Goals and Highlights: Bolvia 1-0 Peru in World Cup Qualifiers 2022
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6:03 PM7 days ago

Goal and Highlights

5:57 PM7 days ago


It's over! Bolivia wins the match by the minimum.
5:56 PM7 days ago


Martins tried to shoot, but the ball went wide.
5:51 PM7 days ago


Vaca's shot from a delayed ball is close to the post on the outside of the box.
5:48 PM7 days ago


Peru changes. Christofer Gonzáles and Christian Cueva are replaced by Jefferson Farfán and Raziel García.
5:46 PM7 days ago


Goal, goal, Bolivia! Vaca makes the most of a defensive rebound and ends up putting the ball into Gallese's net.
5:46 PM7 days ago


Bolivia changes. Ramiro Vaca and Víctor Ábrego are substituted by Fernando Saucedo and Carmelo Algarañaz.
5:38 PM7 days ago


He's leaving! The referee sends off Henry Vaca for a hard tackle on Callens.
5:29 PM7 days ago


Peru changes. Wilder Cartagena, Oslimg Mor and Santiago Ormeño are substituted for Pedro Aquino, Gabriel Costa and Gianluca Lapadula.
5:25 PM7 days ago


Justiniano's cross, but Gallese is attentive to prevent further danger.
5:25 PM7 days ago


Change for Bolivia. Henry Vaca replaces Roberto Fernandez.
5:23 PM7 days ago


Ramos' rebound ends up going out of play.
5:18 PM7 days ago


First minutes of the second half with the ball very disputed by both teams.
5:11 PM7 days ago


The match kicks off in the Bolivia building.
5:10 PM7 days ago


Changes in Bolivia. Marc Enoumba and Leonel Justiniano are substituted by Luis Haquín and Moisés Villarroel.
4:51 PM7 days ago


At the end of the first half, the score remains goalless.
4:51 PM7 days ago


The ball ends up in the hands of Gallese.
4:45 PM7 days ago


Martins' shot is just wide of the goal.
4:41 PM7 days ago


Peru began to maintain control of the ball and started to reach Bolivia's goal.
4:35 PM7 days ago


Algarañaz's header, but it goes wide of the goal.
4:30 PM7 days ago


Yotún's shot ended up going over the end line without much force.
4:29 PM7 days ago


Martins' long-range shot, but the ball goes wide.
4:24 PM7 days ago


Saucedo's long distance shot, but the ball ends up going over the goal.
4:24 PM7 days ago


Aquino has words with Arce.


4:13 PM7 days ago


Ramos gets in the way of Martins' shot and prevents Bolivia.
4:05 PM7 days ago


The match between Bolivia and Peru gets underway.
3:57 PM7 days ago

Peru: LineUp

P. Gallese; L. Advíncula, C. Ramos, A. Callens, M. López, C. Gonzáles, P. Aquino, Y. Yotún, G. Costa, C. Cueva, G. Lapadula.
3:56 PM7 days ago

Bolivia: LineUp

C. Lampe; L. Haquin, A. Justino, J. Carlos Arce, R. Ramallo, M. Villarroel, C. Algarañaz, R. Fernández, F. Saucedo, J. Sagredo.
3:54 PM7 days ago

To warm up

Both Bolivia and Peru are already warming up before the start of the match.
3:50 PM7 days ago

The people are here!

The fans are already present at the stadium located in La Paz, where they will try to cheer on their teams that will go all out for the three points in this match.
3:48 PM7 days ago

They arrive

Both teams are already on site, ready to play one more duel in these qualifying rounds in an attempt to climb up the standings.
3:45 PM7 days ago

Last duel

The last match between these teams was won on the field by Bolivia; however, Peru sent a complaint to the CAS and ended up taking the three points away from the field.
3:44 PM7 days ago

To continue adding

Luis Advíncula will reach 100 appearances with this match, looking to add more games with the national team.

3:34 PM7 days ago

Negative numbers

Bolivia has conceded 25 goals, while scoring only 12 in favor.
3:29 PM7 days ago

To improve numbers

Peru arrives to this match with 10 goals scored, while it has 17 goals against; this afternoon it will try to increase its numbers in a favorable way.
3:24 PM7 days ago

Negative history

The first time these teams met was in 1969, when both teams were trying to qualify for the World Cup in Mexico; in this match, Bolivia won two goals to one.
3:19 PM7 days ago

They occupy places

Horacio Calcaterra and Oslimg Mora were two of the players called up to take the place of some of the players who were dropped.
3:14 PM7 days ago


André Carrillo is still recovering from an injury he sustained in the match against Chile, and is expected to be fit to play against Argentina.
3:09 PM7 days ago

Many casualties

Raúl Ruidíaz, Paolo Guerrero, Yordi Reyna, Edison Flores and Renato Tapia were absent from the national team for this match.
3:04 PM7 days ago

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Peru Statements

Ricardo Gareca spoke ahead of this match: "We are going to wait a little while for the players to recover. There have been some muscular problems, but on Saturday (today) we will know exactly who we can count on".

"It will be difficult like any other elimination match. We know about the opponent's virtues due to their local condition, but we are going to prepare well to achieve the final objective. They can rest assured about that".

2:49 PM7 days ago

Bolivia's statements

Before this match, Fernando Costa, president of the Bolivian Federation, said: "We must make our house respected or we are eliminated".

"Now we have to bet everything to get the six points at home. We have to win both matches, otherwise we are practically out of the World Cup".

"Professor Farías' strategy has not responded. I think we have a great chance of getting the points at home".

Prior to this match, César Farías also spoke: "This is soccer and sometimes these things happen. I think there were several moments where the tactical system did not work, we conceded the goals and in five minutes we had no answer for it. Defending a systematic circumstance at this moment makes no sense. We lost a very difficult match, which could have been worse, and that is why we are playing for everything against Peru".

2:44 PM7 days ago

To climb up the standings

In Peru's last match, they defeated Chile by two goals to zero, but their progress in the qualifiers for Qatar has not been very encouraging; out of the ten matches they have played, they have only three wins, two draws and five defeats, placing them in seventh position with 11 points.

2:39 PM7 days ago

Urgent need to add

Ten matches have been played in these qualifiers, of which Bolivia has only six points, after accumulating one win, three draws and six defeats. The team coached by Farías urgently needs to get three points in order to look for a very remote qualification to the next World Cup.

2:34 PM7 days ago

The match will be played at the Hernando Siles Olympic Stadium.

The Bolivia vs Peru match will be played at the Hernando Siles Olympic Stadium, located in La Paz, Bolivia; with capacity for 41,143 people.


2:29 PM7 days ago

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