Highlights and Best Moments: Juarez 0-0 Queretaro in Liga MX
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Thank you for following the Juárez vs Querétaro Liga MX Date 10 telecast.
9:59 PM8 days ago

Nothing for nobody

Juarez with an extra player and Queretaro with a penalty kick could not hurt each other and ended in a draw at the border.
9:54 PM8 days ago

End game

FC Juárez 0-0 Querétaro.
9:49 PM8 days ago


Pedro's half back hits the defensive wall.
9:44 PM8 days ago


Five more minutes are added.
9:39 PM8 days ago


Rolán's shot at the near post goes over the top of the goal.
9:34 PM8 days ago


García leaves and Santos enters, Juárez changes.
9:29 PM8 days ago


Fernandinho has now been cautioned.
9:24 PM8 days ago


Querétaro changes

Hernández and Torres come in

Ramírez and Vera come out

9:19 PM8 days ago


Rolán's cross that Pedro Raúl fails to finish at the far post.
9:14 PM8 days ago


Sosa's long-range shot attempts to surprise Gonzalez, but the goalkeeper makes his run to save his goal.
9:09 PM8 days ago


Barrera leaves and Doldán enters, Querétaro substitution.
9:04 PM8 days ago


Gómez and Esquivel left

Entered Contreras and Aguilar

Juárez changes.

8:59 PM8 days ago


Pedro Raúl's shot was saved by Aguerre with one hand.
8:54 PM8 days ago


Juárez's shot from outside the area goes over the top of the goal.
8:49 PM8 days ago


Gómez's cross to the far post goes wide.
8:44 PM8 days ago


Sosa enters and Olivera leaves, Querétaro substitution.
8:39 PM8 days ago


Fernandinho's shot hits the defense and there will be a corner kick in favor of Juárez.
8:34 PM8 days ago


A shot from half distance that easily reaches Aguerre's hands.
8:29 PM8 days ago


Rolán's shot from outside the area goes straight into the stands.
8:24 PM8 days ago


Fernandinho and Castillo enter

Acosta and Intriago come out

Juárez changes

Juárez and Querétaro start the second half.

8:19 PM8 days ago

Half time

Juarez 0-0 Queretaro
8:14 PM8 days ago


Pedro Raul fails to make good contact and the ball goes wide.
8:09 PM8 days ago


Eight more minutes are added.
8:04 PM8 days ago

No goal

7:59 PM8 days ago


Rolán's volley is deflected and the ball ends up in the corner.
7:54 PM8 days ago


Olivera's goal was disallowed because a foul was called inside the penalty area.
7:49 PM9 days ago


Querétaro Goal

González saves the penalty kick, but Olivera manages to send the ball into the back of the net on the rebound to make it 1-0.

7:44 PM9 days ago


The penalty kick will be retaken because the goalkeeper stepped forward.
7:39 PM9 days ago


He missed it. Olivera missed the penalty and, although he took it with power, Hugo González saved it with a saving hand.
7:34 PM9 days ago


The VAR and the referee, after reviewing the play, ruled a penalty kick.
7:29 PM9 days ago


One injured Querétaro player remains in the opponent's penalty area.
7:24 PM9 days ago


Garcia with a shot that hits the net on the outside of the net.
7:19 PM9 days ago


Querétaro have got into a defensive mess and Rolán's shot goes wide.
7:14 PM9 days ago


Pedro's powerful cross shot is blocked by the defense on one side.
7:09 PM9 days ago


Rolán controls at the far post and takes a shot that goes wide in a great miss.
7:04 PM9 days ago


The VAR reviews the play and decides to send off Querétaro's Jonathan dos Santos.
6:59 PM9 days ago


Now the yellow card goes to Cervantes for a clear handball that cuts off the offensive play.
6:54 PM9 days ago


Rolán was entering the area, but the goalkeeper and the defender pressured him to steal the ball and burst it.
6:49 PM9 days ago


Pedro Raúl has been cautioned early in the game.
6:44 PM9 days ago


The match between Juárez and Querétaro begins.
6:39 PM9 days ago

Minutes away

We are minutes away from the start of the game between Juarez and Queretaro from the border.
6:34 PM9 days ago

Finish warming up

The Querétaro Roosters are finishing their warm-up process and will soon take the field in search of their first away victory.
6:29 PM9 days ago

Queretaro substitutes

21 Ricardo Díaz, 4 Areli Hernández, 22 José Doldán, 29 Aristeo García, 33 Juan Meza, 10 Jefferson Montero, 16 Raúl Torres, 23 David Cabrera, 20 Nicolás Sosa, 208 Alejandro Rivero.
6:24 PM9 days ago

FC Juarez substitutes

33 Carlos Rodríguez, 2 Adrián Mora, 4 Pol Garcíaa, 22 Paul Aguilar, 6 Andrés Iniestra, 7 Fernando Marques, 10 Martín Galván, 14 Francisco Contreras, 17 Flavio Santos, 11 Fabián Castillo.
6:19 PM9 days ago

