Goals and Highlights: Libya 0-3 Egypt in 2022 World Cup Qualifiers
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Thank you friends of VAVEL

Thank you friends for joining us in this broadcast, Egypt wins and is the leader of Group F, very close to qualifying for the FIFA World Cup.

Hugs for all.

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Final Score

5:12 PM6 days ago


Whistle from the South African referee Víctor Gomes and the game is over!

Libya 0-3 Egypt

5:07 PM6 days ago


Time fulfilled, 4 minutes will be added.
5:02 PM6 days ago


Libya change:

Omar Al Khoja replaces Faisal Al Badri.

4:57 PM6 days ago


Foul. Free kick for Egypt on the right wing.

Faisal Al Badri is shown a yellow card.

4:52 PM6 days ago


Foul. Free kick for Egypt in the attack zone.
4:47 PM6 days ago


Change Egypt:

Baher El Mohamady replaces Akram Tawfik.

Tarek Hamed replaces Abdallah Said.

4:42 PM6 days ago

72' GOAL

Goal Egypt

Ramadan Sobhi's shot that makes it 3-0 on the scoreboard. Mohamed Salah with a brilliant pass to Sobhi who finishes calmly into the net and scores.

4:37 PM6 days ago


Motasem Sabbou has been shown the yellow card.
4:32 PM6 days ago


Libya change:

Murad Al Wohesi replaces Hamdou Elhouni.

4:27 PM6 days ago


Foul. Free kick for Egypt on the right wing.
4:22 PM6 days ago


Change Egypt:

Ramadan Sobhi replaces Omar Marmoush.

Hamdi Fathi replaces Amr Al-Sulaya.

4:17 PM6 days ago


Shot by Omar Marmoush from outside the area that the goalkeeper saves.

Corner kick for Egypt.

4:12 PM6 days ago


Offside, Libya.
4:07 PM6 days ago


Omar Marmoush's shot that goes wide of the goal.
4:02 PM6 days ago


Libya shot to the post and Egypt is saved.
3:57 PM6 days ago


Libya change:

Mohamed El-Munir replaces Abdullah Alshreef.

3:52 PM6 days ago


Corner kick for Libya.
3:47 PM6 days ago


Foul. Free kick for Libya on the right wing.

Akram Tawfik is shown a yellow card.

3:42 PM6 days ago


Omar Marmoush's shot that goes astray from the goal.
3:37 PM6 days ago


Foul. Free kick for Libya on the right wing.
3:32 PM6 days ago


Libya change:

Mohamed Ammar replaces Mohammed Al Tabal.

3:27 PM6 days ago

Second half begins

The referee whistles and the second half starts.
3:22 PM6 days ago


The first half ends:

Libya 0-2 Egypt

3:17 PM6 days ago

45'+4' GOAL

Goal Egypt

Mostafa Mohamed's header. A header that crosses the ball after a cross into the area to beat the goalkeeper.

3:12 PM6 days ago


Time fulfilled, 4 minutes will be added.
3:07 PM6 days ago


Moatasem Sabbou's shot that goes astray from the goal.
3:02 PM6 days ago


Shot by Muaid Ellafi that goes astray from the goal.
2:57 PM6 days ago

40' GOAL

Goal Egypt

Ahmed Fatouh enters through the left sector of the area and takes a cross shot from below to beat the goalkeeper.

2:52 PM6 days ago


Foul. Free kick for Libya on the defensive half.
2:47 PM6 days ago


Foul. Free kick for Libya in midfield.
2:42 PM6 days ago


Omar Marmoush's shot inside the area that the goalkeeper stops.
2:37 PM6 days ago


Foul. Free kick for Egypt on the left wing.
2:32 PM6 days ago


Egypt substitution:

Mohamed Abou Gabal replaces Mohamed El Shenawy due to injury.

2:27 PM6 days ago


Foul. Free kick for Libya on the defensive half.
2:22 PM6 days ago


Omar Marmoush's shot that goes astray from the goal.
2:17 PM6 days ago


17 minutes now, and the goal does not come.
2:12 PM6 days ago


Muaid Ellafi's shot that goes off the right post.
2:07 PM6 days ago


Foul. Free kick for Libya on the right wing.
2:02 PM6 days ago


Foul. Free kick for Egypt on the right wing.
1:57 PM6 days ago


Fans who live the intensity of Soccer!

Let's go guys!

1:52 PM6 days ago

All Set

Everything ready in Benghazi for the start of the game.

Hopefully it will be a good football game and that the best one wins.

1:47 PM6 days ago

For the first place in Group F

Libya proved to be a tough nut to crack on Friday in Alexandria and this November they will be a stronger opponent on their own turf. Even more so when he is within reach to qualify for his first World Cup.

Egypt are slightly favorites to win the match, but they will have to improve if they want to leave Benghazi with all three points. The visitors have superior players within their ranks, but that must be demonstrated on the pitch.

1:42 PM6 days ago

Lineup Egypt

Mohamed El-Shennawy

Ahmed Fattouh

Mahmoud Hamdi El-Wensh

Ahmed Hegazi

Akram Tawfik

Amr El-Sulya

Mohamed El-Neny

Abdallah El-Said

Mohamed Salah

Omar Marmoush

Mostafa Mohamed

Coach: Carlos Queiroz.

1:37 PM6 days ago

Lineup Libya

Mohamed Nashnoush

Abdullah Alshreef

Ali Salama

Sanad Al Warfalli

Moatasem Sabbou

Moatasem Al Musrati

Faisal Albadri

Muaid Ellafi

Hamdou Elhouni

Mohamed Al Tubal

Mohamed Zaabia

Coach: Javier Clemente.

