Goal and Highlights: El Salvador 1-0 Panama in 2022 World Cup Qualifiers
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Thank you for following the El Salvador-Panama game in the CONCACAF qualifiers.
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First victory

El Salvador got its first win of the octogonal and Panama lost its undefeated record after four games.
12:00 AM15 days ago

End game

El Salvador 1-0 Panama
11:55 PM15 days ago


Five more minutes are added.
11:52 PM15 days ago


Pinyed is cautioned for El Salvador. 

Cummings comes off and Cutuy comes on for Panama.

11:49 PM15 days ago


Rivas comes off and Martinez enters, El Salvador change.
11:42 PM15 days ago


Torres enters and Blackburn leaves, Panama change.
11:42 PM15 days ago


A fierce collision in the cross that left goalkeeper Mario Gonzalez sprawled on the field.
11:38 PM15 days ago


Días has been cautioned.
11:35 PM15 days ago


Moreno made the hook and put the shot that went over the top of the goal.
11:32 PM15 days ago


Blackburn's header goes over the top of the goal.
11:31 PM15 days ago


Yanis and Gondola

Rodriguez and Ayarza come out

Panama changes


In Larín and Punyed

Tamacas and Monterroza come out 

El Salvador changes

11:27 PM15 days ago


Pineda and Moreno

Dueñas and Cerén come out

El Salvador changes

11:24 PM15 days ago


Bárcenas' shot from outside the area goes just wide of the goal.
11:23 PM15 days ago


Dangerous service that Monterrosa fails to get a shot off in the area.
11:18 PM15 days ago


A Panama player falls inside the area, but the referee does not sanction anything.
11:17 PM15 days ago


Henríquez with a service that goes out of order and goes over the back line.
11:10 PM15 days ago


The second half begins between El Salvador and Panama.
10:56 PM15 days ago

Half time

El Salvador 1-0 Panama.
10:53 PM15 days ago


Two more minutes are added.
10:51 PM15 days ago


Anibal Godoy has been cautioned.
10:43 PM15 days ago


Goal El Salvador

Dueñas' shot puts the ball into the back of the net to open the scoring.

10:41 PM15 days ago


Balcburn was caught offside, but still had not defined correctly.
10:37 PM15 days ago


Free kick by Eric Davis that dribbles wide.
10:35 PM15 days ago


Blackburn's free kick goes out of bounds and Panama misses.
10:29 PM15 days ago


Joaquín Rivas with the control inside the area and then he put the shot that the goalkeeper covers and avoids the first one.
10:26 PM15 days ago


Rivas' free kick crashes into the defense.
10:21 PM15 days ago


Bárcenas misses a long service and it will be a goal kick for El Salvador.
10:15 PM15 days ago


Panama was the team that took the initiative in the game.
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Weather conditions are difficult due to the incessant rain.
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The match between El Salvador and Panama kicked off.
10:10 PM15 days ago

Matches of the day

Two games are over

United States 2-0 Jamaica

Honduras 0-0 Costa Rica

One game in progress

Mexico 1-0 Canada.

10:05 PM15 days ago

They jump into the field

El Salvador and Panama have taken the field and are currently singing their respective national anthems.
9:57 PM15 days ago

Minutes away

In less than 10 minutes the starting whistle will be blown between El Salvador and Panama.
9:49 PM15 days ago

The scorers

David Rugamas is El Salvador's top scorer with six goals in eight games, while Panama's top goal scorer is Cecilio Waterman with five goals in four games.
9:43 PM15 days ago

El Salvador Substitutes

22 Kevin Carabantes, 18 Yonathan Guardado, 2 Lizandro Claros, 19 Marcelo Díaz, 5 Christian Martínez, 17 Isaac Portillo, 14 Pablo Punyed, 8 Joshua Pérez, 23 Dennis Pineda, 3 Alex Larín, 10 Armando Moreno, 9 Walmer Martínez.
9:39 PM15 days ago

The captain

El Salvador announced that Alex Roldan will serve as captain of La Selecta for tonight's game.
9:31 PM15 days ago

XI Panamá

1 Luis Mejía, 3 Harold Cummings, 4 Fidel Escobar, 5 Abdiel Ayarza, 7 José Luis Rodríguez, 10 Édgar Bárcenas, 14 Rolando Blackburn, 15 Eric Davis, 19 Alberto Quintero, 20 Aníbal Godoy, 23 Michael Murillo.
9:29 PM15 days ago

