Goals and Highlights: Ajax 2-0 Besiktas in Champions League


2:36 PM23 days ago

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2:36 PM23 days ago

47' Full-Time

Ajax 2-0 Besiktas
2:35 PM23 days ago


+2 minutes
2:30 PM23 days ago

39' Almost!

David Neres receives a pass in the intermediary, the defense closes the double marking, he pretends to open the game on the left, gets rid of the defenders and finishes strong with effect from outside the area, the Besiktas goalkeeper can save but almost misses
2:25 PM23 days ago

38' Blocked!

In a free-kick on the right side of the field, Tadic positions himself in the collection, risks a direct shot at goal and strong, he beats the barrier, but the striker Batshuayi puts his chest on the ball and blocks
2:20 PM23 days ago

33' Game over!

Ajax exchange passes in the attack seeking to score another goal, Besiktas seems already resigned to the result
2:15 PM23 days ago

28' Substitution (Besiktas)

↑In: 62. Vardar
↓Out: 77. Umut Meras
2:10 PM23 days ago

26' Substitution (Ajax)

↑In: 19. David Neres, 6. Klaassen
↓Out: 11. Antony, 25. Berghuis
2:05 PM23 days ago

23' Lost!

Tadic receives a pass from Álvarez on the left side of the field, is marked on the top by Rosier, but manages to get rid of the marking in a good move, makes the cross in the area, Destanoglu gets out of the goal, leaves the goal empty, and Haller heads out
2:00 PM23 days ago

22' Blocked!

Berghuis through the middle with freedom, drives on the right side of the field, the fullback arrives, makes the cross on the second stick, Antony adjusts the chest to the middle, Tadic arrives finishing, but the ball explodes in the defense
1:55 PM23 days ago

18' Yellow Card (Besiktas)

Karaman is cautioned for complaining
1:50 PM23 days ago

16' Goal disallowed - Besiktas!

In a fast Besiktas attack through the middle, Ozyakup advances through the middle and sees Karaman pass behind the marking, but misses the pass that is weak, the defense sleeps, the number 28 takes the lead and finishes to score. But the referee cancels the goal for a foul!
1:45 PM23 days ago

13' Emotionless game!

Even here the match gets truncated
1:40 PM23 days ago

7' Out!

Besiktas comes out in a fast counter-attack through the middle, Tore receives and advances with freedom, he sees Batshuayi's overtake and triggers the striker who shoots first time, takes the ball very strong and sends it over the goal
1:35 PM23 days ago

5' Defend!

Tadic receives a pass on the left side of the field, Rosier marks on top, does not give space to the Ajax striker, who decides to go up, gets a minimum space to cross inside the area, Haller gets to head, but the Besiktas goalkeeper makes a great save
1:30 PM23 days ago

3' Hold it!

Lisandro Martínez makes the throw to Tadic on the left side of the field, he dominates, brings it inside and makes the cross inside the area targeting Haller, but the goalkeeper comes out of the goal to save
1:25 PM23 days ago


The 2nd half begins at the Amsterdam Arena
1:20 PM23 days ago

00' Substitution (Besiktas)

↑In: 10. Ozyakup, 11. Tore
↓Out: 8. Uçan, 3. Yilmaz 
1:15 PM23 days ago

Teams on the field

The teams enter the field to start the second half
1:10 PM23 days ago

46' HT

Ajax 2-0 Besiktas
1:05 PM23 days ago


+1 minute
1:00 PM23 days ago

42' Goal Detail

Antony receives the ball on the right side of the field, passes to Mazraoui, who crosses in and makes the right cross on the first stick, the center forward Haller gets ahead of the marker and pushes his knee into the goal
12:55 PM23 days ago


Haller scores Ajax's second goal of the game. 2-0!
12:50 PM23 days ago


Blind on the left side of the field, back inside and makes a great inversion to the center forward Haller inside the area, he dominates in the chest, gets the marker and crosses on the second stick for Tadic with the goal empty, play for outside and miss an incredible goal
12:45 PM23 days ago

37' What a save!

Tadic receives a pass from Blind on the left side of the field, goes over the marking, takes to the back line and makes the cross on the measure of Haller in the small area, he heads firmly, but goalkeeper Destanoglu, in great reflex, saves with his foot
12:40 PM23 days ago

32' In danger!

A foul on the right side of the field, Berghuis positions himself for the shot, makes a cross inside the area, the ball arrives on the first stick to Haller who deflects it back and the ball goes dangerously to the outside. It was a deflection!
12:35 PM23 days ago

30' Out!

Tadic receives on the left side of the field, is marked up by the marking, gets a resource and makes the cross inside the area, Umut Meras cuts it off with his head, Haller finishes it off
12:30 PM23 days ago

25' What a finish!

Antony receives on the right side of the field, gets to the middle and makes a cross on the second stick, Gravenberch goes up and heads to the second post, Mazraoui crosses to the middle, Alvarez comes to head, and the ball goes in the middle, the goalkeeper holds
12:25 PM23 days ago

20' Hold!

Ajax arrives involving the marking, Blind makes the cross inside the area targeting Gravenberch, he rises, but the ball passes and is with Antony who dominates and finish seeking the angle, but the goalkeeper holds
12:20 PM23 days ago

16' Goal Detail

Blind triggers Tadic on the right side of the field, he makes a beautiful move and goes sewing the Besiktas marking, bringing it inside, going up and invading the area, he just rolls to Berghuis free who finishes to score
12:15 PM23 days ago


Berghuis opens the scoring for Ajax in the match. 1-0!
12:10 PM23 days ago

15' Play rehearsed!

