Goal and Highlights of Santos Laguna 1-0 Mazatlan on Apertura 2021 Liga MX
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10:06 PM14 days ago

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10:04 PM14 days ago


The match ends with a victory for Santos Laguna!
10:01 PM14 days ago


Alessio's shot from Alessio in the box is wide of the goal.
9:59 PM14 days ago


Yellow card for Lajud for stalling in the final minutes of the match.
9:52 PM14 days ago


A couple of saves by Vikonis on shots by Carrilo and Ocejo.
9:49 PM14 days ago

Brian Lozano's goal

Nice way to take a penalty kick by the Santos striker.


9:47 PM14 days ago


Nestor Vidrio's cross in the box saved Mazatlan from a second goal.
9:44 PM14 days ago


Alessio's shot from a Santos counterattack hits the ball very hard and goes over the top of the goal.
9:43 PM14 days ago


Carrillo's shot goes well over Vikonis' goal.
9:40 PM14 days ago


Yellow card for Rubio for fouling Otero on the counterattack.
9:38 PM14 days ago


A player who could revolutionize the game for Mazatlan enters the field: Camilo Sanvezzo.
9:26 PM14 days ago


An impressive defensive cutback by Padilla prevented a ball into the box for the Santos striker.
9:25 PM14 days ago


A ball into the box by Moreno on a corner kick, but the Santos defense cuts it out well.
9:19 PM14 days ago


Yellow card for Emilio Sánchez for a foul in the middle of the field.
9:14 PM14 days ago


The second half begins at the TSM.
8:58 PM14 days ago


The first half ends with a partial advantage for Santos Laguna by the slightest of margins.
8:55 PM14 days ago


Thanks to Lozano's good shot with the inside of his foot, he left Vikonis with no options and scored the first goal of the night.
8:52 PM14 days ago


Penalty kick in favor of Santos Laguna!
A review indicates contact in the area by Díaz on Gorriarán. 
8:47 PM14 days ago


Alessio's shot in the box goes wide of the goal.
8:41 PM14 days ago


Yellow card for Santos' DT, Guillermo Almada, for loud complaints to the referee.
8:36 PM14 days ago


Yellow card for Alessio Da Cruz for a strong push on Mazatlan's exit.
8:35 PM14 days ago


Good play by Gorriarán that ends with a pass that is too long for Lozano.
8:34 PM14 days ago


Yellow card for Padilla for a hard foul on Doria's back.
8:22 PM14 days ago


Lozano's shot goes wide of the goal.
8:20 PM14 days ago


Santos dominated possession in the first few minutes, but still could not find the net.
8:15 PM14 days ago


The match begins in the Comarca Lagunera.
7:58 PM15 days ago

Tonight's arbitration

They will be in charge of tonight's refereeing:

Head Referee: Erick Yair Miranda Galindo.

Assistant Referee: Enrique Martínez Sandoval

Fourth official: Brian Omar González Veles

Assistant Referee: Enrique Isaac Bustos Diaz

7:43 PM15 days ago

TSM is ready

Fans are slowly beginning to arrive at the TSM stadium, with high expectations for the home team, and with a stage that looks spectacular for this afternoon's match.

7:34 PM15 days ago

Mazatlan's confirmed lineup

Mazatlan's starting eleven will be as follows: 

27. N. VIKONIS; 4. N. DÍAZ, 5. C. VARGAS, 3. N. VIDRIO, 28. J. PADILLA, 15. B. COLULA, 16. E. SÁNCHEZ, 6. R. MERAZ, 8. G. FREITAS, 17. I. MORENO and 23. B. RUBIO. 

7:28 PM15 days ago

Confirmed alienation of Santos

These are the players with whom the "Laguneros" will start the game:


7:20 PM15 days ago

For a new record

If Mazatlán wins or draws this afternoon's match, it would make it four consecutive matches without a loss, which has never been achieved before. 

It is worth mentioning that Beñat San José's team has only lost one of its last five matches.

