Goals and Highlights: Tapatio 1-4 Atlante in Liga Expansion MX
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Thank you for following the rebroadcast of the game between Tapatío and Atlante of the Liga de Expansión MX.
6:55 PM2 years ago

Overall leadership

Atlante defeats Tapatío away from home and becomes the leader of the Liga de Expansión MX with 22 points.
6:54 PM2 years ago

End game

Tapatío 1-4 Atlante.
6:50 PM2 years ago


Four more minutes are added.
6:49 PM2 years ago


Godinez's shot goes wide.
6:47 PM2 years ago


Escobar and González are out

Figueroa and Reyes come in.

Atlante changes.

6:46 PM2 years ago


Guajardo hits Souza and is cautioned.
6:44 PM2 years ago


Gansito saves Godínez's penalty and the score remains the same.
6:42 PM2 years ago


Penalty kick in favor of Tapatío for a handball.
6:38 PM2 years ago


Atlante changes

Martínez and Tamay enter

Bermúdez and Domínguez leave

6:36 PM2 years ago


Organista leaves and Sanchez enters, a change for Tapatio.
6:30 PM2 years ago


Costa comes off and Hernández enters, Atlante change.
6:27 PM2 years ago


Atlante goal.

Domínguez plays a precise pass to Costa, who finishes accurately to make it 4-1.

6:26 PM2 years ago


Atlante goal.

Domínguez plays a precise pass to Costa, who finishes accurately to make it 4-1.

6:26 PM2 years ago

Gol Atlante 3-0

6:23 PM2 years ago


Tapatío Goal

Orozco's header from outside the box puts it out of Hernandez's reach. 1-3.

6:16 PM2 years ago


Ramiro Costa's half turn goes over the top of the goal.
6:09 PM2 years ago


Aguayo's header from a corner that easily reaches Gansito Hernández.
6:05 PM2 years ago


The second half begins between Tapatío and Atlante.

Pinzón comes off and Guajardo comes on for Tapatío.

5:51 PM2 years ago

Half time

Tapatío 0-3 Atlante.
5:49 PM2 years ago


Atlante Goal

Dominguez's cutback and power shot gets past Rangel despite the deflection for the 3-0 lead.

5:48 PM2 years ago

Goal Atlante 2-0

5:44 PM2 years ago


Bermudez's free kick goes over the top of the goal.
5:41 PM2 years ago


Atlante Goal

Ramiro Costa surprises when it looked like the ball was going wide and increases the lead at the Akron.

5:37 PM2 years ago


Partida was offside and Atlante's offensive play was nullified.
5:36 PM2 years ago

Goal Atlante 1-0

5:29 PM2 years ago


Atlante Goal

Escobar with the flash to put it into the corner 1-0.

5:23 PM2 years ago


Costa's header goes over the top of the goal from a high cross.
5:22 PM2 years ago


Orozco has been cautioned for a bad foul.
5:20 PM2 years ago


Pinzón headed Pinzón's cross and Gansito one-handedly saved his goal.
5:16 PM2 years ago


Armando Escobar volleys the ball high over the goal.
5:16 PM2 years ago


Dominguez's shot is too close and the ball goes over the sideline.
5:09 PM2 years ago


Atlante had more possession of the ball, but so far they have not been able to go deep down the flanks.
5:05 PM2 years ago


Dominguez tries to break through, but the ball escapes the back line.
5:03 PM2 years ago


The game begins between Tapatío and Atlante.
4:54 PM2 years ago

Minutes away

We are minutes away from the start of the Date 9 game between Tapatío and Atlante in the Liga de Expansión MX.
4:47 PM2 years ago

Atlante Substitutes

1 José Fernández, 5 Jesús Aguirre, 15 Fernando Ramírez, 16 Francisco Reyes, 19 Omar Soto, 8 Jonathan Martínez, 10 Alfonso Tamay, 11 Brian Figueroa, 9 Joaquín Hernández, 26 Manuel López.
4:38 PM2 years ago

Tapatio Substitutes

61 César López, 43 Carlos Zamora, 57 Dylan Guajardo, 56 Benjamín Sánchez, 58 Irvin Ortiz, 59 Juan Brigido, 183 Ever Corona.
4:36 PM2 years ago

A couple of changes

After losing the victory against Celaya, Mario García has decided to send Bermúdez and Costa to the field, so he sat Tamay and Martínez, who was the scorer of last Sunday's equalizer.
4:34 PM2 years ago

XI Atlante

20 Humberto Hernández, 3 Diego García, 4 Jonathan Sánchez, 6 Edson Partida, 28 Elbis Souza, 14 Rolando González, 18 Christian Bermúdez, 22 Jesús Venegas, 27 Armando Escobar, 29 Juan Domínguez, 23 Ramiro Costa.
4:29 PM2 years ago

XI Tapatío

51 José Rangel, 25 Juan Aguayo, 48 Deivon Magaña, 53 Jesús Orozco, 54 Miguel Gónez, 45 Christian Pinzón, 47 Diego Campillo, 50 Pável Pérez, 60 Ángel López, 13 José Godínez, 52 Alejandro Organista.
4:24 PM2 years ago

The red and white.

