Goals and Highlights: Atletico San Luis 0-3 Tigres in Liga MX
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Winning again

After four games without a win, Tigres got back to winning ways by beating San Luis away from home and climbed to fifth place overall.
7:52 PM8 months ago

End game

San Luis 0-3 Tigres.
7:47 PM8 months ago


Yellow for Chávez and three more minutes are added.
7:42 PM8 months ago

Gol Tigres 3-0

7:37 PM8 months ago


Gonzalez came off and Cruz came on, and Chaka Rodriguez was also cautioned for Tigres.
7:32 PM8 months ago


Berterame's free kick goes over the goal.
7:27 PM8 months ago


Gonzalez's long-range shot goes over the top of the goal.
7:22 PM8 months ago


Tigres change

Vigón and Quiñones come out

Enter Dueñas and Ayala

7:17 PM8 months ago

Gol Tigres 2-0

7:12 PM8 months ago


Tigres Goal

Carlos González scores in front of the goalkeeper to increase the score to 3-0.

7:07 PM8 months ago


Tigres Goal

Juan Pablo Vigón takes advantage of the goalkeeper's mistake and sends the ball into the back of the net to increase the lead to 2-0.

7:02 PM8 months ago


A cross to the far post was disallowed for offside.
6:57 PM8 months ago


Vombergar's header goes just wide.
6:52 PM8 months ago


Waller rushes and sends the shot over the top of the goal.
6:47 PM8 months ago


San Luis change

Muñoz enters and Díaz leaves.

6:42 PM8 months ago


The second half begins between San Luis and Tigres.
6:37 PM8 months ago

Half time

San Luis 0-1 Tigres.
6:32 PM8 months ago


Three more minutes are added.
6:27 PM8 months ago


Another long-range shot from Carioca goes wide without any major problems.
6:22 PM8 months ago


Vombergar's header goes wide of the goal.
6:17 PM8 months ago


Berterame's shot inside the area is saved by Nahuel.
6:12 PM8 months ago

Goal Tigres 1-0

6:07 PM8 months ago


Fulgencio's shot hits directly into the hands of goalkeeper Barovero.
6:02 PM8 months ago


Tigres Goal

A cross to the far post, which Quiñones finishes off with a first-time shot to make it 1-0.

5:57 PM8 months ago


Another erroneous touch in the final third of the field, which is long for González, and Tigres, despite dominating the ball, does not reflect this in arrivals.
5:52 PM8 months ago


Carioca's long-range shot from Carioca, but it goes well over the top of the goal.
5:47 PM8 months ago


Chaka Rodriguez's cross is chested down by Unai Bilbao.
5:42 PM8 months ago


Vigón's long-range shot goes straight into the stands.
5:37 PM8 months ago


Berterame's shot with a defensive deflection that Nahuel Guzmán manages to save on the line.
5:32 PM8 months ago


Gonzalez's cross was looked for by Gonzalez and was blocked by the defense at the far post.
5:27 PM8 months ago


A very long touch for Fulgencio and the ball goes to the back line.
5:22 PM8 months ago


Both teams lacked clarity in the first few minutes of action, and there were no goal approaches in the first few minutes.
5:17 PM8 months ago


The game between San Luis and Tigres of Date 11 of Liga MX kicks off.
5:12 PM8 months ago

They jump into the field

Under Liga MX protocol, San Luis and Tigres take the field, both in their alternate uniforms.
5:07 PM8 months ago

Minutes away

Jorge Isaac Rojas Castillo will be the referee for this match and the match between Atlético de San Luis and Tigres will kick off in a few minutes.
5:02 PM8 months ago

To banking

As difficult as it may seem, Frenchman André-Pierre Gignac will be on the substitutes' bench and the man in goal for this afternoon will be Paraguay's Carlos González.
4:57 PM8 months ago


30 Miguel Ortega, 3 Carlos Salcedo, 14 Juan Sánchez, 18 Aldo Cruz, 17 Leo Fernández, 29 Jesús Dueñas, 35 Jordan Sierra, 198 Jesús Garza, 10 André Gignac, 192 David Ayala.
4:52 PM8 months ago

San Luis Substitutes

24 Andrés Sánchez, 3 Jesús Piñuelas, 23 José Hernández, 29 Emmanuel García, 2 Juan Castro, 11 Zahid Muñoz, 14 Efraín Orona, 22 Jhon Duque, 2014 David Rodríguez, 9 Adam Bareiro.
4:47 PM8 months ago

Hand in hand

This is the history in short tournaments between Atlético de San Luis and Tigres, where the balance favors the Monterrey-based team.

4:42 PM8 months ago

One of the best in the league

Unai Bilbao and Diego Reyes have become key players in their respective defenses in order for them to perform well, highlighting that both are dangerous in set pieces.

