Goals and Highlights: Leones Negros 1-2 Celaya in Liga Expansión MX 2021
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10:01 PMa day ago

Goals and Highlights

7:58 PM2 days ago


The game is over, Celaya takes the four points.
7:57 PM2 days ago


Felipe López's shot goes over the goal.
7:56 PM2 days ago


Leones Negros failed to reach the opponent's goal, despite trying to do so.
7:48 PM2 days ago


Goal, goal, goal for Celaya! Ricardo Peña sends a service to the far post and Jiménez appears to put the visitors ahead.
7:44 PM2 days ago


Leones Negros changes. Kevin Sandoval and Juan Ascencio are substituted for Marco Granados and Adrián Villalobos.
7:40 PM2 days ago


Leones Negros seeks to generate the play to find the second goal.
7:31 PM2 days ago


Celaya changes. Pedro Santos and Erick Espinoza are substituted for Brandon García and Mauro Fernández.
7:31 PM2 days ago


Close Celaya! Jiménez crosses to Marín, but he sends the ball wide of the goal.
7:29 PM2 days ago


Granados's header, but the ball goes wide.
7:27 PM2 days ago


Change of Leones Negros. José González replaces Carlos Baltazar.
7:24 PM2 days ago


Close! After a pass from Illescas, Jiménez's left-footed shot goes wide.
7:15 PM2 days ago


Change of Celaya. Ricardo Marín replaces Daniel Zamora.
7:09 PM2 days ago


Illescas lifts the ball looking for someone inside the box, but the keeper keeps the ball.
7:07 PM2 days ago


The second half kicks off at the Jalisco Stadium.
6:51 PM2 days ago


The first half ended with the game tied at one goal and two goals disallowed.
6:49 PM2 days ago


Goal, goal, goal for Leones Negros! José Hernández takes the penalty in a great way and ties the match.
6:47 PM2 days ago


Penalty for Leones Negros! Leobardo López ends up having contact with the ball with his hand and the referee doesn't hesitate.
6:46 PM2 days ago


Peña's ball to Jiménez, but the striker sends the ball wide of the goal.
6:45 PM2 days ago


Good rejection by Allison, preventing Leones' play from growing.
6:41 PM2 days ago


Garcia's shot, but Allison ends up rejecting the ball.
6:36 PM2 days ago


The flagman signals offside when Leones Negros scored the equalizer.
6:33 PM2 days ago


Goal, goal, goal for Celaya! Diego Jiménez turns and shoots at the goal and the goalkeeper misses the ball.
6:32 PM2 days ago


Goal... ANNULLED! Jairo González took the free kick and Granados ends up deflecting the ball, but the striker was offside.
6:23 PM2 days ago


Great play by Celaya that culminated in a header by Fernandez to Lopez's goal, but the ball went wide.
6:19 PM2 days ago


Rentería arrived with danger, but Jesús Miranda made a good save.
6:11 PM2 days ago


Close to an own goal! Daniel Zamora returns the ball to Allison, but they don't understand each other and the ball ends up going wide.
6:03 PM2 days ago


The meeting kicks off in Guadalajara, Jalisco.
6:03 PM2 days ago

Celaya: LineUp

G. Allison; D. Zamora, R. Peña, L. López; B. García, E. Cedillo, F. Illescas, M. Fernández, F. González, J. Miranda; D. Jiménez.
6:00 PM2 days ago

Leones Negros: LineUp

F. López; P. Bellón, R. Godínez, J. de Alba; J. Hernández, C. Baltazar, M. Guzmán, J. González, W. Rentería, D. García; M. Granados.
5:53 PM2 days ago

At home

Leones Negros, with Alfonso Sosa at the helm, are already at home, ready to play one more match of this Apertura 2021.
5:51 PM2 days ago

Follow the initiative

Throughout this month, matches will be played with this ball in order to fight against breast cancer.


5:49 PM2 days ago

They are here!

Celaya's players are already in Jalisco and will be looking to get the three points from this very complicated place.
5:36 PM2 days ago

To be improved

Despite being in eighth place, Celaya has only ten goals, so their forward line will have to get to work.
5:31 PM2 days ago

Lots of goals!

The duels between these teams have been characterized by a lot of goals in the course of the match; there are 36 goals between the two teams after 16 matches.
5:26 PM2 days ago

Complicated duels are coming

Both teams will be looking for a good result as Leones Negros will visit Raya2 the following day, while Celaya will host Alebrijes de Oaxaca.
5:21 PM2 days ago

Preparing mentally

Celaya had a technical talk prior to their departure to the Jalisco stadium, and the players will be looking to take home three valuable points.

5:16 PM2 days ago

Previous duels

Leones Negros leads the league in wins against Celaya with seven victories, while the Guanajuato team has four.
5:11 PM2 days ago

Watch out here

Celaya has to pay special attention to Wilber Rentería and Marco Granados; the UDG players will be looking to do some damage in the opponent's goal; both have 4 goals.
5:06 PM2 days ago

Stay tuned for the Leones Negros vs Celaya live stream.

In a few moments we will share with you the starting lineups for Leones Negros vs Celaya live, as well as the latest information from the Estadio Jalisco. Stay tuned to VAVEL's minute-by-minute live online coverage of the match.
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Celaya Statements

Israel Hernández Pat spoke after defeating Celaya by the minimum: "I never go out to a match to tie, no sir, I always go out to win. Sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn't, but we always want to win". 

"For us, the playoffs have already begun. We have 6 games left, but we are already in that mode". 

"The players did a great job, they did what they should do on the field. We were down to one player and their work was fabulous".

4:51 PM2 days ago

Leones Negros Statement

After the draw against Pumas Tabasco, Alfonso Sosa spoke to the media: "I noticed that the team didn't come out with the intensity that we had been developing in previous matches. We had the match under control with a one-goal lead, we had the two-nil lead on several occasions. When you only have a one-goal lead, an accident can happen like what happened today." 

"Today I didn't see the team with that intensity that it had been developing in previous matches, today we fell short in many individual duels, especially both in defense and in attack, we started to limit ourselves, I perceived some doubts and so on, it was an atypical week for us and we had already controlled the match with an extra man".

"It was an atypical week for us and we had already controlled the match with an extra man, with the goal in advantage and we had more than a few chances to make it 2-0, and whenever you are only one goal ahead, an accident can happen as it did, a set piece, there are rebounds and they end up equalizing, but there are many things that we will have to analyze coldly and the most important thing in this case is to recover the players' confidence".

4:46 PM2 days ago

With a good rhythm

Celaya comes into this match after beating Cimarrones in the final minutes of the match, and with this result they reached sixth place with 16 points.

4:41 PM2 days ago

To continue adding

Leones Negros has gone from strength to strength since the arrival of Alfonso Sosa to the bench, despite the draw last matchday, the UDG team has already accumulated 3 wins and a draw, placing them in ninth position in the general table.

4:36 PM2 days ago

The match will be played at the Jalisco Stadium.

The Leones Negros vs Celaya match will be played at the Estadio Jalisco, located in Guadalajara, Jalisco; with a capacity for 55,110 people.

4:31 PM2 days ago

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