This is the spectacular jersey that will be used this afternoon by the Mexican team to face the Potros.

4:19 PM2 years ago

They have arrived

This is how Tapatío arrived at the Akron Stadium in search of a return to victory.
4:14 PM2 years ago

A new era

Ricardo Cadena will take over the reins of Tapatío, a team that has only won once in the tournament and is in the basement with only five points.
4:09 PM2 years ago

For the leadership

If Atlante manages to win this Sunday, it would climb to the general leadership, surpassing Dorados de Sinaloa, as it would obtain four points.
4:04 PM2 years ago


Tapatío and Atlante close Day 9 of the MX Expansion League with an attractive duel that will take place at the Akron Stadium.
3:59 PM2 years ago

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What time is Tapatio vs Atlante match for Liga Expansion MX?

This is the start time of the game Tapatio vs Atlante of 26th September in several countries:

Argentina: 7:00 PM

Bolivia: 6:00 PM

Brazil: 7:00 PM

Chile: 6:00 PM

Colombia: 5:00 PM

Ecuador: 5:00 horas

USA (ET): 6:00 PM in TUDN

Spain: 12:00 AM

Mexico: 5:00 PM in TUDN and Multimedios.

Paraguay: 7:00 PM

Peru: 5:00 PM

Uruguay: 7:00 PM

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Last games

These two teams have met twice and the Azulgranas have never been able to win, with a record of one draw and one setback.

Tapatío 2-1 Atlante, Clausura 2021

Atlante 0-0 Tapatío, Apertura 2020

3:44 PM2 years ago

Key player Atlante

Since earning his first start, Alfonso Tamay has changed the face of Atlante from three-quarters of the field forward with greater clarity and vision that has been reflected in dangerous plays on the opponents' goal.

3:39 PM2 years ago

Key player Tapatio

One of the most outstanding players for Tapatío in recent seasons, despite conceding three goals in the last match against Leones Negros, is goalkeeper José Rangel, remembering that he was key to the team's qualification for the playoffs last season.

3:34 PM2 years ago

Last Team Atlante

20 Humberto Hernández, 3 Diego García, 4 Jonathan Sánchez, 6 Edson Partida, 14 Rolando González, 28 Elbis Souza, 10 Alfonso Tamay, 22 Jesús Venegas, 27 Armando Escobar, 29 Juan Domínguez, 9 Joaquín Hernández.
3:29 PM2 years ago

Last Team Tapatío

51 José Rangel, 48 Deivoon Magaña, 53 Jesús Orozco, 54 Miguel Gómez, 45 Christian Pinzón, 47 Diego Campillo, 49 Gilberto García, 57 Dylan Guajardo, 60 Ángel López, 52 Alejandro Organista, 56 Benjamín Sánchez.
3:24 PM2 years ago

They were fined

The COFECE announced this Thursday the sanctioning of Mexican soccer clubs for irregularities in the processes and salaries of both the Liga MX Femenil and the famous "gentleman's agreement"; however, the only team from the current Liga MX Expansion League that was fined was Atlante.
3:19 PM2 years ago

Atlante: in the hunt for the overall lead

Atlante's Potros del Atlante live a totally opposite situation as they are sub-leaders with 18 points and a victory this Sunday could catapult them to the general leadership, above Dorados de Sinaloa. However, they will have to turn over a new leaf after a controversial penalty kick last week's 1-1 draw with Toros Celaya.
3:14 PM2 years ago

Tapatio: a new era

After announcing last week that Alberto Coyote was stepping down as the team's technical director, El Tapatío announced that Ricardo Cadena would take over as interim director for the entire tournament, given that the red and white team is in last place with five points, but still has a chance of advancing to re-qualification.
3:09 PM2 years ago

Kick-off time

The Tapatio vs Atlante match will be played at the Akron Stadium, in Guadalajara, Mexico. The kick-off is scheduled at 6 pm ET.
3:04 PM2 years ago

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