4:37 PM8 months ago

The felines have arrived

Half an hour ago, the felines arrived at the Alfonso Lastras Ramírez Stadium.
4:32 PM8 months ago

XI Tigres

1 Nahuel Guzmán, 4 Hugo Ayala, 13 Diego Reyes, 5 Rafael Carioca, 6 Juan Vigón, 19 Guido Pizarro, 20 Javier Aquino, 22 Raymundo Fulgencio, 28 Luis Rodríguez, 23 Luis Quiñones, 32 Carlos González.
4:27 PM8 months ago

XI San Luis

1 Marcelo Barovero, 4 Leonardo Coelho, 17 José Lozano, 20 Unai Bilbao, 27 Jair Díaz, 5 Ricardo Chávez, 8 Juan Sanabria, 15 Facundo Waller, 16 Javier Guemez, 7 Germán Berterame, 18 Andrés Vombergar.
4:22 PM8 months ago

Rebuilding the road

Tigres under Miguel Herrera have stagnated by not winning in the last four games, but with a victory they would move up to fifth place with 17 points.
4:17 PM8 months ago

Still on a roll

San Luis has only lost one of its last six games and is coming off a 2-1 away win over runner-up Toluca. They are currently fifth with 16 points and a multi-goal win could catapult them into fourth place.
4:12 PM8 months ago


Liga MX Matchday 11 activity continues when the surprising Atlético de San Luis seeks a victory that will catapult them into the top four when they host Tigres de la UANL, who have not won in recent matches. We begin our coverage.
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What time is Atletico San Luis vs Tigres match for Liga MX?

This is the start time of the game Atletico San Luis vs Tigres of 29th September in several countries:

Argentina: 7:00 PM in DirecTV.

Bolivia: 6:00 PM

Brazil: 7:00 PM

Chile: 6:00 PM in DirecTV.

Colombia: 5:00 PM

Ecuador: 5:00 horas

USA (ET): 6:00 PM in ESPN

Spain: 12:00 AM

Mexico: 5:00 PM in ESPN and Star +.

Paraguay: 7:00 PM

Peru: 5:00 PM

Uruguay: 7:00 PM

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Last games

The felines have dominated the last five games, noting that the Potosinos under their current name have never been able to beat the Regios in Liga MX, with a balance of two defeats and three draws.

Atletico San Luis 2-2 Tigres, 2021

Tigres 3-0 Atletico San Luis, 2020

Tigres 0-0 Atletico San Luis, 2020

Atletico San Luis 1-1 Tigres, 2021

Tigres 5-1 Atletico San Luis, 2020

3:52 PM8 months ago

Key player Tigres

The seasons go by and the work of Nahuel Guzmán continues to be fundamental for the felines to achieve good results; on Saturday alone, he saved several shots that were goal-bound to avoid defeat at home against Pumas UNAM.

3:47 PM8 months ago

Key player San Luis

Germán Berterame is having his second wind with the Potosinos and, in fact, he played a key role with a brace to help the Potosinos take the three points from El Infierno last Sunday against the Diablos Rojos.

3:42 PM8 months ago

Last Team Tigres

1 Nahuel Guzmán, 3 Carlos Salcedo, 13 Diego Reyes, 20 Javier Aquino, 28 Luis Rodríguez, 19 Guido Pizarro, 5 Rafael Carioca, 23 Luis Quiñones, 26 Florian Thauvin, 10 André-Pierre Gignac, 32 Carlos González.
3:37 PM8 months ago

Last Team San Luis

1 Marcelo Barovero, 20 Unai Bilbao, 27 Jair Díaz, 4 Léo Coelho, 8 Juan Manuel Sanabria, 16 Javier Güemez, 15 Facundo Waller, 5 Ricardo Chávez, 18 Andrés Vombergar, 17 Jose Rivaldo Lozano Silva, 7 Germán Berterame.
3:32 PM8 months ago

Tigres: gain confidence

Tigres have now gone four games without a win and are beginning to consolidate their position as one of the kings of draws, having drawn three of their last four games (the last one on Saturday against Pumas UNAM), in addition to losing the Clasico Regiomontano.

Miguel Herrera, the team's coach, indicated that he is not worried about the lack of goals from the forwards and, on the contrary, that the squad has given them confidence so that they can get out of the bad streak.

"We need to recover Andres (Gignac) and Carlos, they are the team's strikers, André has had two consecutive posts, we will work with them, they need to recover their goals", he indicated in a press conference at the end of the game against the universitarios.

3:27 PM8 months ago

San Luis: to make their home ground count

Atlético de San Luis, to the surprise of all and sundry, has positioned itself among the best teams in the championship despite having a new project and the renewal of a large part of the squad. In addition, they are in high spirits as they defeated Xolos de Tijuana at home last time and are coming off the back of a 2-1 away win over Toluca.
3:22 PM8 months ago

Kick-off time

The Atletico San Luis vs Tigres match will be played at the Alfonso Lastras Stadium, in San Luis, Mexico. The kick-off is scheduled at 6:00 pm ET.
3:17 PM8 months ago

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