy; Kilman, Coady, Saiss; Hoever, Moutinho, Dendoncker, Ait-Nouri; Podence, Silva, Hwang.
Coach: Bruno Lage.
Foto: Wolverhampton Wanderers FC
Photo by Wolverhampton Wanderers FC
1:32 PM3 days ago

Head to head: history and results

Wolverhampton and Tottenham have already met this season, already in the 2nd round of the Premier League, on August 22 at Molineux. On that occasion Dele Alli scored the only goal of the match from the penalty spot. Throughout history, Spurs have the advantage in this confrontation - they have won 50 times, against 29 rivals, and 21 draws.
Photo by Tottenham Hotspur
Foto: Divulgação/Tottenham Hotspur
1:22 PM3 days ago

Dark horse

Seventeen clubs from the English elite entered this phase and three are already out - Everton, which lost on penalties, Norwich, which fell to Liverpool, and Watford, eliminated by Stoke City. Another one will be eliminated on Wednesday 22nd, as Wolverhampton and Tottenhampton play in the current edition of the Premier League.
1:17 PM3 days ago

It's all or nothing

The Carabao Cup regulations at this stage include knockout matches defined by a draw. The winner is qualified and the loser is out. In case of a tie there will be a penalty shootout. 
1:12 PM3 days ago

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