Goals and Highlights: Chivas Femenil 2-1 America Femenil in Liga MX Femenil
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Next match

On matchday 13, Chivas Femenil will host Tigres, while América Femenil will do the same against Tijuana.
11:57 PM12 days ago

94' FT

The match ends! Chivas 2-1 América.
11:55 PM12 days ago

91' Substitution

America: Natalia Mauleon leaves and Ana Lozada enters.
11:55 PM12 days ago


The referee adds four minutes to the match.
11:54 PM12 days ago


Scored by Alicia Cervantes.
11:53 PM12 days ago


THE EQUALIZER IS CLOSE! Cuevas was alone in the area but her shot went just wide.
11:52 PM12 days ago


Goal Chivas! Scored by Alicia Cervantes.
11:51 PM12 days ago

This was America's goal

Scored by Natalia Mauleon.
11:46 PM12 days ago

84' Substitution

Chivas: Casandra Montero leaves and Atzimba Casas enters.
11:43 PM12 days ago

80' GOAL

GOAL CHIVAS! Scored by Alicia Cervantes.
11:42 PM12 days ago

79' GOAL

GOAL AMERICA! Scored by Natalia Mauleon.
11:36 PM12 days ago


CHIVAS AGAIN! A series of shots in the area after a cross from Montoya; the ball goes wide.
11:34 PM12 days ago

69' Substitution

America: Stephanie Ribeiro is out, Mayra Pelayo is in. 

Chivas: Isabella Gutiérrez is out, Montse Magallanes is in.

11:32 PM12 days ago


Valenzuela took his first chance and fired a shot from outside the area, but it went over the goal.
11:28 PM12 days ago

65' Substitution

Chivas: Anette Vázquez leaves and Gabriela Valenzuela enters.
11:24 PM12 days ago


Yellow card for Valera.
11:22 PM12 days ago

58' Substitution

América: Angelique Saldívar leaves and Selena Valera enters.
11:14 PM12 days ago


Vazquez! A shot to the far post where Janelly Farías saves from the line to prevent the home team's goal.
11:10 PM12 days ago


The second half begins!
10:54 PM12 days ago


The first half ends! Chivas 0-0 América
10:53 PM12 days ago

45'+1 RED CARD

America's coach, Craig Harrington, is dismissed.
10:51 PM12 days ago


The referee adds one more minute to the first half.
10:44 PM12 days ago


A series of bounces in the Chivas' area after a corner kick. No one manages to hit the ball correctly and Celeste Espino keeps it.
10:42 PM12 days ago

Great save!

By Renata Masciarelli.
10:40 PM12 days ago


Masciarelli is already a factor. Another shot by Cervantes is deflected by the American keeper.
10:38 PM12 days ago


LICHA MISSES! Chivas counterattack where Alicia Cervantes shoots inside the area facing Masciarelli, but the visiting keeper deflects correctly and saves her team from the first goal.
10:34 PM12 days ago


America comes close! A cross where the ball is passing through the Chivas area. Nobody connects with the ball.
10:29 PM12 days ago


Yellow card for Orejel.
10:29 PM12 days ago


The first dangerous play for the Americanistas came from a free kick by Dorián Hernández.
10:23 PM12 days ago


Cervantes! A pass into space where Montoya looked for a cross to Licha, but the Chivas striker couldn't connect with the ball.
10:19 PM12 days ago


America is saved! Alicia Cervantes takes a corner kick where Montero shoots and the Azulcrema defense deflects and avoids the first goal.
10:13 PM12 days ago


America pressured Chivas at the start and looked for a mistake from the red-and-whites.
10:01 PM12 days ago


The match has started!
9:53 PM12 days ago

Lineup America Femenil

Renata Masciarelli, Jocelyn Orejel, Janelly Farías, Karen Luna, Betzi Cuevas, Dorían Hernández, María Mauleon, Angelique Saldívar, Kiana Palacios, Daniela Espinoza, Stephanie Ribeiro.

9:50 PM12 days ago

Lineup Chivas Femenil

Celeste Espino (P), Diana Rodríguez, Dámaris Godínez, Michelle González, Karol Bernal, Angélica Torres,  Casandra Montero,  Isabella Gutiérrez,  Anette Vázquez, Joseline Montoya, Alicia Cervantes.
9:43 PM12 days ago

Warming up!

Both teams are already on the field at the Akron Stadium doing warm-up exercises prior to tonight's match.
9:38 PM12 days ago

Players who have worn both jerseys

Janelly Farías and Selene Valera are the players who have worn both jerseys.
9:33 PM12 days ago

Absences Chivas Femenil

Rubí Soto and Carolina Jaramillo were dismissed from the team for failing to comply with some of the guidelines established in the club's internal regulations. In addition to them, Miriam Castillo and Dayana Madrigal were also dismissed for Covid-19; both players are already in isolation and under the supervision of the club's medical staff.


