Goals and Highlights: Andorra 0-5 England
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4:41 PM2 years ago

End of transmission

Thank you for joining us in the transmission of this match between Andorra and England, we will see you in a future opportunity.
4:40 PM2 years ago

Next matches

Andorra's national team will visit San Marino on October 12, while England's national team will host Hungary at home, also on October 12.
4:38 PM2 years ago

Match ends

The match in Andorra comes to an end and the thrashing of the English by the home team comes to an end.
4:36 PM2 years ago

Minute 90

An additional 2 minutes will be played.
4:34 PM2 years ago

Minute 88

It's 5 but England is not satisfied and is looking for the sixth. The English team continues to press and dominate the Andorrans.
4:32 PM2 years ago

Minute 86

4:30 PM2 years ago

Minute 85

England advanced. Grealish tried to filter a ball but it went long, several minutes without shots for England.
4:29 PM2 years ago

Minute 83

Andorra arrived. Cucu arrived and sent a powerful shot that Jonhstone saved well.
4:27 PM2 years ago

Minute 83

Change in Andorra. Jordi Rubio is replaced by Joan Cervós.
4:26 PM2 years ago

Minute 80

Change in England. Tammy Abraham is replaced by Ollie Watkins.
4:25 PM2 years ago

Minute 79


Gomes saved the penalty but the Englishman was attentive to the rebound.

4:23 PM2 years ago

Minute 77

Penalty for the England team! Grealish is fouled and the referee gave it.
4:21 PM2 years ago

Minute 75

England arrived. Mason Mount's first action of the game, who broke down the left and sent in a cross that found no recipient.
4:18 PM2 years ago

Minute 72

England changes. Jadon Sancho and Jesse Lingard are out, and Jack Grealish and Mason Mount are in.
4:16 PM2 years ago

Minute 71

Andorra's golden minutes are over and the English team is back in possession.
4:15 PM2 years ago

Minute 69

Andorra has taken some possession of the ball in the last few minutes, they have tried to move forward but they are a disjointed team.
4:12 PM2 years ago

Minute 66

Heavy infringement by Rebés. England will play from their own half.
4:11 PM2 years ago

Minute 65

Ward-Prowse is fouled. England will play from their own half.
4:10 PM2 years ago

Minute 64

Changes in Andorra. Cristian Martinez, Ilde Lima (injury) and Aaron Sanchez were substituted and Emili Garcia, Jordi Aláez and Cucu were substituted.
4:09 PM2 years ago

Minute 63

The match is stopped. An Andorran player (Rebés) is on the ground.
4:06 PM2 years ago

Minute 61

England arrived. Again down the right with Jadon Sancho but the ball is cleared by a defender.
4:05 PM2 years ago

Minute 60

Change in England. John Stones is replaced by Fikayo Tomori.
4:04 PM2 years ago

Minute 59

4:02 PM2 years ago

Minute 57

England arrived. Phil Foden sent a long pass to Jadon Sancho but he was offside and the action was disallowed.
4:01 PM2 years ago

Minute 55

Rebés is cautioned for a foul on Chilwell. England will play with a free kick from the halfway line.
4:00 PM2 years ago

Minute 54

England arrived. There was a great attacking partnership up front but the action was disallowed for an offside by Abraham.
3:58 PM2 years ago

Minute 52

England arrived. Benjamin Chilwell scored the diagonal and received the ball but his shot was not good and ended up in the hands of Gomes.
3:57 PM2 years ago

Minute 52

Infringement on Connor. England will play with a free kick from their own half.
3:56 PM2 years ago

Minute 50

The game has not changed, 5 minutes into the second half the Andorran team is still completely cornered, unable to have possession of the ball.
3:55 PM2 years ago

Minute 49

England arrived. Jadon Sancho had the first shot of the second half, but it was well controlled by Gomes.
3:54 PM2 years ago

Minute 48

England moved forward. Sancho and Lingard tried to link up with luxuries but were intercepted in the final third.
3:53 PM2 years ago

Minute 47

Phil Foden's infringement in midfield, Andorra will have a free kick to get out of pressure.
3:52 PM2 years ago

Minute 46

The 82% possession was not enough, as England came out to press at the start of the second half.
3:51 PM2 years ago

Second half begins

The second half begins in Andorra. Both teams are unchanged.
3:50 PM2 years ago

Both teams come out

Both teams come out and prepare to start the second half of this match.
3:42 PM2 years ago

What the first half was like

A possession of 82% is quite a telling figure, and that is what the development shows: Andorra is completely subdued by its rival and the 2-0 is a short result. 

