Goals and Highlights: Spezia 2-3 Juventus in Serie A
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First victory

Juventus turned it around in the second half to claim their first Serie A win of the season against Spezia.
2:24 PM24 days ago

End game

Spezia 2-3 Juventus.
2:21 PM24 days ago


Morata's shot from half distance goes over the top.
2:19 PM24 days ago


Six more minutes are added.
2:15 PM24 days ago


Bastoni's header from a set piece goes wide.
2:15 PM24 days ago


A mid-range shot is blocked for a corner kick by the Juventus defense.
2:13 PM24 days ago


Nikolaou is cautioned for cutting off a dangerous play.
2:12 PM24 days ago


Manchore had the equalizer, but Szczesny miraculously saved his goal.
2:11 PM24 days ago


Chiesa is replaced by Kulusevsky for Juventus.
2:11 PM24 days ago


Manaj, Nzola and Sala came in.

Mourabia, Antiste and Verde came off.

Spezia changes

2:00 PM24 days ago


Juventus goal

De Ligt capitalizes on the rebound and smashes a right-footed shot past the post to make it 3-2.

1:59 PM24 days ago


Chiesa's corner kick is close to becoming an Olympic goal.
1:57 PM24 days ago


Chiesa faces the ball, makes the cut and takes the shot that passes close to the frame.
1:54 PM24 days ago


Juventus goal

Chiesa makes the most of a defensive gift to get into the box and score in front of the goalkeeper to make it 2-2.

1:51 PM24 days ago


Manchore with a mid-range shot that goes over the top of the goal.
1:51 PM24 days ago


Maggiore makes the overflow and puts in the cross that passes through the whole area without finding a recipient.
1:49 PM24 days ago


Two headers inside the box where Morata passes to Bonucci, but ends up sending over the top under pressure from two defenders.
1:47 PM24 days ago


Morata comes on and it was all for Kean, Juventus change.
1:44 PM24 days ago


McKennie's shot from outside the area goes over the goal.
1:37 PM24 days ago


Spezia Goal

Janis Antiste's long ball is headed by Janis Antiste and, on the cutback, the goalkeeper smashes his shot against the post to turn the game 2-1.

1:37 PM24 days ago


Spezia and Locatelli

De Sciglio and Betancur came on.

Juventus changes.

1:32 PM24 days ago


The second half starts between Juventus and Spezia.
1:17 PM24 days ago

Half time

Spezia 1-1 Juventus.
1:16 PM24 days ago


Another attempt by Dybala that Zoet manages to save despite the rebound.
1:14 PM24 days ago


Dybala's shot is deflected by the goalkeeper and goes wide.
1:12 PM24 days ago


Paulo Dybala's free kick that goes into the goalkeeper's hands.
1:05 PM24 days ago


Goal Spezia

Gyasi with the cutback and the shot to the angle that the goalkeeper doesn't reach and just like that the game was tied 1-1.

12:59 PM24 days ago


Juventus goal

Kean's shot from outside the box hits the post and ends up in the net for 1-0.

12:58 PM24 days ago


McKennie with the filtered service that reaches the goalkeeper's hands, but Juventus can't find clarity in their ideas to be able to generate damage.
12:51 PM24 days ago


McKennie's header crashes into the defense and, in addition, an offensive foul had been called.
12:46 PM24 days ago


A rebound from a corner kick that Dybala finishes off with a half-volley that flies over.
12:45 PM24 days ago


Chiesa's cross is cut out by the defense for a corner kick.
12:40 PM24 days ago


Rabiot's cross shot goes right into the goalkeeper's hands.
12:36 PM24 days ago


Both teams started with a lot of intensity, but with little clarity in the opponent's final third of the field.
12:31 PM24 days ago


The match between Spezia and Juventus kicks off.
12:23 PM24 days ago

Minutes away

We are minutes away from the start of the Serie A Matchday 5 game between Spezia and Juventus. Do not miss all the details of this clash.
12:19 PM24 days ago

Last details

In this way Juventus concluded its warm-up phase to face one more away game, now against Spezia.
12:14 PM24 days ago

Juventus substitutes

8 Ramsey, 9 Morata, 11 Cuadrado, 12 Sandro, 17 Pellegrini, 20 Bernardeschi, 23 Pinsoglio, 24 Rugani, 27 Locatelli, 36 Perin, 44 Lulusevski.
12:09 PM24 days ago

Spezia substitutes

7 Sala, 9 Manaj, 14 Kiwior, 17 Podgoreanu, 18 Nzola, 29 Salcedo, 40 Zovko, 44 Strelec, 77 Bertola, 94 Provedel.
12:04 PM24 days ago