XI El Salvador

1 Mario González, 15 Alex Roldán, 3 Roberto Domínguez, 16 Eduardo Vigil, 21 Bryan Tamacas, 6 Narciso Orellana, 12 Marvin Monterroza, 7 Darwin Cerén, 20 Enrico Dueñas, 17 Jairo Henríquez, 11 Joaquín Rivas.
9:22 PM15 days ago

With a full stadium

Panama announced this afternoon that for the game against the United States, where they will be at home at the Rommel Pacheco Stadium, they were allowed a one hundred percent capacity, so a full house is expected for the match against the Americans.
9:20 PM15 days ago

Thus they arrived

The Selecta arrived at the Cuscatlán with the objective of getting three points to climb up the standings.
9:16 PM15 days ago

Leveraging direct play

Mexico and Canada will face each other tonight and will take points off each other, an issue that Panama could take advantage of if it wins to move up the ladder and place itself in the top three of the octogonal.
9:11 PM15 days ago

Not to be left behind

El Salvador has not been able to win in the playoffs and needs a victory urgently if they do not want to stagnate in the bottom rungs.
9:06 PM15 days ago


El Salvador and Panama close out Thursday's intense activity in CONCACAF qualifying, where the hosts will be looking to make their home advantage count. We begin with the coverage.
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What time is El Salvador vs Panama match for Qatar 2022 World Cup Qualifiers?

This is the start time of the game El Salvador vs Panama of 7th October in several countries:

Argentina: 11:05 PM in ESPN.

Bolivia: 10:05 PM in ESPN.

Brazil: 11:05 PM in ESPN.

Chile: 10:05 PM in DirecTV.

Colombia: 9:05 PM in ESPN.

Ecuador: 9:05 PM in ESPN.

USA (ET): 10:05 PM in NBC Sports

Spain: 4:05 AM

Mexico: 9:05 PM in Star +.

Paraguay: 11:05 PM in ESPN.

Peru: 9:05 PM in ESPN.

Uruguay: 11:05 PM in ESPN.

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Last games

Panamanian dominance in the most recent decade where in the last five games they have won four of them and in a row, along with a tie.

Panama 1-0 El Salvador, 2017, Central American Cup

Panama 1-0 El Salvador, 2016, Friendly Match

Panama 3-1 El Salvador, 2014, Friendly Match

El Salvador 0-1 Panama, 2014, Copa Centroamericana

El Salvador 0-0 Panama, 2013, Copa Centroamericana

8:46 PM15 days ago

Key player Panama

Alberto Quintero is the lynchpin of the attack and has caused major headaches for defenses because of his imbalance; the more the ball passes through his feet, the greater the likelihood that the volume of the offense will grow over the final stretch.

8:41 PM15 days ago

Key player El Salvador

Alexander Larin has been one of the leaders not only of the defense, but of the whole team and his hierarchy has to be asserted from back to front, with the objective that El Salvador can add its first win of the octogonal.

8:36 PM15 days ago

Last Team Panama

1 Luis Mejía, 16 Andrés Andrade, 4 Fidel Escobar, 15 Éric Davis, 23 Michael Murillo, 10 Édgar Bárcenas, 20 Aníbal Godoy, 8 Adalberto Carrasquilla, 9 Rolando Blackburn, 7 José Luis Rodríguez, 19 Alberto Quintero.
8:31 PM15 days ago

Last Team El Salvador

1 Mario González, 5 Ronald Gómez, 4 Eriq Zavaleta, 13 Alexander Larín, 21 Bryan Tamacas, 6 Narciso Orellana, 15 Alex Roldan, 20 Enrico Duenas Hernández, 9 Walmer Martínez, 8 Joshua Pérez, 10 Amando Moreno.
8:26 PM15 days ago

Panama: continue with the same inertia

Panama has been one of the pleasant surprises at the start of this CONCACAF octagonal where they got one win and two ties; although what was most surprising is that at times they dominated Mexico and were on the verge of beating them, but in the final stretch they were caught and even got lucky because they could have lost the match.
8:21 PM15 days ago

El Salvador: staying alive

Although in their first two matches they rescued a draw, in their last match against Canada they were not so fortunate and were beaten, which is why they are in the penultimate position with two points and must make their home ground count if they do not want to quickly say goodbye to the fight for tickets to the Qatar 2022 World Cup.
8:16 PM15 days ago

Kick-off time

The El Salvador vs Panama match will be played at the Cuscatlan Stadium, in El Salvador, El Salvador. The kick-off is scheduled at 10:05 pm ET.
8:11 PM15 days ago

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