Summary and highlights of Latvia 1-2 Turkey in Qatar 2022 Qualifiers
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4:51 PM13 days ago

Thank you all!

Thank you all for joining us in this intense duel with an exciting final, it has been a pleasure to be with all of you. ¡See you all again!
4:45 PM13 days ago

End of the match

Source. Getty Images
Source. Getty Images
4:42 PM13 days ago


Yilmaz transforms the match to give his team the victory;
4:41 PM13 days ago


After review, the referee calls a penalty kick in favor of Turkey;
4:40 PM13 days ago

96' Possible penalty for the Turks

The referee will check in the VAR if he has and maximum penalty;
4:39 PM13 days ago

Yellow card for Ozols for time wasting 94' Ozol saves Latvia

Turkey had the chance to take the victory, with Serdar Dursu's chance, but the goalkeeper prevented it.
4:36 PM13 days ago

92' Yellow card

Yellow card to Ozols for time wasting
4:35 PM13 days ago


Four minutes of added time;
4:31 PM13 days ago

87' For Ozols

Under's shot was cleared by the Latvian goalkeeper after a great save.
4:30 PM13 days ago

85' Double chance for the Turks

First Yilmaz puts in a good cross, but the clearance is cleared and then Dervisoglu shoots, but the shot goes wide.
4:29 PM13 days ago

81' New change by Kazakevics

Gutkovskis leaves the field and Kazakevics enters the field.
4:28 PM13 days ago

81' New change by Kazakevics

Gutkovskis leaves the field and Kazakevics enters the field.
4:20 PM13 days ago


Under assisted Dursu, who had just entered the field, in the area to put the scoreboard back to level the score;
4:17 PM13 days ago


Latvia's goal came with a cross from Savalnieks, who miraculously got the ball and put it to Gutkovskis, but Demiral finished it off in his own goal;
4:12 PM13 days ago

65' Turkey respond with a double substitution

Dursun and Ridvan Yaimaz enter the field.
4:07 PM13 days ago

60' Latvia double substitution

On the hour mark, Latvia's coach makes a double substitution with Tarasov and Kigurs in order to modify the midfield.
3:58 PM13 days ago

51' Clear chance for Calhanoglu

Earlier it was Yilmaz who took a direct free kick, this time it was the Inter Milan player who shot just wide.
3:57 PM13 days ago

The second half started

The protagonists return to the field after the halftime break
3:33 PM13 days ago

The first part is over

The players leave for the locker room with the score tied at 0:0
3:30 PM13 days ago

42' Savalnieks' shot

Latvia tried with a free-kick, but it was deflected by Yilmaz, but it would have been a corner for the home team.
3:29 PM13 days ago

41' Foul for Latvia

Celik's error conceding a foul in a dangerous place
3:22 PM13 days ago

33' Dangerous foul for Turkey

Yilmaz's shot from the edge of the area was just over the goalkeeper's head, but the shot went narrowly wide.
3:15 PM13 days ago

26' Ozols stop

Akturkoglu's shot was saved by the Latvian goalkeeper, but he was unable to find space for his shot.
3:10 PM13 days ago

22' Crosses from Under and Celik

Turkey is now the one that presses two good arrivals on the same flank, but they fail to finish that if they continue with the possession.
3:06 PM13 days ago

17' Demiral does not find goal

A good cross from the left, but the Atalanta center-back fails to direct the shot and the ball goes wide.
3:03 PM13 days ago

15' Latvia center

Gutkovskis hung it in the area, but the Turkish backline cleared it to the corner, which was thrown by Savalnieks.
2:55 PM13 days ago

8' The captain had it

Có rner in favor of Latvia that finished it, the captain Cemomordijs, but the shot was cleared by the Turkish defense, there will be another có rner for Latvia.
2:53 PM13 days ago

5' Foul in favor of Turkey

The foul went straight into the hands of the Ozols goalkeeper.
2:52 PM13 days ago