Yesterday's results

Yesterday's fifth matchday kicked off with a 2-2 draw between Bologna and Genoa, Inter's 3-1 away win over Fiorentina and Atalanta's 2-1 home win over Sassuolo.
11:59 AM24 days ago

The route

This is the step the players have to take to get from the locker room to Spezia's modest stadium.
11:54 AM24 days ago

XI Juventus

1 Szczesny, 2 De Sciglio, 19 Bonucci, 4 de Ligt, 6 Danilo, 30 Betancur, 25 Rabiot, 14 McKennie, 22 Chiesa, 18 Kean, 10 Dybala.
11:49 AM24 days ago

XI Spezia

1 Zoet, 6 Bourabia, 15 Hristov, 20 Bastoni, 43 Nikolaou, 21 Ferrer, 11 Gyasi, 22 Antiste, 27 Amian, 25 Maggiore, 10 Verde.
11:44 AM24 days ago

Field reconnaissance

A few moments ago, the Juventus players took a look at the pitch where they will be looking for their first win of the campaign.
11:39 AM24 days ago

Getting out of the rut

After an imposing dominance in recent years, Juventus have struggled at the start of the championship where they have been unable to win in Serie A and are currently in the relegation zone.
11:34 AM24 days ago


The fifth round of Serie A continues when two teams in need of a win go head to head. We begin with coverage of the game between Spezia and Juventus.
11:29 AM24 days ago

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What time is Spezia vs Juventus match for Serie A?

This is the start time of the game Spezia vs Juventus of 22nd September in several countries:

Argentina: 1:30 PM in ESPN

Bolivia: 12:30 PM in ESPN

Brazil: 1:30 PM in ESPN

Chile: 12:30 PM in ESPN

Colombia: 11:30 AM in ESPN

Ecuador: 11:30 AM in ESPN

USA (ET): 12:00 PM in ESPN

Spain: 6:30 PM

Mexico: 11:30 AM in ESPN

Paraguay: 1:30 PM in ESPN

Peru: 11:30 PM in ESPN

Uruguay: 1:30 PM in ESPN

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Last games

Only twice in their history have they faced each other and it happened in the last Serie A season. The last clash was at the Juventus Stadium with a score in favor of the hosts 3-0; but in this stadium they met on November 1, 2020 with a 4-1 win for the "Vecchia Signora" with Cristiano Rolando, Adrien Rabiot and Álvaro Morata scoring twice and Tomasso Pobega scoring for the home team.
11:14 AM24 days ago

Key player Juventus

After Cristiano's departure, Alvaro Morata, who has been criticized a lot lately with the Spanish national team, has to become a goal scorer, but when he is on his best form he is one of the best nines in Europe.

11:09 AM24 days ago

Key player Spezia

One of the leaders at the back is Simone Bastoni, who brings youth and dynamism, but he is also a dangerous player in set pieces and, in fact, he has just scored in the win against Venezia.

11:04 AM24 days ago

Last lineup Juventus

1 Wojciech Szczesny, 3 Giorgio Chiellini, 19 Leonardo Bonucci, 12 Alex Sandro, 6 Danilo, 27 Manuel Locatelli, 30 Rodrigo Bentancur, 25 Adrien Rabiot, 11 Juan Cuadrado, 9 Álvaro Morata, 10Paulo Dybala.
10:59 AM24 days ago

Last lineup Spezia

1 Jeroen Zoet, 43 Dimitris Nikolaou, 28 Martin Erlic, 20 Simone Bastoni, 27 Kelvin Amian, 25 Giulio Maggiore, 7 Jacopo Sala, 21 Salvador Ferrer, 22 Janis Antiste, 11 Emmanuel Gyasi, 10 Daniele Verde.
10:54 AM24 days ago

Juventus: turning the page

Cristiano Ronaldo's departure was undoubtedly a surprise and the team has not found the formula to get good results. Incredible as it may seem, they started this matchday as second last overall with only two points after four games and they are coming from a 1-1 draw against AC Milan, so this game is a great opportunity to get back to winning ways.
10:49 AM24 days ago

Spezia: to take points at home

The newly promoted team in Italian soccer, Spezia, knows that taking every point will be key to its permanence at the end of the season, where it arrives highly motivated after getting its first win after defeating Venezia 2-1 as a visitor on Sunday.
10:44 AM24 days ago

The Kick-off

The Spezia vs Juventus match will be played at the Alberto Picco Stadium, in Spezia, Italy. The kick-off is scheduled at 12:30 pm ET.
10:39 AM24 days ago

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