7:11 PM15 days ago

Bad streak for the locals

Santos Laguna has only one win in its last nine Liga MX matches, while recording six draws and two defeats.
7:08 PM15 days ago

LIVE Broadcast begins

In a few moments we will have all the details about Santos vs Mazatlan live from the TSM stadium, do not move from your place because the lineups of the match are coming.
11:30 AM15 days ago

Stay tuned

In a few moments we will present you everything related to this matchday 12, all the details, lineups and minute-by-minute updates are coming soon. 
11:25 AM15 days ago

How and where to watch Santos vs Mazatlán

The match will be broadcasted by Fox Sports for USA. 

If you prefer to follow the match live on the Internet, remember that VAVEL USA is your best option. 

11:20 AM15 days ago

Latest Mazatlan lineup

With this lineup, the team coached by Beñant San José, defeated the Bravos the previous matchday: 

27. N. VIKONIS; 5. C. VARGAS, 3. N. VIDRIO, 28. J. PADILLA, 20. J. ZÁRATE, 16. E. SÁNCHEZ, 6. R. MERAZ, 11. D. AMADOR, 17. I. MORENO, 7. CAMILO SANVEZZO and 23. B. RUBIO.

11:15 AM15 days ago

Latest Santos lineup

This was the 11 of the Lagunero team to face the previous day's match: 

25. G. LAJUD; 190. O. CAMPOS, 21. DÓRIA, 5. F. TORRES, 4. J. DÍAZ, 10. D. VALDÉS, 11. F. GORRIARÁN, 15. B. LOZANO, 9. A. DA CRUZ, 202. J. CARRILLO and 19. EDUARDO AGUIRRE.

11:10 AM15 days ago

Mazatlan's key player

Mazatlán goalkeeper Nicolás Vikonis has a total of 35 saves so far in the Apertura 2021 tournament.

Thanks to this, he is positioned as the goalkeeper with the second most saves in the competition, only behind Nahuel Guzmán, who has 38 interventions in goal. 

11:05 AM15 days ago

Key player of Santos

Paraguayan Alessio da Cruz, despite being one of the most recent additions to the Santos Laguna team, has already scored two goals in four matches. 

And it is because of this average, considered one of the most outstanding reinforcements of this season, but now he will have to maintain the level shown and improve his numbers in the following matches. 

11:00 AM15 days ago

Mazatlan with ups and downs

The visiting team has not been doing things in the best way either, however, as of today they are on a streak of three consecutive matches without losing. 

The last game they played ended in a 3-1 victory over Juárez, thanks to goals by Sanvezzo, Brian Colula and an own goal by García Manríquez. 

10:55 AM15 days ago

Santos wants to play in the playoffs

The current runner-up in Mexican soccer has not had the season it was hoping for to get back in contention for the league title. 

They are in serious trouble after losing to Monterrey in their previous match, with a score of 2-1, where the only goal of the match was scored by Brian Lozano from the 11 steps. 

10:50 AM15 days ago

The match will be played at the TSM


The Santos vs Mazatlán match will be played at the Territorio Santos Modelo stadium on Torreon, Mexico with a capacity of 30,000 people. 

This stadium hosts the home matches of Club Santos Laguna, a team that plays in Mexico's First Division.

It is also part of the Territorio Santos Modelo, a sports, educational, religious and entertainment complex and during its first years, the stadium inherited the nickname "La Casa del Dolor Ajeno" (The House of Foreign Pain), but in 2016 it was decided to change it to "El Templo del Desierto" (The Temple of the Desert).

10:45 AM15 days ago

Welcome to VAVEL.com’s coverage of the 2021 Liga MX match: Santos Laguna vs Mazatlán Live Updates!

My name is Salvador Espino and I’ll be your host for this game.

We will provide you with pre-game analysis, score updates, and news as it happens live here on VAVEL.

Two teams that are playing to qualify for the playoffs will have an unparalleled clash in the Comarca Lagunera. 

Santos, with 12 points, receives Mazatlán, which has 14 points, in 13th and 11th place respectively in the general table, so winning will be of vital importance for both teams.