9:28 PM12 days ago

Dressing room ready

The dressing room at Akron Stadium is ready for tonight's match. The home team will be wearing their traditional red and white uniforms, while the Aguilas of América will be wearing their yellow and blue shades.

9:23 PM12 days ago


The statistics slightly favor the Azulcremas with four wins for América, two draws, and three wins for the rojiblancas.

Clausura 2021 | América 2 - 4 Chivas
Apertura 2020 | Quarterfinals Second Leg | Chivas 2 - 2 América
Apertura 2020 | Quarterfinals First Leg : América 1 - 0 Chivas
Apertura 2020 | Chivas 1 - 2 América
Apertura 2019 | Quarterfinals Second Leg : América 1 - 0 Chivas
Apertura 2019 | Quarterfinals First Leg : Chivas 0 - 2 América
Apertura 2019 | Chivas 4 - 2 América
Apertura 2017 | América 2 - 2 Chivas second leg semi-final
Apertura 2017 | Semifinal Second Leg : Chivas 4 - 2 América


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Chivas Femenil is on a perfect run at home in this Grita México A21 2021 tournament with 6 wins in a row, and has not conceded a goal in 4 of those matches.
9:13 PM12 days ago

The stadium

Akron Stadium will be the venue for this match. It is located in the city of Zapopan, Jalisco, Mexico, and is the home of Chivas. It was inaugurated in July 2010 and has a capacity for just over 49 thousand spectators. Today it will be able to hold 50% of its maximum capacity.

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We begin!

We are just under an hour away from the start of the great Clasico Nacional between Chivas and America in the Liga MX Femenil at the Estadio Akron. Can the Aguilas maintain their undefeated away record and overtake the Red and Whites? Follow this match on VAVEL USA.
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Key player América Femenil

Daniela Espinosa | America's top scorer has seven goals to her credit during this tournament and averages a goal every 107.44 minutes.


8:48 PM12 days ago

Key player Chivas Femenil

Alicia Cervantes | The red and white star who does not stop scoring goals every season. She is currently sub-leader of the championship with 10 goals, having a frequency of 79.09 minutes per goal.

8:43 PM12 days ago

Last lineup América

R. Masciarelli; J. Farías, A. Godínez, K. Luna; B. Cuevas, M. Hernández, N. Mauleón, A. Pérez, A. Saldívar; K. Palacios, D. Flores.
8:38 PM12 days ago

Last lineup Chivas

Celeste Espino, Diana Rodríguez, Damaris Godínez, Karol Bernal, Angélica Torres, Miriam Castillo, Casandra Montero, Christian Jaramillo, Kristal Soto, Joseline Montoya, Alicia Cervantes.
8:33 PM12 days ago

Who will be the referee and his assistants?

The central referee for this Chivas Femenil vs América Femenil game will be Karen Hernández; Karla Angélica Flores, first line; Elva Gutiérrez, second line; Alan Cristóbal Rodríguez, fourth assistant. 
8:28 PM12 days ago

América Femenil: Undefeated visitors

The águilas del América coached by Craig Harrington have already gone seven games without defeat and today, against their main rival, they will be looking to continue their streak. Likewise, the Azulcremas are one of the two teams that have a good away record, as they have not lost on the road (three wins and two draws away from home). In their most recent meeting, América Femenil won 2-1 against Cruz Azul. The águilas have accumulated 24 points and are in fifth place in the standings, the result of seven wins, three draws and one defeat. They are just one point behind the red-and-whites.

8:23 PM12 days ago

Chivas: Rebound from defeat

The red and white team, led by Edgar Mejía, started the tournament in a very acceptable way and out of 11 games played, Chivas have won 8 times, only one rival was able to steal a tie and two more were defeated, the most recent against Pumas, where a goal in the last minutes gave the red and white team a draw and the university girls broke all predictions. Chivas Femenil needs to take advantage of their home advantage and stay in the top places. They currently have 25 points after eleven games.

8:18 PM12 days ago

Matchday 12

Tonight, Matchday 12 will end with the Clásico Nacional between Chivas and América, one of the most attractive matches of the day.  On one side are the red-and-whites, who do not want to leave the top 3 of the general table, while the Azulcremas will be looking for a victory and displace the Rebaño from third place.
8:13 PM12 days ago

The match will be played at the Stadium Akron

The Chivas Femenil vs América Femenil match will be played at the Akron Stadium, in Jalisco, Mexico. The kick-off is scheduled at 10 pm ET.
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