England are lacking in effectiveness in front of goal, as they have had several clear chances that have been saved by the opposing goalkeeper or even, that have gone wide.

3:35 PM2 years ago

First half ends

The first half ends completely dominated by the England team, who managed to score two goals and hopes to score more in the second half.
3:33 PM2 years ago

Minute 45+1

Jadon Sancho is cautioned for an infringement. Andorra will play from their own half.
3:32 PM2 years ago

Minute 45

An additional 3 minutes will be played.
3:31 PM2 years ago

Minute 44

Andorra tries and presses England up front, but they only have one man up front as the rest is stuck in their half.
3:30 PM2 years ago

Minute 43

Offensive infraction by Abraham. Andorra will play with a free kick from their own half.
3:28 PM2 years ago

Minute 40

3:27 PM2 years ago

Minute 39

Possession is England's and in midfield. Only 5 minutes to go and they don't seem to want to hurt each other anymore.
3:25 PM2 years ago

Minute 37

England arrived. Jadon Sancho broke down the left and sent in a cross that was deflected for a corner kick.
3:23 PM2 years ago

Minute 36

Andorra will have a free kick in search of an equalizer.
3:22 PM2 years ago

Minute 35

Andorra had some possession of the ball. Although it is not a dominant possession, it is an item to highlight because it has not happened yet in the game.
3:18 PM2 years ago

Minute 32

England's attacking volume has decreased somewhat. Now even their central defenders appear to touch the ball.
3:17 PM2 years ago

Minute 30

Andorra substitution. Christian García (injury) comes off and Ilde Lima enters.
3:14 PM2 years ago

Minute 27

Another corner kick for England. Abraham teamed up with Trippier, but the ball was sent to the corner by the defense.
3:13 PM2 years ago

Minute 26

The corner kick did not generate risk and was cleared by the Andorra defense. Possession remained at England's feet.
3:11 PM2 years ago

Minute 24

Another England breakthrough with Jesse Lingard and they get one more corner kick. Christian García has to leave the field for medical assistance after a collision with Lingard.
3:10 PM2 years ago

Minute 23

England arrived. Abraham received a precise cross from the left flank and sent a powerful header that was saved by goalkeeper Gomes.
3:09 PM2 years ago

Minute 22

The shot did not generate any kind of risk and Johnstone appears for the first time in the match.
3:08 PM2 years ago

Minute 22

Handball by Jesse Lingard. Andorra will have a free kick to try to level the match.
3:08 PM2 years ago

Minute 21

England continues to dominate, even with the advantage on the scoreboard is the team that looks for options and keeps the ball at their feet.
3:06 PM2 years ago

Minute 17

3:04 PM2 years ago

Minute 17

Goal disallowed for England. Benjamin Chilwell received the ball in the box but it was disallowed for offside. Check the VAR.
3:03 PM2 years ago

Minute 16

The corner kick generated no risk and was cleared by the Andorran defense. Possession remained with England.
3:03 PM2 years ago

Minute 16

Another corner kick for England. Jadon Sancho advanced and García sent it to the corner kick.
3:01 PM2 years ago

Minute 15

England arrived. Ward-Prowse tried to score an Olympic goal from the corner kick but the Andorran goalkeeper cleared.
3:01 PM2 years ago

Minute 14

Sam Johnstone has yet to appear in the game. The 28-year-old goalkeeper has not touched the ball so far in the match.
2:59 PM2 years ago

Minute 12

England arrived. Saka received a cross from the left flank but the ball was left without an owner in the center of the area, then it was rejected by an Andorran defender.
2:57 PM2 years ago

Minute 10

England advanced. On the left flank and with Sancho and Ward-Prowse, the English are trying to penetrate the Andorran wall which is solid for now.
2:55 PM2 years ago

Minute 8

England arrived. Lingard and Saka joined together up front making a wall, but Saka couldn't get to the final pass and the ball went over the end line.
2:53 PM2 years ago

Minute 7

The dominance is clear, complete and absolute of the England team, as they have completely subdued the opponent. Andorra is holding its own.
2:52 PM2 years ago

Minute 5

England arrived. Ward-Prowse and Chilwell teamed up to try the first shot of the game, but the shot went wide.
2:51 PM2 years ago

Minute 4

Another infringement in Andorra's defense and they will have another set piece, this time from the eastern flank.


