Goals and Highlights: Columbus Crew 2-0 Cruz Azul in Campeones Cup 2021
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10:02 PM25 days ago

Goals and Highlights

9:58 PM25 days ago


It's over! Columbus beats Cruz Azul two goals to zero and is crowned with the Campeones Cup.
9:54 PM25 days ago


Otero's header, then Giménez appears, but in both cases the goalkeeper saves the ball.
9:49 PM25 days ago


Otero tried to send a shot from outside the area, but the defense intervened.
9:47 PM25 days ago


Cruz Azul seeks, but fails to generate danger in the opponent's goal.
9:37 PM25 days ago


Goal, goal, goal for Columbus! Jonathan Mensah's header and the Mexican goalkeeper can't keep out the second.
9:31 PM25 days ago


Change of Cruz Azul. Yoshimar Yotún comes on for Roberto Alvarado.
9:27 PM25 days ago


Change Columbus. Luis Diaz replaces Miguel Berry.
9:26 PM25 days ago


Good anticipation by the home team, preventing Giménez from shooting at goal.
9:22 PM25 days ago


Columbus changes. Harrison Afful and Milton Valenzuela are replaced by Steven Moreira and Derrick Etienne Jr.
9:21 PM25 days ago


Poste! Orbelin Pineda's cross is struck by Escobar, but hits the post.
9:14 PM25 days ago


Nothing! The referee rules that there is no handball by the Columbus player.
9:13 PM25 days ago


VAR! A possible handball by Columbus in their area is reviewed.
9:12 PM25 days ago


Cruz Azul changes. Santiago Giménez and Jonathan Rodríguez are substituted for Rafael Baca and Pablo Aguilar.
9:10 PM25 days ago


The second half gets underway at Lower.com Field.
8:51 PM25 days ago


At the end of the first half, Cruz Azul is down with an own goal.
8:50 PM25 days ago


A hard-fought game in the midfield, both teams searched intensely for the opponent's goal.
8:42 PM25 days ago


Angulo's shot, but it hits the defense.
8:37 PM25 days ago


Rivero saves his goal with a header that prevents the ball from going in.
8:34 PM25 days ago


VAR! A possible foul in favor of Cruz Azul in the opponent's area was reviewed, but the referee signals for the match to continue.
8:31 PM25 days ago


Romo's cross, but the defense ends up clearing the ball.
8:22 PM25 days ago


Goalkeeper! Rivero's shot on goal is blocked by the Columbus keeper.
8:19 PM25 days ago


Rivero's forehand, but ends up in Bush's hands
8:18 PM25 days ago


A very tight game in midfield, with both teams looking for the opponent's goal.
8:07 PM25 days ago


Goal, goal, goal for Columbus Crew! Angulo combs the ball out of play, but ends up putting it in his own net.
8:06 PM25 days ago


The actions start at Lower.com Field.
8:00 PM25 days ago

Cruz Azul: LineUp

J. Corona; J. Domínguez, L. Romo, P. Aguilar, J. Escobar; I. Rivero, Y. Yotún, R. Baca, P. Fernández, O. Pineda; B. Angulo.
7:59 PM25 days ago

Columbus: LineUp

E. Bush; J. Williams, J. Mensah, A. Keita, S. Moreira; D. Nagbe, L. Zelayarán, L. Fraser; P. Santos, D. Etienne Jr., M. Berry.
7:46 PM25 days ago

Present are

The light blue team is already at the stadium where the Champions Cup match will take place.
7:43 PM25 days ago

They arrived

The Columbus Crew is already at Lower.com Field, ready to play the duel that will define the champion between the Mexican and U.S. leagues.


7:30 PM25 days ago

"The team has not been at its best".

Roberto Alvarado, Cruz Azul player, spoke prior to this duel: "We have to be focused from minute one, the team has not been at its best moments but little by little we are doing things right, it is important to keep adding trophies, cruz azul deserves one more, we will fight for all the championships to come".
7:25 PM25 days ago

Lethal weapons

Jonathan Rodríguez and Santiago Giménez will be looking to score in the opponent's goal to give Cruz Azul another title and continue to bring joy to their fans.
7:22 PM25 days ago

Almost there!

Cruz Azul's dressing room looks like this, with all the clothes and jerseys ready, the light blue team will be looking to take home the trophy.

7:15 PM25 days ago

Looking for the best in the area!

Tonight, the Liga MX champion and the MLS champion will have a direct confrontation looking for the best team in the zone.
7:10 PM25 days ago

What a beauty!

This will be the trophy that the victorious team will take home tonight in Columbus.

7:05 PM25 days ago

Watch out for this players

Shaggy' Martínez, Ignacio Rivero and Adrián Aldrete have taken over the Celestes' midfield, and this afternoon they will be looking to generate danger and cause damage in the opponent's area.
7:00 PM25 days ago

Stay tuned for the Columbus vs Cruz Azul live stream.

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6:50 PM25 days ago

Cruz Azul statements

Juan Reynoso, coach of Cruz Azul, spoke prior to this duel: "We have to reinvent ourselves to optimize the times, I was pleased to hear from Santi and Roberto that they like to play, we are reinventing everything to play better each time, it is not easy because an institution like this one is in a hurry to get results, in the present between national team trips and tournaments if we do not rely on science and if we are not close to the players and their emotional issue, they can collapse".

"Every time I see them better and the coexistence is better, we have had few trainings together, sometimes there are better results than performance and vice versa. We arrived much better than for the CONCACAF match and Monterrey took advantage of that moment and that we were not in the best condition".

6:45 PM25 days ago

Cruz Azul statements

Santiago Giménez, Cruz Azul striker, spoke to the media before facing Columbus: "For us, the more matches we have the better, Cruz Azul is a club that needs to play for everything and fight for everything. We are happy to fight for one more title in this year that has gone so well for us".

"We are taking care of the definition, each player does his task in his position the forwards are doing a great job, we all do a great job, we know the capacity we have, we support each other when things go wrong and when things go right, a united team makes us have no worries."

"The rivalry between MLS and the Mexican league is growing, they are very competitive leagues we see it for us, we are a big club, we have the opportunity to be champion again and we want that title."

6:40 PM25 days ago

For the title

Columbus Crew's MLS tournament has not been very good, they are in ninth place in the Eastern Conference table and have accumulated 34 points, their last match they defeated Montréal 2 goals to 1.

6:35 PM25 days ago

Without a good tournament

Cruz Azul arrives to this match after tying against Puebla, although they previously defeated Querétaro two goals to zero, the sky-blue team is still not convincing its fans to continue with the past path, they have had a tournament with many ups and downs.

6:30 PM25 days ago

The match will be played at Lower.com Field Stadium.

The Columbus vs Cruz Azul match will be played at the Lower.com Field Stadium, located in Columbus, Ohio; with capacity for 20,011 people.

6:25 PM25 days ago

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