In a foul in the midfield, Blind charges fast and catches the Besiktas defense off guard, triggers Tadic on the left side of the field that makes a low cross to Berghuis, he finishes off
12:05 PM23 days ago

12' Barely!

Tadic receives on the left wing, brings the speed inside, feeds the center forward Haller in the middle, he opens the game to Antony inside the area on the right, who shoots a cross, the ball skims the foot of the crossbar and goes out
12:00 PM23 days ago

11' Drilled!

Antony tables with Haller in the intermediary, the Ajax's center forward makes a lift that tears the opponent's defense, leaves Gravenberch in the face of the goal, he tries to cover but misses the ball
11:55 AM23 days ago

9' At the crossbar!

Besiktas goes down the attack exchanging passes and involving the marking, Karaman receives a pass from Uçan, carries by the intermediary and triggers Batshuayi inside the area, he finishes cross, and the ball explodes at the post
11:50 AM23 days ago

3' Blocked!

Antony receives a pass inversion on the right side of the field, goes over the marking, gets inside, carries in the intermediary and finishes, but the defense blocks the shot
11:45 AM23 days ago

1' In the middle of the goal!

Ajax arrives early to the attack, Berghuis triggers Gravenberch in the intermediary, he advances with freedom and shoots from outside the area, but the ball goes in the middle of the goal, and the goalkeeper holds!
11:40 AM23 days ago


First half kicks off at the Amsterdam Arena
11:35 AM23 days ago

Teams on the field

The teams enter the field to start the game
11:30 AM23 days ago

All set!

With about 10 minutes to go until the start of the match, Ajax and Besiktas have already finished warming up on the pitch of the Amsterdam Arena
11:25 AM23 days ago


Ajax and Besiktas take to the pitch at the Amsterdam Arena, in the Netherlands, to warm up in preparation for the match to be played soon - at 12:45 am ET.
11:20 AM23 days ago

Besiktas Reserves

34. Gunok (GK), 10. Ozyakup, 11. Tore, 62. Vardar, 68. Demir Tiknaz and 72. Emirhan Delibas
11:15 AM23 days ago

Besiktas lineup!

(4-1-4-1) 30. Destanoglu; 77. Umut Meras, 21. N'Sakala, 46.  Serdar Saatçi, 2. Rosier; 5. Souza (c); 3. Yilmaz, 17. Bozdogan, 8. Uçan, 28. Karaman; and 9. Batshuayi

Coach: Sergen Yalcin

11:10 AM23 days ago

Ajax Reserves

16. Gorter (GK), 51. Setford (GK), 3. Schuurs, 31. Tagliafico, 15. Rensch, 6. Klaassen, 25. Taylor, 30. Daramy, 20. Kudus, 7. David Neres, 19. Labyad and 9. Danilo
11:05 AM23 days ago

Ajax lineup!

(4-3-3) 32. Pasveer; 12. Mazraoui, 2. Timber, 21. Lisandro Martínez, 17. Blind; 4. Álvarez, 8. Gravenberch, 23. Berghuis; 11. Antony, 10. Tadic (c) and 22. Haller

Coach: Erik ten Hag

11:00 AM23 days ago

Game Stage

10:55 AM23 days ago

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From now on you can follow the pre-match news and the live coverage of Ajax vs Besiktas from the 2nd round of Group C in the Champions League 2021-22 here on VAVEL. The match starts at 12:45 am ET.
10:50 AM23 days ago

How to watch Ajax - Besiktas live on TV in real time?

Match: Ajax vs Besiktas

Tournament: Champions League 2021-22

Venue: Amsterdam Arena

Time: 12:45 AM

Where to follow: VAVEL

10:45 AM23 days ago

Where to watch the Ajax - Besiktas match?

It is possible to watch the match exclusively on VAVEL, which will broadcast the match in real time.
10:40 AM23 days ago

Probable lineup for Ajax

Pasveer; Blind, Martínez, Timber, Mazraoui; Álvarez, Gravenberch, Berghuis; Antony, Tadic, Haller.
10:35 AM23 days ago

Probable lineup of Besiktas

Destanoglu; Yilmaz, Montero, Hutchinson, Rosier; Souza, Bozdogan; Karaman, Ozyakup, Tore; Batshuayi
10:30 AM23 days ago

Missing from Ajax

André Onana, Maarten Stekelenburg, Zakaria Labyad and Sean Klaiber
10:25 AM23 days ago

Missing from Besiktas

Alex Teixeira, Domagoj Vida, Umut Meras, Ajdin Hasic, N'Koudou, Mehmet Topal, Welinton, Cyle Larin, Rachid Ghezzal and Pjanic
10:20 AM23 days ago

Best Campaign - Champions League

Ajax - 4 titles (1970-71 , 1971-72, 1972-73 e 1994-95)

Besiktas - Quartes Final (1986-87)

10:15 AM23 days ago

Classification - Group C

1º Ajax - 3 pts - 1V, 0E, 0D (SG +4)

2º B. Dortmund - 3 pts - 1V, 0E, 0D (SG +1)

3º Besiktas - 0 pts - 0V, 0E, 1D (SG -1)

4º Sporting - 0 pts - 0V, 0E, 1D (SG -4)

10:10 AM23 days ago

Group C

Group C, besides Ajax (Netherlands) and Besiktas (Turkey), includes Borussia Dortmund (Germany) and Sporting (Portugal).
10:05 AM23 days ago


Hello fans! From now on you can follow live and in real time all the plays and news from the match between Ajax vs Besiktas live in the 2nd round of Group C in Champions League 2021-22. The duel takes place on Tuesday (28), at 12:45 am ET, at the Amsterdam Arena.