XI Queretaro

1 Washington Aguerre, 2 Omar Mendoza, 17 Erik Vera, 25 Daniel Cervantes, 26 Maxi Perg, 5 Kevin Escamilla, 7 Kevin Ramírez, 11 Bryan Olivera, 35 Kevin Balanta, 9 Jonathan dos Santos, 18 Pablo Barrera.
6:14 PM9 days ago

XI Juárez

1 Hugo González, 5 Jaime Gómez, 15 Maximiliano Olivera, 24 José García, 25 Víctor Velázquez, 26 Alberto Acosta, 16 José Esquivel, 32 Matías García, 35 Jefferson Intriago, 9 Diego Rolán, 34 Pedro Garay.
6:09 PM9 days ago


This is what the Estadio Olímpico Benito Juárez looks like to host the only Liga MX game this week:
6:04 PM9 days ago

The scorers

Gabriel Fernández is the top scorer for the Borderers with three goals, while for Los Gallos it is Jonathan dos Santos with just two goals.
5:59 PM9 days ago

What happens if they win?

If Juárez wins, it could reach eighth place with 17 points and within reach of the qualification zone; while Querétaro would climb to 14th place with 13 points, one point away from the qualification zone.
5:54 PM9 days ago


The entire Bravos stadium has complied with the health protocol and the fans will be back for the match against Querétaro.
5:49 PM9 days ago


The pending match of Day 10 of Liga MX will take place this Friday when the in-form Bravos of Ciudad Juárez will host the Gallos Blancos of Querétaro. We begin with the coverage.
5:44 PM9 days ago

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What time is Juarez vs Queretaro match for Liga MX?

This is the start time of the game Juarez vs Queretaro of 8th October in several countries:

Argentina: 9:00 PM in DirecTV,

Bolivia: 8:00 PM

Brazil: 9:00 PM

Chile: 8:00 PM in DirecTV,

Colombia: 7:00 PM

Ecuador: 7:00 horas

USA (ET): 8:00 PM in TUDN

Spain: 2:00 AM

Mexico: 7:00 PM in TV Azteca, TUDN and ESPN.

Paraguay: 9:00 PM

Peru: 7:00 PM

Uruguay: 9:00 PM

5:34 PM9 days ago

Last games

The series has been very even in the last five matches, with the balance favoring the feathered team with a record of three wins and two defeats.

Querétaro 1-0 FC Juárez, 2021

Juárez FC 1-0 Querétaro, 2020

Juárez FC 3-1 Querétaro, 2020

Querétaro 3-2 FC Juárez FC, 2020

Juarez FC 0-2 Queretaro, 2019

5:29 PM9 days ago

Key player Queretaro

Despite no longer having the speed of yesteryear, Pablo Barrera's ability in the midfield, especially on the flanks is still vital as he has the experience and vision that could generate damage for this game.

5:24 PM9 days ago

Key player FC Juarez

The return of Diego Rolán has been a great success for the border team, which is gradually beginning to take shape, as evidenced by last Friday's 3-1 victory over Rayados, with a goal by the South American striker.

5:19 PM9 days ago

Last team Queretaro

1 Washington Aguerre, 25 Daniel Cervantes, 26 Maximiliano Perg, 35 Kevin Balanta, 17 Erik Vera, 2 Omar Mendoza, 11 Bryan Oliveira, 5 Kevin Escamilla, 18 Pablo Barrera, 7 Kevin Ramírez, 9 Jonathan Dos Santos.
5:14 PM9 days ago

Last team FC Juarez

1 Hugo González, 24 José García, 15 Maximiliano Olivera, 25 Gustavo Velázquez, 26 Alberto Acosta, 5 Jaime Valencia, 35 Jefferson Intriago, 32 Matias Ariel Garcia, 16 José Esquivel, 9 Diego Rolán, 34 Pedro Raúl.
5:09 PM9 days ago

Querétaro: singing away from the Corregidora

One of Querétaro's unfinished business in recent seasons has been that they have been unable to win on the road and, this Friday, they will be looking to break that inertia after three draws and three defeats. They have just defeated Chivas Guadalajara at home by the minimum and tied last Sunday 1-1 against Toluca, where they came close to stealing the entire spoils.
5:04 PM9 days ago

Juárez: take advantage of the pending game

The Bravos de Juárez have had a great response after a bad start to the season in which they have won four of their last five and are currently in 13th place with 14 points, with the possibility of moving up to eighth if they win at the border.
4:59 PM9 days ago

Kick-off time

The Juarez vs Queretaro match will be played at the Olimpico Benito Juarez Stadium, in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. The kick-off is scheduled at 8 pm ET.
4:54 PM9 days ago

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