Goals and Highlights: Pachuca Femenil 1-1 Pumas Femenil in Liga MX Femenil 2021
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10:08 PM15 days ago

Goals and Highlights

10:00 PM15 days ago


It's over! Pachuca and Pumas split units.
10:00 PM15 days ago


Charlyn Corral's shot, but the ball ends up going wide.
9:56 PM15 days ago


Hilary García's shot on goal, but it ends up in the goalkeeper's hands.
9:54 PM15 days ago


Goalkeeper! Karla Nieto sends a shot and Villeda with her back ends up deflecting the ball.
9:52 PM15 days ago


Cuevas' shot, but Villeda ends up deflecting the ball with his foot.
9:48 PM15 days ago


Pumas change. Dinora Garza comes off for Grecia Pineda.
9:45 PM15 days ago


Dinora Garza's ball to Santamaría, but Barreras saves and ends up avoiding the second.
9:44 PM15 days ago


Change of Pachuca. Alice Soto replaces Viridiana Salazar.
9:43 PM15 days ago


A shot by the felines, but Barreras keeps the ball.
9:38 PM15 days ago


Pachuca again! Lucero Cuevas sent his shot, but it went wide.
9:34 PM15 days ago


Crossing! Karla Nieto sent a shot that ended up crashing into the top post.
9:29 PM15 days ago


Villeda dives and prevents Cuevas from shooting at goal.
9:25 PM15 days ago


Save! Villedas avoids Pachuca's second from Cuevas with a good slap.
9:16 PM15 days ago


Excellent coverage by Quintos, preventing Cuevas from shooting at goal.
9:13 PM15 days ago


Pumas changes. Marilyn Díaz and Rebeca Zavaleta are substituted for Laura Herrera and Diana Gómez.
9:12 PM15 days ago


The second half kicks off at the Estadio Hidalgo.
8:52 PM15 days ago


At the end of the first half, Pachuca equalized in the last play and went to the dressing room with a valuable draw.
8:51 PM15 days ago


Goal, goal, goal for Pachuca! Viridiana Salazar headed inside the box and Villeda could do nothing.
8:48 PM15 days ago


The one that got lost! Dinora Garza was in danger and when she shot, the ball went too wide.
8:47 PM15 days ago


ANNULED! Pachuca scored the equalizer after Salazar's shot, but the flagman flagged offside.
8:38 PM15 days ago


Cagigas' shot ends up in the hands of Barreras.
8:31 PM15 days ago


Pumas is saved! Dirce Delgado appears to prevent Cuevas from scoring the equalizer.
8:27 PM15 days ago


Pumas seeks to get back to the rival goal
8:21 PM15 days ago


Pachuca is looking to tie the match.
8:11 PM15 days ago


Goal, goal, goal for Pumas! Deneva Cagigas scores from the penalty spot and the ball goes into the back of the net.
8:06 PM15 days ago


Lucero Cuevas' shot, but the ball goes over the goal.
8:03 PM15 days ago


Actions kick off at Hidalgo stadium
7:59 PM15 days ago

Pumas Femenil: LineUp

M. Villeda; D. Delgado, D. Cagigas, B. Quintos, D. Gómez; H. García, D. Padilla, L. Herrera; D. Garza, N. Macías, M. Campa.
7:58 PM15 days ago

Pachuca Femenil: LineUp

E. Barreras; S. Cortés, S. Gutiérrez, E. Fuentes, K. Díaz; K. Nieto, M. Ocampo, N. Gómez Junco; L. Ángeles, L. Cuevas, V. Salazar.
7:47 PM15 days ago

To improve numbers

Pumas has scored eleven goals, while conceding 10 goals; numbers that they will try to improve.
7:45 PM15 days ago

They arrived

Both teams are already at the stadium, ready to continue with the Liga MX Femenil matchday.
7:44 PM15 days ago

Well protected

Pumas goalkeeper Melany Villeda has kept six clean sheets and has shown leadership to the saga.

7:35 PM15 days ago

Watch out for these players

Dinora Garza for Pumas and Charlyn Corral for the home team; these are the players that opponents will have to pay attention to, as the forwards will be looking to create danger in the goal.
7:32 PM15 days ago


Viri Salazar and Mónica Ocampo have scored the most goals in these duels; the former has scored twice and Ocampo has scored nine times.
7:25 PM15 days ago


Of the duels that have taken place between Pachuca Femenil and Pumas Femenil, the Hidalgo team has been victorious on 9 occasions against 3 for the university team, and there have been 2 draws.
7:16 PM15 days ago

Last visit

The last game where Pumas Femenil visited Pachuca ended four goals to one in favor of the felines; the goals were scored by Fabiola Santamaría, Daniela García and a brace by Jaquelín García.
7:11 PM15 days ago

last duel

The last time Pumas and Pachuca faced each other was in the last tournament; Pumas defeated Pachuca by the minimum score in CU.
7:06 PM15 days ago

Free admission

For this match, Pachuca opened its doors to give access to all the fans who want to support, only children under 12 years of age are not allowed to enter.
7:01 PM15 days ago

Stay tuned for the Pachuca Femenil vs Pumas Femenil live stream.

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Pumas Statements

Karina Baez, Pumas' coach, spoke after the victory at CU: "We didn't give up a ball for lost, the players have more confidence in themselves. We didn't give up absolutely nothing, maybe that's what we call here at the institution the famous Puma claw."

 "The people did have a lot of weight in the stadium and our fans came out to cheer us on". 

6:46 PM15 days ago

Statements by Pachuca

Jaime Correa, coach of Tuzos Femenil, spoke after the match against Toluca: "The taste is bitter, because of how it looked, somehow we had many chances to get the victory, we still have 6 finals left, we must get as many points as possible to be in the Liguilla". 

"After the matches we have played, I think that against Rayadas the team showed a good face, against Tigres it was bad news and against Chivas a good second half; there has been evolution in the girls, they have understood well what is intended, we must not get discouraged, I am the first to be in high spirits, little by little the margin is less and we know the importance of each match". 

"It is a very important duel, we must see what we failed to do, which is a little clearer, I think we have the conditions and the quality to look for a victory. What we have to do is to keep working, I don't know any other way to improve, today's performance, the sensations of the match are not so clear, we must improve it, to get what we want, which is the three points".

6:41 PM15 days ago

To continue adding

Despite starting the tournament with poor results, Pumas has been gradually adding victories; they currently have three wins, five draws and three defeats and are in ninth place. In their last game, they beat Chivas by the minimum score.

6:36 PM15 days ago

Three points are urgently needed

Despite being well-reinforced, Pachuca Femenil has not been able to get the expected results. Pachuca was one of the best reinforced teams, but after the departure of Toña Is, the team has continued to decline. Their last match was a one-goal draw against Toluca.

6:31 PM15 days ago

The match will be played at the Hidalgo Stadium.

The Pachuca Femenil vs Pumas Femenil match will be played at the Hidalgo Stadium, located in Pachuca, Hidalgo; with capacity for 30,000 people.

6:26 PM15 days ago

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