Goals and Highlights: Mexico 3-0 Honduras in CONCACAF Qualifiers 2021


9:00 PM7 days ago


8:55 PM7 days ago

Game over

Mexico beats Honduras 3-0.
8:53 PM7 days ago


Change for Mexico. Hirving Lozano comes off, Uriel Antuna comes on.
8:52 PM7 days ago


The central controller indicates that there will be 3 minutes of added time.
8:48 PM7 days ago


GOAL. Hirving Lozano scores the 3-0 and makes the Azteca erupt with a standing ovation.
8:45 PM7 days ago


Funes Mori let go the double of the night and hit the ball past goalkeeper López.
8:39 PM7 days ago


Change for Mexico. Luis Romo enters, Edson Álvarez comes out.
8:39 PM7 days ago


Rogelio Funes Mori increases the distance on the scoreboard after Orbelín Pineda crashes the ball against the right post.
8:37 PM7 days ago


Honduras change, Carlos Pineda out, Andy Najar in.
8:35 PM7 days ago


Funes Mori is encouraged on the edge of the area and with his right foot tries to surprise Luis Lopez's goal.
8:34 PM7 days ago


Honduras is saved! The goalkeeper makes a perfect save to prevent Mexico from extending the lead.
8:33 PM7 days ago


Change for Honduras. Bryan Acosta comes off, Edwin Rodríguez comes on, Eddie Hernández comes off, Ángel Tejeda comes on.
8:30 PM7 days ago


Triple change for El Tri. Raúl Jiménez is out, Rogelio Funes Mori is in. 

Sebastián Córdova is out, Orbelín Pineda is in. Jesús Corona comes off, Alexis Vega comes on.

8:26 PM7 days ago


Raúl Jiménez penetrates the area on the right side of the box and takes his shot that hits the outside of the net.
8:24 PM7 days ago


Free kick for the Mexican National Team. Corona takes it but the cross falls short and finds no taker.
8:20 PM7 days ago


Foul on Lozano that cuts off a potentially dangerous play near the center circle
8:12 PM7 days ago


Red card for the Catracho captain Mayor Figueroa
8:10 PM7 days ago


The action resumes. Double change for Honduras

Bryan Velasquez comes out, Alberth Elis comes in.

Danilo Acosta comes off and Alexander López enters

7:50 PM7 days ago

Half time

End of the first half. Mexico wins it 1-0
7:49 PM7 days ago


Chucky! Hirving Lozano misses a one-on-one against the Honduran goalkeeper.

Four minutes of stoppage time will be added. Yellow card for Bryan Acosta

7:44 PM7 days ago


To the goal! Sebastián Córdova's left-footed shot from just outside the area misses the net.
7:39 PM7 days ago


Hirving Lozano's shot on goal goes over the goal line.
7:34 PM7 days ago


Raúl Jiménez and Jesús Corona weave an attacking move down the right flank that Lozano fails to finish.
7:29 PM7 days ago


Honduras tries to do some damage on the counterattack but the action is not successful and the ball goes over the goal line.
7:24 PM7 days ago


Luis Rodriguez's cross shot appeared to be heading into the net to make it 2-0.
7:19 PM7 days ago


Yellow card for Marcelo Pereira
7:14 PM7 days ago


Raúl Jiménez's header vibrates off the post but ends up not going into the net.
7:09 PM7 days ago


GOOOOL! The goal is denied on three occasions for El Tri. Sebastián Córdova follows the play and takes advantage of a rebound from the defense to make it 1-0.
7:04 PM7 days ago


Free kick for the Mexican National Team that Córdova takes straight into the goalkeeper's hands.
6:59 PM7 days ago


Yellow card for César Montes
6:54 PM7 days ago


CLOSE! Hirving Lozano finds space on the penalty spot and tries to make it 1-0 with a 'palomita' shot, but the ball goes just inches past Lopez's post.
6:49 PM7 days ago


Corner kick for the visiting team. The set piece is what has cost the Tricolor the most and the Catracho team wants to take advantage of it.
6:44 PM7 days ago


Mexico has its first approach on the right flank where Jesus Gallardo tries to make a diagonal but the visiting defense anticipates well.
6:39 PM7 days ago


Mexico and Honduras kick off the action at the Azteca Stadium
6:34 PM7 days ago


Central: Ismail Elfath

Asistente 1: Corey Parker

Asistente 2: Kyle Atkins

Cuarto Árbitro: Rubiel Vazquez

Comisario: Craig Tornberg


6:29 PM7 days ago

Mexico substitutes

1 Alfredo Talavera

2 Néstor Araujo

5 Osvaldo Rodíguez

7 Luis Romo

8 Carlos Rodríguez

10 Orbelín Pineda

11 Rogelio Funes Mori

12 Jonathan Orozco

14 Uriel Antuna

18 Andrés Guardado

19 Julio Domínguez

20 Alexis Vega

6:24 PM7 days ago

Honduras substitutes

1 Eduardo Menjivar

7 Alberth Elis

8 Edwin Rodríguez

9 Eddie Hernándezz

10 Alexander López

11 Rigoberto Rivas

14 Óscar García

16 Johnny Leveron

17 Andy Najar

18 Mario Licona

20 Deybi Flores

23 Luis Palma

6:19 PM7 days ago


Mexico's biggest drubbing of the Honduran national team was in 1935 in the Central American and Caribbean Games, when the score was 8-2 in favor of the Tricolor.