2:50 PM2 years ago

Minute 3

The corner kick did not generate risk and was cleared by García. Possession remained at England's feet.
2:49 PM2 years ago

Minute 2

England had a chance. Connor got to the header after the free kick but the ball was deflected for a corner kick.
2:48 PM2 years ago

Minute 2

Saka is fouled. England will play from the western side of the field, near the goal.
2:48 PM2 years ago

Minute 1

Andorra started pressing. The local condition is seen and began to press the English in their field, little by little they are retreating.
2:46 PM2 years ago

The match begins

The ball is rolling in Andorra and the action begins between the two teams.
2:43 PM2 years ago

Anthems are playing

The anthems are playing on Andorran soil and the game is about to begin. Follow all the details here.
2:40 PM2 years ago


Bookmakers are paying x29.00 for Andorra's victory, the draw is at x15.00 and England's victory is at x1.04.
2:38 PM2 years ago

England's last game as a visitor

On September 8 was the last time England left home, and it was to visit Poland. That match ended in a one-goal draw thanks to goals from Kane (England) and Szymanski (Poland).
2:35 PM2 years ago

Andorra's last home game

The last time Andorra played a home game was on September 2 of this year when they hosted San Marino and beat them with a 2-0 score thanks to Marc Vales' goals.
2:25 PM2 years ago

Last match between the teams

On September 5 of this year, the two teams met at Wembley Stadium. The match ended 4-0 in favor of England thanks to goals by Jesse Lingard (x2), Harry Kane and Bukayo Saka.
2:17 PM2 years ago

Stadium is ready

Just 24 hours before the match, Andorra's stadium suffered a fire in its transmission booths, but according to the Andorran Football Federation, the stadium is in optimal conditions.


2:06 PM2 years ago

Lineup - Andorra

Josep Gomes; Jesús Rubio, Christian García, Max Llovera, Marc García; Jordi Rubio, Marc Rebés, Marc Vales, Xavi; Cristian Martínez, Aaron Sánchez.
2:05 PM2 years ago

England is ready

 The England national team is at the Andorra stadium and has been sharing some images with the fans. This team is not left behind by its fans.


2:02 PM2 years ago

Lineup - England

Sam Johnstone; Benjamin Chilwell, Conor Coady, John Stones, Kieran Trippier; Phil Foden, James Ward-Prowse, Jesse Lingard; Bukayo Saka, Tammy Abraham, Jadon Sancho.
1:57 PM2 years ago

We're back!

The match is just around the corner and we are back with a vengeance to bring you the full build-up to the match between England and Andorra.
1:52 PM2 years ago

Tune in here Andorra vs England Live Score!

In a few moments we will share with you the starting lineups for the Andorra vs England live match, as well as the latest information from the Estadi Comunal d'Andorra la Vella. Don't miss a single detail of the live match updates and commentary from VAVEL's coverage.
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How to watch Andorra vs England Live Stream on TV and Online?

This game will be broadcasted by TUDN and ESPN+.

If you want to watch it on internet, VAVEL USA is your best option!

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What time is Andorra vs England match for Qatar 2022 World Cup Qualifiers?

This is the start time of the game Andorra vs England of 9th October 2021 in several countries:

Argentina: 3:45 PM
Bolivia: 2:45 PM
Brazil: 3:45 PM
Chile: 2:45 PM
Colombia: 1:45 PM
Ecuador: 1:45 PM 
USA (ET): 2:45 PM 
Spain: 8:45 PM
Mexico: 1:45 PM
Paraguay: 2:45 PM
Peru: 1:45 PM
Uruguay: 3:45 PM

1:37 PM2 years ago

Squadlist - England


1:32 PM2 years ago

Squadlist - Andorra


1:27 PM2 years ago

Key player - England

England's standout player is Kieran Trippier. The 31-year-old full-back contributes in defense, attack and has a great free-kick punch.

1:22 PM2 years ago

Key player - Andorra

The outstanding player of the Andorran national team is Marc Vales. The 31-year-old defender recently scored a brace in the match against San Marino.

Marc Vales
Marc Vales
1:17 PM2 years ago

History - Andorra vs Enland

England and Andorra have met 5 times, with 5 wins for the English. In all the history of meetings, England has scored 20 goals and Andorra 0.
1:12 PM2 years ago

England seeks to consolidate its lead in the standings

The England team is the clear leader of its group with a four-point gap over its nearest rival, Albania. A win against Andorra would be vital to further increase the gap.
1:07 PM2 years ago

Andorra, to continue gaining experience

The Andorra national soccer team is quite recent and in its group it occupies the 5th place with only 3 points. This team has the objective of sowing history in order to harvest it later on.
1:02 PM2 years ago

The match will be played at the Estadi Comunal d'Andorra la Vella

The game will be played at the Estadi Comunal d'Andorra la Vella, which is located in Andorra la Vieja and has a capacity for 1800 spectators.
12:57 PM2 years ago

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