Highlights and goals: Portugal 5-0 Luxembourg in 2022 World Cup Qualifiers
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4:51 PM4 days ago


Our coverage of the Portugal vs. Luxembourg match of Matchday 8 of the European qualifiers for the Qatar 2022 World Cup comes to an end. Thank you for joining us! Stay tuned to VAVEL.com to keep up to date with the world of sport.
4:37 PM4 days ago

90+4' End of match!

The game ends at the Algarve Stadium. Portugal won, liked and scored against Luxembourg. Everything remains to be defined in the next round of qualifying matches.
4:36 PM4 days ago

90+3' Free kick for Portugal

Portugal will have the last chance of the match with a very dangerous free kick, close to the box.
4:33 PM4 days ago

90' Additional time

Three more minutes will be played in the match.
4:32 PM4 days ago

87' GOOOOAL by Portugal

Rúben Neves crossed from the left and Cristiano Ronaldo headed down to score the fifth goal of the match.
4:30 PM4 days ago

85' Last minutes

Lexemburgo did not react in the match. It only remains to wait for the end of the match.
4:23 PM4 days ago

80' Potugal double substitution

Goncalo Guedes and Matheus Nunes replace Bruno Fernandes and Bernardo Silva.
4:22 PM4 days ago

79' Se acercó Portugal

Disparo de Rúben Neves que se fue por encima del arco.
4:16 PM4 days ago

73' Double substitution in Portugal

Rúben Neves and Rafael Leao replace Joao Palhinha and André Silva.
4:14 PM4 days ago

69' GOOOOAL by Portugal

A cross from the left was headed in by Joao Palhinha in front of Anthony Moris's poor save.
4:12 PM4 days ago


Cristiano Ronaldo's cross from the right gave him time to position himself for a bicycle kick, but the Luxembourg goalkeeper's reaction was brilliant.
4:10 PM4 days ago

65' Substitution in Portugal

João Mario enters in place of João Moutinho.
4:09 PM4 days ago

62' Portugal missed it

Once again, Nuno Mendes broke down the left, sent in a cross and Bruno was unable to hit the ball.
4:08 PM4 days ago

60' All remains equal in the match

Very little to highlight in this second half, speaking of Luxembourg.
4:00 PM4 days ago

56' Portugal came closer

Nuno Mendes crossed from the left; Palinha appeared to shoot and the ball went wide.
3:57 PM4 days ago

54' Luxembourg came closer

Sinani's cross shot was well caught by Rui Patrício.
3:51 PM4 days ago

49' Portugal came closer

Nuno Mendes advanced into the attack, reached the opponent's area and sent in a cross, Cristiano Ronaldo punched the ball past the left post.
3:47 PM4 days ago

Second half begins

The second half of the match is underway. For Luxembourg, Olivie Thill and Sebastien Thill are off, Maurice Deville and Yvandro Borges are on.
3:32 PM4 days ago

45+1' End of first half

The first half of the game ends. Portugal wins comfortably at home against Luxembourg.
3:31 PM4 days ago

45' Additional time

One more minute will be played in the first half.
3:30 PM4 days ago

45' Portugal missed it!

A cross was denied by the defense, the rebound was won by the home team and Pepe crossed for Bernardo Silva to volley in, but goalkeeper Athony Moris made the catch.
3:28 PM4 days ago


The ball to Cristiano Ronaldo, who entered the box and shot across, but goalkeeper Anthony Moris was on hand to prevent the fourth goal.
3:26 PM4 days ago

40' Last minutes of the first half

The end of the first half is approaching... Not much has happened in the last few minutes.
3:21 PM4 days ago

35' Final stretch of the match

Portugal didn't come close to Luxembourg's goal again, although the match doesn't suffer much either.
3:18 PM4 days ago

32' Yellow card

Christopher Martins Pereira in Luxembourg is cautioned.
3:16 PM4 days ago

30' Half hour of game

Luxembourg tried to get closer at times, but Portugal's superiority was marked in almost every sector of the court.
3:09 PM4 days ago

23' Yellow card

Nuno Mendes is cautioned for Portugal.
3:07 PM4 days ago

21' Portugal came closer

A cross from the right was headed in by Ruben Dias, but he found Anthony Moris well placed to catch the ball.
3:03 PM4 days ago

17' GOOOAL by Portugal

Good pressure from the Portuguese in the opponent's half, Bernardo Silva entered the box and set up Bruno Fernandes, who crossed the ball to score the third goal of the match.
3:01 PM4 days ago

15' Portugal came closer

Bernardo Silva sent in a cross from the right for André Silva, but the visiting defense cleared for a corner kick.
2:59 PM4 days ago

13' GOOOAL by Portugal

Cristiano Ronaldo shot again, this time to the left and although Moris guessed right, he failed to stop the ball. 2-0.
2:56 PM4 days ago

10' Penalty for Portugal!

