Goals and Highlights of Peru 2-0 Chile on CONMEBOL Qualifiers
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10:58 PM8 months ago

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The match ends with a fundamental victory for Peru's aspirations, which adds three more points and will be looking to qualify for the World Cup in Qatar 2022. 
10:51 PM8 months ago


Callens' shot in the box goes wide of the goal, this after a cross from a free kick.
10:49 PM8 months ago


Another cross looked for Jimenez but his header went wide of the goal.
10:47 PM8 months ago


Montecinos had a great run that ended in a cross for Jiménez, but the shot was close to the goalkeeper and he caught it.
10:44 PM8 months ago


Ramos bursts the ball into the area in a hurry, after a Chilean attack.
10:37 PM8 months ago

The second of the match

Again the rebound fell to Peru, and this time it was Peña who pushed the ball into the back of the net.


10:32 PM8 months ago


Yellow card for Gary Medel for provoking a scuffle in the midfield after a shove.
10:26 PM8 months ago


Nuevamente la fortuna le sonríe a Perú con un disparo de Peña donde ataja Bravo pero le queda nuevamente el rebote y aprovecha para anotar el segundo gol de la noche. 
10:24 PM8 months ago


Farfan's header in the area was perfectly saved by goalkeeper Bravo.
10:21 PM8 months ago


Peru substitution: Gerrero leaves the field and "Foquita" Farfán enters.
10:16 PM8 months ago


The Chilean team tries to react but cannot string together several consecutive passes.
10:07 PM8 months ago


The second half begins.
9:53 PM8 months ago

The Peruvian goal

A fortuitous rebound that Cueva put away with this powerful shot.


9:50 PM8 months ago

45' + 2

The first half ends with a partial advantage for Peru.
9:42 PM8 months ago


The play of the goal is reviewed in the VAR for an apparent handball but the referee awards the goal.
9:39 PM8 months ago


Guerrero's shot is saved by Claudio Bravo but Cueva's rebound sends the ball into the back of the net.
9:34 PM8 months ago


Meneses found a good filtered ball in the area, shot with first intention but the ball went to Gallese's area.
9:31 PM8 months ago


There was hard fighting in the midfield and fouls were a constant for both teams.
9:24 PM8 months ago


Free kick that goes into the area but Pulgar heads it away.
9:17 PM8 months ago


A dangerous free kick is headed out of the area by Ramos.
9:11 PM8 months ago


A shot with force but to the zone of Claudio Bravo, who catches the ball with ease.
9:07 PM8 months ago


Chile had a dangerous run but the play was disallowed for offside.
9:04 PM8 months ago


Peru kicks off the match at the Estadio Nacional!
8:45 PM8 months ago

Which will be the refereeing team?

They will be in charge of directing the actions of the match: 

Main referee: Christian Ferreyra

Assistant referee: Martín Soppi

Assistant referee: Nicolás Taran

Fourth official: Gustavo Tejera 

8:44 PM8 months ago

Claudio Bravo in training

Chile's starting goalkeeper and the rest of his teammates are already warming up before tonight's match.


8:35 PM8 months ago

The fans make themselves felt

The most important guests are beginning to arrive to cheer on Peru's national team at home.

8:31 PM8 months ago

Peru's weakness on defense

The home team has struggled defensively, conceding a total of 17 goals, which, combined with poor offensive productivity, makes them the second worst team in terms of goal difference.
8:24 PM8 months ago

Chile's confirmed lineup

With a top-notch squad, the red team wants to improve in the final stretch of the qualifiers for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

8:19 PM8 months ago

Peru's confirmed lineup

These are the players who will take the field for the home team with their best possible squad.

8:13 PM8 months ago

The stadium looks sensational

Players and some fans have already arrived at the venue where tonight's match will be played in search of points that will give both teams the possibility of qualifying for the World Cup.


8:09 PM8 months ago

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Here comes the best of this match corresponding to round 8 of the qualifying round for the Qatar 2022 World Cup: Peru vs Chile.
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How and where to watch Peru vs Chile

The broadcast of the match for USA will be only on Fubo Sports. 

If you prefer to follow the match LIVE online, VAVEL USA is your best option. 

10:46 AM8 months ago

Chile's last lineup

These were the men who took the field in the defeat against Colombia: 

1. C. Bravo; 5. D. Díaz, 17. G. Medel, 6. E. Roco, 4. M. Isla, 16. C. Baeza, 13. E. Pulgar, 2. E. Mena, 8. A. Vidal, 9. Meneses and 7. I. Morales. 

10:41 AM8 months ago

Peru's last lineup

These are the men Gareca sent to play against Brazil:

1. P. Gallese; 17. L. Advíncula, 4. Santamaría, 22. Callens, 5. M. López, 13. R. Tapia, 19. Y. Yotún, 18. Carrillo, 10. C. Cueva, 16. C. González and 9. G. Lapadula. 

10:36 AM8 months ago

Chile's key player

When it comes to scoring goals, Eduardo Vargas has done very well for the team, as he knows how to go forward and unbalance on the wings. 

He is always sought after by his teammates in the danger zone so that he can score goals, which is why he will be fundamental for his team's aspirations tonight. 

10:31 AM8 months ago

Peru's key player

Midfielder Yoshimar Yotún has given personality to the Peruvian national team when going forward. 

In addition, he is good at marking when defending and when his team requires it, he also contributes with goals and assists. 

10:26 AM8 months ago

Strange reality in Chile

The reality of the Chilean national team is that their soccer performance has dropped this year after failing to advance from the quarterfinals of the Copa América and hoping for a miracle to qualify for the World Cup. 

In their last game they lost against Colombia with a score of 3-1, with Jean Meneses scoring the only goal. 

10:21 AM8 months ago

Peru needs points

Despite having two victories in its last five qualifying matches, the Peruvian national team is looking to continue adding points, as it only has eight points. 

The previous match they were defeated by Brazil, with a score of 2-0, where they had no reaction capacity. 

10:16 AM8 months ago

The match will be played at the Nacional of Peru


The Peru vs Chile match will be played at the Nacional of Peru stadium, on Lima, Peru with a capacity of 50,000 people. 

It is popularly known as Estadio José Díaz, Estadio Nacional de Lima or simply Estadio Nacional.

Of its 50,000 spectators, 40,000 can be located in its four grandstands and 10,000 in the box-suite buildings.

Many people, including sports writers, call it "The Colossus of Jose Diaz", due to the adjacent street that bears the name of that military man, who belonged to the Army of the Andes.

Thanks to its internationality, it has hosted the opening and closing ceremonies of the Pan American Games Lima 2019 and the opening ceremony of the Parapan American Games Lima 2019.


10:11 AM8 months ago

Welcome to VAVEL.com’s coverage of the 2021 match: Perú vs Chile Live Updates!

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Two teams that fear for their participation in the next World Cup will face each other tonight to continue scoring points. 

The local team has a total of eight points, positioned in seventh place in the table, while the Chilean team has only seven points and is in eighth place.

Only four or five teams will qualify for the World Cup in Qatar.