4' Yellow card for Jaunzems

Latvia's fullback carded after foul on Erkin
2:49 PM13 days ago

1' Cakir had to leave

Cakir had to come out to prevent the first goal from happening
2:47 PM13 days ago

The match begins

Kickoff; the match in Riga
2:42 PM13 days ago

5 minutes

The players come out onto the field, before the match starts.
2:40 PM13 days ago

The departure of the Turks to the hotel


2:38 PM13 days ago

8 minutes

The players leave for the locker room after warming up.
2:37 PM13 days ago

Two new developments for the Turks

Soyoncu returns to the back line and Kokcu enters the midfield.
2:35 PM13 days ago

Only one novelty in the Latvian eleven

Gutkonovics is the only new addition to Kazakevics' team, replacing Kigurs.
2:27 PM13 days ago

Turkey Lineup

The Turks will start with Cakir, Celik, Demiral, Soyuncu, Erkin, Ozdemir, Kokcu, Under, Calhanouglu, Akturkonglu.
2:26 PM13 days ago

Latvian Lineup

Ozols, Savanelks, Cernomordjis, Dubra, Jurkoviks, Zjuzins, Emsis, Jaunzems, Kigurs, Ciganiks y Uldriks
2:25 PM13 days ago

20 minutes

In 20 minutes Latvia vs Turkey will kick off in the fight for three points to qualify for the next World Cup.
7:47 PM13 days ago

How to watch Latvia vs Turkey live?

If you want to watch Latvia vs Netherlands live on TV, your option is Sky.

If you want to watch it online, VAVEL is your best option.


7:42 PM13 days ago

What time is the Latvia vs Turkey 2022 World Cup Qualifying match?

This is the kickoff time for the Latvia vs Turkey s match on October 11 2021 in several countries:

Argentina: 3:45 PM
Bolivia: 2:45 PM
Brazil: 3:45 PM
Chile: 2:45 PM
Colombia: 1:45 PM
Ecuador: 1:45 PM
USA (ET): 2:45 PM
Spain: 8:45 PM
Mexico: 1:45 PM
Paraguay: 2:45 PM
Perú: 1:45 PM 
Uruguay: 3:45 PM
Australia: 5:45 PM

7:37 PM13 days ago

Arrival of the Turkish national team in Latvia


7:32 PM13 days ago

How does Tuquía arrive?

The Turkish national team is coming from a draw against Norway in the last match. In the previous match they were thrashed by the Dutch, beat Gibralta and drew against Montenegro.
7:27 PM13 days ago

How does Latvia arrive?

In September's September break, the Latvian team had a bit of everything, starting with a 3-1 win over Gibraltar, losing to Norway and drawing 0-0 in Montenegro. Last Friday they lost to the Netherlands despite playing a good game and managing a draw. Latvia is in last place with 5 points and nine points behind the top two, making it difficult for them to qualify for the next World Cup.
7:22 PM13 days ago

Group G

Group G is led by the Netherlands with 16 points, followed by Norway with 14, Turkey with 12 and Montenegro with 11. The group ends with Latvia with 5 points and Gibraltar, which has not yet made its first appearance in the group.
7:17 PM13 days ago


Latvia and Turkey have met seven times with an even balance. One win for each team and five draws. In the first leg it was an attentive match with a 3-3 final where Latvia despite starting from behind managed to take a point from their visit to Turkey. The last meeting that Latvia played at home was in 2015 in the qualification for the European Championship at this same venue and ended in a 1-1 draw.


7:12 PM13 days ago

Party headquarters

The match will be played at the Stonkos Stadions, a stadium that was built in 2000 and has a capacity for 1000 spectators.  They are playing again in the same venue they played last Friday against the Netherlands.
7:07 PM13 days ago

Preview of the game

Latvia and the Netherlands will play the eighth qualification match of the World Cup Qualification, both teams are drawn in Group G with Norway, the Netherlands, Montenegro and Gibraltar.
7:02 PM13 days ago

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