On the other hand, Honduras has beaten Mexico 3-1 on two occasions, first in 2001 and then in 2009 in World Cup qualifiers in San Pedro Sula.

6:14 PM7 days ago

Honduras starting lineup

22 Luis Lopez

3 Maynor Figueroa

15 Denil Maldonado

4 Marcelo Pereira

21 Danilo Acosta

2 Kevin Álvarez

5 Kervin Arriaga

12 Carlos Pineda

6 Bryan Acosta

19 Angel Tejeda

13 Brayan Velasquez

6:09 PM7 days ago

México starting lineup

13 Guillermo Ochoa

4 Edson Álvarez

21 Luis Rodíguez

3 César Montes

15 Héctor Moreno

6 Sebastián Córdova

23 Jesús Gallardo

22 Hirving Lozano

16 Héctor Herrrera

9 Raúl Jiménez

17 Jesús Corona

6:04 PM7 days ago

Warm up

Although the fans are slowly filling the stands, the 'unconditional' fans welcome the Tricolor with great joy as they warm up on the field.
5:59 PM7 days ago

Azteca Stadium

This is what the field at the Azteca Stadium looks like just 50 minutes before kickoff.
5:54 PM7 days ago

We back

We are back at the Azteca Stadium, the Tricolor returns to play in front of its fans for the second time in two years against Honduras. It is expected that this afternoon there will be a better presence in the stands compared to the midweek match against Canada.
5:49 PM7 days ago

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What time is Mexico vs Honduras match for CONCACAF Qualifiers?

This is the start time of the game Mexico vs Honduras of 10th October 2021 in several countries:

Mexico: 18:00 PM in TUDN 

5:34 PM7 days ago

Mexico's key player

Guillermo Ochoa has established himself as the Tricolor's most reliable goalkeeper in international competitions. Just in the match against Canada, the Águilas del América goalkeeper was a factor in preventing his goal from falling on a couple of occasions. Therefore, in a match as intense as the match against the Catrachos, Ochoa's safety under the goalkeeper will be of vital importance for the Mexican team.
5:29 PM7 days ago

Honduras' key player

Alberth Elis, Honduran striker who plays for Girondis de Bordeaux in France's Ligue 1, returns to the national team after missing part of the Gold Cup and the first games of the qualifiers due to an injury suffered in the same summer competition. Elis is the most valuable player of his team with a value of 4 million euros, and will be key for the confrontation against the Tricolor.
5:24 PM7 days ago

CONCACAF Qualifiers

The final octagonal block of the qualification for Qatar 2022 is as follows so far:

The United States has gone into the lead with 8 points, out of the four matches played they have won twice and drawn twice, same figures as the Mexican side, however, the difference lies in goals. The United States has scored seven goals and conceded only two, with a difference of 5 goals. Mexico, in second place with the same results, has scored 5 goals and conceded 3, so the difference is smaller.
Next is Canada with 3 ties and only one win, with six goals scored and three conceded and six total points.
In fourth and fifth place are Panama and El Salvador, respectively, both with one win, two draws and one loss, with a total of 5 points. Further down is Costa Rica with three draws and one lost game with three points. Honduras also has three points but the goal difference places them one place lower. Finally, Jamaica is the eighth team with only one point from a draw.


5:19 PM7 days ago


The Honduran national team is one of the most complicated rivals in the zone for the National Team, the matches against the 'Catrachos' usually go beyond the limits of the field, becoming a highly passionate duel. 

Honduras is in second to last place in the standings so far. With only three points and a -3 goal difference. 

Honduras has drawn three times against Canada, El Salvador and Costa Rica. And it has only lost against the 'Stars and Stripes' team.


5:14 PM7 days ago


Mexico's National Team is coming off a draw against Canada that has not pleased Mexican fans, who after almost two years of not seeing their national team play at the Coloso de Santa Ursula, returned to the seats of the Azteca Stadium. 
Although Gerardo Martino's national team is undefeated in the qualifying phase for Qatar, Mexican fans are not entirely satisfied with the team's performance. Just this Thursday, the Tricolor shared points with the 'Maple Leafs' after a 1-1 draw at the Azteca Stadium.


5:09 PM7 days ago

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