Summary and highlights of Australia 3-1 Oman in World Cup Qualification
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4:29 PM19 days ago

Thank you all!

Thank you all for joining us in this intense duel with an exciting final, it has been a pleasure to be with all of you. ¡See you all again!
4:27 PM19 days ago



4:21 PM19 days ago


Australia set the scoreboard with Duke's goal, taking advantage of Karatic's assist and culminating a good team play.
4:12 PM19 days ago

80' Ten minutes to go

The last minutes of the match and the score is 2-1 in favor of Australia.
4:08 PM19 days ago

76' Good arrival of Oman

Omán keeps trying to get into the game and this time they almost succeeded, but the defenders cleared the ball.
3:59 PM19 days ago

Changes in Oman ( Goal scorer leaves)

There are three changes in the Omacute;n team: Fazari, Al Sabhi and Al Muqball enter and Fazaw, Al Alawi and Al Hajri leave.
3:58 PM19 days ago

Changes in Australia

Enter Duke and Mooy to replace Rogic and Taggart
3:51 PM19 days ago

58' Foul in favor of Australia

A free kick by the Australians is headed by Grant, but the shot goes over the goalkeeper's head;
3:41 PM19 days ago


Australia goes back in front after Boyle's header off the rebound
3:38 PM19 days ago

46' Second half begins

The protagonists return to the field to start the second 45 minutes.
3:21 PM19 days ago

End of the first part

Source: Socceroos
3:10 PM19 days ago

39' Yellow card for Alawi

Omán striker receives yellow card after fouling Hrustic
3:06 PM19 days ago

35' Oman forced substitution

The player Al Aghbary has to leave the match on a stretcher after suffering a hard blow, in his place enters Al Alawi 
3:04 PM19 days ago

31' Yellow card for Grant

The first card of the match goes to Australia's fullback.
3:00 PM19 days ago


Omán equalized after a good move that ended with Khalid Al Hajra's hold inside the area and Al Mandhar Al Alaw s finish;
2:55 PM19 days ago

22' Almost the second one

Australia almost scored the second goal after a mistake and the goalkeeper, finally the play ended in a corner in favor of the Australians.
2:53 PM19 days ago

20' Ryan's save

Good save by goalkeeper Ryan after Zahir Al Aghbary's shot;
2:42 PM19 days ago



2:40 PM19 days ago


The Australian team takes the lead after a pass to the area was poorly cleared by the Oman defense and the rebound fell to Mabil who scored;
2:37 PM19 days ago

5' Australia dominates

In the first minutes of the match Australia is dominating, but there is no team that is having clear chances.
2:32 PM19 days ago


Australia and Oman kick off in the battle to qualify for the Qatar 2022 World Cup
2:26 PM19 days ago

The hymns are playing

The two national anthems have just been played in Sydney for the kick-off.
2:25 PM19 days ago

Players jump

Both teams are already on the pitch to start the match;
2:23 PM19 days ago

We remember the two teams


2:22 PM19 days ago

10 minutes

The protagonists leave for the dressing room after warming up;
2:09 PM19 days ago

Oman lineup

Al- Rushaidi, Fawaz, Al Ghelaini, Al Busaidi, Al Musalami, Al Yahyeii, Al Saadi, Al Khamsi, Al Hajra, Al Aghbari, and Al Alawi
2:08 PM19 days ago

Australia's lineup

Ryan, Sainbury, Souttar, Behich, Grant, Irvine, Rogic, Boyle, Mabil, Hrustic y Taggart
2:08 PM19 days ago

30 minutes

In half an hour, Australia and Oman will face each other for the third match of the World Cup qualifiers;
7:11 AM20 days ago

How to watch Australia vs Oman live?

If you want to watch Australia vs Om n  live on TV, your options are: Sport 3, PPTV Sport China

If you want to watch it online, VAVEL México is your best option.

7:06 AM20 days ago

What time is the Australia vs Oman match of the 2022 World Cup qualifiers?

This is the kickoff time for the Australia vs Omán match on October 7 2021 in several countries:

This is the kickoff time for the Australia vs Omán match on October 7 2021 in several countries:

Argentina: 3:45 PM
Bolivia: 2:45 PM
Brazil: 3:45 PM
Chile: 2:45 PM
Colombia: 1:45 PM
Ecuador: 1:45 PM
USA (ET): 2:45 PM
Spain: 8:45 PM
Mexico: 1:45 PM
Paraguay: 2:45 PM
Perú: 1:45 PM 
Uruguay: 3:45 PM
Australia: 5:45 PM

7:01 AM20 days ago

Call-up of the Australian National Team


6:56 AM20 days ago

How does Oman arrive?

The Oman national team is having a good year, having won in nine matches and had two draws and two defeats. Although they lost their first group match against Saudi Arabia 1-0, in their second match they thrashed Nepal 2-7.
6:51 AM20 days ago

How does Australia arrive?

The Australian team has won in their last ten matches so they are in good form. Their last official match they lost was in 2019 against UAE in the quarterfinals of the Asia Cup. They won comfortably in the first match of the qualifiers for the Qatar 2022 World Cup by beating China 3-0 and they achieved a hard-fought victory in the second match against Vietnam;
6:46 AM20 days ago

Group B

The group is currently led by Australia with six points, followed by Saudi Arabia, which has the same number of points. Japan and Oman, third and fourth respectively, and lastly Vietnam and China, both with zero points. It should be remembered that the first two of each group qualify directly and the third will have to play a Play-Off phase.
6:41 AM20 days ago


They are two teams that have only met nine times with a balance of five wins for Australia, three draws and one victory for Oman. The última time they met was in a friendly match in the year 2018 y in that match Australia goleó by 5-0, and the último official match between these teams was in 2015 in the group stage of the Asia Cup where Australia goleó by 0-4.
6:36 AM20 days ago


The match will be played in the capital of Australia, Sydney, the stadium is called Allianz Stadium, was built in 1988 and has a capacity for 86300 spectators;
6:31 AM20 days ago

Preview of the game

Australia and Oman will face each other in the third match of the 2022 World Cup qualification, they are drawn in Group 2 along with Japan, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam and China.
6:26 AM20 days ago

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