Highlights and goals: Ecuador 3-0 Bolivia in 2022 Qatar World Cup Qualifiers
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10:37 PM7 months ago


Our coverage of the Ecuador vs. Bolivia match on matchday 11 of the qualifiers for the World Cup in Qatar 2022 is coming to an end. Thank you for joining us! Stay tuned to VAVEL.com to keep up to date with the world of sports.
10:25 PM7 months ago

90+3' End of match

The match ends at the Monumental Banco Pichincha Stadium. Ecuador has won to consolidate its position in the direct qualification to the World Cup. Bolivia was beaten and practically gave up its chances.
10:22 PM7 months ago

90' Additional time

Three more minutes will be played in the match.
10:21 PM7 months ago

88' Double substitution in Bolivia

Roberto Fernández and John García replace Ramiro Varca and Marcelo Martins.
10:19 PM7 months ago

87' Ecuador came closer

Joao Rojas' shot went wide.
10:17 PM7 months ago

85' Last minutes of the match

The end of the match is near. Ecuador took its foot off the accelerator after scoring the third goal and the match declined in its level.
10:12 PM7 months ago

79' Double substitution in Ecuador

Bryan Angulo and Sebas Méndez replace Michael Estrada and Moisés Caicedo.
10:10 PM7 months ago

78' Ecuador came closer

Carlos Gruezo's shot went wide.
10:08 PM7 months ago

76' Bolivia came closer

Abrego's header went over the goal, although the referee flagged for offside.
10:03 PM7 months ago

70' Bolivia almost scored an own goal

Joao Rojas' cross from underneath, Leonel Justiniano tried to clear, but the ball went into the goal and Carlos Lampe miraculously found it.
9:58 PM7 months ago

66' Double substitution in Bolivia

Victor Abrego and Marc Francois Enoumba replace Henry Vaca and Boris Cespedes.
9:56 PM7 months ago

64' Double substitution in Ecuador

Joao Rojas and Jeremy Sarmiento replace Enner Valencia and Ángel Mena.
9:53 PM7 months ago

60' Ecuador came close

Long ball looking for Gonzalo Plata, but Carlos Lampe anticipated.
9:49 PM7 months ago

55' Not much happens in the second half

It has been very quiet at the beginning of the second half. No scoring chances so far.
9:42 PM7 months ago

49' Substitution in Ecuador

Angelo Preciado comes in for the injured Byron Castillo.
9:41 PM7 months ago

48' The match is stopped

Byron Castillo was receiving the ball and seems to have stepped wrong. At once he took his hands to his left knee. Unfortunately, he will not be able to continue in the match.
9:39 PM7 months ago

47' Bolivia came close

Jesús Sagredo's shot was caught by goalkeeper Moisés Ramírez.
9:37 PM7 months ago

Second half begins

The second half of the match is underway.
9:21 PM7 months ago

45+2' End of first half

The referee Wilmar Roldan decrees the end of the first half. Ecuador comfortably wins 3-0 against Bolivia.
9:18 PM7 months ago

45' Additional time

Two more minutes will be played in the first half.
9:18 PM7 months ago

44' Bolivia came close

Henry Vaca's shot was saved by Moisés Ramírez.
9:15 PM7 months ago

40' Last five minutes of first half

The end of the first half is near. Ecuador has the ball most of the time, although it did not generate clear goal options again.
9:10 PM7 months ago

35' Ecuador came close

Byron Castillo's cross from the right Michael Estrada headed the ball over the goal.
9:04 PM7 months ago

30' Half an hour of match

Ecuador lowered the intensity in the last minutes and dedicated more to circulate the ball. However, Bolivia showed no signs of any reaction.
9:00 PM7 months ago

25' Moisés Ramírez saves!

The Ecuadorian goalkeeper made a mistake and Marcelo Moreno Martins shot, but was able to make amends for his mistake. Bolivia's first chance of the game.
8:57 PM7 months ago

22' It's a party at the Monumental

After just 22 minutes, the Ecuadorian fans are already chanting "ole" to the Bolivians, who have not woken up yet. A lot of intensity on the part of Gustavo Alfaro's team.
8:54 PM7 months ago

19' GOOOOAL by Ecuador!