1:32 PM6 days ago

Egypt News

Mohamed Salah will want to be back in Egypt's starting draw tonight, and will lead the line alongside Marmoush and Mostafa Mohamed the offensive line.

Marmoush's debut in Egypt's senior team couldn't have been much better after scoring the winning goal against Libya on Friday, and it is likely that today he will be rewarded with his second start with the Pharaohs.

Arsenal midfielder Mohamed Elneny has not played for the Gunners since late August, but he provided midfield experience for Egypt last game and it is likely that he will start again against Libya.

1:27 PM6 days ago

Libya News

Both coaches have a decision to make on whether to alter their squad tonight or rotate from the players who started Friday, perhaps to add a different aspect to the tactical side of the game.

What is very likely to remain the same for the home team is their midfield unit, made up of Motasem Sabbou, Muaid Ellafi and Omar Al Khoja, as they have in the last two games.

Javier Clemente's team has no injured or suspended players.

1:22 PM6 days ago

Get Started

We begin the coverage of this match, corresponding to the African qualifiers heading to Qatar 2022.

Welcome and good afternoon.

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Tune in here Libya vs Egypt Live Score

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What time is Libya vs Egypt match for 2022 World Cup Qualifiers?

This is the start time of the game Libya vs Egypt on October 11th, 2021 in several countries:

Argentina: 4:00 PM

Bolivia: 3:00 PM

Brazil: 4:00 PM

Chile: 4:00 PM

Colombia: 2:00 PM

Ecuador: 2:00 PM

USA (ET): 3:00 PM in ESPN+

Spain: 9:00 PM

Mexico: 2:00 PM

Paraguay: 3:00 PM

Peru: 2:00 PM

Uruguay: 4:00 PM

Venezuela: 3:00 PM

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12:57 PM6 days ago

Key player of Egypt

Liverpool player Mohamed Salah is pure speed. The forward is an almost unstoppable player both in free running and with the ball at his feet, thanks to his great acceleration and good ball control. In addition, he has the ability to dribble and go one-on-one with his rivals in tight spaces. He is undoubtedly the great reference of this selection.


12:52 PM6 days ago

Key player of Libya

Hamdou Mohamed Elhouni plays for the Tunisian club Espérance Sportive and with the Libyan national team as a midfielder. His good performances have helped Libya to be in second place in Group F and keep their hopes alive of reaching their first FIFA World Cup.


12:47 PM6 days ago

Probable lineups of Libya vs Egypt


Mohamed El-Shennawy

Ahmed Fattouh

Mahmoud Hamdi El-Wensh

Ahmed Hegazi

Akram Tawfik

Amr El-Sulya

Mohamed El-Neny

Abdallah El-Said

Mohamed Salah

Omar Marmoush

Mostafa Mahmoud

Coach: Carlos Queiroz.



Mohamed Nashnoush

Abdullah Alshreef

Sanad Al Warfali

Ahmed Eltribi

Moatasem Sabbou

Mohamed El-Munir

Omar El Kojah

Moatasem Al-Musrati

Mohammed Sola

Muaid Ellafi

Mohammed Zubya

Coach: Javier Clemente.

12:42 PM6 days ago

Who will be the referee and his assistants?

South African referee Víctor Gomes will be in charge of the match between Libya and Egypt this Monday, October 11.
Gomes will be assisted by his South African counterparts Zakhele Siwela and Athenkosi Ndongeni. The fourth official will be Eugene Mdluli.
12:37 PM6 days ago

This is how Egypt arrives

Carlos Queiroz's first match as Egypt's coach was as he would have liked, with Omar Marmoush scoring the only goal of the match to secure a 1-0 victory for the Pharaohs at home.

Egypt dominated the game with more ball possession and seven shots on goal, while Libya could only handle one shot on goal from Mohamed El Shenawy.

That was a major victory for Egypt, but by no means can Libya be ruled out to regain the top of the group at the end of this qualifying campaign, as the rematch against Egypt may see Clemente's team regain top spot.

Egypt felt they needed a coaching change after the team drew against Gabon, but the team has not lost a game since 2019, and if they extend that streak for just three more games, they will head to the Qatar World Cup 2022, looking for a rematch since in Russia 2018 they lost all three games of the first phase.

12:32 PM6 days ago

This is how Libya arrives

Libya's qualifying campaign got off to a perfect start, as they won their first two games in September, taking advantage of Egypt's loss of points to Gabon to lead the pack heading into their first clash with the Pharaohs.

Javier Clemente tried from the bench to help his team turn the game around after it fell behind in the 49th minute, and made four substitutions in the space of 10 minutes after that goal was scored, but his team failed. find the tie nowhere.

Libya must show more confidence ahead of Monday's clash, as they will play at home, unlike the first meeting on Friday when they tried to beat Egypt at the Borg El Arab Stadium, where no other team has managed to win in a qualifying match for the World Cup since 2004.

Libya has never qualified for a FIFA World Cup, making Egypt a huge favorite to win Group F, and with both teams expected to win their last two group matches, Monday's meeting could end up being the result decisive in determining the winners of this group.

12:27 PM6 days ago

The match will be played at 28 March Stadium

The March 28 Stadium is a multipurpose stadium located in Benghazi, Libya, it was opened in 1967 and has a capacity for 40,000 spectators.

The name of the stadium commemorates March 28, 1970, the day Libya achieved the definitive withdrawal of British forces from the naval and military bases near the cities of Tobruk and Benghazi.

In the stadium, the clubs Al-Ahly and Al-Tahaddy of the Libyan Premier League play their matches, and some matches of the Libyan national soccer team are also played.

The stadium also hosted several matches for the 1982 African Cup of Nations and has recently been refurbished.


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