Summary and highlights of Italy 2-1 Belgium in the UEFA Nations League
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10:59 AM10 months ago

Thank you all!

Thank you all for joining us in this intense and exciting duel, it has been a pleasure to be with all of you. ¡WE'LL SEE YOU!
10:58 AM10 months ago

3rd place for Italy

Italy finished third in the UEFA Nations League in a tournament where the winner will be decided today. You can follow the final here on VAVEL.
10:55 AM10 months ago

End of the match


10:46 AM10 months ago


Courtois' quick throw-in to Kevin de Bruyne, who assisted Ketelaere, who beat Donarruma to bring his national team closer.
10:44 AM10 months ago

85' Kean

Locatelli's pass to the striker, who tries to get away from the defenders, but causes a corner.
10:41 AM10 months ago

81' To the post Carrasco

Third post of the Belgian team, good ball from Kevin de Bruyne to Carrasco that despite making a good shot, the ball does not enter;
10:36 AM10 months ago

76' Donarruma again

Alderfield's volley after a poor clearance by the Italian defense, but the powerful shot is blocked by the PSG goalkeeper.
10:33 AM10 months ago

71' Mancini makes double change

Jorginho and Cristante enter the field to give the Italian team more control of the ball;
10:28 AM10 months ago

68' Saves Donarruma

Good play by the Belgian team that ended with Alderfield's shot, but the Italian goalkeeper saved the goal with a good hand.
10:25 AM10 months ago

Changed in Italy

Raspadori leaves the field, Kean takes his place.
10:24 AM10 months ago


Italy extends the lead, Berardi scores the maximum penalty, despite Courtois's touch on the ball
10:23 AM10 months ago

Penalty for Italy

Foul by Castagne inside the area on Chiesa
10:20 AM10 months ago

59' Batshuayi's chance

The Belgium striker's shot is saved by the Paris Saint-Germain goalkeeper with a good save.
10:18 AM10 months ago

58' Belgium double substitution

Kevin de Bruyne and Keteleere enter the field.
10:07 AM10 months ago


The Italians scored in the first shot of the second half, with Barella volleying a goal after a corner kick, which Courtois could do nothing to prevent.
10:06 AM10 months ago

Second part starts

The second 45 minutes start, the first possession will be for the Italians.
9:50 AM10 months ago

Rest (0-0)

Source: Nazionale Italiana
Source: Nazionale Italiana
9:46 AM10 months ago


The best chance of the Italian national team with a remote-controlled pass from Berardi to Chiesa, who alone against Courtois is not able to score.
9:42 AM10 months ago

41' Chiesa out

Combination between Berardi and Chiesa, the latter shot, but the shot went wide.
9:37 AM10 months ago

36' Belgium insists

Tielemens' cross is cleared by the Italian defense and there will be a corner for the Belgians.
9:28 AM10 months ago

27' Shot by Chiesa

Juventus player shot, but the shot was weak and caught without difficulties Courtois
9:27 AM10 months ago

24' Belgium hits the crossbar

Good play by Batshuayi, who assists Saelemaekers, who crashes the ball against the crossbar.
9:25 AM10 months ago

23' Alderwield shot

Córner for Belgium that the centerback shot, but Donarruma catches the ball.
9:22 AM10 months ago

19' Raspadori's chance

Good arrival of the Italian player, but his shot is crashed into Castagne's legs.
9:18 AM10 months ago

16' Carrasco's center

A good cross from the Atlético Madrid player, but Batshuayi does not get to the finish;
9:16 AM10 months ago

13' Yellow card for Vertongher

Benfica player goes out of position and commits foul
9:07 AM10 months ago

5' Italy has possession

The Italian team has the ball, but with a lot of difficulties, as Belgium presses very high.
9:02 AM10 months ago

The match begins

The Belgian national team starts the match;
9:02 AM10 months ago

5 minutes

The players take the field, before both anthems are played;
8:46 AM10 months ago

Italy fell after 37 games

The Italian national team lost against Spain, after 37 consecutive undefeated matches;
8:42 AM10 months ago

Belgium seeks revenge

The Belgians will fight for revenge against Italy after being eliminated by the Italians in the quarterfinals of the European Championship;
8:00 AM10 months ago

Italy starts with:

Donnaruma, Di Lorenzo, Acerbi, Bastoni, Emerson, Barella, Locatelli, Pellegrini, Berardi, Raspadori y Chiesa
7:59 AM10 months ago

Roberto Martinez's eleven are already in place

Belgium starts with: Courtois, Alderwield, Denayer, Vertongher, Saelemekers, Witsel, Tielemens, Castagne, Vanaken, Carrasco and Batshuayi.
7:55 AM10 months ago


In a few minutes we will know the 22 protagonists that will start this duel 
7:52 AM10 months ago

A little more than 1 hour to game time

Both teams are already inside the stadium ú n inside the stadium ú ltimando the details. Stay tuned to VAVEL to watch the fight for third place between Italy and Belgium.
12:10 PM10 months ago

How to watch Italy vs Belgium in the battle for third place in the UEFA Nations League?

If you want to watch Italy vs Belgium in the battle for third place live on TV, your options are TVE and ESPN. 

The match will start at 9:00 ET. 

If you want to watch it online,VAVEL is your best option.

12:05 PM10 months ago

What time is the UEFA Nations League Italy vs Belgium in the battle for third place?

his is the kick-off time for the Italy vs Belgium match on October 10 in several countries:

Argentina: 9:00 AM

Bolivia: 9:00 AM

Brazil: 10:00 AM

Chile: 9:00 AM

Colombia: 8:00 AM

Ecuador: 8:00 AM

USA (ET): 9:00 AM

Spain: 15:00 PM

Mexico: 8:00 AM

Paraguay: 9:00 AM

Peru: 9:00 AM

Uruguay: 9:00 AM

Venezuela: 9:00 AM

England: 14: 00 AM

Australia : 23:00 AM

India: 18:30 AM

12:00 PM10 months ago


The record of head-to-head meetings between Italy and Belgium is in favor of the tema Italians with 15 wins compared to four draws and four wins for the team Belgians.
11:55 AM10 months ago


The match will be played in the city of Turin at the Allianz Stadium, the stadium where Juventus plays. A field that has a capacity for 41507 spectators.
11:50 AM10 months ago

Belgian team training before the fight for third place


11:45 AM10 months ago

Italian national team pre- training


11:40 AM10 months ago

Belgium Semifinals

Very tough defeat for Roberto Martínez's national team, which is once again at the gates of a final, a team full of stars, but fails to achieve anything important. Despite going 2-0 up with goals from Carrasco and Romelo Lukaku, France came back in the second half with goals from Kylian Mbappé, Karim Benzema and Herná ndez. Before France's third, Lukaku scored, but the goal was disallowed for offside by the Chelsea striker;


11:35 AM10 months ago

Italy Semifinals

Italy fell in the semifinals after losing to Spain, with a brace by Ferrá n Torres. In addition, the Italian national team was left with ten players after Bonucci was sent off. In the second half, despite having a player less, they gave another face and improved, but the goal that put them in the match came in 81, Pellegrini's goal but it was insufficient to force extra time;
11:30 AM10 months ago

Preview of the match

Italy and Belgium will battle it out to finish third in the UEFA Nations League after losing in the semifinals.
11:25 AM10 months ago

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