Enner Valencia again! The Bolivian defense made a mistake at the start, Moisés Caicedo tried, but it was left to the striker after the intervention of the rival defenders in their eagerness to correct.
8:52 PM7 months ago

17' GOOOAL by Ecuador

The next approach by the Ecuadorians culminated with the second goal on the scoreboard. Enner Valencia broke the deadlock and scored with a cross-shot to respond to Gustvo Alfaro's confidence.
8:48 PM7 months ago

14' GOOOAL by Ecuador

Michael Estrada headed home at the near post from Byron Castillo's right-wing cross to open the scoring before the quarter-hour mark!
8:44 PM7 months ago

10' Ecuador came closer

Carlos Gruezo's shot was again saved by Carlos Lampe.
8:44 PM7 months ago

9' Ecuador came close

Ángel Mena shot from outside the box after a rebound from the Bolivian defense and Carlos Lampe caught the ball.
8:37 PM7 months ago

4' Match stopped

Gonzalo Plata received a stomp from a Bolivian player. He is attended to by the medical team.
8:38 PM7 months ago

2' Ecuador came closer

Bayron Castiillo tried his luck with a mid-range cross that was easily caught by Carlos Lampe.
8:34 PM7 months ago

Match starts!

The game between Ecuador and Bolivia gets underway in Guayaquil.
8:29 PM7 months ago

Teams on the field

The players of Ecuador and Bolivia take the field.
8:28 PM7 months ago

Substitutes - Bolivia

12. Rubén Cordano (GK), 23. Jhohan Gutiérrez (GK), 07. Juan Ribera, 08. Juan Carlos montenegro, 11. Victor Ábrego, 13. Franz Gonzales, 15. Jhon Elian García, 16. Rai Pablo Lima, 17. Roberto Fernández, 18. Jaume Cuéllar, 19. Marc Francois Enoumba, 22. Juan Sebastián Reyes.

8:23 PM7 months ago

Starting XI - Bolivia

| 01. Carlos Lampe |
| 03. Jesus Sagredo | 05. Adrián Jusino | 04. Luis Haquin | 02. Jairo Quinteros | 21. José Sagredo |
| 14. Boris Cespedes | 06. Leonel Justiniano | 20. Ramiro Vaca |
| 10. Henry Vaca | 09. Marcelo Moreno |

Coach: César Farías

8:17 PM7 months ago

Substitutes - Ecuador

12. Pedro Ortíz (GK), 22. Alexander Domínguez (GK), 04. Robert Arboleda, 05. Diego Palacios, 09. Brayan Angulo, 14. Xavier Arreaga, 16. Fernando Gaibor, 17. Angelo Preciado, 18. Jeremy Sarmiento, 19. Joao Rojas, 20. Jhegson Méndez, 21. Alan Franco.

8:14 PM7 months ago

Starting XI - Ecuador

| 01. Moisés Ramírez |
| 06. Byron Castillo | 02. Felix Torres | 03. Piero Hincapié | 07. Pervis Estupiñán |
| 15. Ángel Mena | 08. Carlos Gruezo | 23. Moisés Caicedo |
| 10. Gonzalo Plata | 13. Enner Valencia | 11. Michael Estrada |

Coach: Gustavo Alfaro

8:04 PM7 months ago

🎙 Pre-Match statements by Cesar Farías (Bolivia coach)

"We believe this is a great moment to play a great game and I see this generation of players with the desire and predisposition to give their best. We believe in ourselves, that our players feel they are great players, that they bring out all their quality."

"Just as Ecuador knows our players' game, we know theirs, because that is why we have the technological tools, to be able to study our opponents. I believe we will be able to play good soccer, we are convinced of that, we have worked for that".

"Ecuador is a great team, but we have shown that we can get points away and we have been growing. We can play a collective game, good soccer, fast, efficient, with a lot of order to attack, with a lot of order to defend".

7:59 PM7 months ago

🎙 Pre-Match statements by Gustavo Alfaro (Ecuador coach)

"The goal depends on the whole team, not just one player. I would love for Enner to be able to score a goal, he is very important for us, he is the captain of the team and an example in a lot of things."