Cristiano Ronaldo entered the area and was brought down by goalkeeper Moris.
2:54 PM4 days ago

8' GOOOAL by Portugal

Cristiano Ronaldo shooted to the middle, Anthony Moris was played to his right and the ball went in. 1-0.
2:52 PM4 days ago

6' Penalty for Portugal

Bernardo Silva was controlling on the right, Till brought him down and the referee blew for a foul inside the area. Cristiano Ronaldo goes in.
2:51 PM4 days ago

5' First minutes

Possession of the ball is divided at the start. Portugal started with momentum, but Luxembourg also responds.
2:46 PM4 days ago

Match starts

The game is underway between Portugal and Luxembourg at the Algarve Stadium.
2:40 PM4 days ago

Teams on the field

The players of Portugal and Luxembourg take the field.
2:26 PM4 days ago

Substitutes - Luxembourg

12. Ralph Schon (GK), 23. Tim Kips (GK), 03. Kevin Malget, 04. Eldin Dzogovic, 05. Vahid Selimovic, 06. Diogo Pimentel, 07. Eric Veiga, 11. Yvandro Borges Sanches, 14. Maurice Deville, 19. Aldin Skenderovic, 20. Edvin Muratovic, 22. Michael Omosanya.

2:26 PM4 days ago

Starting XI - Luxembourg

| 01. Anthony Moris |
| 18. Laurent Jans | 02. Maxime Chanot | 13. Dirk Carlson | 17. Michael Pinto |
| 09. Danel Sinani | 08. Christopher Martins | 16. Leandro Barreiro | 15. Olivier Thill |
| 10. Gerson Rodrigues | 21. Sébastien Thill |

Coach: Luc Holtz

2:26 PM4 days ago

Substitutes - Portugal

12. Anthony Lopes (GK), 22. Diogo Costa (GK), 02. Diogo Dalot, 05. Nélson Semedo, 06. José Fonte, 13. Danilo, 14. William Carvalho, 15. Rafael Leão, 17. Gonçalo Guedes, 18. Rúben Neves, 21. Matheus Nunes, 23. João Mário.

2:25 PM4 days ago

Starting XI - Portugal

| 01. Rui Patrício |
| 20. João Cancelo | 03. Pepe | 04. Rúben Dias | 19. Nuno Mendes |
| 16. João Palhinha | 08. João Moutinho | 11. 1 Bruno Fernandes |
| 07. Cristiano Ronaldo | 09. André Silva | 10. Bernardo Silva |

Coach: Fernando Santos

2:10 PM4 days ago

Referee Team

Referee: Benoît Bastien - France

Assistant No.1: Hicham Zakrani - France

Assistant No.2: Aurélien Berthomieu - France

Fourth official: Thomas Leonard - France

VAR: Benoît Millot - France

AVAR: Mikael Berchebru - France

2:05 PM4 days ago

Last five matches - Luxembourg

Qualifiers - October 9: 0-1 vs Serbia (Lost)

Friendly match - September 7: 1-1 vs Qatar

Qualifiers - September 4: 4-1 vs Serbia (Lost)

Playoffs - September 1: 2-1 vs Azerbaijan (Won)

Friendly - June 6: 0-1 vs Scotland (Lost)

2:00 PM4 days ago

Last five matches - Portugal

Friendly - October 9: 3-0 vs Qatar (Won)

Qualifiers - September 7: 0-3 vs Azerbaijan (Won)

Friendly - September 4: 1-3 vs Qatar (Won)

Qualifiers - September 1: 2-1 vs. Ireland (Won)

UEFA Euro - June 27: 1-0 vs Belgium (Lost)

1:55 PM4 days ago

We start

We are ready to bring you the action from this match between Portugal and Luxembourg in the eighth round of the European qualifiers.
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What time is Portugal vs Luxembourg match for Qatar 2022 World Cup Qualifiers?

This is the start time of the game Portugal vs Luxembourg of 12th October 2021 in several countries:

Argentina: 11:00 AM on DirecTV (TV, App and Website)
Bolivia: 10:00 AM
Brazil: 11:00 AM on TNT Go, Estádio TNT Sports and TNT Brasil, HBO Max
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Spain: 3:00 PM on TDP
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Peru: 9:00 AM on DirecTV (TV, App and Website)
Uruguay: 11:00 AM on DirecTV (TV, App and Website)

1:35 PM4 days ago

Key player - Luxembourg

The presence of Olivier Thill stands out in the Luxembourg team. The 24-year-old midfielder is the support of the team in a defensive situation, but also has the ability to contribute in attack when the occasion arises and will be a variant that the team can take advantage of.

1:30 PM4 days ago

Key player - Portugal

In the Portuguese team, the presence of Cristiano Ronaldo stands out. The striker is still the most valuable player of the team and hopes to contribute again in the team's path to qualification.

1:25 PM4 days ago


These two teams have met 18 times. The numbers largely favor the Lusitanians, who have won 16 times, while the Luxembourgers have won once, with the same number of draws.

1:20 PM4 days ago


The Luxembourg team comes to this match with mathematical chances, although it has suffered two defeats in its last two matches. They are playing one of their last chances to dream of qualifying for the World Cup.

1:15 PM4 days ago


The Portuguese team has just beaten Qatar in a friendly game and comes to this match with the responsibility of winning to remain as group leader and get closer to the World Cup.

1:10 PM4 days ago


The match between Portugal and Luxembourg will be played at the Algarve Stadium located in the city of Faro, Portugal. This venue has a capacity for 33,354 spectators.

1:05 PM4 days ago

Group A - Standings

1- Serbia - 14 points (+6 DG)

2- Portugal - 13 points (+7 DG)

3- Luxembourg - 6 points (-4 DG)

4- Ireland - 5 points (0 DG)

5- Azerbaijan - 1 point (-9 DG)

1:00 PM4 days ago

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