"Sometimes the zero in our goal does not depend on a goalkeeper or the defense; converting a goal does not depend, obviously, on the central striker, I think it depends on the whole team, on the ability to assist him, to give him opportunities, to accompany him, to generate this. 

"What we need is to be more effective on offense, and that is not only an individual action of a player, but a responsibility of the whole team, in the same way that it was to lower that 1.75 goal against average that we had before starting the previous triple date (in October) and that we have lowered it, but that is also a product of the whole team."

"In the same way, the product of the whole team is also going to be the ability to generate opportunities and the ability for the team to define. Personally, I hope Enner (Valencia) can find the goal".

7:54 PM7 months ago

This is how Ecuador arrived at Banco Pichincha Stadium

7:49 PM7 months ago

We start!

We are ready to bring you the actions of this match between Ecuador and Bolivia in the qualifiers for the World Cup Qatar 2022.
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Tune in here Ecuador vs Bolivia Live Score!

In a few moments we will share with you the starting lineups for the Ecuador vs Bolivia live match, as well as the latest information from Monumental Banco Pichincha Stadium. Do not miss a detail of the match live updates and commentaries of VAVEL coverage.

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How to watch Ecuador vs Bolivia Live Stream on TV and Online?

This game will not be broadcast on TV

If you want to watch directly stream it: Fubo Sports Network

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What time is Ecuador vs Bolivia match for Qatar 2022 World Cup Qualifiers?

This is the start time of the game Ecuador vs Bolivia of 7th October 2021 in several countries:

Argentina: 9:30 PM on DeporTV
Bolivia: 8:30 PM on Tigo Sports
Brazil: 9:30 PM
Chile: 8:30 PM
Colombia: 7:30 PM
Ecuador: 7:30 PM on El Canal del Fútbol
USA (ET): 8:30 PM on Fubo Sports Network
Spain: 3:00 PM on Movistar Liga de Campeones 2 and Movistar+
Mexico: 7:30 PM on Sky HD and Blue To Go VE
Paraguay: 8:30 PM
Peru: 7:30 PM
Uruguay: 9:30 PM

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Squadlist - Bolivia

7:24 PM7 months ago

Squadlist - Ecuador

7:19 PM7 months ago

Key player - Bolivia


In the Bolivian team, the presence of Marcelo Moreno Martins stands out. The Cruzeiro striker is the main figure for his influence and, of course, for his goals. He is currently the top scorer in the qualifying round with eight goals.

7:14 PM7 months ago

Key player - Ecuador

In the Ecuadorian team, the presence of Michael Estrada stands out. The Toluca striker is one of the important pieces for Gustavo Alfaro due to his performance and ability in front of goal. He is the team's top scorer in the qualifying rounds with four goals.

7:09 PM7 months ago

History - Ecuador vs Bolivia

In total, these two teams have met 34 times. The numbers are in favor of the Ecuadorians, who have won 16 times, while the Bolivians have won six times, leaving a balance of 12 draws.

Talking only about the qualifiers, they have met 15 times. Ecuador came out victorious on 10 occasions and Bolivia on two, for a balance of three ties.

7:04 PM7 months ago

Bolivia to break a losing streak

César Farías' team, which is ninth in the standings, has gone eight games without a win in the current qualifying round and urgently needs to get three points to help it hope to get back on track. However, they do not have a good outlook at the moment and will have to start winning away from home.
6:59 PM7 months ago

Ecuador, to recover ground

The team coached by Gustavo Alfaro arrives at this match in a good situation, at least in terms of position in the table, as they are in fourth place, but they have been in a slight slump, as in the last triple matchday they only collected four out of nine points and if they want to stay firm, it is important that they stop dropping points at home.
6:54 PM7 months ago

The match will be played at the Banco Pichincha Stadium

The match between Ecuador and Bolivia will be played at the Estadio Monumental Isidro Romero Carbo, or Banco Pichincha. This venue, located west of the city of Guayaquil, Ecuador, has a capacity for 75,000 spectators.
6:49 PM7 months ago

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